Demon Hunters (Demon Hunters, #1)

Demon Hunters (Demon Hunters, #1) On Her Th Birthday, Self Reliant Diana Is Dragged From London To Edinburgh Her Occult Obsessed Father Is Investigating A Spooky Murder In The City She Is Used To Trailing In His Wake, But This Time Things Are Different An Encounter With An Enigmatic Young Man, A Disturbing Message Left In Her Bedroom And Her Dad Taken Hostage By A Demon To Top It All, Her Two New Friends Inform Her She S A Demon Hunter Can Life Get Any Weirder Will Diana Rescue Her Dad, Learn How To Defeat Enemies She Never Knew She Had, And Come To Terms With Her New Destiny Turning Sixteen Just Turned Deadly

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Demon Hunters (Demon Hunters, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Olivia Chase author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Demon Hunters (Demon Hunters, #1)
  • Olivia Chase
  • English
  • 03 April 2017
  • 9780349002279

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    Full spoiler free review here

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    This was an entertaining and exciting take on a YA paranormal Set in atmospheric Edinburgh, the story combines a few classic tropes with some unusual twists The part I liked the best The Trinity aspect of the story the strength that Diana gains from her two new friends Girl Power to the Max Very interested to see where this series goes.

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    Started reading yesterday morning and didn t put it down until I had finished it at 4am Review to come

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    This book was a lot different than i expected, good and bad.The plot was something i didn t see coming but the way it was executed scuse the pun was a bit poor Throughout the whole book, i felt no resistance to the events happening Everyone flowed with it, especially Diana She accepted her fate without any qualms or knowledge and then view spoiler bam she suddenly feels confident enough to defeat a demon, despite the adults telling her not to I mean what And then she comes back and everything is hunky dorey No one moans at her or anything because wow she disobeyed everyone hide spoiler

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    I am such a big fan of Cassandra Clare s books, so I wanted to check this book out and see how it compared Unfortunately, it just couldn t match The Mortal Instruments series in its ability to keep me hooked I loved the premise of the hunter gene being passed down through the women of the families, and how the demon they fought in the book has a real issue with this However, only Diana really interested me out of the main characters and I m not sure if I will carry on with the series.

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    Ok Diana had a lot of promise but I didn t care for all the other characters except for her dad, he was cool and Isobel in particular was awful Got a bit preachy at times about Being A Strong Woman and The Awful Treatment Women Have Endured From Men For Centuries These things are true, and important, but I often felt I was being hit over the head with them throughout the book.

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    The following review will probably be posted to my blog in the near future I m currently catching up from a backlog created by lack of WiFi, so I m sorry for the slight delay there I requested this book knowing that it would probably be a fairly conventional YA novel about teenagers with powers fighting against the supernatural To some extent, it is, with a few differences it s set in Scotland, specifically Edinburgh, which I haven t seen so often, and the line of Demon Hunters it features are always female Plus, the creature they re fighting against at least at this point takes particular issue with women who don t conform to his ideas, so it s basically a story about a bunch of badass teenage girls fighting a misogynist Bonus points because one of them is gay, and has hypermobility We re clearly soulmates I enjoyed the feminism aspect of the book, and the strong sense of setting I ve got a passing knowledge of Edinburgh from spending a week or so at the Festival a few years ago, and I could recognise a lot of the place names and streets, although I can t speak for how it would read to a native In a few places, the way the characters spoke felt a little bit contrived, but it s really hard to get across regional differences in writing without it sounding silly or being unreadable There were a few elements of the book that disappointed me, however Firstly, there s a budding romance with a supernaturally hot guy the main character Diana met on a train, who is all tortured and dark and so on in ways I won t spoil I was excited when the book turned out to have a gay character, because I hoped that would mean we were spared the generic straight romances that dominate this genre, but unfortunately it looks like we re getting them anyway even if we re not quite at that point yet I guess mainly I was just sad that this fell into so many urban fantasy paranormal romance tropes For example, the character starts to develop powers after a significant birthday 16 they ve got dead parents who had a mysterious past they meet other significant people completely at random for whatever reason they ve already been training to fight but even so they re remarkably good with a weapon they ve never used before and so on While this book did manage to subvert a few tropes, for example allowing the characters to fail at stuff here and there, and showing that they felt pain and were weakened by injury, the rest just felt a little generic That said, there were certain elements that managed to bring something new to the table even within this conventional framework, such as the nature of Demon Hunters themselves not only the fact that they re always female, but also the way they each have a particular power, and how those can be used I was impressed by how Diana was able to use her power to See when touching an object to tell where someone had gone she could See by touching the floorboards That s something I ve never seen before, although the idea of learning the past of an object isn t a new one The writing, I will admit, is probably nothing to write home about It avoids annoying Americanisms by featuring an American protagonist narrator living in Scotland, rather than trying to fake a British voice, which is a good thing I can spot those a mile off, and don t have much patience with them There are some entertaining bits of dialogue and a few snarky lines that elicit snorts from me, but I wouldn t say I was laughing out loud Although in places it seemed to tell rather than show in a somewhat clumsy manner, the writing didn t stand out as a barrier to enjoying the book, so it wasn t an outright negative point either I ve briefly talked about the character of Diana, though not much beyond her adherence to tropes She s interesting enough, but doesn t particularly stand out from other clueless but magically gifted YA protagonists, except for her ju jitsu, which made for an interesting plot point The twins Minerva and Vesta are again, interesting enough, but so much was happening with setting up the nature of Demon Hunters and explaining the history that we didn t get to see a lot of character development from them In some ways, the secondary character of Sebastian got to have emotional screentime, by virtue of being less involved in the action I would have liked to know about their feelings, and felt that the length of the book didn t allow me to get as attached to them as I d have liked.On the whole, I think the girl power element was the only thing that really helped this book stand out from the crowd, as I didn t particularly connect with the specific characters or situation Though there was enough to keep me engaged through the course of the admittedly fairly short novel , it seemed to act primarily as a setup for future books, lacking the depth of a standalone, and making it hard to care about the characters as individuals.

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    It wasn t the worst book I ve ever read It was just kinda random, there wasn t character development, and there were holes in the plot.

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    The best way for me to describe the book is as a kind of Supernatural, Buffy Charmed mash up with a quirky mythological YA paranormal fantasy twist Yep sorry that doesn t really help.I have to admit I was expecting to find Diana annoying, and although I did experience a few eye rolling moments, I liked her I found how she went from smiling at a cute boy, to fighting against evil, and then back again all without getting whiplash highly amusing which often annoys me in books The pacing of the story is pretty speedy We meet Diana as she s travelling to her new home in Edinburgh, then not long afterwards the big bad has appeared With a Dad who reminded me of Giles from Buffy, she adapts pretty well to the sudden turn of events and drama.At first I wasn t 100% sure what to make of Minerva and Vesta, but they definitely grew on me I really liked the sweet bond between the girls The same goes for Sebastian who I really didn t like at first, but he won me over Alex was definitely a conundrum don t worry no spoilers and I have high hopes for what happens next.The classics geek in me loved the history behind their names, plus the utilisation of well known myths alongside local legends Come on what happens next 4 Stars in my Sky I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange fro an honest review

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