Denting the Bosch

Denting the Bosch A Gorgeously Written, Sharp Debut Novel About Three Middle Aged Couples Who Find Themselves Unmoored In The Prime Of Their Lives, In The Vein Of Sue Miller, Anne Tyler And Meg Wolitzer Three Couples In San Diego Best Friends, Empty Nesters Living The California Dream Have Reached A Tipping Point With The Blurry Years Of Child Rearing And Corporate Ladder Climbing Over, Each Pair Is Finally Free To Enjoy The Golden Years Together Until Two Of The Husbands Suddenly Announce They Want A Divorce As Marriages And Friendships Unravel And The Prosperity Of The Last Few Decades Spins Toward Financial Meltdown, Adele, Maggie And Sylvia Find Their Carefully Established Footholds And Expectations Crumbling Teresa Link S Denting The Bosch Marks The Debut Of A Talented New Voice, And Offers An Alternatively Hilarious And Devastating Assessment Of Modern Life, Marriage, Middle Age, Friendship, Money, Sex And The American Dream

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[EPUB] ✼ Denting the Bosch  By Teresa Link –
  • Hardcover
  • 276 pages
  • Denting the Bosch
  • Teresa Link
  • English
  • 23 June 2019
  • 9780312643416

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    It is the rare person theses days who is born, lives their entire life and dies within a small geographical radius We are a society on the move, and most of us will feel the psychological and emotional challenges of moving to a new city or town far from home at least once in their life Denting The Bosch weaves the story of Adele s move with her husband and children from her comfortable life in suburban New York to North County, San Diego with the lives of her new best friends Sylvia and Maggie and their husbands Ms Link writes wonderfully about yearning for something that seems unattainable, yet forging a path toward the goal of attaining an elusive dream This underlying theme is woven into the lives of all three couples with very different yet satisfying outcomes the reader is drawn into the lives of these interesting six people as we witness one relational apocalypse after another as we fervently hope for the best for each of them As a transplant to California and, unlike Adele, a happy transplant , I have to take off my hat to Ms Link for her incredibly perceptive insights into the cultural abyss that exists between US coasts anecdotes of SoCal life that she nails right on the head in her novel California truly is a nation unto itself in so many ways that often cause culture shock to those of us who land on its beautiful shores from distant places Ms Link manages to detail this with wonderful and subtle humor that will leave readers who have never spent time in California particularly southern California shaking their head and saying, Really But I believe that this, after all, is Ms Link s point To some, California is the land of milk and honey, and for others well, not so much Once in a while a novel comes along that really hits home on a personal level, and Denting the Bosch is one of those special novels I really loved this book the integration of complex social themes with phenomenal character development leaves me wanting from this promising new author.

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    Perhaps the theme of this book is selfishness Unfortunately it is a novel for which there is ample evidence in this new age of indulgence in denial of consequence the yuppies of whom I am one grown older When a man or woman fills their life with self , is it any wonder that he she ends up with nothing Nothing, even amidst plenty This book is bent No one wins in the end except maybe Maggie and Paul, and they go by the literary wayside before the end I can t imagine a woman suffering unimaginable trials and learning nothing As a mature woman, she comes away from sweet associations with abandoned disabled children bitter and angry even pinching one, hard, for the child s crime of being alive The craftsmanship Well, a little long for such a short story Efforts at titillation that seemed desperate I would not recommend this book to anyone.

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Denting the Bosch is the story of three couples Adele and Drew, Sylvia and Carl, and Maggie and Paul The chapters switch between the viewpoints of these characters, but the main perspective is through Adele.Adele is a native East coaster who has been somewhat forced to relocate to San Diego with Drew Their three boys are already attending college in California Drew is completely in love with everything about San Diego, but Adele wants nothing that return home to the East coast This conflict creates a huge strain on their marriage.The three couples go out of town together to celebrate Sylvia s 55th birthday, and during this time, Carl announces that he has been having an affair with his secretary and wants a divorce This is a huge shock to Sylvia, who cannot imagine her world without Carl.Maggie has an ok relationship with Paul They dont talk much, but they have an amazing sex life that keeps them connected Deep down, she is still dealing with the loss of her true love, Mitch, and constantly wonders what life would be like with him.All three couples met in college Both Sylvia and Adele gave up their careers to be stay at home moms and support their husbands through their hectic jobs so their whole world is tied into their adult kids and their husbands What are they without their husbands in the picture Adele struggles to figure that out after learning about Drew s multiple infidelities Sylvia seems completely incapable of even thinking about the answer to that question, and just hopes that Carl will snap out of it and stay with her even if that means he has a mistress on the side.Maggie feels like she needs to do something to help her friends, so she talks them into going on vacation just the three of them They go to a natural hot spring in the middle of British Columbia The trip does not go as she had intended, but the friends learn things about themselves that they hadn t realized before.The book started out a little hard to follow Not only do you switch perspectives between the characters, but the characters themselves are not always coherent and it s hard to distinguish between what is a flashback of the past, what s the present, and what is just the confused, jumbled thoughts of a destroyed and emotional person I did eventually get used to this, and things were easier to discern It helps once you know about the characters, too.As a women, a lot of this was hard to read, and I felt depressed for at least the first 2 3 of the book You see clearly what these women have given up for their families and to allow their husbands to be successful, all to be treated like they are worthless I could not feel sympathetic to Drew or Carl whatsoever That being said, all three women had some serious issues that were probably a problem before the husbands were unfaithful.This book does show how complex marriage and friendships are, and how hard communication is I will be thinking about it for a long time.

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    This is a First Reads for me I won this as a Giveaway.This is the story of 2 couples living north of San Diego They are all in their mid fifties and all have grown children They also all have troubled marriages In Denting the Bosch we discover how each couple copes with their marriage difficulties Throw in the great recession of 2008 and Bernie Madoff s ponzi scheme and things get a bit hairy for everyone The author also ends with an epilogue and I like epilogues I like to know what happens or doesn t happen when I finish the last page.At first, I didn t care for any of the characters I was having trouble relating to any of the women but as the story progressed it got interesting and I saw of the individuals coming to the surface I found myself curious about how each woman would deal with the obstacles being thrown up in their near perfect lives It was also nice to read about SoCal because in between starting this book and finishing this book I took a trip out to the beach in San Clemente Unlike one of the women in this book, I really enjoy Southern California.One good moral of this story is Women, pay attention to your finances Even if you re not working outside the home I was a bit amazed to think there are women out there really like this but I am sure there are The women in this story are fairly affluent well, pre 2008 affluent I remember gazing longingly at a Bosch dishwasher back in the early 2000 s but I had to settle for a Ken.

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    Book club selection so I didn t know what to expect I almost gave it one star, but felt that was a bit too harsh I guess I ll reserve that for books I can t finish since life is too short to finish a bad book Overall impression the book was ok, nothing extraordinary compared to recent reads Wild, A Visit from the Goon Squad, The Imperfectionists.I found it difficult to get into the story at the start, I didn t connect with any of the characters or care where the story was headed It started to pick up in the middle and then fell apart again The characters are hard to empathize with they don t seem to have any redeeming qualities that make you care what happens in their lives The writing style was excessively wordy if I have to use my dictionary repeatedly on pages it disrupts the flow thank goodness for kindles and in other spots Harlequin romance novel esque that seemed out of place and thrown in for the sake of being provocative.With so many other great books out there to read, I d skip it I think I m still reeling from spending 13 on this new release

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    4.5 starsVery good debut novel about 3 long time married couples at the turning point of their marriages with well drawn characters and real situations This novel of marital and relationship angst is told from all viewpoints, which can sometimes be detrimental when trying to fully develop all of the personalities in the story but the author did a good job with a couple of minor exceptions A couple no,wait, almost all of the characters annoyed the heck out of me but I cared enough to find out what happened to them, and there were poignant situations that were beautifully written and made me look at parts of my own long time marriage.Readers of complex family relationship novels such as those by Elizabeth Berg, Therese Fowler, and Anita Shreve will find a lot to like in this book Also recommend for book groups, including those with mixed genders since viewpoints include those of the novel s husbands.

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    This was a very hard book for me to read follow The characters jumped around alot and so when I put the book down for the night, if I didn t get to it the next day I had to reread to get the drift again of what was going on It was a really hard book for me to follow with so many characters with so much going on in each persons life also intertwined I didn t finish the book as my frustration with trying to follow it over took me If you really enjoy a detailed book that you really have to pay attention to all the details actions of everyone involved, this is the book for you If you like an easy read, this would frustrate you.

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    I not only didn t like anyone in this book, I didn t understand them These women seemed suited to having been born in the 30 s than the 50 s or 60 s like they must have been they were 50 after 2001 They don t watch their own money, they re that clueless Generationally that makes no sense for women of that age Why were some of the men aging hippies but the women Donna Reed type characters Also, either the book was so confusing that I missed something or there is a huge continuity problem regarding a missing cellphone I won t say to spoil it Whichever, it caused a lot of confusion I wanted to like this book based on the premise and set up but just couldn t.

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    I thought at first, that this was chic lit fluff and there was some of that but it was a lot deeper I liked the book enough to read the last half straight through It explored the secrets in long time marriages, women who have no idea what their finances are and suffer because of it, infidelity The way the California life style was presented makes me never want to live there It explored the friendships and support that develop between women and that was the best part of the book I look forward to her next book.

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    Do you ever get inexplicably stubborn about a book and become determined to finish it, even though you don t like it very much I didn t care for this book in the way I didn t care for Triburbia I don t enjoy spending time in the heads of an endless parade of self absorbed schmucks.

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