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Deathworld 2The Stakes Were Slavery Or The Life Of Jason DinAltThe Planet Was Unkowna Savagely Primitive Place Where Every Man Had To Kill Every Other Man Or Live As A SlaveThe Inhabitants Lived In The Early Bronze Age One Minute, And In The Early Machine Age The Next Technology Had Degenerated Into A Number Of Mysteries Jealously Guarded By Separate BrotherhoodsBut Jason DinAlt Was A Gambler He Realised That If He Was Ever Going To Get A Winning Hand In This Game, The Brotherhoods Would Need A Shuffle 8 10 Media de los 17 libros que he le do del autor 7 10.Segunda parte de El mundo de la muerte Mismos personajes, distinto escenario y divertido Leed antes el primero de la saga.A Harrison le recuerdo sobre todo por su serie par dica de los h roes de la CF Bill, h roe gal ctico Que tiene otras novelas que me han gustado m s, pero esas novelas gamberras me resultaron muy divertidas Burdas si se quiere, pero divertidas. Originally posted at FanLit.http reviDeathworld 2 The Ethical Engineer is the second of Harry Harrison s novels set on Pyrrus, the planet that tries to kill most humans who set foot upon it In the first DEATHWORLD novel, space rogue Jason dinAlt discovered the secret of Pyrrus and negotiated a very tense peace between the planet and its two human colonies.Now Jason has a new problem A man named Mikah, who represents the religious Truth Party, has arrived to arrest Jason for fleecing casinos across the universe The purpose is to display Jason s decadence and sinfulness so that they can topple the government of Cassylia which has been using Jason Three Billion as a poster child to advertise their casinos Mikah kidnaps Jason and on their way back to Cassylia for trial by the Truth Party, they are shipwrecked and enslaved on a planet that sports a curious mix of primitive tribal cultures with varying degrees of technological advancement Jason must use his knowledge and skills to get them off the planet.Harry Harrison is great when he s writing pulpy science fiction adventures with roguish protagonists I loved the first few books of his STAINLESS STEEL RAT series, which were just that But sometimes Harrison decides to acquire an agenda and whomp us over the head with it This happened with some of the later STAINLESS STEEL RAT books I stopped reading them because of it and it s happened here in Deathworld 2.In this case, Harrison wants to show us that people who believe in some sort of Truth are just wrong That s fine I don t agree, but it s fine with me if Harrison takes that viewpoint The problem here is that it s so badly done Harrison makes his point in two ways First by making Mikah, Truth s proponent and an obvious Straw Man , a ridiculous idiot who gets frustrated with Jason and keeps resorting to calling him names such as Limb of Satan Second by defending his no Truth argument merely by having it said over and over by a character we re supposed to think is smart and knowledgeable because he s suddenly a brilliant engineer There is no substantial discussion, just a back and forth like this There is no Truth, no Life, no Mankind At least not the way you spell them with capital letters They don t exist Mikah s taut skin contracted into a furrow of concentration You will have to explain yourself, he said For you are not being clear I m afraid it s you who aren t being clear You re making a reality where none exists Truth with a small t is a description, a relationship A way to describe a statement A semantic tool But Truth with a capital T is an imaginary word, a noise with no meaning It pretends to be a noun, but it has no referent It stands for nothing It means nothing When you say, I believe in Truth, you are really saying I believe in nothing Gosh, it sounds like Terry Goodkind, doesn t it Both characters become self righteous zealots who constantly interrupt the action to bore us with long meaningless lectures about the nature of Truth This made it impossible to enjoy the story and I ended up skimming a lot of it I hope DEATHWORLD will get back on track with book 3.I m listening to the audio version of Deathworld 2 that Jimcin Recordings produced in 2011 and which was just produced on CD and distributed by Brilliance Audio Jim Roberts does a fine job with the narration His rhythm is stilted sometimes, but he has a good voice for this sort of story. It seems that the Deathworld Trilogy by Harry Harrison is about a series of barely inhabitable planets The first novel was about a world where all the plant and animal life were intent on killing the human inhabitants In Deathworld 2, we have a planet with humans descended from some past crash landing They speak a form of Esperanto and are divided into primitive warring tribes with some barely rudimentary technical knowledge As before Jason dinAlt is the hero Here, he is joined by Mikah Samon, who had come to arrest Jason Jason, however, sabotages the space ship meant to take him to trial and the ship s computer crashes the ship on the inhabitable planet of Not Named Somehow, Jason manages to get rescued, and the obnoxious Mikah Oh, I d better leave that for you when you read this page turner. Jason dinAlt was finally adjusted to the heavy gravity planet of Pyrrus and has a girlfriend among the trigger happy denizens of the human population of survivors But the long arm of the law is still after him and he s kidnapped via trickery and ends up, after a malfunction, on another dangerous planet This time, the danger comes from other humans in a very primative dog eat dog society.He s immediately made a slave and has to learn to survive and possibly escape back to Pyrrus.To do this, he has to jump a number of hoops and that s one of the things that slows the story down Of course, without the events, it would just be a novelette Once I quit worrying about the drag on the plot, I enjoyed the yarn and let it take me where it went. Brief Synopsis Jason dinAlt is building his life on Pyrrus, the death planet, when he is abruptly kidnapped by Mikah, a religious zealot who wants to return dinAlt to Cassylia, the gambling planet, for execution dinAlt manages to disable Mikah s spaceship, causing the two of them to crash land on a barren wasteland of a planet where slavery and treachery are ways of life dinAlt manages to stay alive using his knowledge of science and technology, while trading philosophical barbs with Mikah, who s moral and dogmatic approach to their predicament often presents problems than it solves.Review Deathworld 2 isn t a huge departure from Deathworld, with the exception that the planet is far interesting the plot is a bit of a bastard cross of Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and Mad Max, although in reality, it is of a precursor to all of the above The only holdovers from the original cast of characters are dinAlt and Meta, and the plot holes increase how is Jason able to understand and remember such details of industry and technology with no background in science or engineering And whatever happened to dinAlt s psi power, an important plot point in the first novel, if not a properly developed one It remains all but forgotten in this novel Harrison has a vivid imagination, but sometimes it overshadows his ability as a writer.Most disturbing is the philosophical battle between science and religion, caricatured in dinAlt and Mikah dinAlt is the courageous non believer, a strong, intelligent, practical man who uses science and reason to solve his problems and uses a humanistic ethical code to inform his decisions in fact, the novel was first serialized under the title The Ethical Engineer , while Mikah is portrayed as a stubborn, dogmatic zealot with backwards logic who never succeeds in doing good than harm Harrison dispenses with any subtelty on this matter, and abandons allegory for hamfisted caricature Maybe this was novel or en vogue in the mid sixties, but any modern, intelligent reader would find such straw man arguments juvenile, and Harrison s soapbox sermons about the glories of technology and the evils of faith in a novel of high fantastic adventure is distracting and rather irritating any lit undergrads who want to contrast Harrison and Frank Herbert would have a field day comparing Deathworld 2 and say, The Jesus Incident.Deathworld 2 is interesting than its predecessor and definitely worth a read, and it may be a treasured book for some young self styled atheist sci fi fan who is looking to find heroes of the non faith to look up to. The first book is much better and interesting than this one This book reminded me A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court by Twain in some way I wonder how he knew all these things If I am asked about chemistry, electricity, etc I will not answer even if my life depends on this How does he remember, he is a gambler not a scientist Ok, maybe I am mistaken, I am better in liberal arts and cannot be a specialist in this But my husband is an engineer, i asked him if he would be able to do everything Jason did and he said mostly no. . Wrong edition Mine is the Librivox recording available here for free read by Gregg Margarite with the original title of The Ethical Engineer , but it s still Deathworld 2 Again, it s a mental palate cleanser, this time after reading The Road, a pointless novel in a post apocalyptic setting.This was good, but varies quite a bit from the edition I remember reading as Deathworld 2 It s shorter 25% , cut off at the end, although the conclusion is the same Still, we miss Jason running around wreaking havoc in his snarky way Also, his slave girl never threw herself at him, a rather sad bit of humor that made his girlfriend s jealousy a bit too much The very end was a bit better, if inconclusive IIRC view spoiler she just breaks the idiot s arm in the book In this telling, she may well have killed him, a fate he richly deserved hide spoiler Not nearly as good as the first one Mikah is an unbearably annoying character, the long philosophical debates between Jason and Mikah weighed down the story and were all the frustrating because I didn t really agree with either of them on all points And Jason s stupid arrogance was the cause for the entire problem that was the basis of the story to begin with An ok story, but I hope book 3 is better.

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