Down to a Sunless Sea

Down to a Sunless SeaThe Time Is The Immediate Future Twin Crises Rock The Globe Dwindling Oil Supply And The Still Unresolved Middle East Conflict And America Is Hit Hardest Of All A Soaring Trade Deficit Has Turned The Dollar Into Worthless Paper The Country S Economy Is In Ruins Civil Violence Divides A Starving, Terrified Population Living In Gutted Cities And Rural PovertyA Huge Airlift Is Undertaken In An Effort To Evacuate Those Fortunate Americans With Family Or Business Contacts Overseas To Safer, Less Troubled Nations The Greatly Expanded British National Airline, Supported By North Sea Oil Supplies, Takes On Much Of The Burden, And In A Grisly Scene Reminiscent Of The Last Days Of Saigon, Captain Jonah Scott Flies His Stretched Jumbo Jet Into Kennedy Airport For Another Passenger Load Of Refugees Scott S Crew Spends A Nightmarish Stopover In Vandal Infested New York Then, At Midnight, Flight Delta Tango Lifts Off For LondonDelta Tango Is , Miles Out Over The Atlantic When, With No Warning, The Long Feared Nuclear War Breaks Out In The Middle East Within An Hour, As Scott And His Crew Listen Helplessly, The Conflagration Leaps Across The Glob And One International Airport After Another Falls Into Radio SilenceWith Fuel Supplies Dwindling Rapidly, Delta Tango Searches Frantically For Some Sanctuary On The Devastated Globe Where The Survivors Can Find Shelter From The Sicking Radioactive Cloud Blotting Out The Sun How This Supersonic Ark On Which The Very Survival Of The Human Race Now Depends Speeds Towards Its Last Remaining Hope For Safe Harbor, How Its Crew And Human Cargo Bear Up Under The Unbelievable Stress Of Navigating The Silent, Deadly Ocean Of Radioactivity Is A Terrifying Nonstop Tale Of Heroism And Suspense With A Stunning And Inspiring Conclusion From The Inside Jacket Cover

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Down to a Sunless Sea book, this is one of the most wanted David Graham author readers around the world.

[KINDLE] ❀ Down to a Sunless Sea By David Graham –
  • Hardcover
  • 317 pages
  • Down to a Sunless Sea
  • David Graham
  • English
  • 15 March 2017

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    I read this book when the Cold War was reaching its icy zenith, amidst new headlines about the Polish unrest of the eighties Leonid Brezhnev s steely glare was not to be dulled by Ronald Reagan s unremitting resolve, while a Polish Pontiff attempted to mitigate the mess, and Lech Walensa refused to budge.It had all started for me MUCH earlierBack around 1961, you see, Ed Sullivan had internationally aired graphic line drawn images of Japanese civilians at ground zero of Hiroshima in 1945, on his wildly popular variety show To this day I don t know how he could have been so irresponsible.Kids my age all over the world watched the horrific pictures fill the TV screen Nightmares You betcha 9 to 12 year old kids everywhere had em.And all that summer, whenever a Canadian Argus military transport lumbered slowly across the sky, I watched warily to see if it was gonna unload the Big One on usSure I was dumb Aren t most kids that age But somehow I know that social planners followed Freud s lead in recognizing the value of fear in societal conditioning.One recent domino event in the present can backtrack smack dab into larger, earlier dominoes from the past traumatic events in our minds quite easilyWell, THAT s my own Big Bang theory, anyway.But by the mid eighties, as the contemporaneous flick LA Cop had it, the heat was on.So when I hoped against hope by reading this vapid thriller, it s for sure that like Dr Strangelove, I was trying to stop worrying and LOVE the bomb Except it didn t work And couldn t.You can t love something which scares you to death.And when I got to the inexorable end, I was a bit disgusted with myself for even starting it.Cause quite simply there s Nothing good that can come from a story or a weapon that ends by killing off everyone and everything you have ever LOVED.And Nothing whatever that s innately, humanly valid in that foul widespread depredation through stark, unnerving Fear of that most basic, cherished human quality of Love that took place in the Cold War.And that blatant depredation continues, unchecked, Today.

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    I learned three things from this book Air stops circulating at the equator Past the equator, you have a whole different planetful of air You can tilt the planet so that your new home in Antarctica will be sunny and grow good food, if you explode lots of nuclear weapons in the Northern hemisphere.How to fly a plane yes, it s that detailed.

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    I read this book a long long long time ago, and then lost it I have wanted to re read this novel forever, but have never been able to find a copy I think it is an excellent book and well written with a great story about a collapsing United States and an apocalyptic nuclear war The whole story take place on board a Boeing 747 passenger plane carrying people, military and refugees from the United States to Great Britain While en route a nuclear war breaks out and the flight for survival begins I really want to read this book again.

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    There s something almost comforting about reading a book about the end of the world that occurs in the 1980 s It s almost like we ve collectively dodged a bullet.The Big One.DOWN TO A SUNLESS SEA is a straightforward Action Adventure tale of a nuclear apocalypse, and relates the adventures of the brave band of men and women who beat the odds and live to fight another day The author s background is in aeronautics, and most of the action happens in the cockpit of a large airliner The writing style and character development are pedestrian at best, yet the compelling storyline demands your attention Nevil Shute s, ON THE BEACH and Pat Frank s ALAS, BABYLON offer the same story, yet so much better delivered And, I m sure there are many, many other examples, but if you are a fan of the genre, DOWN TO A SUNLESS SEA will not disappoint.

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    my all time favourite book, read it about 4 times now

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    A repeat read on another one from my younger days I was, and still am, intrigued by the premise of global destruction due to nuclear war we used to think a lot about that possibility and then get on with life So a lot of these catastrophic scenarios made their way into our books, movies, and TV shows for a couple decades after WWII What was different with Down to a Sunless Sea was it had a jumbo jet loaded with passengers heading from NYC to London and in the air when nuclear war breaks out It then deals with trying to find a relatively safe destination as the world is actively disintegrating and places to safely refuel in transit The author includes technical details about flying the jumbo jet that may not be to everyone s interest but I liked it The wording is a bit dated and some of today s enlightened beings may find some of the character treatments triggering, but I do not believe in judging books written decades ago by today s standards think Uncle Tom s Cabin I read it again for what it is, an intriguing story about nuclear destruction that happened in today s past If you are a fan of classic science fiction, you will probably like this book.

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    I read this many years ago, in the 80s when the threat of nuclear war was something we grew up with and was fodder for a lot in many forms of media I remember this being a great story I had it in my book collection for many years, not sure where it ended up, I would be curious to read it again someday.

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    Utter and complete dreck.A Gary Stu story if I ever read one The author appears to be ignorant of or willfully ignoring basic economic theory The book is unremittingly full of sexist, racist, classist characterizations Not a believable female or American character.

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    This might be the 4th time I have read this book and it is as it ever was Truly a cannot put down kind of story For fans of apocalyptic books, this is a must read.

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    I have wanted to read this novel for a very long time It s been on my list of must read apocalyptic books, but it s very hard to get hold of Finally, I bought a copy and put it on my list of books to read on my upcoming flight to the UK I ve only got 63 books on that list, so I m pretty ashamed of myself that I ve started on this one now After a slightly slow start I m totally hooked As it s a horrendous situation on an international flight, maybe it was a good thing I got to it earlyAs usual, I ll update when done.Finished this one today, sitting in the brilliant light of a New Zealand summer, but thinking about the premise of this novel the world destroyed by a nuclear holocaust It s odd, but I suppose we all dread the end of the world for different reasons Some people dread the loss of life and see the survival of humans as the most important thing Personally, it s not people I fear going, but the beauty of places And not the grand ones, but the little things like an English churchyard, or a thatched cottage with foxgloves in the garden So although the human race survives this apocalypse or a few hundred do , all the rest is gone So what is supposed by the author to be a totally life affirming ending, rather chilled me to the core Fans of apocalyptic novels will definitely want to add this to their list I think anyone interested in flying would as well, as the novel is, at its heart, the story of a technically extreme flight Women might possibly want to skip this one though as the author is a man of his times he was a decorated RAF WWII pilot , and his depiction of women is amusing and quaint to say the least I particularly like Kate the air hostess who was likened at one point to the hot towels and bags of nuts available to anyone who needs a bit of freshening up If you get my drift Poor girl Well worth a read if you can find a copy.

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