Delirious (Dangerous Trilogy, #3)

Delirious (Dangerous Trilogy, #3) Loved everything about this trilogy Stone and Dara s story will take you on a whirlwind of emotions Stone, Stone, Stone, I missed your fine sexy a I enjoyed this book muchthan the other two probably because Dara and Stone were together, and dealing with issues together Stone that boy I was proud of him he has some restraint, I laughed, slightly amused because she had no idea what making love to her would do to me There s no such thing as just once Once we start having sex, everything changes And what if you get pregnant Stone that boy must have sex on the brain, but he wants to please his lady, well, the date s only a month away How soon do you want me to get you pregnant I mean he seems pretty sure of himself on certain things, then we ll start trying right away Hell, I can get you pregnant on our wedding night if you want I was glad about the ending no cliffhanger, I got the ending I wanted and was super pleased. Readers Fell In Love With Stone And Dara S Story In DANGEROUS, And Their Romance Continued In DEVIOUS DELIRIOUS Is The Third And Final Book Of Their Love StoryAfter A Long Engagement, Stone And Dara Desperately Want To Be Wed But A Lot Can Happen In Four Years People Come People Go People ChangeWhen Their Commitment To Each Other Is Put To The Test, They Will Have To Decide Where Their Loyalties Lie Delirious Dangerous 3 After a Long engagement, Stone and Dara both are desperately ready to get married Everything seems to be going where they both want to each other forever One phone call can change everything People come and go people change He is keeping something from her She can feel it But is it something that will get in the middle of their up and coming wedding Their commitment to each other is tested will their loyalties still be to each other I loved this book Sometimes i feel like slapping Stone for choices he makes Yes he wanted to protect the woman he lovesthen life but sometimes the way to stay strong is to be strong together This book was amazing just as the other two You laugh and will cry you will even feel a little heartbreak But not everything as you read is as it seems Things tend to work out This book shows a love that is strong that has had some ups and downs but a love that is still strong and standing This whole trilogy has been amazing and if you haven t had a chance to read them allgo get them now you will not be disappointed Given a copy in exchange for an honest review Delirious, the conclusion of Dara and Stone s story is a FREAKIN AWESOME book.I loved it From the start up to the last, I can t put the book down.The events that happened are really good.I love how it kept me guessing on what will happen next.The way the story ended is great.I m not disappointed on how things worked out with all the drama and stuff Ms Suzannah did a really great job making this series interesting at the sametime with full of emotions. Loved it. A great ending to a very well written trilogy Life s never easy and Dara and Stone have had to deal with a lot of very emotional stuff in their life together, this final part of their story is no exception.I ve been very impressed at how the author has managed to keep the story flowing throughout three books and how she has kept the high level of emotion running This isn t a trilogy where the story seems forced This is a trilogy where the ups and downs seem very natural.Congratulations Ms Daniels I ve loved the Dangerous trilogy I really enjoyed this series, I really liked Stone s bad boys image and the way he changed and grew as the series went on.It was very emotional when Dara had to deal with her beloved Grans sudden death.Dara s father was a terrible person and each little twist prolonged the excitement. Liked it I was given this book for my honest review and of course, as I knew it would, it was even better then the last ones It still had all of the emotional aspects as the last one Yep, I was crying again Caught myself smiling a lot and boy was I frustrated Poor Stone and Dara I mean just when their lives are doing good and they are the happiest they could be life throws them the biggest curveball ever Their relationship has had lots of those through their years together but this one, I wasn t sure if they were strong enough to handle it. Stone, being the knight and shining armor he is, tried dealing with it on his own without telling Dara You and I both know that s a huge no no in a relationship and yep, it blew up in his face Not only did this huge curveball put a rift in Stone and Dara s relationship but also with Stones family His bad boy ways always seem to sway people in the direction of thinking the worst He had good intentions but why oh why does he always seem to go about it the wrong way Ugh Frustrating. One of the things I loved about this story was finding out about Scarlet and Dylan In he last book they went on a blind date, at the sneaky hands of Stone and Crimson Scarlets sister In this book we find out what happened and I was so happy to know because it was left up in the air the last time. I was gifted with yet another wonderful love story and I m so glad things turned out the way they did Suzannah has a great writing style that paints the perfect picture and I could imagine every fight and hurt with perfect clarity. I will be readingof her books huge fan now Dara Stone got engaged last book and have been together 4 years Now their upcoming wedding is around the corner but they hit a slight snafu that tests their relationship and makes them question their love for each other Dara is convinced Stone is getting cold feet by the strange way he s been acting as of late Stone is afraid he ll lose Dara for good if he tells her the truth about what he s been hiding He thinks she can only take so much pain before it s too much and just walk away for good Stone tried to protect Dara and his family from getting hurt all over again by someone from their past but it seems the past is determined to come back and throw a monkey wrench into their lives Stone wants with every fiber of his being to make Dara his wife, show he is committed to her, and she is the love of his life not just for now but forever He yearns to start a family with her as does she but Dara starts to doubt his love and his motives once she finds out what the secret is he s been keeping from her Stone does not give up on Dara without a fight.Is all lost for this happy couple What has Stone been hiding Will they get their Happily ever After finally Find out TODAY when you BUY this book The end to this series is wrapped up Beautifully and was definitely Bittersweet

Suzannah Daniels has had an affinity for words for as long as she can remember She grew up in North Georgia with four brothers, so she learned at an early age to admire snakes and motorcycles When she wasn t pestering her brothers, she could usually be found reading or writing.She has an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering, but her passion is writing.She is the author of multiple romance

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  • Delirious (Dangerous Trilogy, #3)
  • Suzannah Daniels
  • 07 August 2019

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