DevouredThere might be some spoilers I liked this book It s not the most well written book ever, but it was alright The characters weren t anything special, and no one really stood out for me, well, except Remy, she was creepy oOI think the romance between Megan and Luke came out of nowhere I was like, uh, well that was unexpected They hadn t even known each other long, and Luke claimed to know everything about her, when he just met her Remy scared me She was constantly going on and on about death and knives and apples She was just so creepy for a little girl.Ari was weird from the start, and annoyed me with her moods One minute she was all happy and cheerful, and the next she was angry and scary Mood swings, much It was no surprise about what happened in the end You could tell something was up with her.I think Nicki was a weird character I couldn t tell what her personality was like S But I was pretty sad she died And her death ew Yuck It was disgusting.Besides the creepiness, I liked it It s a short, fast paced read But I wouldn t highly recommend it. This book had lots of turns and twist Amazing Even though I can t really remember what really happened, all I remembered was that there were lots of twists an d I really loved it This review was so suckkkkyyyyyy Even though it really isn t a review ALALALLALALALALALLALALALALLALALLALALALLALALALLALALL Time to go eat some cake Anyone want to come with me No Suite yourself TRA La LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Peace out sukkers Chad D Megan S Twin Sister Remy Died In An Accident Nine Years Ago, And She S Been Haunting Her Ever Since Knowing How Crazy That Sounds, Megan Keeps This Secret To Herself And Tries To Lead A Normal Life But When She Takes A Summer Job At Land Of Enchantment To Keep An Eye On Her New Boyfriend And His Lovesick Best Friend, Samantha, She Meets Fellow Employee Luke Who Can See Remy, Too Things Get Even Twistier Because Megan S New Friend Ari Is Sporting A Massive Crush On Luke, Who Seems To Be Developing A Massive Crush On Megan Making For A Love Triangle That S Positively Possessed Megan Wants To Keep Her Distance From Luke, But When Remy S Visions Get Crazy Violent She Knows She Needs His Help Because Someone S Definitely In Dangerthe Only Question Is Who 3.5 starsIt s less a retelling of Snow White, and a what happened to the descendants of Snow White.And it ain t pretty.It seems that the real problem wasn t the evil queen, but the evil magic mirror who twisted the queen The end of Snow White s story is the beginning of Megan s story, so I don t feel like I m spoiling too much by saying that Snow White s Happily Ever After didn t quite turn out like we thought It seems that the mirror actually housed a genie, and the queen unknowingly unleashed a curse in the form of a wish that would haunt Snow White and her descendants for all timeMwahahahahahahaOf course, the mirror survived and is now in the possession of someone.Enter Megan The accident that took the life of her twin sister has also left her father lingering in a vegetative state for the past 10 years Her mother has totally withdrawn from her, choosing instead to throw herself into the world of competitive dancewith her dog.Oh And Megan s twin has been haunting her since she died.So Megan s life is pretty messed up She s finally found a nice boy, though Except that a few weeks prior, his next door neighbor BFF Hot Girl decided to have too much to drink at a kegger and declared her undying love for him Even though Ryan says that he only loves Megan, she can t help but feel a bit weirded out that he still spends time with this girl Sure, they ve been best friends foreverbut stillOk There s lots of stuff going on in this one You ve got a haunting, a murder mystery, a love triangle, a dad in a coma family drama, and Snow White stuff flitting in the background.And yet, the book doesn t really move at break neck speed There were a few time I thought to myself, Something needs to hurry up and happen .But.I also finished in in one evening So, obviously, it was interesting enough.I d recommend this one for hardcore fans of retellings only. Lo abandono porque la traducci n est mal sima. This is a stunning, contemporary twist on the tale of Snow White It s a rare book that makes me laugh, cry, AND scares the crap out of me Ever since a horrific car accident nine years ago, Megan has been haunted by the ghost of her dead twin sister, Remy Megan, in an attempt to keep an eye on her boyfriend and his perky best friend, takes up a summer job at the amusement park, Land of Enchantment On her first day there, Remy comes and gives Megan a horrifying vision Megan isn t the only one who saw Remy this time, however Luke, a cute guy who works at the park, is determined to help Megan and get her twin sister to move on But Remy is becoming and insistent and much terrifying, bringing violent visions of whats to come I would not call this book a retelling of Snow White It s of a continuation of what if After the prologue, the only references to Snow White come much later in the novel So I don t really recommend this book if you are looking for a good fairytale I didn t enjoy this book too much, but it was different For me it fluctuated between original, weird, and just plain stupid The writing is nothing to give a hoot about Plot wise, things were uneven I think the book jumped into the story too fast, took a break, and then finished in a rush The characters were thinly developed, but some did manage to surprise me at the end I didn t like Megan though She devoted time to fussing about relationships than in mourning when something horrific happened She just wasn t very smart Luke was of the typical love interest fare He was cute, yet understanding And terribly, terribly cliched I would have to say the tone was overall light, even though there were some pretty gruesome scenes Not that the reader was given any time to make an emotional connection to the event The book wasn t good, but wasn t horrible I know some people will like it I wouldn t discourage anyone from picking this up, especially if they were looking for a book to go in between heavier reads. I liked the premise and the characters, the writing felt rushed and the plot was easy to guess I loved the ghost element but could have gone without the love interests Also felt something s that happened were a bit eh and were used as shock factor moving the plot along The savior is the ghosts and great ending, I love when evil peeps get there just desserts Sooo this books is a bit of an odd one but I did really enjoy it The writing isn t amazing, there is jealousy and girl hate, and one of the characters made me want to stab her with a pencil repeatedly but overall it was a quick and enjoyable read I was happy with how dark this retelling went, I really wasn t expecting murders and hearts being torn from chests so yay oh shush I m not weird for enjoying the bloodyness of all the things, gimme all the dark and slightly gory retellings, I m into it Our main character is haunted by her twin who died when they were both young, going for a job interview at a disney themes park, she hates all the whimsy and false smiles that come with it but her boyfriends their and she wants to spend the summer with him After her interview, her sister has a ghost melt down giving her an image of a bloody murder and making her faint with it Another worker rushes in to help and reveals he can see her sisters ghost too how convenient he s also super hot also convenient oh and can of course help her move her sister on I didn t really like any of the love interests, they played their rolls in the plot but I would have been perfectly fine with a mass murder that took them all out I really enjoyed the ending and while things were a little predictable it s a retelling and I was expecting that 3 5 stars I bend down and realize the bodice is unlaced, and while the blouse is soaked in what i think is blood, the darkest stain is actually a hole a hole in her chest cavity where her heart should ve beenOMG A SNOW WHITE RETELLING SPIN OFF THAT I ACTUALLY LOVED Picking up a book you ve had on your shelf forever and falling in love with it, then scowling your past self for not picking it up sooner.I have never read a book by this author, from memory i had picked this little gem up at a local op shop for 2 After reading this i will definitely be looking for of her work, hopefully it will be just as good because this really surprised me, and in the best way I want to recommend it to everyone who is a fan of retellings , YA and or paranormal genres The only other Snow White retelling i actually enjoyed was Winter by Marissa Meyer, all the rest have fallen really flat for me unfortunately.500 years ago, the story we all knew and loved didn t end so happily ever after as we thought The evil queen didn t realise her magic mirror actually had a genie trapped inside it able to grant wishes and unknowingly cast a spell on Snow White and her descendants for all of time.Megan, our protagonist in this novel is struggling 10 years ago, Megan, her twin sister Remy and their father were in a terrible accident that left their father in a coma, Remy dead and Megan just barely walking away With her father still hooked up to life support 10 years later, her mother s now obsessive behaviour for competing in dog dancing competitions, Remy s 7 year old ghost appearing to only Megan over the years and slowly becoming violent and powerful, Megan really begins to think she is going mad.Taking a job at the Land of Enchanted , a fairy tale amusement park to keep an eye on her new boyfriend and his super clingy best friend, who has professed her love from him one drunken night Samantha Lee Darling Landing a job as character actor, Megan will be playing Snow White at the park, but first she ll need to get through her training When Remy appears just as Megan is trying on costumes for her new role, showing her a horrible vision of a girl dead in a forest with her heart cut out, Megan faints waking to meeting Luke, a painter at the park, who for some reason can also see her creepy dead 7 year old sister.With Luke s help Megan may finally be able to put her sister to rest, figure out why Remy s tantrums are getting out of control, and what she is trying to warn her about In a thrilling tale filled with darkness, ghosts, murder, evil plots, dysfunctional relationships, magic mirrors, curses and of course Snow White, the truth revealed and the horrors to come may lead Megan and those around her to their destiny.I loved all the characters in this novel, well besides Samantha Lee Darling, who i know for i fact i probably wouldn t want to be friends with in real life Megan is a strong female protagonist, who has suffered alone for many years, been in therapy and been told what she knows is true is really just her way of coping oh how wrong they are Some of her choices aren t the greatest, but hey i guess she is human and makes mistake I think the best thing about it, is it is all how it should be by the end, and really, she is still finding her way while dealing with the ghost of her dead sister , a mother who barely shows her any attention and a boyfriend who just can t seem to tell his best friend to back off alittle Luke is also a favourite of mine, he is mysterious yet friendly and really kind He is a beautiful painter with a traumatic past as well, which pushes him to want to help others, even if he isn t fond of the gifts he has inherited from his grandmother image error Devoured is the story about Megan who has been haunted by her seven year old sister, Remy, after a horrible accident ten year ago Meanwhile she gets a summer job at The Land of Enchantments to keep a worried eye on her boyfriend Ryan ever since his best friend, Samantha, has drunkenly admitted that he was her soul mate.While Megan was getting sized up for her Snow White costume, Remy appears and shows her a horrid vision, causing her to faint When she wakes, Luke, a painter at the park, is by her side and lets her know that her sister says sorry before disappearing Shocked that someone else can see ghost as well gives Megan fresh hope and together they try to find out why Remy is still lingering around and what exactly she is trying to warn her aboutI ve had this book on my shelf forevah and I kinda hate myself for not reading this sooner, so thanks Jess for the challenge push I really loved this one This was my first Amanda Marrone book, but it wont be my last, I like the way she combined and crafted the tale of Snow White with a supernatural twist It was very creepy, cool and kinda gruesome, but I would have to applaud the originality It was refreshing to read something so different and while it was somewhat predictable, there were a few surprises I didn t see coming.I liked every single one of these characters, even the twisted ones.Megan is great I liked how she really held it together through out these years She s has to deal with the lost and haunting of her sister, mourns her fathers state of unconsciousness while her mom is dancing with there pet dog in shows Not quite the stable environment a seventeen year old needs, so it was nice to see her having normal issues like guys and jealousy.Ryan is another character that I enjoyed and I m glad that the cheating boyfriend card wasn t played here At least he made an honest effort.Remy was very chill worthy I ve never been a fan of little girl ghost, they always gave me the willies Very well written.Luke is a great role with a cool gift and a perfect match for Megan Very nice even chemistry.Ohh, and the mirror That was pretty wicked.Overall, I really enjoyed this book, it s dark and creepy and even a little strange I wouldn t call this a fairytale retelling exactly, like a decent re mix that provided a lot of fun and entertainment I m looking forward to reading of Amanda Marrone books, looks like she has a new fan

Amanda Marrone grew up on Long Island where she spent her time reading, drawing, watching insects, and suffering from an over active imagination It didn t help that her father told bloodcurdling stories, and would take Amanda and her siblings for moon lit walks in the graveyard the highlight of which involved having them march up to mausoleums and knock on the doors alone On than one occasi

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