Deaths of Jocasta

Deaths of JocastaPuoi trovare questa recensione anche sul mio blog, La siepe di Sto amando davvero tanto questa serie Micky Knight, con il suo carattere spigoloso e riottoso nei confronti di qualunque vicinanza umana a causa di un passato familiare che in Deaths of Jocasta affonder di nuovo i suoi artigli Redmann molto brava nel far interagire Micky in un ambiente che le ostile, sia per le sue idee personali, sia per il suo rifiuto di sottostare alla moralit altrui.Proprio per questo molto brava nello sbugiardare l ipocrisia e nel rinfacciarla prontamente, cosa che non le fa guadagnare punti con le amiche e le amanti Tuttavia, ho tifato ogni volta per lei, perch per quanto sia dura con il perbenismo, sa essere molto gentile con chi non ha mai conosciuto altro ed disposta ad ascoltare un altra campana.Di Deaths of Jocasta ho apprezzato molto la discussione sull aborto e l evidente contraddizione dei prolife che compiono attentati, uccidendo delle persone, in difesa della sacralit della vita La cosa peggiore, come fa notare Micky, che con questo tipo di gente non si pu ragionare, sono al di l di ogni razionalit.Un altro argomento che temevo scatenasse il solito dramma e invece viene affrontato in maniera adulta quello del tradimento C decisamente un overdose di storie dove il tradimento calamit peggiore che possa accadere in una relazione, ma una scemenza dipende da quello che si vuole da quella relazione Ho trovato molto bella la chiacchierata tra amante e amata tradita e molto realistiche le accuse che tutt sono pront a lanciare all amante.Proseguir sicuramente la serie non vedo l ora di vedere cosa combiner Micky la prossima volta Loved this one too We learn a littleabout troubled Micky. In This Long Awaited Reprint, Micky Knight Had A Pleasant Evening To Look Forward To She Was Running Security At A Party Of Beautiful Lesbians And Gay Men But A Dead Body Ruins The Affair When Dead Women Are Found, The Police Target Dr Cordelia James As The Killer The Same Cordelia Who Broke Micky S Heart As Micky Works To Expose The Killer She Tries To Keep Her Heart Hidden This was fantastic, even better than the first book Redmann writes wonderfully, 400 pages flew by and I wish there was 400Mickey is my favorite type of character, flawed but just wants to do the right thing Mickey makes you smile one minute, than breaks your heart the next This book is written in first person, so you really become connected to Mickey For those that don t care for first person POV, fear not Redmann write so well, that the secondary characters become so alive, that you almost become as invested in them as you do Mickey.The mystery was good, the action was great, and there was enough relationship romance to tie it all together This is a Lambda Literary Award finalist for mystery, I can t believe another book was better i ll have to figure out who won I going to believe they made a mistake not making this the winner If I could give this a rating of 6 Stars I would.If you are like me, and missed the magic of Redmann s writing back when these book first came out, don t pass these up Start at book one though, it s fantastic too. I am a Mickey Knight fan What an engaging and not so perfect character you want to believe in and cheer for I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Note those with issues problems with reading depictions of rape rape like torture abuse etc should not read this book.Sex Something of the main theme of my review for the first book in this series I think I must have forgotten that this book here was a lotdrenched in sex than the first Plus cheating This is a messed up group of friends in a lot of ways I think that two of the, I believe, six friends are borderline 99.9% sane, while the other four border on beingoh, kind of messed up I might be under or over counting in the messed up column Danny, Micky, Joanne, Cordelia least messed up sane ish Elly I think that s her name , Alex again, think that s her name Danny spent a good deal of time in the first book, and a lot of time in this book taking every opportunity to make snide, smearing, awful comments about and to Micky who, unless she s drunk, takes it as her due, because she knows she s garbage which doesn t mean she won t lash back view spoiler Not exactly sure how I occasionally faked it with you is loads worse than you are a slutty slutty worthless whore but, whatever hide spoiler Struggled with this one, at the end of the last book I was looking forward to a mystery with a firey chemistry and romance and was left disappointed From the beginning my anxiety levels rose too much and I couldn t bare to read any Skim a few pages and still no improvement There was nothing wrong with the story or the writing, it was gripping as I had to know how it ended I think on a personal level this was a hard read I was pleased with it how it ended but it took far far too long to get there for me. This second Micky Knight Mystery book is really, really good It is a tremendous follow up to book one with all the key folks still in the mix and providingthan delightful interludes, expanded interactions, heartfelt friendship, and love of the best kind Speaking of love, I am totally enad with Micky and I positively adore her coterie of friends The exciting mystery and murders that come to light truly stand on their own, but with all the shenanigans also happening to Micky and her delightful pals, this book is quite impressively packed I wish I had started reading the Micky Knight series from the beginning My first introduction was the latest installment, The Shoal of Time , which wowed me, but it would have been super to have started with the first book I totally recommend that approach However, Murders of Jocasta is not to be missed By the way, Micky clues us in to the Jocasta reference She was the wife of Oedipus who in a Roman version of the tale commits suicide in a manner that is highlighted in this book classic Micky Knight, private investigator, is often a bit skint, so a job that could last a few weeks is a true blessing The fact that it involves Dr Cordelia Jones and her clinic is a definitely an extra plus Micky has strong feelings for Cordelia, but will sometimes put her foot in her mouth and skewer her possibilities for expanding on this relationship That humorously falls into the category of what else is new She also has a very emotional reconciliation with her college pal, Danny, that was remarkably moving and I feel quite cleansing for Micky s soul This all happens while Micky is closing in on the criminal culprits involved in a poison pen assault that will mushroom into much greater threats Dr Cordelia Jones is wonderfully featured and highlighted in this book I got to see her in her working element and as a great friend to many of her close associates She is primarily a dedicated doctor and is genuinely loyal to friends and staff Her feelings towards Micky continue to be mixed until after the intense battle between Micky and the pure slime balls both orchestrating and implementing the terror assault on clinics being smeared as abortion sites I was warmly rewarded at the book s conclusion with what evolved for Dr Jones and Micky Knight Really fine and wonderfully hot The action is top notch and the interpersonal developments complement and enhance all the story s twists and turns I am delighted to add that the sexual activities stand on their own, hold their own, and certainly add a spicy nuance to the overall epic This is a wonderfully rich follow up to the opening story in the series Death by the Riverside I doff my hat in respect to J.M Redmann for such high quality whichthan stands on its own for five star entertainment and suspense I do suggest you read the opening book, but this one is a winner all on its own Superb NOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Even better than the first book in the series I love me a good mystery, and this book didn t disappoint I know it s older, but if you haven t read this series, I can wholeheartedly recommend it for all mystery fans Start with book 1 first to maximize your enjoyment, but this can be read as a standalone if you must PI Micky Knight is back at it again She s not drinking any, but she still sleeps around and treats her friends like crap at times I love her sarcastic view on life and I have a feeling that if you read this, you ll still find yourself rooting for her too despite her many flaws Micky is a very complex character, and I m loving how Redmann is showingandnuances to her character with each new book I know today s only Wednesday, but I m still marking this as a Fallback Friday book so it s easily searchable in case anyone cares to look at tags for that This one holds up very well, and didn t feel dated at all The only thing I could possibly mention is that some scenes wereintense than they would be if this were in present days since Micky et al didn t have access to cell phones My, my how cell phones have both hurt and helped us Yes, this is a long read, but I found myself wishing it was even longer Redmann perfectly entwined romance right alongside the mystery, and created some wonderful secondary characters that fit so well right alongside Micky I can t wait to read the next book.4.5 stars, but I ve decided to round down to 4 since I just can t see myself re reading anytime soon Unfortunately, it ll be too difficult to forget the whodunit part of this one and accept this as new again for a re read I can wholeheartedly recommend this series for anyone who s a mystery lover, and I will most certainly continue readingbooks in this series as soon as I get some ARC reads finished. Holy religious nutburger, batman Deaths of Jocasta Micky Knight 2 proves to be even better than the first one J.M Redmann is on fire and I am totally and utterly hooked.Another Fall Back Friday addition, this one was first published in 1992 There is talk of computers and the first mobile phone but we don t really see much of it yet It s pay phones and answering machines all the way, baby Micky is pining for Cordelia James and that is not all that is going to happen Being sober and celibate in secret proves to be very hard when all your friends expect you to drink like a fish and whore around Emotions will run high and friendships will be put to the test I love the whole cast of characters, they are great individuals each with their own baggage Redmann does not shy away from the heavy subjects Some of our characters still grapple with the after effects sexual abuse and even incest they suffered as a kid and it will all come to a head in this book The 400 page plot was captivating until the very end, the dialogue superb and the romance wow, there is a lot going on there It doesn t get any better than this f f explicitThemes New Orleans, sins from the past, oh Micky, being sober is not what your friends expect of you, not much stage time for Hepplewhite this time around, Alex is a saint, nuns, abortions, religious fanatics, sexual abuse and incest, bombs.5 stars

R Jean Reid.Jean Marie Redmann is an American novelist best known for her mystery series featuring New Orleans private investigator Micky Knight.Main themes of Redmann s novels are the protagonist s troubled childhood and how it affects her adult life, discrimination based on sexual orientation and alcoholism Her novels follow the tradition of hardboiled fiction Redmann s third book The Intersection of Law and Desire won the Lambda Literary Award for lesbian mystery.Jean M Redmann is a gay rights activist and works as the Director of Prevention at NO AIDS Task Force.

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