Dead On

Dead On Brilliant A Chilling Erotic Suspense That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine A Sensuous, Gripping Tale Of Murder Through The Ages Kat Martin, New York Times Best Selling Author With OverMillion Books In Print The Past Calls Out To Ann Yang With A Voice She Cannot Ignore Is A Killer Chasing Her Through Time Yang, A Bright, Tough Medical Examiner, Investigates A Murder Scene In A Philadelphia Suburb That Appears To Be The Work Of A Serial Killer, Whose Calling Card Is American Civil War Coat Buttons Placed Beneath Victims Tongues While Her Victorian Home Is Being Renovated, Yang Finds An Old Diary That Belonged To A Former Occupant That May Be The Key To AYear Old Mystery Gun Shy Of Relationships, Yang Begins To Have Feelings For Mark, The Carpenter Working On Her Home, But Is Hesitant To Give In To Them Because Of Her Recent Bitter Divorce And The Daily Trauma Involved With Being A Medical Examiner Desperate To Rub Out The Disturbing Memory Of A Failed Marriage And Find Her New Place In Life, She Begins Hypnosis And Past Life Regressions Soon Yang Is Convinced That The Killer, The Diary, And Her Past Are Somehow Connectedin Ways She Could Never Imagine

Please visit my author website at I love to hear from readers.Kelly Jameson is the indie author of Sensual Historical Romance SPELLBOUND Hot Highlands Romance series, Book 1 An unforgettable highland warrior seeking revenge, an innocent maiden brave enough to confront him Spellbound is a terrific novel filled with passion, intrigue, vengeance, and all consuming love Readers will

❴Reading❵ ➺ Dead On Author Kelly Jameson –
  • Paperback
  • 554 pages
  • Dead On
  • Kelly Jameson
  • English
  • 11 June 2018
  • 9781475103854

10 thoughts on “Dead On

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    Good one A different tack for a thriller with a killer from the past who leaves a special token with each victim Enjoyed it very much.

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    DEAD ON felt like I was riding on a roller coaster Starting out slow, it gave the reader necessary details A man who mistakes love after returning from the Civil War Not reciprocated, he kills the woman The suspense starts and it becomes a time travel book.Pop to the present and a serial killer is loose aiming his hatred and revenge on one Dr Ann Yang, county medical examiner for Bucks County, PA Here the book has the edge of a thriller Slide back to 1961 for another story but it is related Move on to the present and there are deaths Ann finds a diary A diary with weird things that happen Could Ann have lived many lifetimes and does she want to explore reincarnation You have a slight fantasy and you may want to take notes because there is A LOT going on.OK, keep reading Jump back to 1902 when the diary takes place Someone dies There are some elements of erotica More details Yes, I kept reading And no, I didn t cheat and look at the end of the book like I wanted to So much is packed into this story Intrigue, some ideas that are original, a possible romance, gore, sex, ghostly elements, a who s who, and a killer who is revealed at the end And it was a surprise for me.This story sort of reminded me of THE MIRROR by Natalia Lincoln with the storyline constantly flipping back and forth from the present to some part of the past This can be confusing It had some original ideas but it was too long At 203 pages it shouldn t have felt this way but it did Also, the f bomb is dropped frequently so if this is not to your liking be aware.From what I understand Ms Jameson is currently writing a sequel I would read it if I could borrow it from the library Don t get me wrong, this story could have been great but there was just way too much going on I thought Ms Jameson was stretching herself by making it a thriller, suspense, time travel with some ghostly elements, romance, mystery with a serial killer and gore These are all genres that I have read and some stories with each theme I have enjoyed so I don t feel I am prejudicial when it comes to any of these topics Five authors are listed on the back cover recommending this book and there will be some of you who enjoy it For me, it was alright but not something I could recommend.

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    Excellent debut psychological thriller murder set in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA The author creates a believable plot and the suspense is nail biting right to the end Don t read this in the dark of the night

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    I loved the book It is a story of reincarnation, past lives and how we somehow always come back to the same souls in each life If there will be a sequel to this book, I will certainly read it.

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    Weird book I like a bit of historical back and forth in a novel, but this was just confusing, and a little melodramatic I couldn t have cared less what happened to the modern day character, I didn t like her.

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