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Disney's Land A Propulsive History Chronicling The Conception And Creation Of Disneyland, The Masterpiece California Theme Park, As Told Like Never Before By Popular Historian Richard SnowOne Day In The Early S, Walt Disney Stood Looking Over Acres Of Farmland In Anaheim, California, And Imagined Building A Park Where People Could Live Among Mickey Mouse And Snow White In A World Still Powered By Steam And Fire For A Day Or A Week Or If The Visitor Is Slightly Mad Forever Despite His Wealth And Fame, Exactly No One Wanted Disney To Build Such A Park Not His Brother Roy, Who Ran The Company S Finances Not The Bankers And Not His Wife, Lillian Amusement Parks At That Time, Such As Coney Island, Were A Generally Despised Business, Sagging And Sordid Remnants Of Bygone Days Disney Was Told That He Would Only Be Heading Toward Financial Ruin But Walt Persevered, Initially Financing The Park Against His Own Life Insurance Policy And Later With Sponsorship From ABC And The Sale Of Thousands And Thousands Of Davy Crockett Coonskin Caps Disney Assembled A Talented Team Of Engineers, Architects, Artists, Animators, Landscapers, And Even A Retired Admiral To Transform His Ideas Into A Soaring Yet Soothing Wonderland Of A Park The Catch Was That They Had Only A Year And A Day In Which To Build It On July Disneyland Opened Its Gates And The First Day Was A Disaster Disney Was Nearly Suicidal With Grief That He Had Failed On A Grand Scale But The Curious Masses Kept Coming, And The Rest Is Entertainment History Eight Hundred Million Visitors Have Flocked To The Park Since Then In Disney S Land, Richard Snow Brilliantly Presents The Entire Spectacular Story, A Wild Ride From Vision To Realization, And An Epic Of Innovation And Error That Reflects The Uniqueness Of The Man Determined To Build The Happiest Place On Earth With A Watchmaker S Precision, An Artist S Conviction, And The Desperate, High Hearted Recklessness Of A Riverboat Gambler

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Disney's Land book, this is one of the most wanted Richard Snow author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Disney's Land
  • Richard Snow
  • 21 September 2017
  • 9781501190803

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    Richard Snow was quite ambitious with this informative book There is so much information in here, but it doesn t read like a book report The book is laid out in chronological order, from Walt building a train set on his property, to dreaming up the park, to opening day and beyond They created so many parts and vehicles just from ingenuity The imagineers have big shoes to fill when Walt just tells them to figure it out.A good book with a lot of snippets from the park Good writing, good stories.

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    This is definitely one of the better histories of a Disney topic that I ve read in a long time Any good biography of a person or place requires a careful mastery of balances how much information, how it is written, if the author has a bias or agenda, and if the book provides good information perspective There are many Disneyland books out there but author Richard Snow gives us a biography of the park that hits all the right notes for a very enjoyable and interesting read While we ve likely all heard the story that Walt dreamed up Disneyland on a Griffith Park wooden bench, upon which he sat while his daughter was on the carousel, in this book author Snow uncovered many inspirations for what would become the standard for amusement parks themed lands That segues into interesting information about how the park was almost built in Burbank next to the studio and the decisions to use Anaheim instead There is an emphasis on the people involved from Stanford Research Institute surveyors to the people behind the architecture, planning, landscaping, and constructing of the park That humanizes what is often an over idealized subjects, reminding that Disneyland was the result of a lot of hard work, sweat, tears, and risk by some amazing people.There were issues with the construction, of course, and not everything was finished on time But the attention to detail and Walt s very pervasive presence during all aspects of the building were noted throughout the book Problems during the opening day disaster are discussed with amusing anecdotes from those who were there both guests and cast members The book ends with discussions about the first few rides to be added or removed, in the case of the Circus after the opening year.What I appreciated most is that the author does not have a hidden agenda nor does he lionize or demonize anyone, including Walt Disney It wasn t all rainbows and pixie dust e.g., Wood s grafting on top of promotional contracts and Walt wasn t universally loved he was often called the Prince of Darkness behind his back But the author takes a tone of this is how it was back then without attempting to interpret anything in the past through a modern lens Thus, the emphasis really is on how Disneyland was conceived and then created and all the lucky timing, setbacks, risk, and smart thinking that made it happen.I suspect the author found enough information for 3 books on the topic All the same, I ve greatly appreciated that this isn t a ponderous tome of endless facts and instead is a lively and entertaining read that manages to be surprisingly informative Read from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    I really enjoyed every minute reading Disney s Land This book was packed full of Disney history and was presented in an easy format where it felt like I was actually there Having read a few other book on Walt Disney, I can say that this one was enjoyed the most Whether you are a casual Disney enthusiast or a veteran fan, you re sure to pick up a lot from reading Richard Snow s book.

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    This is the best history of Walt Disney and the creation of Disneyland that i have read over the years As a life long Disney fan I was thrilled to receive this for review Thank you with gratitude to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity My review opinion is my own This review will be cross posted across platforms I highly recommend this amazing body of work for all Disney fans What I found most profound here is the absolute perfection of the author s detail of every aspect of the brilliance of Walt Disney I loved learning of the creation of Disneyland as a sketch on a park bench idea to creation of the park This is brilliantly done as the author takes us into the mind of our beloved Walt and we learn his beginning struggles, his magical ideas from formation of a idea to creation We learn here of the early imagineers , the developers and the builders that worked with Walt It was so intriguing to read about how the rides were created and the lands came to be The well crafted narrative here goes through the early years, the creation, frustration and series of difficulties that Walt faced building the park How he stood against the many adversities that he faced with conviction and dedication I was left with a profound respect for Walt Disney The author does a wonderful job here for all Disney fans this is a true testament to the man that was Walt Disney and how he inspires us today I highly recommend this book for all Disney Fans and those who love Walt Disney.

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    Although the summary promises told like never before a fair amount of this book is a rehashing of stories and information that is found in original and entertaining sources While it s a decent book overall, but those with any basic knowledge of Disney history will find this books retreads familiar ground In reality almost divided into 5 separate parts 1 A brief history of Walt Disney s career, 2 A brief history of pre Disneyland amusement parks, 3 The building of Disneyland 4 The opening of Disneyland 5 A brief description of Disneyland s early years and it s impact Section 1 is truncated version of the entertaining and detailed biographies of Walt Disney It s hits all the high points of Disney s pre Disneyland career This can be a bit boring for those familiar with Bob Thomas or Neal Gabler s books Section 2 is a brief history of early amusement parks like Coney Island It then describes Walt s formation of the idea of Disneyland This actually quite interesting and new material Section 3 is where the book begins to bog down Much of what appears here can be found in a new streaming documentary, books by John Hench and others.Section 4 dealing with the opening of Disneyland is perhaps the most tedious Much of this part of the book is dedicated to a word for word recitation of what occurred in the Dateline Disneyland program that aired on ABC You are better of just finding the original program and watching it Section 5 is about Disneyland s impact and detractors There s really no information about Disneyland after the death of Walt Instead it focuses on the academic impact of the park of the amusement park business, architecture, city planning, culture and its impact While overall the book is okay I think there are plenty of well written books on the subject including Sam Greenaway s book.

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    Disney s Land tells the complete story of Disneyland from concept to the present day This novel is one of the best histories of Disneyland that I ve read and there are quite a few out there The tone of the book is so friendly and readable that you feel as if you are listening to a friend tell the story.One fact I hadn t heard before reading this was that Walt was pretty bored making cartoon movies and wanted a new challenge I also diagnosed Walt with ADHD just by reading his behavior descriptions There were so many challenges to create what was the first theme park anywhere, and to do it so well out of the gate was amazing Not everything went as planned, and reading about the ins and outs of the details was fascinating.I m tempted to purchase the audio version of this book The chapter containing the transcript of the live broadcast of Opening Day would be fun to hear It sounds like Ronald Reagan wasn t very happy that his role narrating the parade did not include a script.Overall this book will appeal to not only Disney fanatics but to anyone interested in building a creative business from the ground up There is a lot to learn from the process of creating Disney s first Land.

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    Thanks to the publisher, via Edelweiss, for an advance e galley for honest review.Clearly meticulously researched, this was a genuinely interesting history of the building of Disneyland from the factors that influenced Walt s desire to build the park, to the realities of building something like this on a never before seen scale, to the let downs at the opening of the park This story will appeal to those who are already fans of the theme park or Disney generally.

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    Thank you to Richard Snow, Scribner NetGalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. The Main Street lights coming on at dusk looked just as good to me in 2019 as they had in 1959, easing my gloomy wonder that sixty years had disappeared since Uncle Win and I had together watched them shine I had fun with this novel I am a huge Disney fan and it was easy to see that I would enjoy this Richard Snow really went in depth about the stories and information about Disney Walt himself I am someone who has never to been to California, only to Florida It was very interesting to learn about the history of Disneyland itself, not just Disneyworld Every word was thought out and informational The only reason why I didn t give this a five star rating is because it could be a little dry at times However, when giving off that much information and knowledge about a specific topic like Disney, it s bound to happen at some point.I d recommend this to anyone who loves Disney and anyone who loves history Learning about everything that happened with Walt and how certain characters came to light, etc., was very intriguing and I m glad I picked this one up

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    Are you a Disney Fan you will want to pick up your copy of Disney Land If you know the history of Walt Disney this book will really not bring too much information out but you will still enjoy the little bits that people have come to know as Disney Land as well as the man Walt Disney.Richard Snow gives readers a chronological order of Walt and his life along with the creations of the different Theme Parks that have changed the world of theme parks.The author did a wonderful job of giving readers a inside look at Disneyland as well as the creator of the parks and how amazing and difficult it can be.This will have readers want to visit this amazing park.Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Richard Snow Disney s Land.

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    I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing that it was all started by a mouse Disneyland is like Alice stepping through the Looking Glass to step through the portals of Disneyland will be like entering another world Those quotes, of course, come from the oft quoted Mr Walter Elias Disney Personally, I grew up watching Mr Disney come into my home every Sunday night on television, which continued for years after his death He was iconic, extremely recognizable, and I came to refer to him as Uncle Walt When I was first brought to Disneyland as a toddler, it was magical I was fortunate to have grown up in a time when Disney movies were still shown in local theatres throughout my NYC home of Queens, NY As much as I loved and imitated those films, spun the records on my grandmother s turntable while acting out every scene, nothing came close to stepping foot inside Disneyland It was like a portal to another world where I could immerse myself in all those films I had grown to love It was pure magic.I can blame Walt Disney for making me an actor as it was watching and imitating those films of his that got me started on characterization, vocal training and becoming all sorts of different characters I always had a penchant for the villains, and still do I ve also gone out of my way to read everything by and about Walt Disney He was a complicated man who was driven by both a need to provide the greatest family entertainment possible while determinedly striving to see his vision brought to life I m proud to be a Disney Cast Member for the better part of the last decade This included my uprooting my family from NY to Central Florida with a transfer to Walt Disney World where I currently work as in a leadership role in the Entertainment arena It would be an understatement to say I was than a little bit interested in reviewing this new book by Richard Snow about the creation of Disneyland The full title of this work is actually WALT DISNEY AND THE INVENTION OF THE AMUSEMENT PARK THAT CHANGED THE WORLD DISNEY S LAND For the sake of brevity, I will stick to referring to it as DISNEY S LAND It opens with a quote from F Scott Fitzgerald Can t repeat the past he cried incredulously Why of course you can I m going to fix everything just the way it was before That quote was taken from THE GREAT GATSBY and the speaker of those words could very well have been Walt Disney himself.Those who know the history of Disney Land will recognize that it was created primarily for two reasons First off, Walt noticed on one of his Daddy day with his Daughters that there needed to be a place where the entire family could go and be together Secondly, he wanted to create a place for the fans of his films to be able to step out of their own lives and into the stories that have been brought to life for them We all know that he achieved both of these modest dreams, and then some There are now 12 Disney Theme Parks around the world and, in true Walt Disney style, these parks will continue to change and evolve and eventually make way for additional Theme Parks as need and demand require.On July 17, 1955, the front gates to Disney Land opened Initially, Walt and his brother Roy along with the rest of the Imagineering team and countless investors had no idea what to expect They were all overwhelmed by the fact that their annual forecasted numbers for year one were actually achieved in the first month the park was open Walt was so obsessed with the construction of the park that he had an apartment built for him above the Main Street U.S.A Firehouse There s a funny story about Walt being sealed in one morning as the Firehouse had been painted overnight which prevented his door from opening A call to the construction crew got Walt safely free.Richard Snow recounts this and many other stories about Walt and the creation of Disneyland One that I especially love is when Walt was approached mere hours before opening Day by the head of the plumbing crew who indicated that water access would not allow them to have both water fountains and working restrooms For Walt the choice was easy as he indicated that people could drink Pepsi Cola, they can t pee in the middle of Main Street Opening Day did happen and it was a huge success The countdown to that day began years earlier with regular construction updates given on the weekly Disney telecast Art Linkletter was the host and Ronald Reagan the on the ground commentator as Day One was fully televised, inviting the American public to join the thousands who flooded through Sleeping Beauty Castle in Anaheim, California.Those who are intrigued by the Corporate side of things and the Organizational Development behind the Disney Corporation will find much to dig into with Snow s DISNEY S LAND Walt was a determined and sometimes difficult boss He was also a visionary who surrounded himself with the best and brightest minds that would help make his vision a reality He wished to operate without an Organizational Chart and valued every single Cast Member as all being an intricate part of the team that kept this Theme Park alive In particular, it was Walt s long time business partnership with a man named Van France that would be particularly valuable France was an expert in Organizational Development and was the creator of Disney University, which still operates today providing education and training for all Cast Members I m proud to say that I am a regular Facilitator at Disney University and the place is world class For those readers who might want to dive deeper into this side of the business I recommend the book DISNEY U by Doug Lipp, which chronicles the work of Walt and Van France in great detail.Whether you are a lover of all things Disney, a Disney Fan atic or simply interested in how the greatest Theme Park in the world came to be, DISNEY S LAND is essential reading Richard Snow details everything in chronological order, allowing readers to strap in and go along for this eye opening trip down memory lane Most of all, it will give readers a greater appreciation of all Walt Disney had to go through to achieve his vision never losing sight of that playful little Mouse who started it all Reviewed by Ray Palen for Book Reporter

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