Dragon Slippers (Dragon Slippers, #1)

Dragon Slippers (Dragon Slippers, #1) Poor Creel She Can T Believe Her Aunt Wants To Sacrifice Her To The Local Dragon It S A Ploy To Lure A Heroic Knight So That He Will Fight The Dragon, Marry Creel Out Of Chivalrous Obligation, And Lift The Entire Family Out Of Poverty Creel Isn T Worried After All, Nobody Has Seen A Dragon In CenturiesBut When The Beast Actually Appears, Creel Not Only Bargains With Him For Her Life, She Also Ends Up With A Rare Bit Of Treasure From His Hoard, Not Gold Or Jewels, But A Pair Of Simple Blue Slippers Or So She Thinks It S Not Until Later That Creel Learns A Shocking Truth She Possesses Not Just Any Pair Of Shoes, But Ones That Could Be Used To Save Her Kingdom, Which Is On The Verge Of War, Or Destroy It

Jessica Day George likes chocolate, knitting, books, travel, movies, dragons, horses, dogs, and her family These are all things to keep in mind if you ever meet her For instance, you could bring her chocolate to make the meeting go smoothly You could also talk about how adorable her children are, even if you have never seen them You could discuss dog breeds she had a Maltese named Pippin

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  • Hardcover
  • 324 pages
  • Dragon Slippers (Dragon Slippers, #1)
  • Jessica Day George
  • English
  • 27 December 2019
  • 9781599900575

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    My first published novel, and I have to say I am pretty DARN impressed with myself I read it aloud to my son 6 years old because he wanted to know what was in Mommy s books He liked it as well

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    This book is one of those books which may put you off by its beginning Not that it s too slow It s because it s too..uneventful to enjoy I remember how I suffered at least 40% of it I was inexplicably annoyed But I wanted to get through this book at least once to say that finally I have read a book recommended to me by Goodreads After 50% I FINALLY began to enjoy it And I am thankful now to Goodreads for the recommendation OVERVIEW Creel is an orphan Her aunt decided to give her to the dragon because they are poor and that one day a knight may save her from dragon s clutches and marry her and they will get a a good deal of fortune But Creel have her own plans Creel is given to the dragon named Theoradus who doesn t want any fight with the knight So Creel bargains with Theoradus for a valueable thing from his hoard before leaving him The thing she gets from his hoard which is a pair of beautiful blue slippers is the most dangerous thing which sets the world on war RANDOM THOUGHTS Creel is one of the strong female protagonists I have ever read She is determined to be a dressmaker I liked her struggle I must say she is written in a very descriptive manner.Prince Luka was also cute I liked him too Dragons were amazing They were different It was an unexpected fact that these dragons didn t collect gold or such things They collected what they like Like Glasses, Slippers, Books, Dogs etc Each had his own taste Shardas collected glasses which I really loved Theoradus collectef slippers I was annoyed by the fact that why the dragons were not telling Creel the purpose of Slippers Almost above half of the book Creel didn t know why her slippers were soo strange Some might detest this fact I am unsure that I should or not Because when the revelation occurred I forgave this book for this Even though I was very annoyed before So I would suggest you to control yourself while reading The concept of slippers was a bit odd yet amazing I think some elements were little unbelievable Maybe because of its middle grade genre But I didn t find any problem Princess Amalia was sooo annoying I couldn t stand her But she was amazingly written The annoyance of her character was the whole purpose.I am surprised that how this book hasn t turned into an amazing movie I think Disney should give a bit of its attention to this book But I would suggest that movie should alter somethings in the beginning Otherwise it would seem boring to death Believe me Overall, an amazing start of a series If you love dragons and dressmaker heroine, you will love this book 4.5 Stars June 13, 2017

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    This was one of those books that completely surprised me I thought I had an idea of what the book was going to be about because the initial premise is Girl s family is poor, aunt decides giving her to a dragon to be rescued will improve their life immensely, and that premise reminds me a great deal of Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede So I was expecting a humorous fantasy tale filled with wacky adventures Instead, I got a somewhat humorous political story with a strong female heroine whose strength isn t in fighting, but is a good planner and willing to do what she must to save her friends.I hesitated to read this book for some time, because the premise reminded me of Wrede s books, which I love, and I was afraid that the book would be one of those situations where I m reading it, wondering why I m not reading the other book Part of this is the cover The cover is rather cartoony and doesn t really fit with the book It elicits a lot feelings of adventure than the book actually contains Really, this is a political intrigue book, where the main character just happens to fall into events because she makes friends with a prince and a few dragons One element I really loved was how strong a character Creel was without having to fit into a girl becomes a warrior model It s always nice to see well written fantasy girls who can be strong and still have a traditionally feminine job Creel meets her challenges with inner courage and dignity, from befriending dragons to taking on a nasty co worker She doesn t want to be involved with the fate of her country, but she ll do what she has to to protect her friends.Another great element of the book is the use of dragons as characters The author fleshed out human dragon relations nicely as well as gave some reality to the dragon myths This world is the type where it was always your neighbor s grandpa s uncle who saw the dragon, not actually someone you know I love how the dragons collected different things, like how one collected stained glass windows and another collected dogs These little touches bring the dragons to life outside of standard dragon mythology.Happily the author has said she s written a sequel to this book While the end of Dragon Slippers is satisfactory, there is definitely room for a sequel.read the rest of my review

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    This book reminded me of when I had my fantasy phase All I would read was fantasy I know better now but I would have gobble this up then just like I did now.Creel is a poor girl from Carlieff, she has lost her mother and father and is now living with her aunt Her aunt has the genius idea to send Creel to purposely get taken by a dragon, so that a charming prince will rescue and of course marry her Through that marriage the whole family would benefit and no longer be scraping by to make ends meet Well, everything does not go as plannedAs indicated by the title there is an important pair of slippers that play a huge role in this book I caught early on what was so special about them, but Creel herself doesn t for a good chunk of the book I liked how her skills with embroidery come into play, and I could visualize the pieces she made There is so much in this story that is covered, which surprised me because of it s length The take on dragons is unique and the best one I have seen In the story the dragons are personable if that makes sense and are characters in their own right Creel herself will come to have a strong bond with the golden dragon Shardas.Pace, character development, world building, little twists, and plot were right on I could nitpick that it has the feel of other books but I won t I just fell in love with Jessica Day George s way of telling a story It flows right and looks like it was done with ease, though still having the tension you need in a story I imagine it would be an excellent book to read out loud.Will be definitely reading the sequel Dragon Flight.

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    This is the British edition of Dragon Slippers I love it, it s a fun cover, and they ve changed the spellings color to colour, etc Also, they made me take out the word bloody , which is in the American version

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    reads original review groans inwardly 15 year old Amy strikes againThis was a wonderful re read I m surprised I haven t re read it before Creative, well paced, and fundefinitely a treasure I definitely disagree with my original assessment of religion in this book I think it adds a nice flavor Of course, I also appreciate myth a lot now than I did at that age This was a highly amusing, very well written book Easily for younger grades, it also appeals to older ones I truly enjoyed it, and found the most distracting fault in the main character s praying to the three gods godess of her religion Pretty much, that is why this book doesn t get five stars.I truly apreciated discovering that George shares my love of writers like Robin McKinley, Patricia C Wrede, and L.M Montgomery.

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    Bravo I have to confess, as much as I try to keep my tastes liberal I read classics, memoirs, fiction and non fiction , this is really my favorite kind of book I m proud to be your goodreads friend, Jessica this book was pure fun I especially liked the subtle reference to Goose Girl, another of my favorite reads This book is the rags to riches, up by her bootstraps story of a plucky, talented girl who happens to run into dragons a lot I loved the characters and the humor I was glad to see the open ending and can t wait to get on to the sequel.

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    Creel doesn t particularly care for her aunt and Creel s aunt doesn t particularly care for her, either, considering that she tries to sell Creel to a dragon After Creel s parents passed away she had no choice but to reside with her aunt But when her extended family runs into financial problems, Creel is sent to face a dragon in hopes of getting a dashing and wealthy knight to save her Things take a interesting turn when Creel walks away with a blue pair of slippers and a dream of owning a seamstress shop She embarks on a journey that includes myriad magical things handsome princes, annoying princesses, and dangerous dragons.My friend got this for me as a belated Christmas gift While its intended for younger readers, I still enjoyed Creel s tale of heroism and adventure it s crazy to think about how this is acclaimed children YA fantasy author Jessica Day George s first book The plot was tight knit and well executed, while it had great themes for young girls too For example, instead of relying on a prince to solve all of her problems, Creel works hard at mastering her talent and refining her craft She s not a tomboy or an extremely wise beyond her years character, but possesses qualities that children should emulate.Perhaps I m digging a little too deeply in my analysis of this children s novel, but George s characters had great depth to them as well in that they were than their typical stereotypes Larkin, a girl Creel meets pretty early in the story, is crippled initially, Creel assumes that she s sweet, well mannered, and quiet However, she learns that Larkin is than just her wounded leg George doesn t take the easy route in letting her young readers believe that all crippled people are kind or all beautiful blonde girls are idiots I admire her for the subtle messages she weaves into her stories, whether they are intentional or not.I once again must thank my best friend for buying Dragon Slippers for me Highly recommended for younger readers and for anyone searching for a well written fantasy story about dragons review cross posted on my blog, the quiet voice.

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    This was an impulse read and while I did enjoy it, I won t say that I loved it Don t get me wrong, it is a cute story, it just wasn t for me I guess I have grown too old and too jaded to be awed by a simple tale Creel s adventures, right from the time she is sacrificed to a dragon, by her aunt in the hope that a local prince will rescue and then marry her, to the end of the book is definitely full of fun, a little bit of poignancy, a lot of dedication and will, and definitely one to be admired Inasmuch as she never gives up, no matter what she faces, is something all of us should learn The book is meant for the middle graders and while I would love to consider myself that young at least in the mind..lol , this book proved that I am not sighs I found some parts of the story excessively silly while other parts overly exaggerated, which made it really annoying While Creel s character had some kind of rounding to her, the so called evil princess was one dimensional in her portrayal That she brought about a lot of havoc in the end was just not believable as it could have been Maybe as a child, I would have lapped it up. hence the it s me all the way thread in this review My second peeve, perhaps the most important of them all, was that for a book that was about dragons, you don t see them as much as you should otherwise Oh they are there and there is action but it is too little and described as a side plot rather than the main And their whole presence in the book is rushed, which makes one think that this book would have been better titled as Creel s adventures than what it is I guess it is my spoilt nature acting out I wanted dragons and I got very little, so I am upset Whatever be my reaction to it, it doesn t take away the fact that this is indeed a cute book, definitely meant for the young but can be enjoyed by those who like such simple tales told akin to how fairy and folk tales have been narrated the world over Just don t expect a lot a mistake I made and don t think too hard as to why the dragons were restricted to a few pages the author does make a reason for it but I wasn t satisfied.Overall a nice experience, just that it could have been better.

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    I read this book 4 years ago and I re read it recently so some of my views have changed 4.5 stars I distinctly remember why I chose to read this book It wasn t because of the cover if that is Shardas on the cover, it s a bit disappointing Ms George s writing just sucks you in from the very first page Though this is clearly fantasy, the story is believable and the characters are compelling Creel is from a poor family in little Carlieff Town, and is presented as a sacrifice as part of her aunt s scheme Who knew the chain of events afterwards leads her to blueskin slippers, a golden dragon king, and a handsome prince Early on I got that the slippers she had were important to the dragons, and I like how the villains and conflict was portrayed Even though this is a young adult book and I normally read new adult books this book was refreshing and quite enjoyable The ending is not a cliffhanger but rather makes the reader yearn for of Creel s story The other two books in the series Dragon Flight and Dragon Spear have been released and are as good, if not, better than Dragon Slippers You are missing out if you don t read this series

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