Doctor Who: ..ish (Big Finish Audio Drama, #35)

Doctor Who: ..ish (Big Finish Audio Drama, #35)It s a very interesting Tale, I m not gonna lie Sono indecisa Una storia basata sull etimologia, sul significato e l evoluzione delle parole e sul possibile pericolo rappresentato da certi termini mi ha ricordato il mondo di Thursday Next, creato da Jasper Fforde.Il sesto Dottore sembra perfetto per la storia e anche Peri, giocando sul fatto che la britishitudine del primo si scontra benissimo con l americanitdella seconda ma il tutto resta un po indigesto.Se non avessi potuto sfruttare le atmosfere alla BookWorld ffordiane mi avrebbe lasciata ancora pi delusa. A Conference Of Lexicographers Bromides In Tweed But The Leading Expert In The Field Is Found Dead By Her Own Hand And By Her Hologlyphic Assistant Is He Responsible Does The Death Fit Any Conventional Definitions Can The Doctor Realise Who Wrote The Suicide Note And Why, Exactly, It Was Riddled With Spelling Errors Peri Should Help Out, But There S A Guy Someone Who Loves Language Even Than The Doctor Maybe, She Realises, Enough To Kill For Or Perhaps Just Enough To Ask Her Out To Dinner Unless, Of Course, He S Already Spoken ForIs It Madness Seeking Transcendence In The Complete Lexicon Having The Right Words On Teh Tip Of Your Tongue But Never Quite Knowing When To Use Them If So, How IshChronological Placement This Story Takes Place Between The Television Adventures Revelation Of The Daleks And The Trial Of A Time Lord The highest of high concepts here is almost pulled off This story is a story about words, in a very literal way Words are characters Words are places Words are obsessions Words may ust be everything there is.New writer Philip Pascoe stunningly manages to hold this thing aloft by keeping the wordplay constantly swirling and leaving you just enough of a taste of implicit logic to allow you to feel like it all makes sense And the Sixth Doctor s pomposity works brilliantly in the context.But it doesn t quite hold together by the end and, when racing to a conclusion, the whole thing sputters and skids to a stop.Still, the ambition of it all is thrilling and the moments where the Doctor and the artificial intelligence known as Book get so linguistically wrapped around each other that one has to stop and say, Wait, did you just use that word correctly I believe so Really Those moments are gold. This serial gets too caught up in its own wordplay to actually form a decent story. Well this is an interesting story It is a good story but probably the most confusing story i have ever listened to Many parts in this story are confusing as hell And the ending you guessed it Confusing, even though it was very confusing i actually enjoyed the story The plot is smart and quite good but is confusing But it does have another problem The cliffhanger for part 2 is probably the most stupid and unimaginative cliffhanger i have ever heard or seen Other than the 2 downsides of this story i quite liked it.I give it a 7 10 This one was okay I never want to hear the word ish again A good one I haven t heard too many of the Sixth Doctor adventures, but I ve enjoyed everyone I ve heard so far. Very Anglo centric Ish is a living meme that tries to take over the lexicon of the language only to slam into the colorful wall that is the Doctor. The Sixth Doctor and Peri attend a conference of lexicographers at a college where an unfortunate murder has occurred The victim was a perfectionist linguist compiling the world s biggest dictionary, and also a personal friend of The Doctor, but the only suspect is her holographic assistant, named Book, who is also a repository for every word in the English language.The Omniverbum is the mythical longest word in existence According to records, no one who has found the Omniverbum, or its sentient affix Ish , has lived to tell of it Except one Book found the Ish on an obscure world and accidentally brought back to the college as per his programming But now it s escaped, and is out to cause havoc on the speech centers of the human brain unless The Doctor can stop it.Peri is in a different kind of danger Swiftly falling in with a so called word anarchist named Warren, she might come face to face with the slowly degenerating Book, who is distraught and unhinged over his master s death by possibly his own hands Distraught and unhinged enough to kill her.

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  • Audio CD
  • Doctor Who: ..ish (Big Finish Audio Drama, #35)
  • Philip Pascoe
  • English
  • 06 July 2019
  • 9781903654736

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