Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up

Dave Barry Is Not Making This UpDave Berry USED TO BE very funny His first three book collections were hilarious Then something happened Thepopular he got the less funny he became His book on Washington politics is unreadable This is one of the STILL FUNNY ones. Hilarious Laugh out loud, belly laughing fun If your looking for a lighthearted short book to entertain you and put you in a good mood then look no further. I grew up reading Dave Barry s column right after reading the Garfield comic I love Dave Barry Some of his columns were so funny, others.well not so much This collection of his essays columns falls into the not so much , category It kills me to say that, but this was not the laugh out loud stuff I love from him So 3 stars because I think he is incredibly clever with his material. Would I Lie To You Dave Barry tells it like it is kind of.Dave BarryDave Barry Is Not Making This Up Ballantine Books, 1994Dave Barry draws from his experience as a Pulitzer Prize winning humorist and extracts the humor from everyday life He counts on his readers to assist him in gathering any news or events of great importance UFO sightings, Elvis giving tours of Graceland, and high top sneakers with air pumps One can t forget the invention of Beano, either Although presumably silly, each of these tales is based on actual articles published by Barry in newspapers and magazines alike These might be slightly embellished for comedic value, yet rest assured there is some truth in each.As a humor columnist, Barry understands the universal qualities of what is funny and what is not His collection of essays provides a quick witted and original perspective, transforming the daily mundane into entertaining insights Barry begins with an introduction describing his one vital journalistic principle, which is simply Try not to leave the house It is through the inevitable necessity to do so that he is able to find such rich experiences to draw from In Pumped Up, Barry recalls his 10 year old son, Robert, needing new sneakers after joining the track club Forget that Robert already had new sneakers, they were inadequate these new ones had air pumps Never mind that the original pair cost approximately as much as an assault helicopter buttechnologically advanced Ultimately, Barry obliges his son because God forbid you should go to school underinflated In A Left Handed Compliment, Barry describes finding an article in the Sunday paper concluding that left handed individuals live an average of nine years shorter As a leftie Barry assumes this percentage of the population is simplyaccident prone, especially in instances involving power tools designed for a right handed world Barry believes chainsaws provide the perfect example and therefore they should not be legal to sell to left handers After experiencing a hurricane in Miami, Barry had to tend to some damage control in regards to a tree in his front yard it needed to come down He concludes this tree is clearly right handed after its falling in the exact wrong direction towards the house missing the living room by maybe six inches In False Alarm, Barry explains the importance of having an alarm in his home because it gives him the security that comes from knowing that trained security personnel will respond instantly whenever I trigger a false alarm This is indeed an everyday experience in the Barry household, as he lets his two dogs out into the backyard every morning.Barry provides a refreshing perspective on the daily grind He chooses to see the humor in life rather than be weighed down by life s inevitable struggles and catastrophes It would be highly unlikely for the general public to read this work without relating to at least one experience in some way Although each person might have his or her own definition of humor, there is something for everyone in this witty collection Trust Me. Incredibly funny Dave Barry is Not Making This Up Dave Barry is the sort of person you d love to sit close enough to eavesdrop on at a dinner party, but not close enough that you d end up being in one of his stories I particularly enjoyed invasion of the money snatchers a story of a bunch of old guys trying to do the right thing by declaring income from a lottery win and ending up being sued by the government for money well in excess of what was won The chapters are different 2 4 page articles written by Barry It s an easy, fun read Dave Barry combines heart and humor, rendering the mundane comical, like no other living humorist This one was definitely a laugh out loud read. I came away from this bookconvinced than ever that with DB, it s simply a matter of the shorter the funnier The REALLY LONG chapters Elvis fans, and Trip to China, for example major snooze fest The Lawn Rangers bit, also pretty nap worthy However I think I just should ve put it down and come back to it a fewtimes rather than just go hell for leather and knock the whole thing off in one go Because his formula can get boring if you don t take it in short, clean breaks In my humble opinion he bangs out his funniest material in the first few chapters And those were the real belly laughs loved the science fair project Not very long, maybe 2 hours, I listened to it a few times during the three weeks I had it from the library, usually while falling asleep I wonder if I had an abridged version The choice of reader, someone who sounded like an old Jewish man, may have seemed appropriate for Florida but struck me as a little weird, especially with the author actually reading some things You can t really go wrong with Dave Barry, but the choice of stories other than personal ones didn t really stick with me The music ones were particularly dated. The Title, As Dave Barry Admits, Is Not Entirely Accurate To Be Sure, This Collection Of Articles Does Contain What The Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Calls An Unusually High For Me Level Of Factual Content But There Is Also An Abundance Of Goofy Reportage, Fart Jokes See It S A Gas , And Barry S Long Overdue Thoughts On Natural Childbirth I remembered Dave Barry as beingfunny lol funny recalling when I read him as a kid But I also recall thinking that comics were amusing as well He is a good writer but sad to say I cannot avoid comparing him to David Sedaris I was looking for that funny butthan a clever chuckle kind My wife and I would crack up at David Sedaris But alas, Barry s stories were fairly interesting butclever and amusing than really funny that I was looking for. I have this one on my nightstand for nights when I am too worried to go to sleep The short essays in the book are perfect for giving me something to read to make me laugh and relax me Yet they are not the long story that will keep me reading until the wee hours of the morning I have read this so many times I practically have it memorized Love it.

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