DenialWell damn, that was quite a roller coaster, but very well done for this genre I was definitely pulled in and fully immersed in this book once I began reading The characters are complex and actually act like real life humans There is angst, and stupid decisions, mind games, and a whole host of things that people actually do to one another even when in love Couldn t quite believe what I was reading after one incident I threw my hands up and exclaimed in the general direction of the author, You can t do that .Couldn t put the book down, despite my general dislike of angst most angst does seem ratherfrustrating than upsetting in this genre, to be fair The two mains are flawed, but compelling The intimate scenes very, very well done, and in keeping with the feel of the book The ending as with a lot of these books left me feeling a little hollow, however I wanted a bitSomething a bitattuned to the way I was clinging to my kindle in the hope I hadn t gone through all that angst for nothing I wasn t disappointed exactly, but given the rest of the book it felt slightly light and fluffy It didn t spoil the journey, but left me a bit up in the air.All in all, though, now one of a very few books I ve given 5 stars to Good stuff. 5 This is a very well written story that goes outside the usual formula for lesbian fiction When girl meets girl, they don t like each other Amy is married to Celeste s twin brother and is a very busy mother of twin boys She is also an overworked and stressed architect Celeste is a doctor traveling to the war torn countries of the world They are slowly and steadily drawn to each other though they try in vain to fight it There is laughter, tears and tragedy in this story.I put down this book at an especially bleak part of the story and was not sure I would continue with it It was just too sad and hopeless Well, I did finish it but it was an exhausting emotional journey I don t think I would read this again. Time Spent In Somalia Has Doctor Celeste Cameron Accustomed To Living And Working In A War Zone Coming Back Home To America, Celeste Is Glad To See The End Of The Peril She Has Been In Or So She Thinks Danger Seems To Follow Celeste And She Finds It In The Shape Of Amy What Celeste Feels For Amy Scares Her Than Anything She Has Faced In War Zones Amy Has The Same Feelings, But Is In Denial And Vows To Marry Josh, Celeste S Twin Brother, No Matter What When Fate Brings Them Together Again, Will They Give In To Their Mutual Attraction Or Will They Once Again Deny What They Feel I didn t like the story at first I took a few days off of reading even then the author decided to make things ugly and even uglier and I found myself turning pages This is not an ideal romance It s gritty and some parts are, quoting another reader, hard to read but there is something special about it that s gonna reel you in view spoiler Amy and Celeste did an awful, awful thing and good ol karma went ape shit in the worst ways.The intense attraction eventually, love between them, and the guilt and loathing Amy felt were comsuming and toxic the whole grotesque sketch Alex and Amy Celeste and Amy and meltdown scenes Sandra and Amy were really powerful for me The resulting rift between Celeste and her twin at the end and Josh s bitterness , I liked those Josh was not written to conveniently go down the martyr route which made him realistic Cel and Amy are obviously soulmates but the author didn t want it to be all cliched and rainbows and unicorns In the end, they were together, but they waded through a truckload of cosmic shit and convoluted emotions before they got there hide spoiler .Having never read a f f based book before I m left unsure of what to think and how to feel upon finishing this story What I can clearly state is that this book was engaging, endearing, heart wrenching, thought provoking which stirred my emotions from beginning to end I haven t read such a moving and compassionate book as this in ages, simply ages, it even kept me up all night til I d finished it I couldn t stop reading it til I was done Perfect lives in fiction can be stayed feeling unreal and boring sometimes, but this was far from perfect people living perfect lives It was intense and messy, but messy often equals real And this felt so real, so very real to me Moral standards be darned, just the way I like my books.I Absolutely Loved It A True Gem Of A Book, and I would gladly beg, steal or borrow for a sequel I need to havebut for now I can go away with the warm feeling of having found yet another genre I d willing readbooks in. This book is almost unrelentingly angsty with ambiguous morality but hugely readable and strangely satisfying.Read the full review I think Jem s review says it all.This is a very special book That will remain in my memory for a long time.Some say in their review that it is a roller coaster of emotions That s true, but what a journey to experience as a reader view spoiler Since the book has to do a great deal with cheating, I did not know if my feelings could go with the love story But I found out that it did not bother me as much, then I thought It would And that was because of how the story was brought And when a quote from the poet William Blake was used Those who restrain desire do so Because theirs is weak enough to be restrained these words got me thinking about infidelity hide spoiler I actually pushed back in reading this book due to the cover I thought it was your typical book with just sex Anyway, I can t say that this is one of my favorites, but I enjoyed the journey with Celeste Amy Aside from the main couple s chemistry, the supporting characters were also fun to get to know. I would easily say this is one of my all time favorite books I don t think I have ever seen such a connection between 2 people. Both characters are obsessed with eachother At a point of time I wanted to kick Amy or slap her just wake her the hell up I wouldn t say this is a romantic book because the amount of frustration you feel is insane The obsession is just insane and the stubbornness drives you crazy at a certain point I couldn t put the book down The only issue I have is trying to find a book to read now because it s going to be very hard to find something similar let alone better Oh and by the way, I don t really care if their decisions are unethical Normally you d think that you want them to stop because it s the right thing to do. But to be honest, I didn t care about josh sorry if anyone thinks I m unethical To some extent, this book was painful to read, but it was worthy of every single heartwrenching minute But to make it short, I also think, as someone has already said, that Jem s review says it all And yes, the book is great, but the cover is awful not a fault of the writer of course.

Jackie Kennedy lives in Scotland She lives an ordinary life, doing ordinary things Until she flips open her laptop

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