Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda

Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda Through His Alcoholism And Her Mental Illness, His Career Highs And Lows And Her Institutional Confinement, Scott And Zelda Fitzgerald S Devotion To Each Other Endured For Than Twenty Two Years Now, For The First Time, The Story Of The Love Of These Two Glamorous And Hugely Talented Writers Can Be Given In Their Own Letters Introduced By An Extensive Narrative Of The Fitzgeralds Marriage, The Letters Three Quarters Of Them Previously Unpublished Or Out Of Print Have Been Edited By The Noted Fitzgerald Scholars, Jackson R Bryer And Cathy W Barks They Are Illustrated Throughout With A Generous Selection Of Familiar And Unpublished Photographs

Zelda Fitzgerald.

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  • 431 pages
  • Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
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  • 17 November 2019
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    I have long loved F Scott Fitzgerald In my opinion, he may have been the greatest American author of the 20th century, as far as his prose is concerned I never really admired his subject matter, however It seemed self absorbed, and rather menial to me I became fascinated with Fitzgerald, the person, when I was in college, when I read his letters, full of that same self absorption but infused with passion Reading this rather new collection of letters, for me, was just a continuation of my study, not quite an obsession, but not casual reading, either.The letters catalogue the train wreck of his adult life He writes to Zelda from the time he s trying to win her she was 18 or 19, he was about 21, freshly out of college through their marriage, their breakdowns, their illnesses and her hospitalizations How much of his burden was self inflicted How much was it the fault of Zelda, equally or perhaps even self absorbed, but angry and fragile Reading the letters was at times edifying, painful, heart rending, and perplexing I highly recommend this collection to those who are intensely interested in the subject I m glad I read it.

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    C mo punt as un libro as He estado a punto de no hacerlo y luego he pensado que no, que es injusto y que solo por lo arriesgado de publicarlo y por el trabajo enorme de ordenar las cartas, alternarlo con la biograf a y dem s, se merec a 10 estrellas.Me ha resultado muy curioso conocer los entresijos de esta relaci n y leer c mo se hablaban el uno al otro en su correspondencia No me parece una relaci n id lica, todo lo contrario Y, sin embargo, es una relaci n muy muy especial.Me ha gustado mucho hacer el par n de narrativa para alcahuetear en sus vidas Muy interesante.

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    Sadly, the majority of Scott s letters are lost or destroyed so these are mostly Zelda s letters to Scott It would have been even better to have had of his side of the correspondence They both wrote gorgeous letters This collection gives us, directly from the couple themselves, a lot of information about their relationship Clearly, they never stopped loving each other, and the letters certainly put paid to all the ranting fools who call Scott a wife abuser and who claim he drove Zelda mad and ruined her chance at artistic fame Their own daughter, Scottie, who adored both of them, says that is not how things were at all and that her mother had an intractable mental illness Anyone reducing their relationship to such cheap fodder understands little about the Fitzgeralds in particular, and about the complexities of marriage generally I would add that such people are very seriously ignorant about how mental illnesses manifest and run their courses over time, and how this impacts families Both Zelda and Scott suffered under chronic mental duress Scott developed an addiction to alcohol very early on, and Zelda was diagnosed as schizophrenic, but would probably be reclassified today Under such conditions, their relentless determination to lead meaningful and productive lives, and to care for each other and their family, was nothing short of heroic.

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    If you haven t fallen in love with Zelda after reading this I m not sure what you re doing with your life This was beautiful and haunting and easily one of the best things I ve ever read.

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    Informative, Fun Beautiful An Amazing Read I Loved It

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    A sad, sad storyThis collection of many though not all of the letters written between Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald offers an intimate and unsurpassed view of their lives, personalities and, overall, their marriage Reading the letters serves to debunk many of the Fitzgerald myths principally, that the marriage was overwhelmingly toxic.In truth, what we get from these is a sense of the deep and abiding bond between Scott and Zelda, however complicated and troubled they each were at times and in their own ways Their letter writing was mutual right to the end, despite Scott s serious affair with another woman.Anyone who hasn t read Zelda s Save Me the Waltz may also be surprised at what a strong and distinctive voice she has, from the start when she is very young, right up to when the letters stop on Scott s death, despite her various breakdowns and institutionalisation In fact, her letters from when she s in the clinics are some of the most moving, especially her attempts to make sense of what is happening to her and sharing it often apologetically with her husband That she wrote Waltz under such harrowing conditions makes sense of some of its flaws but is also a testament to her huge courage, artistic impetus and not a word we often associate with the glamorous Fitzgeralds work ethic Inevitably, the youthful years just after they were married are barely covered here since Scott and Zelda were rarely apart and thus had no need to write to each other It s the last sadder, but also thoughtful, years which gets the most exposure A sad, melancholy insight into a couple who had such high ambitions but ended up so disillusioned and troubled.

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    Most everyone knows the love story of F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, but this book of letters between the two from courtship to togetherness to the breakdown to their final years makes the timeless story even poignant.The book is very heartbreaking, in the positive sense of the word The letters are written in a very ornate way maybe over the top cheesy bitter sad at times but it reminds us why the Scott and Zelda story is that darn good Nothing could have survived that life and that love not even them The alcoholism, the mental instability, the constant asks and thanks for money, the long periods spent apart, the youth wasted And the sharp point to all of that that the love they shared together, may not have been really theirs at all.It s not brilliant, it s illuminating It s not wonderful, it s heart rending I don t love this book it now occupies a very special place in my heart.And Zelda s letters Wow.

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    23 5 19The people over at Scribner were SO nice to send me this book You can find me on

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    This collection of letters has been my on and off companion for about seven months now, and I feel incredibly privileged to have this glimpse into the life of the Fitzgeralds It did nothing to demystify them for me, however, and if anything, I don t seem to have romanticized them enough But in all seriousness, they are original, corageous, dignified Grand Completely lovely Completely devastating I mean, this while they are both unwell and poor, and the one writing it in a mental institution Dearest I am always grateful for all the loyalties you gave me, and I am always loyal to the concepts that held us together so long the belief that life is tragic, that a man s spiritual reward is the keeping of his faith that we shouldn t hurt each other And I love, always your fine writing talent, your tolerance and generosity and all your happy endowments Nothing could have survived our life America has no gods, you say

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    This is the essential letters collection for the Fitzgerald s marriage It is also provides the most balanced biography of the couple you will find It neither portrays Zelda as a ditz as Mizener and Turnbull did , nor does it try to redress the criticism as Milford and other Zelda biographers do Perhaps the most illuminating thing is how beautiful the correspondence was always aware of how they mythologized themselves, SZ knew they were writing for a future public, and their ornate, often lachrymose, sometimes silly professions of love are often performances The later recriminations are ugly in their bitterness In the end, there is a poignant acceptance that what they had was never really theirs the love affair of the century was their fantasy as much as it remains many of ours.

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