Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon I Ve Loved Him Forever, But He Can Never Be MineBrittany Is Determined To Prove Herself To The Dark Guardians And Yet She S Been Keeping A Devastating Secret She Hasn T Experienced Any Of The Intense, Early Signs Of Change That Mark A Dark Guardian S Transformation The Only Intense Feelings She Has Are For Connor And She S Kept That A Secret, Too But She Knows She Ll Never Truly Have Connor S Love If She S Not A Shifter Like HimAt The First Full Moon After Her Birthday, Her Greatest Fear Is Realized She Doesn T Transform Brittany Is So Desperate To Become A Wolf That She Ll Go To Extremes She Never Thought Possible And Put All The Dark Guardians In Incredible Danger

Jade Parker and also writes with her son as

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  • Paperback
  • 262 pages
  • Dark of the Moon
  • Rachel Hawthorne
  • English
  • 06 April 2018

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    After reading the second story in this series I was unsure whether I wanted to continue reading or not I was happy to see that the author Hawthorne gave the readers some closure in regards to Brittany s status as a Static or a Shifter However, I found that the story was a little bit rushed, it took me an hour to read this book and I felt that the relationship that developed between Connor and Brittany was quite unbelievable After having noted how obsessed Connor was with Lindsey in the previous novel, I was extremely surprised of how quickly he started to develop feelings for Brittany, especially since he knew her before and never had those feels I felt that Brittany was sort of desperate for his love and he for hers but only because Lindsey had rejected him and chosen Rafe as her mate It only took EIGHT DAYS or less for Connor to fall in love with Brittany, after being rejected by his chosen mate If that does not scream rebound relationship, I don t know what does I feel like the author tried to tie everything up in a neat bow and lost the opportunity to tell a heartwrenching fulfilling story of two strong characters Don t get me wrong I m happy for Brittany, but I just wanted out of her and Connor s story.

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    This is of a 2.5 rating There were some things that I didn t agree with I felt so bad for Brittany I can t even imagine being disappointed like that after growing up and wanting something so bad In a way it was a happy ending Although I m not sure in reality it would be as great I feel that things probably wouldn t be as good There is one book in the series so hopefully it all ends well.

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    I felt pretty good with the first two books in the Dark Guardian series, so I expected something from this book But it wasn t as good as I thought it would be After I had finished the story, I felt quite depressed Brittany didn t have enough potential to be a heroine I thought she was a charmless girl who did her best to moon over a boy again and again, for a very long time The ridiculous thing was that Connor suddenly realized that he was attracted to Brittany A few days after breaking up with his girlfriend It didn t sound reasonable to me.No.Hopefully the next book will get better.

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    I thought this was incredibly cliched and cloying I started by reading the first couple pages aloud, which made the silliness of it obvious If the author was trying to sound like an exceptionally romantic and melodramatic teenage girl, then she succeeded However, the plot is fairly interesting and fast paced.

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    I thought for a while about the rating for this book, 3.5 I wasn t sure how I felt about it but there is a particular part in the book that earned that.5 I really enjoyed this book as a quick read

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    My previous intention To skip over this and head straight for the next one, for Brittany irritated me far too much for me to even consider picking it up Can one say obsessive much So, that is exactly what happened, I skipped to the next book Not until it was finished and I was left to stare at this on my bookshelf did I decide what the heck and begin to read I will not say how long it took me to read for who really cares about that but I will say this I was both nuts and right for leaving book last Even as I read it over, I still get the same feeling of wanting and longing for those written moments trapped inside the pages Brittany is a Static, amongst a pack nay, and entire clan of Shifters, who can do three times the things she can Personally, a feeling that she was cheated looms in the readers mind, as well as her own Practically borderlining creepy obsessive over Connor, now single , Brittany, in this book, feels real, losing her annoying factor One can feel her disappointment and longing to be something she s not, will never be Pity is felt towards her.Does she need it No.This straight forward, speaks her mind girl earns every admiration she can get After reading her scene in the gym with Connor, I felt like hitting the gym myself, feeling pumped I give this as much praise as I gave Vampire Crush for this is the second book that s reached me completely Trapped together in Bio Chrome, with no one else but each other, some steamy scenes are bound to arrive sooner or later Connor s ability to forgive stunned me to silence, yet his devotion was the kind many girls dreamed of Connor really changes in this book, loosing his innocence in just a few chapters However, in the end, it didn t matter.I just love reading scenes and dreaming about them, changing them up a bit, messing with the plot a little.I think I ll read it again.

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    Well, okay I read this book when I was twelve and even then I remember thinking, hell Rachel Hawthorne really has some fetish for a bad boy I mean really, it was UNBELEIVABLE It was like Twilight, on the wolfy side of things Frickin unbelievable Every other paragraph went on about Connor s sexy stubble, his muscles well it s been awhile since I ve read it but I m pretty sure I recall some instances with Brittany floundering at his muscles And I m definitely not risking my remaining IQ opening that ridiculous black and pink cover In the previous books, BOTH Kayla and Lindsay really went into depth about just how rebellious their bad boys were Connor seemed like a type of golden boy, in Lindsay s POV But in Dark of the Moon, Connor is just one LucasRafe creature of just sexy teenage rebellion, which is a good read I guess but honestly it drove me up the wall Way to be inconsistent, Hawthorne Anyway, it pissed me off how Brittany so awesome in Lindsay s book just grew straight into a Kayla for Lucas FRISKY TEENAGE ROMANCNE OVERLOAD STUPID STUPID STUPID I was honestly surprised when I read over the comments before me and absolutely no one commented on the exact character stereotype ALL Lucas, and Rafe, and Connor possessed as all Kayla, and Lindsay, and Brittany described them And actually, I was eleven when I read this book And I still remember what I thought about it That should really tell you something about how shallow Hawthorne had her love interests And now I will sum up my feeling about this series with an emoticon.

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    The setting off this book is in a small town called Wolford which is located in a national forest that borders Canada The main character are Brittany and Connor McCandless Connor and Brittany come from a pack called the Dark Guardians All girls at the age of seventeen transform on the full moon after their birthday with their mate On the other hand, all males at the age of eighteen transform on the full moon by themselves After they transform, the guys choose their mates However, Brittany did not transform on the full moon, so she begins to come up with excuses for why she did not change If Brittany is not a Shifter, she knows Connor will never love her Therefore Brittany must decide whether to go to Bio Chrome, the packs biggest enemy, or tell the pack her secret.I absolutely adored this book I liked how the author made you feel as if you were there in the story I also liked how there were multiple twists in the story that kept you on your toes However, my favorite part of the book was how Connor, a well known person, devoted his love to Brittany even though she wasn t as well liked Even though, I loved this book, I did not like certain characters attitudes.I would suggest this book to anyone who loves romance, adventure, suspense, and anyone who does not feel like they belong among their family or peers.

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    After the first two installments I did not have that much expectation with this one, however I was satisfied and I loved it, Rachel, good job, I can not say that I do not like something because I loved everything, Brittany is a great person, she is so gray, not like the first two protagonists, Brittany is so real that she felt that she knew her, loved her story, the development of the book and love with Connor, they put together a great couple, she was also the best Connor was also a great co star, I love her personality and everything in it The story was amazing and its impacting end, love as Connor declared his partner, love as the two and his relationship developed in the book and the new story that we present seeing and knowing of the shapeshifters Great book

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    this was ok as compared to the last two dark guardian books this one is all about the dilemma of britanny being unable to shift and falling in love with connor who we remember from book 2 as the supposed to be mate of lindsey as i was reading this book i thought britanny just had the fluke and later on would be able to shift into wolf form but it turns out that she has a human dad and his genes was passed onto herso her dreams of being a shifter, poof gone but at the end of it she was still accepted as a dark guardian and most of all by connor as his matestill a happy ending for her as well as the whole gang since they got rid of the bio chrome people once and for all.

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