Deadlock It is wonderful to read a book set in your home town Even better I learned about the Port of Chicago and Great Lakes shipping V.I is nearly than once in this story Good thing she s as tough as nails and a great heir to Marlowe and Spade. As I ve mentioned, these books are certainly of their time, but they are SO fun Paretsky s research into how Great Lakes shipping works is a fascinating backdrop for this murder mystery, and there s enough badass women can do it attitude and Chicago references to keep me happy although the geography of Lakeview according to this book is slightly different unless Lincoln Avenue has moved around Satisfying murder mystery that kept me guessing until near the end. Once again am shocked by how much I really enjoyed book 2 in the V.I Warshawski book We have V.I who is one stone s away from being killed every five seconds it feels like when she starts to investigate whether her cousin Boom Boom don t ask slipped or committed suicide at some docks where he was working I loved the ins and outs that Paretsky gets into with the shipping industry Also V.I s work on her last case dealing with the insurance industry comes in handy in this book We get two potential love interests in this one But one thing I do appreciate in these books is that the men that come across V.I s path are not really important She wants someone to look at her and accept her as she is, but she is 100 percent not in the mood to do the same which did crack me up V.I I find interesting and definitely a contradiction I find myself comparing V.I a lot to Kinsey Millhone and though Kinsey and I have a lot of characteristics in common, I would probably get a long with V.I though her sarcasm would make me want to brain her A lot of the book is deductions and snooping that V.I does She is able to put things together and I can honestly say that I loved that I was not able to guess where the story was going and who the guilty parties were I totally guessed wrong which is par for the course for me when it comes to mystery novels We get reappearances in this one, we once again get Doctor Lotty Herschel, V.I s father s old friend Bobby, and her contact at one of the papers, Murray We also have V.I still in her same terrible apartment and still perplexed why one would make the bed, clean the dishes, and wash clothes Seriously at times I had to go downstairs and tidy up my house since I was getting second hand issues over the messiness I was reading about in this book.The writing was good, but honestly I wish that the character of Bobby would be flattened by something It s two books in and I am tired of reading about how Bobby hates what V.I does as her job and wishes she was married with 6 kids Also I am starting to realize that most of the cops in this series are inept as hell I liked how Sue Grafton portrays Kinsey s interaction with the police better.Once again Chicago sounds like a pain in the butt to deal with in any type of weather The ending was a surprise and I loved how even though V.I figured out what was going on, justice unfortunately was delayed. Loved it A fantastic read, exciting and difficult to stop after a few chapters each time I picked it up This time V I Warshawski is too emotional to be reasonable, and when she is emotional, she gets coldly angry, a deadly combination Her favorite cousin, Boom Boom, an ex Black Hawks hockey player, falls off of a Chicago dock and drowns The problem is several clues are pointing to murder a enigmatic phone call, strange rumors being passed around by Boom Boom s new co workers at Eudora Grain during the funeral, a new girlfriend breaking into his apartment to search for something but no one else agrees with her.As she probes and questions and interviews, people she talked to start having accidents that kill them She is pondering the clues while driving, when suddenly her brakes aren t working Then, as she tries to steer safely out of traffic, the steering wheel spins loosely in her hands The blast of a horn draws her attention to the semi coming straight at her..Omg. This one for me is a re read from probably around the time that the book was first published I remember reading and enjoying the series then and have started re reading the books now I enjoyed the book as much this time around as I did the first time I like the protagonist, V.I Warshawski I remember appreciating discovering a strong, complex, female character at a time when there was a dearth of such characters in mystery novels Unfortunately, the dearth still remains, but I still do appreciate that V.I Warshawski helps to fill the gap.Aside from appreciating the protagonist, I found that the other characters in the book read well They all had their own personalities and often complex set of motivations for what they do I also enjoyed the plot line The story was complicated enough to engage the reader while never getting convoluted and tedious Paretsky also included interesting details related to shipping on the Great Lakes but again was judicious, including enough information to allow for the plot to flow but never bogging down the story in extraneous details Partesky also balances a fair amount of grittiness in the book again often not seen with a female protagonist with the humanness of V.I and the other characters For me, the only drawback of this book was that the police were stubborn to the point of stupidity and incompetency In some novels I can see why police would be resistant to the ideas of the non police detective in too many mystery novels often of the cozy variety the protagonist has no business running an investigation However, in this case, V.I is a seasoned detective whose good work is known to the police Why then would they arbitrarily decide to ignore her now Oh, wait To create an opportunity for V.I to go it as the lone investigator and have a will she live or die ending That part, the police stubbornness, felt really contrived.Overall, this is a solid read I am looking forward to re reading others in the series and reading those that I have not yet read. I first read this ages ago, long enough to have forgotten many of the details It s even better the second time through Paretsky is terrific I think that this book is a really good book because I can see that the details were very clear about everything and I also like the ending This book was about a private detective s cousin died because of an accident but she doesn t think so So she started to find out who killed his cousin In the investigation, two people died because of her investigation on who killed her cousin which is why I gave this book only 4 stars instead of one because this is the part that I don t really understand why did they die because the way they die is a bit stupid Then finally he found out that the one who killed his cousin was a owner of many boats The answer about the question why did the boat owner killed his brother was because his brother became a block on the road to success The reason why I gave this book a 4 star is also because that instead of killing the owner, she reported to the police and let the police deal with it as long as he gets what he should get. Fast summer read VI mysteries are hard to put down I am having some issues with the timing between this book set in 1982 and her current mystery set this year give or take In the new installment Boom Boom supposedly helps a friend try out for the Cubs in 1989 Obviously this is a discrepancy if he was murdered 7 years earlier All in all a fast paced whodunit Nice to see that Lotty was there from the beginning No Max or Mr Contreras though Murray hilarious as always I will have to go back and reread the earlier books in the series to see how when where the rest of the cast of characters is introduced Can not wait for next installment. Sara Paretsky writes novels about a Private Investigator called V I Warshawski and they are really good as long as you don t take them too seriously Our main character uses the old fashioned approach to detecting where she tends to approach the suspect and let them know that she suspects them This can lead to all kinds of difficulty but of course she always comes out the other side smelling of roses I enjoyed this particular one so much that I am moving straight on to the next in the series. When Chicago Black Hawks Hockey Legend Boom Boom Warshawski Slips Off A Wharf And Drowns In Lake Michigan, Cousin VI Questions The Report Of Accidental Death And Rumors Of SuicideVI Searches For Leads And Finds A Trail Of Violence And Corruption It Takes Her To The Center Of Chicago S Powerful Shipping Industry There She Ferrets Out Her Cousin S Killer But Nearly Gets Painted Out Of The Picture Permanently

Sara Paretsky is a modern American author of detective fiction Paretsky was raised in Kansas, and graduated from the state university with a degree in political science She did community service work on the south side of Chicago in 1966 and returned in 1968 to work there She ultimately completed a Ph.D in history at the University of Chicago, entitled The Breakdown of Moral Philosophy in New E

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