Dragon's Bait

Dragon's Bait Falsely Accused Of Witchcraft, Year Old Alys Is Staked Out On A Hillside And Left As Sacrificial Bait For A Hungry Dragon It S Cold And Dark And Raining And Alys Is Thoroughly Alone Even When She Breaks Free Of Her Bindings, There S Nowhere For Her To Go If She Tries To Return To Her Village, The People Of St Toby S Will Simply Stake Her Out AgainAlys Hears Wolves Howling In The Distance Then She Sees The Shadow Of The Dragon Coursing Across The Moon The Question Isdoes The Dragon See Alys

Vivian Vande Velde born 1951, currently residing in Rochester, New York is an American author who writes books primarily aimed at young adults.Her novels and short story collections usually have some element of horror or fantasy, but are primarily humorous Her book Never Trust a Dead Man 1999 received the 2000 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Novel She says that she really likes to write for

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Dragon's Bait
  • Vivian Vande Velde
  • English
  • 12 February 2017
  • 9780440219828

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    I wish there was a sequel.

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    Looking back at this, it seems that Twilight has been an exceptionally bad influence on teenage fantasy Dragon s Bait fits many of the parameters of paranormal romance, which is notoriously bad, but it s also a coming of age story And that s much better than any gorgeous, powerful piece of arm candy making up most of the plot.Though there is Selendrile He s a dragon who can change into human form and an exceptionally good looking human form and is given plot related reasons to travel with the heroine, Alys, and come into intimate situations with her But it s so much than that, at the same time.See, Alys is a witch Or rather, she s been accused of being a witch, and in the medieval setting of the book, you re guilty from the moment someone claims they ve seen you dancing naked On the other hand, 1 for no high school settings or dystopias Selendrile is a dragon that sees her set out for him to devour Except he s not that interested in eating her.What I love about this story is that it deals with than typical romance scenarios based on nothing than how hot the hero is The morality of revenge is even important than that For example, is it wrong to want revenge To act on that want These are very basic philosophical questions, but the way they re dealt with hereFurther, even when Alys succeeds in getting Selendrile to agree to help her with her revenge, it s never just a matter of him burning down a few buildings or eating some cows She has to plot on how to make her revenge as fitting as possible And the consequences of what she does adds to the question of whether or not she was right She suffers for her actions, something that typical Vampire Academy style protagonists never seem to do And she learns and grows throughout the book.Turning back to Selendrile, it s fairly clear that he s an example of Blue and Orange Morality He s not a good person deep down and there is no undying love between him and Alys He does horrible things to Alys enemies, for the fun of it than anything else view spoiler He does ask her to stay with him at the end, but the book leaves it fairly open ended hide spoiler

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    Oh book, why you make me so torn I first heard about Dragon s Bait through this piece on Entertainment Weekly about unmissable teen reads And because it was an older title and because the Publishers Weekly review which I sought after I read the EW article said it is a thoughtful mainstream fantasy with a gently feminist slant , I decided I needed to read it soon.Basically, the story follows a young girl, fifteen year old Alys, as she is accused of being a witch by her neighbours and summarily convicted in an unfair trial by the visiting Inquisitor She loses everything and worst of all, Alys sick father dies in front of her eyes as she is dragged away to be sacrificed to the local dragon.Alys thinks she is all but dead when, to her surprise, the dragon who shape shifts into a hot young man obviously called Selendrile does not kill her Instead, he listens to her story and offers to help her to avenge herself.And you know, I can totally see where both EW and PW are coming from but at the same time no, not really On the one hand we have a quick story with a fairytale vibe Plus, Alys is a great heroine Her voice is engaging, ironic and questioning Her father has been teaching her to work on his workshop against the s of their time where women don t actually work at all and she loves the feeling of being useful.Then when she is taken to be sacrificed to the dragon, she wonders why is it that only maidens are always the ones to be sacrificed And the dragon boy brings to her attention that dragons don t actually make those demands at all as they couldn t care less who they eat Those choices are made by the men who rule the towns and who perceive maidens young unmarried girls with no profession as worthless This could actually be taken as really cool meta textual observation about the way we have chosen to write these stories about dragons and maidens over time.On the other hand, there is very little character development when it comes to the secondary characters, very little thought about character motivation and a confusing world building that is both historical and fantastical but doesn t really care about pesky historical details or in presenting a carefully constructed fantasy world.Not to mention that there is a fairly heavy handed, shallow moral lesson about revenge and how bad it is And if yes, Alys arc is interesting in the way that allows Alys to take control of her own acts by becoming less and less reliant on the dragon s help and coming up with her own plans, it is also incredibly frustrating how it plays out Because in the end, Alys is still rescued by dragon boy after deciding that her feelings of revenge are so bad she decides that the right course of action is to take the blame for EVERYTHING bad that has EVER happened in the village and I am like WHY It is such an out of character thing to do, all the so because after she is rescued, those guilty feelings are never addressed again And then we have the romance between Alys and Selendrile And at first it is great to see addressed the inevitable allure of the not so human, dark, older hot guy at the same time that showed Alys mistrusting him and fearing him for the monster that he is And for the greatest part of the novel till the very end Alys is very unsure about his true feelings and fears he will EAT KILL HER eventually But then they end up together anyway in the most abrupt ending of ALL TIMES in which Alys ends up FOLLOWING him because she has NO OTHER CHOICE, even though he possibly EATS PEOPLE and doesn t really show his emotions toward her except when it comes to mocking her humanity He is very good at THAT.And I am like WHAT JUST HAPPENED And in a way, this is a really interesting choice and it points out to a darkness and to the fact that Alys wants to be with this creature but because it is so abrupt, this choice goes unquestioned and unchallenged for its clearly problematic aspects.Because this was published 20 years ago, maybe it is worth reading Dragon s Bait as a historical piece of YA fiction to see how far YA has come in terms of writing and character development but also how little it has changed in terms of its most obvious problematic romantic tropes Yeah, I will go with that.

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    Published in 1992, this book suffers from the this book is for young adults so it must be short mentality that existed back then And therefore, the characters are not as well developed as I would have liked In her review for School Library Journal, Margaret Chang observed While the writing is smooth and the story moves quickly, the girl s emotions are not convincingly portrayed The story s tone wobbles, sometimes keeping a comic distance from tragic events The abrupt ending may leave readers puzzled as to the heroine s motivations I think that if this book had been written today, the author would have been able to flesh out the characters better and given the reader much detailed descriptions Let s hear it for J K Rowling young adult fiction will never be the same again.

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    This was a choice little find in my school library back in tenth grade, and it s been a favorite ever since I love, love, love Selendrile, and I wish I could meet someone like him The story is compelling, but not too long, and luckily it doesn t have a sequel It s nice to have a stand alone book sometimes I was also pleased that it had a good lesson Fifteen or sixteen year old Alys is falsely accused of being a witch by neighbors and sentenced to death by dragon They tie her to a big pole outside of the town limits and leave her Eventually Alys is able to extricate herself, but has nowhere to go Her father is dead, and there are wolf infested woods around her So, when she sees a beautiful white dragon flying overhead, she yells, You stupid dragon Come and kill me and tosses a rock at it Amused, the dragon wheels around and lands by her She clenches her eyes shut and waits.and waits.until, finally, Alys opens her eyes only to find a nude young man with long white hair and purple eyes staring at her He turns out to be the dragon in human form, and agrees to spare her and help her with her plans of revenge against the townspeople But is revenge really all that it s cracked up to be

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    I ve read a few short YA books lately, most of which have been good This one is the shortest of any of them, and it is also good, but lacks the depth that the other books have The dragon character doesn t have much of a personality at all, and the girl accused of being a witch is driven only by revenge I was waiting for the part where the girl realized that revenge doesn t make you feel any better, but I don t think she really got to that point, not truly I still don t understand why the dragon is drawn to the girl, nor why he decides to help her with her revenge Since he barely talks and has no feelings, I guess we will never know Still, the book is enjoyable It is so short that I had no problem reading it quickly, I finished it and thought it was okay Nothing special about it at all that would warrant any rating above a three There is no complexity, no excitement, just go from here to there, plot a bit of revenge, and move on I know that YA can be deeper and better than this, but oh well Dragon s Bait is an enjoyable little escape from reality, and to some it may be fun to see a girl reek havoc on her tormentors To me it just felt shallow.

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    I just happened to be scrolling through GR or Twitter and saw someone mention this book, and I couldn t believe I hadn t read it before It sounded awesome And it pretty much was Basically, this girl is called a witch because the townspeople are awful and so she becomes food for a dragon who s been terrorizing them Except that her brazenness makes the dragon curious and they become allies in revenge I would not call them friends and there is definitely no romance to speak of, but that s not even the point because despite all of this, they develop a bond based on nothing than an intense loneliness and it is sad but lovelyif not a bit horrifying at times Definitely recommend.

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    What I liked about the book was that there was a lot of good scenes in each chapter I also liked how the girl was able to be near a dragon without the dragon eating her What I didn t like about the book was that there wasn t that many graphic scenes in the books that I have read before.

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    I enjoy stories like this one Not necessarily stories where the maiden is rescued by a handsome, mysterious hero, but those where help comes from an unexpected quarter where someone who s supposed to be an enemy turns out to be a friend I also like a turn about, where the weaker party is called upon to do some rescuing of the stronger.So theme wise, I m fine with this book There s simply not enough to it I don t read a lot of YA novels, but I did recently enjoy the only other Velde book I ve read, Companions of the Night That book surprised me, so I thought I d try another from Velde But this one pretty much met my expectations of what a younger YA novel would be like a nice little story for a young reader, but one that wouldn t hold much interest for me.

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    Alys is an independent girl running her father s shop during his illness, when she is accused of being a witch by her neighbors, who really just want her shop She is tied up outside the village and left for the dragon that has been rampaging to eat.But when he arrives, instead of eating Alys, he offers her a chance to take revenge on her enemies Should Alys take the dragon up on his offer Wouldn t it be ironic if she ended up committing the crimes she has already been found guilty of doing Clever, funny, and with a surprise twist at the end, I found this to be a very satisfying read.

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