Double Dare (The Chronicles of Katrina, #2)

Double Dare (The Chronicles of Katrina, #2) Oh boyDoc Winslow and Simon at it again I loved this installment in the Katrina Chronicles Double Dare really ramps things up Tabke, well Simon, kept me up late for many nights I had to pace myself I learned a few things, and you can t beat that I also did a lot of self reflection when reading about Doc Winslow s insecurities She is a brilliant scientist with so many hangups She hid herself, and I loved watching her discover herself, get comfortable with it, and wield her new found power It was great watching the transformation This story is hard to put down, but I suggest you pace yourself It s hotter than the first installment, so be ready with a fan, hot water, your own Ben Wa ballsyou have tot read it to find out why Everyone is going to want their very own Sugar Plum Fairy I must admit, that the way Tabke ended thiscliffhangerhate those It really made me mad, especially the way it ended Aaaahhhh I said Really No way I m feeling some HATE for Simon right now, but I m trying to rationalise things It could all be a part of an undercover thing My fingers are crossed I can t wait for the third installment of the Katrina Chronicles to get here I want to find out what happened NOW not when November 5th gets here That is the sign of a true master of their craft Karintabke sucked me in, and now I have to bide my time I swear, I feel like Doc Winslow and her Pavlovian ways when she hears the ping of her phone telling her Simon sent a text Read it for yourself, and you ll see what I m talking about. Full Review posted on Book Lovin MamasKarin Tabke has Double Dare pick up where The Dare left off at, and this book makes me want evenof the sexy, green eyed Captain named Simon I cannot even get him out of my head right now while typing up this review He won me over evenafter reading the Double Dare even with that shocking cliff hanger I should be confused and angry, just like Katrina isbut I just cannot.In Double Dare, we have Katrina going through hell due to what happened in The Dare, and it is about to get worst for her I highly recommend this short novella and give it 5 full moons I need the next book alreadybecause I need me someof Simon I miss him already I need to find out the truth about him because darn it, Karin, you left us hanging. She Found Passion On A Dare But Is She Willing To Risk Her Heart Since The Dare That Changed Her Life, Dr Katrina Winslow Has Hooked Up, Broken Up, Hooked Up Again, And Run Like Hell, But Her Drama S Just Getting Started Not Only Does She Lose Her Job, But Unpredictable And Sexy As Hell Cop Simon Insists They Have Fantasies Left To ExploreSimon S A Man Who Gets What He Wants And He S Got Katy In His Green Eyed Crosshairs Though Katy Runs From Him, She S Never Further Away Than His Fingertips, Something He Proves When He Sexts Her A Provocative Double DareWill The Prim And Proper Scientist Resist The Sexy Cop S Thrilling Texts Or Will She Allow Simon To Strip Her Bare And Guide Her Closer And Closer To What She Truly Desires Simon Double Dares You To Find Out Good enough to read the next one Double Dare is the follow up to The Dare, where we meet Katrina and Simon I just want to say that I lurves me some Simon There was some questions answered in this book, but then we have new questions along with that douche bag Evan and his hag of a wife Why do I dislike them so much Well maybe because Tabke does a wonderful job on her characters If she meant for them to be villains then they are My only hiccup with the entire story is that it was too short I devoured this read in less than two hours You definitely want to pick this book up, and hang on tight for the ride that is Double Dare Everyone needs some Simon in their life Simon says READ DOUBLE DARE I hate cliffies Soo good this one was better than the 1st I have so many different ideas going through my head about the next one. 3.5 Simon Says starsKaty returns from the conference with her tail between her legs But nothing prepares her for the next turn of events.She s been let down repeatedly, with no sign of stopping This chapter sees her revealing her inner vixen, and making that attempt to trustWill she see Simon again Will she ever feel the way he made her feel again Will she ever trust a man again I had grabbed the first instalment as a freebie and soon as I saw the next book was published the series will be complete with twonovellas , I paid for it this time I don t usually like novellas that are published one by one and form a whole book only at the end, but there will only be twoand the story hooked me And the hot green eyed cop hooked me too So the story continues with the ups and downs in Katy and Simon s relationship Is it a relationship Is it not Is he single Why does he hide things And so on There is some hot text phone sex and we learnabout evil Evan Scott s intentions, the man you ll love not to hate, but to despise, to loathe Yes, he s that bad but not a strong enough man to hate You loathe him some , but he gets some payback too, yeah Simon is hypnotizing, he s sex on legs, a good dirty talker, but not only, he s also willing to help Kate sort her problems not only with Evan and her work, but also with herself, at the same time forcing her to do it and letting her decide if she wants it or not And Kate is endearing, resisting, fighting her demons and finally deciding to open up to her cop and maybe to herself too Of course, there s a cliffhanger at the end and the story isn t finished but I m dying to know what happens next, not only with their love story we all pretty much know how this kind of books end but also with the accusations at her working place.Quotes What s wrong with intimacy Nothing, when you don t care about getting hurt We all care about getting hurt, but sometimes you just have to soldier through it I don t know how to do this I ll teach you His husky promise riveted her to the bed Being in public with Simon, the sexiest man on the planet, and knowing she had an audience in Evan, was the ultimate turn on for Kat Evan could kiss her ass, and everyone in the place who was wishing she was sitting in Kat s seat could, too Simon, for now, was hers Oh, you are so sweet, she purred, now feeling back in perfect control I do love you for wanting tonight to be polite But Simon she tilted her hips and dug her nails into his thick hair, pulling his head back to look up at her I ve discovered that when it comes to you, I m a very dirty girl And dirty girls like to fuck where and when they want to fuck She impaled herself on the thick wide length of him And, she purred as he capitulated with a low moan of surrender, I want to fuck now. 4 Stars Double Dare picks up where The Dare left off Katy and Simon have gone their separate ways I was really hoping this would be dual POV, but we only get Katy s POV Katy can t seem to get Simon off her mind after their explosive one night one morning stand I thought Katy was really in her head a lot in this book She has some definite hang ups when it comes to men She doesn t trust, she s insecure This got a little old at times She and Simon share some texts and have some pretty hot phone sex There are some pretty major developments at Katy s work, involving Evan Who I am really starting to hate Overall, this wasa transitional read I thought Simon and Katy finally reunite towads the end, just in time for a shocking reveal on the Simon front Thanks goodness all of the books are out in this series 5 DANG THAT WAS HOT STARSI really enjoyed the first book and have been waiting with baited breath for all the series to come out before reading it because I was left with such anticipation after reading the first book Basically I was pissed to discover it was a series with a major cliffhanger that I would have to wait to finish Now that I finally have all the books and I finally have the time, all I can say is it was worth the wait I loved it Do I think Kat jumps to conclusions Yes view spoiler So I get her rush to judgement and subsequent emotional breakdown.I loved how they were at the bar and with Evan watching I loved how they were later before the evening ended so abruptly I m diving right into the next installment and I can t wait to read what happens next I hope she kicks Evan and Genomtec s ass

For a long time, controlled chaos ruled Karin s life Busy mother of four, owner of her own successful business and wife to a street cop, she harbored thoughts of twisting plots and hot romantic scenes Now, with only one child left at home and hubby retired from law enforcement, Karin happily pounds out those steamy scenes at her keyboard.Still semi distracted by her adult children Yay no

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