Deadlands Harvest (Deadland Saga, #2)

Deadlands Harvest (Deadland Saga, #2) I loved the first one, 100 Days In Deadland and I wasn t too excited to start this one because of how the first ended, but from the very first paragraph, I was shocked, surprised, and excited I was so shocked I had to put it down for a bit so because I wanted to think how the writer would explain a few things I m trying not to give anything away if you haven t read the first one, which you should It lags in just a couple of spots, but the characters and the story pull you along so quickly that I finished this one within a day Note to the writer PLEASE don t kill off Clutch and Cash at the end of three I ve come to love them like they re personal friends and I would really hate to see them killed One of the best zombie books I ve ever read Clich d crap Enjoyed the first book but I guess the novelty wore off The entire storyline is cheesy and convenient, pushed along by characters making ridiculous decisions to feed the story and produce embarrassing, gun ho reactions Desperately disappointed. Second in the series and to understand this book you really need to read book 1 and I loved it just as much as the first This is the best zombie saga ever And I generally don t do zombies so that says a lot I ve been drawn into all the characters and I can t wait to read the third and final in this trilogy. Could not read this book fast enough Love the family that Cash, Clutch, and Jace have become When they decided to join Camp Fox it was a huge step In this book they are trying to stay away from herds of Zombies They end up asking for help from a huge vacation boat, who later betrays them There is nobody who you can trust any Finally have to leave the little boat they were staying in when they get attacked by bandits and end up killing their man in charge Ends with the three of them starting over again.At least they still have each other.Looking forward to final book. Actual rating 3.5 I m very disappointed with these books.The MC s love interest is the most boring character in the story He shouldn t even be able to walk, and yet, here he was, running around, killing zombies, tackling bandits, carrying heavy stuff.Why Cause he s damn perfect.He s also always right.The story is mainly about how amazing he is The zombies and TEOTWAWKI are simply details.I believe the story would ve been much better if he had died at the end of the first book As it stands right now Boring and cliche. 100 Days in Deadland may have benof a 3.5 than a 4, but Deadland s harvest is a solid 4 By this installment Cash has really come into her own and I loved it For some reason, female protagonists have a tendency to be obnoxious Sorry ladies, but it s true It seems like there is a fine line between smart and know it all, strong and bitchy contentious and whiney, in love and stupid Cash is a believable realistic character, but she manage to never cross the annoying line I didn t quite connect with the supporting characters as much as I would have liked, but I definitely feltattached to them in this book than I did the first My only other minor constructive criticism would be that there are a few times where Cash s thoughts feelings felt a bit repetitive It only happened a few times though, and it didn t detract from the story As soon as I hit the final page of this book I leapt ontoso I could download 3, only to discover, to my horror , that it s not out yet Pre order only Gah Needless to say I can t wait. Rachel never disappoints Her second installment of the series is full of action from the first chapter again Cash is still the tough, Iowa girl, trying to help solve problems in a zombie apocalypse world Her contribution to the camp is invaluable She is always there to save the day Clutch was broody and a tad less likeable in this book I understand his frustration to get better and contribute, but his broodiness was slap worthy Cash should have smacked him around I also understand they don t have much privacy, but couldn t they have found a private moment somewhere As always, I was on the edge of my seat anticipating what was going to happen next, and how they were going to escape the herds of zombies Love her creative world of zombies Can t wait to see how the series ends. Okay, wow, what a horrible good ending emphasis on the horrible I m just sitting here stunned I m hoping that some of the people were hiding behind the building that s all I have to say Well, except UGH The Seven Deadly Sins With A Shambling TwistThe Critically Acclaimed DEADLAND SAGA Book Days In DeadlandBookDeadland S Harvest BookDeadland RisingIt Has Been One Hundred Days Since The Zombies Claimed The World Cash, Along With Forty Two Survivors, Have Found Safety In The Secluded And Well Guarded Fox National Park The Leaves Are Changing Colors, A Beautiful, Brutal Reminder That Winter Is Coming As The Survivors Prepare For Freezing Months Without Electricity And Not Enough Food, They Learn Of Massive Zombie Herds Several Hundred Miles North And Headed Their Way To Save The Park, Cash Must Find A Place For The Survivors To Hide From The Migrating Herds If Cash And Her Small Band Of Volunteers Don T Succeed By Winter, The Fox Survivors Just May Become Deadland S Harvest Deadland S Harvest Is A Journey Through Dante Alighieri S Classic Tale On The Seven Deadly Sins Zombie Apocalypse Style

I write speculative fiction science fiction, horror because I absolutely love asking, what if and killing off people Anyway, here s the scoop on me I was raised on a farm in Iowa where I boasted the small town s largest okay, and only comic book collection, and I m still addicted to stories starring badass characters I did the college thing both undergraduate and graduate before go

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  • Deadlands Harvest (Deadland Saga, #2)
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