Destiny (New Avalon, #1)

Destiny (New Avalon, #1) Elena Baxter Has Spent Her Life Desperately Wanting To Fit In She S Used To Being Teased And Taunted By The Popular Girls, But When She Celebrates Her Sweet Sixteen Birthday And Receives Two Amazing Gifts The Power Of Telekinesis, And The Truth About Her Heritage She Has High Hopes That Things Will Change But Her Wish Does Not Come True, And Elena Is Bullied Just As She Was Before, Only This Time Her Hurt Feelings And Frustration Boil Into Something Even She Cannot Understand When An Explosion Hits, Chaos Ensues And She Learns That Her New Power Just Might Be Bigger Than She Is She Embarks On A Journey To A Secret Island To Learn How To Control Her Powers, And She S Thrown Into A Different World, One Where She Just Might Be Able To Fit In What Elena Learns About Her Heritage Forces Her To Face Her Past And The Demons It Created Head On

Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer with a BA in Mass Communication Journalism from the University of South Florida She has always wanted to be a published writer, and decided to try to write fantasy books for teens The Chosen is her first book, and was released on December 14, 2010, to her delight.Andrea has written five books since My Open Heart, an autobiography of growing up with h

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    This review and can originally be found on Olivia s Catastrophe picked up this book a while ago for review and didn t get around to reading it until now It was a very quick read at 88 pages It didn t get a two star writing because it was a bad book, because it generally wasn t It just didn t seem to wow me quite enough.This one is about witches, with powers because they are descendants of the Lady of the Lake, which has something to do with Merlin I thought that was a pretty cool idea and witches always intrigue me Elena, the main character doesn t find out what she is until she is 16 I found that Elena seemed to accept this brand new discovery of her true self too well and easily It would take me a while before I believed I was a witch.This book was short, and it was definitely an introduction to the series I don t usually mind that, but it did mean a lot of the characters simply spent time talking in this one, and at times it came off as a bit info dumpy I think the second book will be better though, because then we can get on with the story right away.The world building was a bit weak, and especially weak if we are dealing with a paranormal or fantasy kind of book There was some description but not nearly enough to satisfy my imagination I think the writing style had a bit of a young feel to it as well, and maybe this is so an older age MG read or a very young YA one But I didn t really like the writing style too much.What I did like was how all these teenage witches were still dealing with the same problems as any other teenager would have to These characters were still struggling to keep up with homework and trying to deal with bullies in their school They are sixteen and realising that with their powers comes responsibility, and I know that other teenagers feel responsible for their own actions and choices they have to make when they are sixteen as well So I liked how much other teenagers myself included could probably relate to this.I still would like to read book two because I want to know how the action and adventure are going to come into play There s a promise of some of that in here.

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    If you enjoy reading anything pertaining to Arthurian tales then you must add this to your TBR list Elena isn t your typical high school teen She would much rather be celebrating her sixteenth birthday with her family than having a big party and yes, you ve guessed it this makes her a loner and the object of ridicule Little does she know that her life is about to change as she is about to learn that the childhood fairy tale she loved as a child is indeed not a tale but a true story The world building was so vivid that you find yourself right smack dab in the story The characters felt so real that I felt like they were my long time friends and the story line moves along at a great pace The author has woven the right amount of action, adventure, mystery, magic and intrigue to keep you caught up in the plot until the last page Readers of all ages will find this to be a delightful read See at

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    Elena is our ordinary teenager but on her sixteenth birthday she learns that she is not so ordinary after all but a witch Yes, you heard me correctly She is a witch with powers and is a descendant of the Lady of the Lake from her favorite story, King Arthur Suddenly she finds that she is someone special and learns of her heritage The stories she had heard since childhood are not just stories but true and she is part of them But with all these special qualities come some responsibilities and Elena is introduced to new facts, new people and a completely new world where there is magic and nothing is impossible Elena is sent to Avalon, the mysterious and known only to some island where she is to learn to control her abilities and prepare herself for her future responsibilities But can she adapt to her new self Will she be able to control and nurture her abilities Andrea Buginsky s book, Destiny, made me remember the Harry Potter series New Avalon, which is the school for witches is similar to Hogwarts in Harry Potter The lessons and scenarios also remind of Harry Potter while Elena is also somewhat like Harry She is nervous, confused and just like Harry overwhelmed by her new experiences and new surroundings The story, though, written expertly would have been effective had it been a bit longer and pages were devoted to develop the world of Avalon with some adventures thrown in to capture my attention I felt the book is too short and everything just felt a tad superfluous Although, a prophecy of evil rising when the successor to the Lady of the Lake is chosen is mentioned but we don t get a glimpse of it in this book Also I just didn t completely connect with the characters Had I been told that I was a witch with special telekinesis powers, I would have been completely shocked, disbelieving and would have had a much major reaction to this than Elena, who I thought accepted this revelation too quickly and too easily like it was an everyday occurrence and no big deal The cover , though very catchy, doesn t do justice to the story and I could not guess what the story is about by just looking at it The description of Avalon is admirably done which creates an image of the island and successfully creates an aura of mystery around it Near the coast of England, just off the NE side, is a very small island So small, it s not on any map, and few people know about its existence Because of air bouncing off of water, it is always covered in foggy mist The people who know of this place call this island Avalon, as did those before them It was one of those only those who know what it really is go there places Everyone else just thought it was a small, uninhabited island A quick and satisfactory read Destiny mainly prepares a foundation for the successive books which I believe will develop on Elena s life and future adventures The series has potential and the author s writing crisp which will definitely make the reader anticipate the next book in the series If you a Harry Potter fan or love the fantasy world of wizards and witches then this book is for you I give it a 3.8 out of 5 and will definitely checkout the next book when it comes out I received Destiny from the author and I am very thankful to her The above review is my personal and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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    Review As someone who felt lonely all through high school, though I tried to hide it, I was hoping to connect well with Elena Like her I was bullied constantly, but unlike her it was the boys that tormented me Not the popular girls Anyway,despite those minute differences, I was excited to read this and was confident that I would love Elena But it just didn t happen.If I can connect well with a main character,then the chances are good that I ll love the book.The genre of Fantasy has always been a favorite of mine and I did love the authors descriptions of Avalon It sounded so magical and peaceful It clearly brought Elena into a situation where she was no longer and outcast Clearly a situation that Elena had longed for The dialogue seemed strange, I m not sure if it was stilted or just seemed that way because the dialogue was so simplistic.The book itself seemed so short and I think that the book could have been improved upon if the book was longer Certain parts seemed rushed and that really bugged me I did love that Elena s family was present in her life Too often in YA books, parents are mentioned once or twice but never actually seen That was not the case with this book.Editing wise it was perfect Not a single editing issue in the entire e book That made me SO excited as often times debut books are poorly edited which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.I didn t hate this book, but I didn t love it either This really bums me out as the synopsis was so promising I went into the book with high hopes,but those hopes were not met So for that reason and many other reasons that I have mentioned, I have to give the book 3 stars.Hopefully many others will enjoy this book It just wasn t for me.

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    The main character, Elena, seems almost too good to be true.She s polite, respectful, loves her parents, studies at home, smiles a lot, loves the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and the legend of Avalon.However, like many nice kids, she is the subject of mocking ridicule by three Blond Bimbettes.Unbeknownst to all four girls, this situation is about to change dramatically on Elena s 16th birthday The author cleverly takes the reader by the hand and gently guides you through this first book of a series that has all the hallmarks of being just as enthralling as the Harry Potter series.I m looking forward to Book 2 coming out.See my review also at

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    Lonely Elena s looking forward to seeing her Godmother Isabel when she turns 16 But her family has some surprises in store as Arthurian myths become Pagan reality in the modern world The effects of uncontrolled magic in a normal American school in a normal American town are a little dramatic But Elena has unexpected friends who can help her out, and soon she s travelling to the secret Island of Avalon off the coast of England, where mystery and history combine.Being English, of course, I wanted to know about where Avalon might be, why people would take planes rather than trains to travel around England, and precisely which Arthurian legends would qualify as real But bigger questions give this story its depth the relationships between good and evil, power and responsibility, and unity and control for a start It s a pleasing novella where a studious American high school girl enters a magical boarding school, meets prophesy and destiny, majors in pizza and alchemy, and learns where she belongs The story s light with just a hint of darkness in the wings, nicely tuned to middle school readers, and a fun way to start a new series.Disclosure I volunteered to read a free eARC and give my honest opinion.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this multifaceted fantasy which starts out with a modern day teen trying to fit in, but who has always felt out of place Elena is tormented on a daily basis by the in crowd at her high school On her Sweet Sixteen birthday she is presented with a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is most unusual and comes with an incredible story behind it which, of course, is revealed to her When Elena is asked what her own favorite story was growing up what could that possibly have to do with anything we begin to realize there is an amazing adventure ahead for this young lady The author s vivid descriptions keep the reader visually connected, and she keeps the action moving along well as she develops her characters and the storyline I found myself thoroughly engrossed right to the end, and eagerly look forward to the next book in this delightful new series.

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    New Avalon, Book 1 by Andrea Buginsky what can I say but that was a very enjoyable book to read Hope she started the next one I want to finish the series it is so interesting it kept my attention throughout the entire book and I want of the series.Elena turns 16 in high school and is miserable and cannot wait for her family gathering to celebrate her birthday What she fines out is she has magical powers at the exact time off her birth Her Godmother Isabel is there to help her and takes her to Avalon a island covered in mist and starts school the place she has read about all her life in books where King Arther and the Lady of the Lake lived hundreds of years ago Her training begins and she finally enjoys her life But every 125 years a new Lady of the Lake is crowned and guess who it might be

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    Destiny is a lovely YA story It tells the story of Elena, who on her 16th birthday, discovers that she has magical powers and a surprising heritage that stems all the way back to the days of the legend of King Arthur.This is a really great story that anyone of YA age will love, especially if they are fans of Harry Potter and similar genre s Elena is a really engaging and likeable character, and the storyline is well written I m looking forward to seeing what happens to Elena next.

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    Delightfully well written with a well paced great story line and characters.Another exciting page turner and a totally delightful fantasy.Only disappointment the next book is not ready to read

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