Doira'Liim Doira Liim Is The First Book In The Two Part Beautiful Whisper Of The Goddess Saga It Follows Arizira Ahmanae, An Arniran Huntress, And Talliea Aldis, An Esu Clanswoman Both The Esu And The Arnira Peoples Believe The Other To Be Nothing Than A Fanciful MythThe Esu Are A Patriarchal Society Who Subjugate Their Women They Worship Esuval, The Sun The Arnira Are A Nocturnal Society With Close Ties To Nature They Consist Only Of Women And Worship Aitla, The MoonWhen Talliea S Clan Travels From The Harsh And War Torn Southlands And Migrates To The North, She Soon Discovers A Magical Secret Being Hidden In The Grand Northlands Forest A Chance Encounter With Arizira Brings Talliea To Question Her Dull Life Of Servitude, And Soon The Two Women Fall In Love And Must Fight To Keep The Other A Secret From Their Respective Peoples, Lest Old Hatreds Spark New Wars And Tear Them ApartUnbeknownst To Either Of Them, An Ancient Prophecy Speaks Of Arizira, Known To Her Tribe As The Child Of Whispers This Destiny Involves Talliea, Who Is Fated To Bring Ancient Truths To Life And Reveal A Hidden Past Between The Esu And ArniraBoth Women Must Unravel The Past While Trying To Understand Their Newfound Connection, A Fabled Arnira Belief Known As The Doira Liim, Or Spirit MateAided By Wise Cyrna, The Dream Speaker Of Arizira S Tribe, And Taetylona, The Mysterious Sage Woman Of Talliea S Clan, Doira Liim Is A Tale Of Love, Myth, Hope And Truth

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❴BOOKS❵ ✬ Doira'Liim  Author Krystal Orr –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 391 pages
  • Doira'Liim
  • Krystal Orr
  • English
  • 04 April 2019

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    Lush Vivid Alive Romantic Beautiful.I stumbled upon this book by happenstance, through recommendation I m not really a reader and I m certainly not into the fantasy genre.Now that that confession is out of the way, let me tell you why you need to buy this book.In a world of crazy, we all need something to believe Something to champion Something in which to lose ourselves.This story is a timeless story told in a different way It s a classic story that we all know Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria, Danny and Sandy, and Peppermint Patty and Marcie Star crossed lovers from two divergent cultures, who, on paper, have no right falling in love and who, against all odds, manage to find a love that transcends all obstacles.There are passages here that are just so beautifully crafted Brush strokes of a painting that come alive before our mind s eye An interesting, creative, palpable and breathtaking world has been created.Ms Orr deftly uses her two lead characters as vessels to take us through this unique world We discover as they discover Hesitate as they hesitate Wonder as they wonder Feel as they feel Hurt as they hurt Fall in love as they fall in love.But this book is not just descriptive expositions and SAT words, oh no, it is also filled with gorgeous dialogue that is both musical and lyrical Its almost old world cadence, which this modern mortal very much appreciates, adds to the romance of this story of two pieces of a greater whole coming together Page turner is an overused cliche when describing a captivating book In this case, it is truly apropos I was instantly interested in these characters and their respective and combined worlds Once I was interested, I cared Once I cared, I needed to know what was next.Be prepared You might as well buy both books at the same time The cliffhanger ending to Book One compelled this reader to put Book One down and immediately jump onto to pick up Book Two.Krystal Orr s first novel is a triumph Since this is self published, if you enjoyed this book, please pass the word Share the magic I am convinced that this is the first novel of a rich prolific catalog to be created over Ms Orr s lifetime And don t you want to be on the right side of history and say, I knew her when I am grateful to know Ms Orr now and I look forward to her future stories.So grab a hot chocolate, a warm blanket, some mints you ll understand this reference after you read the book , and lose yourself in a world that is lush, vivid, alive, romantic and beautiful.

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    I first read this story when it was still a fanfiction years ago I loved it then, and I love it now I m a person who truly enjoys the fantasy realm, and the author painted the scene beautifully I was never at a loss of understanding and I felt that the culture was rich and well delivered Also, it s nice to finally see a lesbian relationship in the genre that I love so much I m very glad this is now a book

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    OMG It has a sequel And it s too good a story not to buy it.

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    This author knows how to write, I will say that She knows how to bring presence into her story and I enjoyed this aspect A very nice mix of fantasy and love The author left no doubt about the connection her main characters shared, I felt it My issue was that after about 20 chapters, several things became increasingly repetitive For example, how many times did she have to have the characters proclaiming their love whether in their heads or out loud Too many chapters were filled with the character s constantly musing about their love for one another which we already pretty much got I could do without it, and I am a hopeless romantic It got to the point where you wondered if she was intentionally filling chapters with these musings to fill space It seemed that she was purposely drawing out the ending cliff hanger.The consummating of Arizira and Talliea s love was beautifully written and explored I was disapointed that we were lead on even after this to the brink of war and then the book ended I thought that this whole story could have been told here, not broken up into two books I felt a bit cheated If we spent less time on repeating information we already knew, the story could move forward Breaking it up this way to me, seemed a way to make money by writing a sequel So not only repetitive, but predictable, especially the way book one ended A good story overall, but I could have done without the constant repetition and have the story just move forward In the end, she gave voice to every character and you felt all personalities shine through, I just wished it kept going here and not into another book After all, it is pretty predictable what will happen, why not just keep going I d certainly recommend this book, it s a very sweet love story written with love in mind and great story telling I loved everything else about the book, the beauty of nature, the characters, scenery, the fantasy all of it, it s just the repetition annoyed me Be prepared to be left hanging unnecessarily at the end.

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    Over all magnificent, the plot were well written, heart wrenching and connected to one another well Characters growth were demonstrated here something which is rarely presented in a story Talliea from meeky, insecure and submissive grew into a confident and reliable, i found it endearing when Talliea stood up to protect her lover despite her own trauma No contradiction were found as far as i can see once again this is quite a feat to achieve since than often author can misused their own words Readers can feel themselves emerging into the characters world without much difficulty.Two things only that bother me the most is the author limited and repetitive vocabulary and comparasion Hackneyed words to describe the emotions of characters made me feel inadequate, for example i was on the verge of crying on this scene of the book yes it was extremely emotional when the author used the word saddened to describe Talliae emotion, it s similar to being restrainted from having an orgasm yes dirty and filthy, but it seem like the best way to explain how i felt , my watery eyes literally turned dry, I feel the author should expands her vocabulary into a specfic words so she can conveys her feeling to the readers better Secondly I must say that her frequent uses of comparison between how Arizera touches her and the men from her tribe touches her made the arousal scenes vapid, still a good lesbian arousal scenes but quite dull the first few times enhanced the story, but after than 10 times, i must say it get annoying.Overall i would still recommend people to purchases this book worth it, and im purchasing the second book for sure So i edited this the second book is a 5 stars best fantasy so far

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    Perhaps I am the wrong target audience for this book other reviews appear to rave about the lush and descriptive nature of the prose As for myself, after roughly a third of the book I had become so annoyed with the self satisfied tone and the randomly inserted pseudo elvish that I put the book away is disgust Bear that in mind as I continue this review.From what I could gather, this book is pretty much a stock standard star crossed lovers plotline where one side is a nature loving tree elf from an idyllic materialistic society and the other side is an unsatisfied lady trapped in a patriarchal tribe from which she struggles to escape This is not a bad premise with a grain of self awareness it could have been a great yarn Unfortunately it takes itself as seriously as if it were a work written by Tolkien This renders the text charmless I say again the made up words in this book are irritating and pointless They are randomly inserted into the sentences without explanation Tolkien got away with it because he literally invented entire languages with their own grammatical rules, vocabulary, and because their use in text was limited to specific situations where entire passages made sense These were then translated by the characters into common This book has no such class.Perhaps I am just too pragmatic to enjoy such self serious prose regardless, I cannot recommend this book.

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    This is a story of two women from different tribes races who are destined to meet, fall in love and change the future The women s love story is set against the backdrop of a developing war between their peoples.Talliea Aldis, is from the diurnal, patriarchal Esu clan and desperate to escape an arranged marriage and Arizira Ahmanae is a huntress for the nocturnal Arnirans who consist of women only The Esu and the Arnira peoples have not met for many generations and each believe the others to be a myth.I really enjoyed this book as it is so much than just a romance It s an adventure with fantastic world building and great characters The Machiavellian plotting by the Moon Goddess and her acolytes, who include a wolf, is breath taking.I can t wait to read the sequel.

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    Loved this story The characters were really interesting and the story had a beautiful flow to it I also liked that Ari and Tahli were so completely different in backgrounds and looks but could overcome it all through curiosity and understanding I haven t read a book like this before and found it refreshing Well thought out tale.There s a second book in this series so know that you ll be investing in a longer tale since this one finishes on a cliff hanger and you ll most likely want to follow through to the continuation of the story Definitely worth the read.

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    This is my second time reading this book, and in all honesty the first time I didn t finish reading it I m so glad I decided to go all the way this time Even though this is much of a choice for a fast paced novel it still made my heart race I think I fell in love with Arizira and Talliea, since I found myself looking forward to the scenes with the huntress and her goddess In a way this air of this book was magical and romantic If that s what you re looking for in a book with women who love each other then I recommend this one Trigger Warning Sexual Assault.

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    This book was amazing Amazingly descriptive, and very vividly I loved every word of it The world was unlike any other and the love between the two main characters were unlike any other I cant wait for the next book to be released.

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