Dragons of a Fallen Sun

Dragons of a Fallen SunJust not where I want to be going.We ve got a terrible problem with Dragonlance, and that s the fact that the first 3 books were so darn good, and they were good because they were so negative and depressing and, wellworld ending.So you get a real twisted and tough canonical that s hard to do much with And boy, have they tried just about everything with Dragonlance but throwing the kitchen sink on the cover and having a gully dwarf come up the drain pipe 2016 maybe I like Dragonlance, I just didn t much like this book or the trilogy of books that dealt with a new world and cataclysm I didn t much like the New Generation.All in all, why can t I just have a time machine back to the early 80s, when things were simple 3.5Dragons of Summer Flame sonlar nda hekay nin ucunun nisb t n a q burax lmas bel bir seriya n t kan olub Bir eran bitir n v dig rini ba ladan Xaos m harib sind n sonra tanr s z Krynn v irql rinin kdiyi zablar N ya da kim oldu unu bilm diyimiz bir tanr var i in i ind , bunu da dayanmadan T k Tanr ya dua edin, o sizi xilas ed c k dey n m ridi Mina il bilirik D z , m n ciddi spoiler yemi m bu t k tanr haqq nda D Dragons of a Fallen Sun is the first book of the Dragonlance The War of Souls series and written by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman in 2000.Like other Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman novels, reading this book is enjoyable It is nice to read good novels in Dragonlance world.Forty years passed after the Chaos War which destructs everything in Dragonlance universe Dragons have divided the continent and reigning the humans, elves and dwarves Magical powers are fading and gods have left the world.But there are some changes, a new god is emerging without a name Mina who is the priestess of the one god, the Nameless God become the leader of Knights of Neraka which was previously serving to Takhisis.Tas has traveled from back to the current time and find this future is different from what he has remembered The previous future world was much better, most of his friends are living, elves have united as a one nation, Palin was the head of the whites But in this new future everything is destroyed, there is no magic, elves are still fighting each other, Palin become a black etc.It s interesting to read a time travel themed Dragonlance novel. It took me a little while to get into this book because it starts with characters I don t know and ones who aren t very likable The story picks up when familiar characters come into play, and then, when Weis and Hickman go back to the characters from the beginning, I didn t mind as much The other reason this book is only three stars for me, though, is that much of it feels like exposition, not actual storytelling I want connection to action, dialogue, and the characters My favorite parts are with Tasslehoff, Gilthas, and Silvan because those parts have the most immediacy and development.I think Weis and Hickman do a good job of fitting their own vision for Krynn with Jean Rabe s story line They re kind of dismissive of some of her ideas, which bothers me, but I understand that she took their characters and world in a direction they may not have liked but had to work with Still, I grew to really like Rabe s world and characters, so that s a little disappointing Overall, I m curious about this series now I like the way the different threads come together in the end, and I m starting to become curious about Mina, a character I REALLY didn t like but one who is starting to make sense to me now I still don t care for her, and it s really annoying how everyone instantly falls in love with her and does anything for her I wish Weis and Hickman developed her power a little bit and made it less sentimental, but it got better towards the end All in all, I recommend this to DL fans, but you might be disappointed if you re expecting a story along the same lines and of the same caliber as the original Chronicles I think this story does suffer, and there s some repetition and lack of creativity Hopefully, that changes with book two Though it has been years since I have read this book, I still remember it fondly Set in the future of the original Dragonlance books it still holds the same quality of writing and the same epic quality A truly great fantasy read. It wasn t a BAD book per say, it s just that the ending left me kind of embittered, and I thought there were a few characters that just absolutely destroyed the book for me Mina As a disclaimer, I have always loved the combination of Weis and Hickman, but I couldn t really get behind this one Throughout the series, they just kept throwing character after character at the reader, introducing new story arcs, but not doing much with them, and I felt that the ending left quite a few loose strands, and you never get to find out or get any resolution about them It was well written, and a couple characters had me empathizing with them, since they had depth and were well developed Tas and Gerard , and the story being given through the eyes of the evil faction was pretty inventive as well I wanted to like this book , but it came short of my expectations. The first big trilogy from Weiss and Hickmann since Legends I have read it once and I think I have tried reading it a couple of times since but not really getting into it not sure why because this time around, I really liked it.A new player stands on the face of Krynn, Mina, a young girl, follower of the One God Able to predict the future, heal the sick and look into the hearts of people around her, Mina soon gets a huge following of Knights of Neraka and mercenaries.Meanwhile, Tas suddenly appears in Solace after being presumed dead for 30 years and a young knight, Gerard uth Mondar, travels with him to Qualinest to meet up with Laurana, Palin and the young king Gilthas Qualinest, being controlled by the dark knights, are not so easily entered but Gerard and Tas manages, setting events in motion they hadn t even dreamed of.In Silvanost, young Silvan, son of dark elves Porthios and Alhana Starbreeze, suddenly finds himself inside the shield the elves have risen to keep out everybody else and finds himself on the throne of Silvanost, a country rapidly dying because of the power of the shield.As always, Weiss and Hickmann manages to keep many storylines in the air at once and keeping you guessing as to what will happen and how it all will come together. The People Of Krynn Have Known War In Past Ages Some Are Still Alive Who Remember The Triumph Of Good At The Conclusion Of The War Of The Lance Still Remember The Devastation Of The Chaos War, Which Ended The Fourth Age Of The WorldBut Now A New War Is About To Begin, Terrible Than Any Have Known This War Is One For The Very Heart And Soul Of The World ItselfThe War Of Souls OK, guys, let s take everything that everybody liked about the Dragonlance setting and get rid of it That s essentially what happened with the introduction of the Fifth Age From what I hear, this same error was repeated in the Forgotten Realms setting nearly a decade later as DD moved forward into its 4th edition rule set.Although when I decided Dragonlance sucked now I just started reading Drizzt books, so you know whatever I have the young and dumb shelf for a reason. Top notch fantasy One of my favorite Dragonlance novels Full of mystery, psychology, humor, politics, and action Weis and Hickman are masters of writing from the point of view of the evil characters They are also excellent at creating flawed, ambiguous characters.This book won t be very enjoyable or completely understandable unless you ve read most of the prior major Dragonlance novels at least the Chronicles trilogy, the Legends trilogy, Second Generation, Dragons of Summer Flame, and the Dragons of a New Age trilogy.

Fantasy novelist who, along with Tracy Hickman, was one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world I ve written numerous novels and short stories set in the world of Krynn, as well as series in other, original worlds These include Darksword, Rose of the Prophet, Star of the Guardians, DeathGate, Dragonvarld, Sovereign Stone, Dragonships, and the Dragon Brigade I also wrote two para

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  • Paperback
  • 627 pages
  • Dragons of a Fallen Sun
  • Margaret Weis
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9780786918072

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