Deceit of a Pagan

Deceit of a Pagan 13 Deceit of a Pagan The hero was looney tunes Honestly his actions and reactions were written as if he were a teenager Lots of weird overwrought reactions to things He was like a fourteen year old nerdy boy playing at being alpha I laughed so it was good fun that way. Her Love For Keri Gave Her No ChoiceTemplar S Care Of Her Dead Sister S Child Was A Labor Of Love Even Though It Had Meant Giving Up Her Successful Modeling CareerHowever, When The Financial Strain Outgrew Her Own Resources, Templar Tried To Contact The Baby S Father It Was A Shock To Learn That He, Too, Was DeadIt Was A Greater Shock To Face Leon Marcose, Keri S Uncle, And Learn That He Was Determined To Raise The Child As His Own And Marry The Mother How Could Templar Tell Him The Truth Now I wasn t quite sure how to rate this It s the typical trope of a woman who is trying to take care of her dead sister s baby, only to have the dead father s relative show up to take the baby from the immoral mother aunt.This had one scene where the so called H thought the h was being hysterical slaps her, and then he threatens to rape her I intend taking you if I have to fight you to do it and actually follows through sarcastically Of course since he is so experienced but hates the false idea that someone else already had her that he makes this, her first experience, so wonderful that she wants .There were some twists that raised this from 2.5 to 2.75, but I still have mixed feelings about it. I first read this book when I was was a naive pre teen and out of curiosity, I decided to read it again 30 years later Times have certainly changed Some stories stand the test of time and others don t What was acceptable perhaps in the 80 s certainly isn t now, lol.I know a lot of the male protagonists of these stories have a side order of arrogance along with misogynistic tendencies, but it seems it was worse back then I didn t totally dislike the story and I do like the author, but perhaps for me, it is a lesson that The past is a foreign country they do things differently there. Highly Entertaining Romance readeverything Carole Mortimer stands forMagic Deceit of a Pagan is about the fiery beautiful ex model Templar Newman who takes her dead sisters place to care for her 10 month old baby.Like a thunder from the cloudes,the babys uncle,the dominating and sexy Greek Tyccon Leon Marcose will take over her world and demand that she marries him I have read another book by Mortimer like this one, Lifelong Affair ,only that the hero in there knew that the heroine weren t the mother to the baby.In here there are many misunderstandings and deceptions.The dynamic angsty romance between Leon and Templar were entertaining and their love scenes together were so hot,Leon was a very sexy hero.His possessiveness and passionate nature are always something i love with my Alpha heroes And how i LOVE the way Templar tamed him,without him even knowing it,haha.They have great chemistry and i just love the scene in the end,when they FINALLY confess their love for each other. Ok So he goes off to take advantage of sex that has been blatantly offered but never accepted throughout the entire book and gets angry when he hears someone trying to console his wife Whatever This guy was a jerk of the highest calibre.She was also an idiot What made her think he would be given the child when she had taken care of the baby and had nutured it from birth TSTL It was enjoyable I wanted to dislike the hero because he was so demanding Yet i just couldn t he really did like her just odd view of honor The ending was nice. this was lots of fun the heroine actually fooled the hero till the very end templar had the propensity of telling the most outrageous lies like leon was a substitute for alex i m actually very relieved at this forced seduction in the book as it proved leon was a man, not a saint lol she had put him through so much she was a feisty little bitch, did not give an inch she had what it took to tame him and tame him, she did i actually laughed when he confessed he had gone to have sex wid rachel but could not do it because it was so meaningless the infidelity would not have disturbed me as even if he had been wid rachel, it would have been only for sport and a temporary sexual relief it could not have been anything else because he was totally besotted and obsessed wid his wife Deceit of a Pagan is the story of Templar and Leon.When Templer s sister Tiffany dies giving birth to her daughter Keri, Templer leaves her flourishing modelling career to take care of her neice Soon as money shortage arises and she is almost evicted from her home, she decides to write to Keri s father Alex, only to find out that he s dead Who shows up instead is Alex s brother Leon, and Templer decides to pretend to be Keri s mother What follows is a marriage of convenience, slut shaming of a virgin, loads of OM OW drama and just bundles and oodles of misunderstandings This book stretched on a bit too long with little to keep me hooked.Also, not a huge fan of cruel heroes slapping.SWE Safe view spoiler though they go out with OM OW, no kissing on pages or sex hide spoiler

I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for my outstanding service to literature I am very happily married to Peter with six sons, and live on the

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