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Driving HeatIn another Nikki Heat novel, Castle paints some interesting imagery in another New York based adventure Newly promoted to Captain and Precinct Commander, Nikki Heat must work through the kinks of the new job while juggling an h Homicide team and her ever spontaneous fianc , Jameson Rook When called to the scene of a murder, Heat discovers the victim is than simply a kayaker shot in the head, but her personal therapist, with whom she has shared many personal details While hiding this from her team, the investigation continues, only to show that the therapist s files have been removed from his office sending Heat into a panic Further probing of security camera footage shows Rook leaving the premises in the days leading up to the fateful event Suspicious, but harbouring her own secrets, Heat sits on this as her squad continues to probe When a second victim surfaces, this time at an auto safety testing facility, with Rook hanging around to find the body, suspicion turns to questions of coincidence While he does not want to reveal sources or too many contents of a story, Rook admits that he is looking into software glitches related to safety mechanisms in vehicles Further exploration shows that there is a potential cover up and admissions of guilt from one party to their therapist With Heat and her team on the case, foraging into the depths of software malfunctions, a rogue former cop begins targeting them and an industry geek sheds light on the subject, while drones hunt them down and provide a major roadblock to progress After a kidnapping of Jameson Rook offers some insight into the killer, Heat must piece things together, while trying to decide if her choice to marry Rook is beneficial to her long term happiness With flavours of hokey and crime fighting alike, Castle offers up a decent story with some interesting twists Great for fans of both the tv and book series.I have often struggled with the silliness factor embedded in the Castle novels While there is a place for a character to shed some off hand remarks that leave the reader rolling their eyes, the constant less than dedicated nature of Jameson Rook gets under my skin That said, Castle is able to portray this character while pushing a decent story ahead and leaves the reader wondering as twists present themselves For that, I am grateful and highly intrigued As is addressed briefly in the novel, Nikki Heat s presence outside the Squad Room and out fighting crime left me curious is this not something she would give up with a higher rank I suppose her promotion would come at a cost to readers and the storyline, leaving Castle to fudge some of the realities to make it happen However, there may be a remedy on the way in the next novel, if some of the latter narrative is to be believed Well crafted with a decent narrative and dialogue, as well as the personal and workplace hurdles one can expect of a reformulated Homicide team, Castle captures some of the essence needed to keep the reader s interests piqued.Kudos, Mr Castle for this I am eager to see what the next novel brings, even if I have to suffer through Jameson Rook Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at For the full review visit Jess So NerdyThis instalment in the Nikki Heat series was once again another amazingly fun read although I really expected no less The ways in which season 7 of Castle was interpreted and reflected upon in this book really intrigued me I loved picking up on all the little references from the show, especially how Richard Castle still likes to play the role reversal card Things that happen or are said by Kate become things that happen or are said by Rook and I think it s really interesting how he does that He almost in a way highlights how Kate is not alone in the things she worries about losing the spark in their relationship when they get married and how far he would go to protect her if he could by switching their places However, it also raised a lot of questions for season 8 Kate s new role in the precinct, the tension that will undoubtedly loom between Esposito and Ryan etc etc. I loved the fast paced read, but what has prompted me to give this book a three star rating rather than four or five stars are the spelling errors Again.I hope the publisher, editor and ghost writer of Driving Heat are reading this review because yet again in this book and previous books Zachary Hammer, also referred to as The Hammer is Hammer in one chapter, and Hamner in another Irritating Sloppy Disrespectful to the reader I understand that churning out the books to match and follow the show must be an imperative but not at the expense of the writing or the reader.The sloppiness is also anathema in relationship to the character of Richard Castle who is portrayed as a grammatical perfectionist with an excellent grasp of the English written language Hamner vs Hammer contradicts Castle s character.Disappointing and this says a lot as a Castle fan. My rating is 3.5 stars.Another Nikki Heat book written by the fictional character Richard Castle of the television show Castle On that show he promotes books which happen to be real novels written by a ghost writer I absolutely love this tie in In this one, Nikki s psychiatrist is found murdered and Nikki who has been recently promoted to captain is worried her sessions will become public.I am a fan of this series as I think the whole concept is so clever Fans of the show will especially love these books While reading there are multiple nods to the show that fans will recognize These nods are not heavy handed that non fans will be lost The murder mystery is your basic murder mystery novel that these books detail the whole police investigation The mystery isn t the most complicated mystery but it does what it is suppose to do Keeps you guessing until it is solved.This is an entertaining read that fans and non fans can enjoy It isn t serious literature but is isn t meant to be As a bonus fans of the television series will love the final chapter as we get the scene the way it should have played out on the show. I just love this series and the Castle TV show. Nikki Heat has been promoted to Captain, and her police shrink has been murdered She finds that she has to let go of her former job, and let her subordinates actually do their job At the same time, she has completely new duties she has to manage, dealing with the higher ups and politics she never had to deal with before.Meanwhile, there is a lot of friction with Rook, because he was working on an article with the victim, but won t tell the police what he knows.Well constructed mystery. I really like this series The tv show is a touch better but that could be because of Nathan Fillion s butt This has a great plot I ve already bought the next book. Richard Castle, New York Times Mega Bestselling Mystery Writer And Star Of ABC S Hit Primetime Show Castle Is Back In The Seventh Novel Of His Popular Nikki Heat Series, The NYPD S Top Homicide Detective Has Been Promoted To Captain Just In Time To Face A Thrilling Case With A Very Personal Twist Captain Heat S Fianc , Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Jameson Rook, Is Deep In An Investigation Professionally For Heat, Rook S Meddling In The Case Compromises Her New Job Privately, It Becomes An Early Test Of Their Engagement When Rook Becomes A Distraction At Best, And An Obstacle At Worst, As Their Parallel Lives Not Only Cross, But Collide What do Nikki s dead therapist, a cover up about cars whose rollover correction software malfunctions without warning, a protest about the detainment of a Syrian citizen, a hack that cripples the NYPD s computer and phone systems, a super rich evil villain, a threatening congressman, deadly civilian drones, and a recently fired cop with psychological issues have in common They re all parts of the incredibly complicated case in this mystery, which I enjoyed as much as any Nikki Heat mystery, but I felt like I needed to make a chart to keep track of all the characters, living or dead, and since I do not have that kind of patience for a book this long, I mostly just tried to keep my head above water as I let the case tumble me along and tried not to grind my teeth every time Rook mentioned a certain ride catching app I did quite like the last chapter, though Much satisfying than the show s version. The very meta saga of the fake Nikki Heat novels being written by the fictional Richard Castle continues I have enjoyed the novels, as they are faster, larger, and push the envelope a bit than the show Castle For those reasons, I really enjoyed the book My main complaints are that the book recycles plot elements from previous books It seems like every novel, Rook and Heat have a major relationship fight and after a while, like sitcoms cough Scrubs it gets old Otherwise, an entertaining book.

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