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Donovan's AngelThis was an interesting book A bit steamy than what I want my teen daughter reading, but nothing actually happens Just their thoughts while kissing Fun story line It s been 2 weeks since I read it so I m not 100% clear of language, but I think there was none From the book When Martie Fleming breezed into small town Pontotoc, Mississippi, determined to settle down and teach jazzercise in her home studio, she never expected to land next door to the minister She never expected her playful golden retriever to steal his shorts right off the clothes line And she certainly never expected to fall in love Everybody in town would agree they are so wrong for each other everybody but Paul Donovan With her gypsy outfits, her lively music and her irrepressible spirit, Martie is exactly the angel the preacher needs But can he convince her Can their love and his career survive the small town gossip and the fireworks Martie creates wherever she goes 2.5The story seemed to fall off towards the end, but overall, a fun read. When Martie Fleming Breezed Into Small Town Pontotoc, Mississippi, Determined To Settle Down And Teach Jazzercise In Her Home Studio, She Never Expected To Land Next Door To The Minister She Never Expected Her Playful Golden Retriever To Steal His Shorts Right Off The Clothes Line And She Certainly Never Expected To Fall In Love Everybody In Town Would Agree They Are So Wrong For Each Other Everybody But Paul Donovan With Her Gypsy Outfits, Her Lively Music And Her Irrepressible Spirit, Martie Is Exactly The Angel The Preacher Needs But Can He Convince Her Can Their Love And His Career Survive The Small Town Gossip And The Fireworks Martie Creates Wherever She Goes The Other Books In This Romantic Comedy Series Are Sleepless Nights , Hallie S Destiny , Any Thursday And Higher Than Eagles Because of the characters, I put off reading this book It wasn t because Paul was a minister but because Martie sounded like an odd person that I wouldn t like But I soon saw Martie wasn t nearly as outrageous as I thought she would be Yes, she dressed strangely, but she had a heart of gold The attraction between these two was strong right from the start But Martie didn t think she was suitable for him because of his profession The busybodies around town didn t help her feel any better about this I was surprised that Paul wasn t your typical minister but a very sexy man.Paul didn t share her thoughts on them not being a good match He kept telling her he was not just his profession but a man Between Martie putting up roadblocks in their relationship, the town gossips and Martie s pets, this was a wonderful story that I fully enjoyed. I picked up Donovan s Angel when I was greedily picking up freebies from I know it must not seem like it, but I am actually picky about the freebies that I pick up I read the synopsis of all of them and pick and choose I also check out reviews from trusted readers I don t just grab every freebie that is offered but I do take full advantage of them when they are available Most of the time I m rewarded by either finding another great author to follow or stumbling upon a really good read that I may have otherwise missed Donovan s Angel falls into that category I don t read contemporary romance much, but I m glad I took a chance on this one The best way to describe it is fun.The cast of characters in Donovan s Angel were adorable I loved Marte and her whim some personality Paul was so patient and determined The members of the congregation were written so well You could almost see how flustered they were by the hurricane of a woman that disrupted their quiet little world I ve only ever been a member of small, country churches and although I never encountered members quite as outspoken as this group, small church pastors are definitely under a lot of scrutiny I can totally understand Marte s reluctance I don t think that I could ever put myself in that situation It did make for a cute premise and perfect conflict though.The way that the story unfolded was surprising and touching The inner struggle of both characters made the reader fall in love with them even All in all, Donovan s Angel was a sweet, romantic story that kept you hoping for love to win out This wasn t a hot steamy romance, but it wasn t lacking in the romance department either The balance was perfect and I will probably pick up at least one of the books in Peggy Webb s Donovan s of the Delta Series. I really enjoyed Donovan s Angel It s a sweet, charming, has a little humor mixed in and a lot of small town drama Paul, who s the town preacher, is going about his business when his new neighbor falls into his life Literally As in, right out of a tree and into his garden Martie s a tree climbing jazzercise teacher that plays baseball with the guys and wears wild crazy clothes And Paul, he s completely and utterly smitten with this woman whose puppy who keeps stealing his things and bringing them home to his mistress His purple socks, favorite boxers, every marigold in his flowerbeds I loved Martie and Paul as a couple The two are so different from one another but absolutely perfect together Martie s a free spirit wild child who fully embraces life balances Paul s quiet reserved soul He s grounded, loves what he does and has a gentle, easy going spirit You like playing with fire, don t you, Paul Only since I met you Their relationship courtship is really adorable Martie is always trying to walk away from Paul because she doesn t think she s proper enough for a minister but Paul knows from the start that Martie is his future and the man gives chase Just couldn t help but smile at his determination to win Martie over He likes her just how she is, loud honky tonk music , wild clothes, scandalous moments, the whole package He just has to convince her that it doesn t matter what the town thinks And man the little biddies in town make it rough on them This is short story and an older one Was written back in 1986 plus it s kinda sorta a Christian romance so it s fairly tame and not nearly as racy as today s mainstream romance books tend to be I kind of liked having a little change of pace and things being left to the imagination just a bit Was a nice read about finding where you belong and overcoming small town opinions Loved it Originally posted at Herding Cats Burning Soup This story was adorable I ve known people similar to Martie, our heroine, and they most definitely keep you guessing Thankfully, Paul has the patience of a saint Both characters kept me entertained Actually, all the characters in this book came to life for me Good job, Peggy Webb Considering our hero is a pastor, I know there are readers disappointed that the author wrote of Paul s attraction to Martie along with a few sensual scenes, but it didn t put me off at all I find it refreshing to see the pastor portrayed in the light of a real man with flesh and blood feelings, especially for his wife There was no premarital sex and the sensual scenes after they were married were quite vague.But, if you are looking for a Christian romance, I d say this probably wouldn t qualify There s no talk of religion, really, just the mention that he s a reverand His behavior is that of a pastor, in my opinion, although I know some reviewers would disagree He found a woman attractive, was determined to get to know her, fell in love with her pretty quick, and was a romantic, sweet guy. U I have not yet started to read it, but just wanted to post that this and several others of my books have been free downloads for my Kindle The review of this one sounded interesting I am not familiar with the writing of Peggy Webb and am looking forward to reading the book.Later having started the book, I have to say I gave up on it after a few chapters When you have characters in a presumably Christian book falling in love for physical and appearance reasons, without giving time to getting to know each other, you have lost my interest Two quite interesting personalities who nevertheless have not yet had time to learn anything important about one anotherAnd a very unrealistic thing she has Martie bringing tofu and alfalfa sprout sandwiches to the picnic, and this is the same girl who wants lots of sugar in her tea and hot chocolate C mon, let s get real here This was my first taste of Peggy Webb s writing and I have no desire to read anything else by here. nao gosto de dar 2 estrelas, d uma sensa o estranha de nao estimar o trabalho do escritor mas neste caso, nao poderia dar mais.a historia se desenrola de uma forma nao muito actual tanta ingenuidade e tanta preocupa o com o bem parecer fazem da historia uma chatice.a protagonista que se acha diferente , acaba por ser ela um po o de contradi o e convencional.est mais preocupada com o que a comunidade pode pensar e n o com os sentimentos que acabam por se revelar.o plot at que interessante e a ser bem desenvolvido seria uma historia linda Absolutely ridiculousI think I only kept reading to see how scandalous the preacher would be with Martie and her brazen waysjazzercise, teddies as undergarments, and men who smoke pipes Must have been from the 70 s or 80 slol. An actress and musician as well as a writer, Peggy composed the blues lyrics that appear throughout The Sweetest Hallelujah She has been in many stage plays at her local community theater and says the role she enjoyed most was the Witch in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe I was playing against type, she says Peggy loves gardening, playing piano, singing in her church choir, hanging out on her front porch with friends and owning dogs who think they are the boss She considers her greastest accomplishment raising two wonderful children who are good people, good citizens and good parents She says, I adore my four grandchildren who call me Gigi Thank goodness, the feeling is mutual Series

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