The Scent of Death

The Scent of DeathThe Scent Of Death is a fantastically gripping, fast paced and addictive read I found myself unable to put the book down, turning the pages faster and faster as I desperately wanted to find out It was one of those books that when I wasn t reading I was constantly thinking about it and wondering when I could fit a few pages in The deserted hospital creates a wonderfully creepy and unpredictable setting that gives the reader the impression that anything could happen at any minute I found myself holding my breath everytime Hunter enters the hospital wondering what was going to happen next and from where The lack of light in the hospital increases this impression further as there are lots of dark corners where anything could be discovered.The characters are all fabulous creations and well developed through the book, with the wide range of characters helping to make the story believable I liked the main character Hunter who seemed to be a very capable pathologist who s had a bit of a hard life up until now The author includes bits of his life outside of the police investigation so that the reader can get to know his character almost personally I felt this really added to the story as sometimes I was able to predict how he was going to react before he did.There is some fantastic forensic details in this book, which while a bit graphic at times, I found utterly fascinating The author manages to include details about the clues and processes used to help determine cause of death without ever seeming to lecture the reader or doubt their intelligence which made for very interesting reading I think I know about flies and their role in decay then I ever have in my life This book is incredibly fast paced with lots of different story lines to keep the reader glued to the page There always seemed to be something happening or a feeling that something was which made it difficult to put down as there was no obvious place to stop I found myself trying to hide away from the kids to read a bit or, to their delight, offering them their tablets so I could read a tiny bit always a sign of a fantastic book This is actually the 4th book in the series but I feel it could easily be read as a standalone, as I have read it, as anything you need to know is explained However I m very excited to have found a new series to enjoy so I will definitely be going back to devour the rest soon Huge thanks to Hayley from Transworld publishers for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book which I received in exchange for an honest review If you like fast paced, intelligent crime thrillers then you need to read this book This is the first of this series that I ve read but it won t be last Thoroughly involving, detailed and thrilling I loved David Hunter There is a thread running through from earlier books but I had no trouble picking things up The ruined hospital setting is an atmospheric and macabre setting Excellent review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights. Im Teil Der Bestsellerreihe Um David Hunter Ermittelt Der Forensische Anthropologe In Einem Verlassenen Krankenhaus Mit Schreckensreicher VergangenheitNur Flederm Use Verirren Sich Noch Nach St Jude Das Krankenhaus Im Norden Londons, Seit Jahren Stillgelegt, Soll In K Rze Abgerissen Werden Doch Dann Wird Auf Dem Staubigen Dachboden Eine Leiche Gefunden, Eingewickelt In Eine Plastikh Lle Die Tote, Das Sieht David Hunter Sofort, Liegt Schon Seit Langer Zeit Hier Durch Das Trockene Und Stickige Klima Ist Der K Rper Teilweise MumifiziertAls Beim Versuch, Die Leiche Zu Bergen, Der Boden Des Bauf Lligen Geb Udes Einbricht, Entdeckt Der Forensische Anthropologe Ein Fensterloses Krankenzimmer, Das Nicht Auf Den Pl Nen Verzeichnet Ist Warum Wusste Niemand Von Der Existenz Dieses Raumes Und Warum Wurde Der Eingang Zugemauert, Obwohl Dort Nach Wie Vor Krankenbetten Stehen Betten, In Denen Noch Jemand Liegt The Scent of Death is the sixth thriller to feature forensics expert Dr David Hunter, and if you re a reader who enjoys the forensics involved in investigating a crime then this is a series not to be missed The forensic techniques throughout are authentically portrayed so you actually learn some fascinating science whilst reading I find it mindblowing that Beckett, despite being a bestseller, is still relatively unknown in Britain a travesty if ever there was one This is an intelligently written, complex and thoroughly gripping thriller with various threads to the plot which all come together as the book progresses.The tension is palpable from the beginning but Beckett continues to ramp it up until your biting your nails and racing through the short, snappy chapters to find out what happens in the grisly murder case I thought I knew where it was heading several times and then the rug is whipped out from under you and you quickly realise that the author has fooled you again The Scent of Death is a masterclass in how to write wholly engaging and highly entertaining crime fiction and the including of modern forensic practices makes this an original series Highly recommended to crime connoisseurs and particularly those interested in the field of anthropology and how it can help bring justice Many thanks to Bantam Press for an ARC. My full review is a part of the official Blog tour and can be found here book is the 6th instalment in the David Hunter series of books Although it s the first book I m reading in this series, it worked well as a standalone for me The backstory was easy to follow and you ll get straightaway into the crime scene and the investigation that follows A short brief about David Hunter for the newbees to the series David is a forensic anthropologist who assists the police in their investigation as a Medical Examiner His wife and daughter were killed in a car crash and he is still reeling from it Meanwhile, David has a psychopathic stalker lady who haunts him during his dark hours Currently, he is in a relationship that is still in its initial stages His work keeps him occupied and spends most of his time in the morgue or at his new high security house in London.So St.Jude s hospital is being demolished since it s too old and abandoned That s when the mummified remains are found walled up inside the old hospital and Dr.Hunter is called to the scene It doesn t take much time for David to examine the bones and determine that they re of a young female s and that she was pregnant when she died With this discovery, the media explodes putting pressure on the Police and the investigating crew including Hunter, and his SIO Sharon Ward To make matters worse, the roof of the hospital falls down to reveal two bodies strapped to their beds for God knows how long Who are these people and how did they end up here Is a larger sinister force at work in the abandoned hospital You must read to find out Simon Beckett proves his expertise in writing crime fiction with his consistent pace and characteristic developments, without giving away anything to his readers David Hunter is your everyday guy suffers from his own issues, takes pressure from his seniors at work, makes mistakes and then realises when it s just gone too far The atmospheric setting of the hospital and the findings about what the victims have undergone are a little uneasy to read But I really loved the descriptions about the medical examination throughout the story It s really a treat for all crime thriller fans to taste in depth knowledge about the on going investigation and Simon gives his fans a handful I d totally be adding Simon Beckett to my list and can t wait to read what he writes next Highly recommended Many thanks to Emma Welton of for including me in this blog tour All opinions are solely mine and no way biased. Most people assume that they d know the scent of death Things have been picking up for forensics specialist Dr David Hunter The police are calling on him again as a police consultant, and he is in a good place personally But then he gets a phone call from DCI Sharon Ward A body has been found at the derelict St Jude s Hospital, and she d like Dr Hunter to take a look.St Jude s Hospital is awaiting demolition Its only recent visitors have been society s outcasts, drug addicts and dealers A partially mummified corpse has been found in the building s loft Dr Hunter can see that it s a young woman and that she was pregnant But while the body is being examined, the rotting floor of the loft collapses A pathologist falls through the floor and is injured The search for him reveals a deliberately sealed room, where two bodies are strapped onto beds.What may have been a relatively straightforward case is suddenly very complicated The bodies need to be identified and the community is concerned This is the sixth book in Simon Beckett s Dr David Hunter series I ve read some but not yet all of the others and have enjoyed them I ll confess to being interested in the forensic detail than I am in Dr Hunter s personal life, but the backstory has its own part to play This novel could be read as a standalone but knowing about Dr Hunter and his backstory adds to an already atmospheric tale There are plenty of surprises and than a few twists St Jude s Hospital itself is a significant character derelict, dangerous and full of surprises.Highly recommended.Note My thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK Transworld for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes.Jennifer Cameron Smith The discovery of the sealed chamber referenced in the blurb sent chills through me and goosebumps up my arms despite the warmth of the house in a remarkably mild February It totally set the scene for this sinister crime thriller If you haven t read any of the David Hunter series, we ve a forensic anthropologist at the helm but if you re expecting Bones, think again Dr David Hunter is very different to Dr Temperance Brennan and a lot personable in my humble opinion I really liked David Hunter as a lead character He doesn t cause a fuss and knows his stuff he s a respected expert in his field but he s by no means perfect and he s got his ghosts to contend with The animosity between Hunter and his rival Mears is brilliant I personally think Mr Beckett pitched that perfectly especially as the story develops I found The Scent of Death a very tense story line The state of the bodies push Hunter s expertise to the limit under the scrutiny of the local media The thought of these poor souls being hidden away really unnerved me if that hospital had been simply demolished by the press of a button, these individuals would never have been found But nothing shocked me quite so much as the climax to the investigation As with anyone working closely with the police, Hunter gets involved than he should The writing really captured my imagination, I was there with Hunter in the loft, watching the floor below a colleague collapse to reveal the hidden room From then on, I didn t leave Hunter s side trailing him around London to his home, the morgue, back to St Jude s and everywhere in between Despite there being enough within to cover off previous storylines, my interest was piqued and I want to know about Dr Hunter s previous escapades I ll definitely be returning the world of Dr David Hunter. I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for an advance copy of The Scent of Death, the sixth novel to feature forensic anthropologist Dr David Hunter.When a mummified body is found in the loft of St Jude s, a hospital scheduled for demolition, Dr David Hunter is called in to examine the remains Unfortunately these are not the only ones found as two bodies are discovered in a sealed room under the loft floor This is only the start of a dangerous investigation.I thoroughly enjoyed The Scent of Death which is another exciting addition to an excellent series I wouldn t call it a complicated read as it is extremely easy to follow but there is a lot going on, so I imagine that Mr Beckett spent a good few hours on his plotting and it shows as it all fits together well and most of his twists come as a surprise, except perhaps the last one which was a bit obvious The opening chapters with the discovery of the bodies is an attention grabber and after that the novel never lets up with plenty of action, personality clashes and an unusual solution It held my attention from start to finish.The novel is narrated in the first person by David Hunter so the reader gets to live events with him I don t know about this as he seems to me to be such a neutral character I never feel particularly close to him Yes he gets angry and riled up but he never lets rip or expresses any kind of schadenfreude when those that wish him harm get their just deserts It s all a little too controlled for my liking Having said that he s a decent, brave and occasionally impulsive man which is to be admired.The Scent of Death is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending. It is always a pleasure to get my hands on another Simon Beckett novel, as he forges deep into the world of forensic anthropology and delivers a stellar crime thriller Dr David Hunter is still trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife and daughter in a car accident, though has been able to find some comfort in the arms of a new relationship However, that is tested as well when Rachel is sent off for a stint on the other side of Europe, leaving Hunter to bide his time in London with a serial killer potentially still on the loose and looking for him When he is called out to offer his expertise at an abandoned hospital, Hunter helps assess a mummified corpse, which appears to have been left in a ceiling As things are being analysed, Hunter is shoved aside by a new and vibrant new forensic taphonomist, eager to show off his cocky training and varied knowledge While Hunter cannot be bothered, he comes to realise that his time in the limelight might be fading When shelved from being an active player in the investigation, Hunter comes across a woman who was seen near the crime scene and whose home life is anything but stellar A jagged acquaintanceship leads to some interesting revelations, while Hunter is also subjected to a strong wave of protest by locals who object to the old St Jude hospital being turned into office space Hunter discovers a few key players who help thicken the plot, which offsets the discovery of two bodies in a hidden wall While police realise that they have a conniving killer in their midst, it would seem flashy tophonomy is not always what it s lived up to, leaving David Hunter to come in with his well established forensic anthropological techniques to make some interesting and groundbreaking discoveries However, peering at bones may not be enough to catch a killer who has their targets set on neutralising anyone who may want it dig deeper Beckett delivers another stellar novel in this well established series Those who enjoy forensic thrillers will surely want to acquaint themselves with Dr David Hunter in short order, as this book is the perfect British complement to those I have read with a North American twist.While I binge read the first few novels in this series, Beckett took a break and left me hanging for years, only to return with some stellar follow ups His attention to detail and presentation of forensic anthropology keeps the reader engrossed throughout as they learn and are entertained in equal measure David Hunter has seen much in his life, first as a GP and eventually honing his skills in forensic anthropology, as well as trying to come to terms with the loss of his family in a single night Now, with a serial killer still lurking in the shadows, Hunter is trying to reinvent himself while helping out wherever he can He seems sure of himself, yet also realises that he is no longer the shiny toy that attracts the attention of the locals at every turn Reputation and detailed analysis work to help forge a strong character, though he has his own foibles throughout this piece There are many characters who, both returning cast members and new faces, enrich the story with their presence and offer the reader some entertainment value Beckett has created the perfect mix to keep the story moving and the plot evolving The premise is wonderful and spooky at the same time an abandoned hospital that is decaying with bodies left to mummify and rooms of torture where a killer had their way with victims Without getting too gruesome, Beckett sets the scene well and keeps the reader wanting I, for one, love these books and am always eager to see what Dr David Hunter will come across while trying to guess what discoveries await The perfect novel for those who like forensics with a British spin.Kudos, Mr Beckett, for another superior novel You have firmly found your place in the genre and I hope the ideas keep flowing.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge I ve been a long time fan of Simon Beckett s novels, both the Hunter series and the standalone books, ever since I picked up The Chemistry of Death on one of my book shop journeys many years ago so it was with great anticipation and a huge smile on my face that I immersed myself into this one.As usual it did not disappoint, a clever, multi layered mix of forensic detail, character driven drama and mystery with a thrilling edge and huge page turning quality.I don t think there are many crime fiction fans who don t get fascinated by the forensic details and this author does those in a complex yet highly accessible and absorbing way, the heart around which the rest of the story builds.David Hunter is a beautifully drawn main protagonist, very human, not infallible therefore highly relatable, he s certainly faced some huge challenges both in his professional life and his personal one, this case will test both his skill and his sense of self As such it is completely compelling with often unexpected moments and a slow, absorbing build to a clever and emotional finale.Easily read as a standalone but for constant readers an absolute gem, The Scent Of Death is an intelligent, beautifully written and deeply layered novel that I read in one sitting I highly recommend it and the ones before it quality crime fiction at its very best.

After an MA in English, Simon Beckett spent several years as a property repairer before a stint teaching in Spain Back in the UK, he played percussion in several bands He has been a freelance journalist since 1992, writing for The Times, The Independent on Sunday Review, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and other major British publications In 2002, as part of an article on the National Forensi

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