Death by Marriage (Caribbean Murder, #3)

Death by Marriage (Caribbean Murder, #3) Action packed thriller Very interesting and intriguing story of crime in the islands and the inability of the local police to solve the crime It takes the investigating skills of a private detective to find the killer. Review by Death by MarriageJADEN SKYE 2012 THE CARIBBEAN MURDER SERIES 3 What you will notice straight awayMaybe I m getting old Maybe I m suffering that age old problem that rears its head when English authors read American works Two English speaking nations separated by a common language Moving on What sort of stories get me hooked Well they re normally those that have me asking questions However, it s as often a question about the written work than the stories guile This is particularly true of the Caribbean Murder series from Jaden Skye Which is shame really because they are great little stories Apparently Jaden Skye is author of the 1 Bestselling romantic suspense series but in almost review of her work especially on I hear and see complaints of her writing I am not alone How can she be 1 Are all her readers who stick by her totally screwed or is she 1 in a world of her own A man is found in an alley less travelled With you so far Dipped in a pool of red blood First question why red blood, why not blue or transparent A shriek sounded fiercely, like the call of a bugle Do bugles shriek Maybe the author refers to a Bugle bird Not sure where that one was going either.This story had two things going for it as soon as I d read the prologue, well three really One it was written by Jaden Skye, the author of Book 1 in the Death series of Caribbean murders mysteries Two The prologue worked both in its content and abruptness, Three the observations shown above In a recent review of Book 1 I noted a large number of inconsistencies in the story I really hoped this won t go the same way.ReviewI think all books should be considered worthy to stand alone This includes those sequels or subsequent parts of a series that involve cast characters that appear in the original books It makes no sense to me to assume that unless they are marketed together in the same bundle, a reader will pick up on names and characters just because they had read another title in a series CharactersThe main cast Kendra Robbins Paul Robbins, Nell Robbins, Graham Kowan, Margot Kowan, Roomey Burke, Andrea Bell, Heather May,The investigators Cindy Blaine Mattheus King Fred Brayton Nojo.The others Dalia Maggie, Marshmallow, Silbert Hours, Perry the bartender, prison warder, casino dealer, Peggy, Mr Jeffries, The victim s Paul Robbins, Gregg Kowan, Graham Kowan.StoryPaul Robbins, law attorney on St Thomas, has been killed on St Thomas and his widow is asking for help to find his killer She is also the no 1 suspect Cindy Blaine, a widow unsure of what the future holds for her, agrees to help There is only two weeks until the hurricane season comes in Kendra Robbins is keen to meet Cindy and Mattheus, and although she gives them lots of information she seems so detached from the situation They decide to ask the police for help.Nojo is making a lot of convincing noises for Kendra to be the killer Looking over the body dump before going to their hotel, there is not a lot to see That evening they make plans The story now splits as each investigator does their own thing Mattheus follows some leads on the island of St Croix.Cindy stays on St Thomas Her investigations take her to a bar where Paul Robbins used to hang out and to Heather May, with whom he had an affair Heather May points her to Margot Rowan, and to her son Graham Meanwhile Mattheus is following up on Roomey Burke s alibi and reputation Arriving at Margot Rowan s Cindy is unsure why Heather May sent her there, until she sees the photograph of Margot Rowan s husband When Cindy realises that Paul Robbins has been leading a double life as Gregg Kowan she calls Mattheus and the police Back with Kendra, Cindy finds her out in a lie Margot s helping the police who still think Kendra is the murderer Meanwhile Mattheus is looking at the cases Paul Robbins lost and the police have arranged a meeting between Margot and Kendra, with Cindy refereeing Matheus s lead takes him to a man just out of prison, with a reason to hate Paul Unfortunately, his alibi stacks up As for Kendra she has fired the two investigators.Hurricane Lolo is about to hit the island and Mattheus is leaving The police have had enough and arrested Kendra for the murder of her husband Cindy is staying to clear Kendra s name She finds out Nell and Graham know each other from school At the airport Mattheus leaves it to the last minute to return to help Cindy finish the case.Conclusion.It s a natty little mystery that will keep you entertained and I for one would read it again at a later date Cindy and Mattheus are a great team The PIs get their man the case is solved hurrah Now but the authoress a decent proofreader So is it a good read Yes, it is I took a couple of days to read it and a couple to do the review I still enjoyed reading it 4.5 out of 5 stars for the story, 1.5 stars for the research and nil points for proof reading.ObservationsA man is found in an alley less travelled With you so far Dipped in a pool of red blood First question why red blood, why not blue or transparent A shriek sounded fiercely, like the call of a bugle Do bugles shriek Maybe the author refers to a Bugle bird Not sure where that one was going either.Names I like to introduce people by their full names After that the surname may only return to remind characters and the reader.Cindy and Mattheus go into the police office, then Fred Brayton invites them in Mattheus was supposed to be at the police station doing research when Cindy calls from Margot s Why does he then say he ll call the police when she calls.Big error On the last page of Chapter 15 Margot is told Gregg Kowan has a second family where he is known as Paul Kowan He is not, he is known as Paul Robbins.When Cindy tells Kendra about second wife she freaks out Then Mattheus tells Cindy did the same when he told Roomey When did Mattheus tell Roomey about the second family Kendra has met Margot over lunch Margot recognises her lost ruby necklace around Margot s neck One odd statement Who knows what else he stole it from Why is Cindy going home from Nell, she is staying in the hotel, therefore the story should say she is returning to the hotel Why approach St Thomas in a seaplane It has 7000 feet of modern runway There s been a runway there since the war Either rename the island or bring it up to date.The text states St, Croix is a neighbouring island Hmmm, maybe on Google Earth but it is over fifty miles away St John, Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands are a lot closer.Chapter 7 I think it would be better if the first two paragraphs wee swapped That way there is grounding to the storyline One moment Mattheus is coming back that evening, the next she is getting up and showering The planning is all wrong.Chapter 9 The kids have off from school should probably read The kids have time off from school and so it goes on and on and on etc. Attorney is murdered on St Thomas Police suspect his wife Female and male PIs investigate Okay, this is the last book by this author I ll read Yes, the plots are interesting and entertaining, but the strange relationship between the 2 detectives is not believable and gets on my nerves I started reading this author s books because I lived in the Caribbean, on 4 different islands, for 12 years But I never get a sense that the author has spent much time, if any, in the islands The premise in this book is not possible on an island as small as St Thomas But what bothered me most was that the local accents and idiosyncrasies are never mentioned The locals on St Thomas would never use the words the author writes for them them. Set in St Thomas and St Croix, although not much is mentioned about the life on these islands. Death by marriage third in the seriesJaden Skye s Caribbean Murder Series are interesting and quick reads While I prefer Audio over E books I don t have the same grammar problems that the actual readers seem to have with them.These stores are a new premise After solving the murder of her husband in book one and the murder of a friend s husband in book two Cindy takes on a third murder in book three She and her partner Mattheus are hired by a woman accused of killing her husband There are a lot of secret twists to finding the real killer. I felt that this book dragged a little If I wasn t the type of person to not finish a book I probably would have stopped reading this somewhere in the middle It s not that I can t handle a longer story, I just felt that this one didn t need to be as long as it was It did provide an interesting look at life on the islands if what was written is actually true and it did keep me guessing as to the murderer It just wasn t a book I loved, nor was it was that leads me to read others in the series. Storyline was good Good detectives, lazy We have our killer cops a little mystery to the plot However, there were enough errors in the book to turn me off to any books by this author editing errors, using incorrect names for the deceased and main suspect, the incorrect version of a word all complied to keep me aggravated Hence my lower rating. EntertainingI am reading this entire series over the summer of 2018 Started June 1 I find that s books are quick reads I am enjoying the characters in each story There were unexpected twists in this book that kept me turning the page. Great, easy read Will read in this series. A Well Known Criminal Lawyer Is Found Dead In A Back Alley In St Thomas, And Cindy And Mattheus Are Called In To Investigate By The Grieving Widow The Local Police Have Pinned Her For The Murder, And Cindy And Mattheus Are Her Last Hope In VindicationAs Cindy And Mattheus Dig Deeper Into The Victim S Past, They Learn That All Was Not As Rosy As It Seemed They Discover Mistresses, Gambling Debts, Vendettas, And A Number Of People Who Had Motivation To Want Him Dead Most Shocking Of All, As They Dig Even Deeper, They Discover A Whole Secret Life That He Lead, One So Lurid That The People Who Knew Him Best Can Hardly Even Conceive ItAs A Hurricane Closes In And The Police Are Insistent, Despite All Evidence, To Arrest The Widow, Cindy And Mattheus Find Themselves In A Race Against Time To Find The Killer When Another Body Turns Up, All Involved Realize The Stakes May Be Even Higher Than They Seem And As Cindy And Mattheus Develop Feelings For Each Other, Each Grieving From The Death Of Their Own Spouse, Cindy Comes To Realize There Is Even At Stake Than She ThinksATH BY MARRIAGE Is Book In The Caribbean Murder Series, Following DEATH BY HONEYMOON Book And DEATH BY DIVORCE Book to stay in touch.

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