Dylan (Montana Creeds, #2)

Dylan (Montana Creeds, #2) Hailed As Rodeo S Bad Boy For His Talent At Taming Bulls And Women, Dylan Creed Likes Life In The Fast Lane But When The Daughter He Rarely Sees Is Abandoned By Her Mother, Dylan Heads Home To Stillwater Springs Ranch Somehow The Champion Bull Rider Has To Turn Into A Champion Father And Fast Town Librarian Kristy Madison Is Uncharacteristically Speechless When Dylan Creed Turns Up For Story Time With A Toddler In Tow The Man Who D Left A Trail Of Broken Hearts Including Her Own Is Backand This Time Kristy S Determined To Tame His Wild Ways Once And For All

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 372 pages
  • Dylan (Montana Creeds, #2)
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • English
  • 08 January 2019
  • 9780373773589

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    I jumped right into this book after finishing the first book in the series And then I spent most of my free time yesterday reading because this book was just as good maybe even a little better than the first book Montana Creeds Dylan is the second book in the Montana Creeds series about the 3 Creed brothers distant cousins of the McKettricks who have been estranged for years I wouldn t recommend reading this book as a standalone or the series out of order The books are pretty heavily connected and need to be read in order for everything to make sense.Dylan Creed hadn t ever planned to return to his hometown of Stillwater Springs for longer than a day visit not after the fall out with his brothers and then losing his girl But now he s suddenly a full time Dad after his ex girlfriend dumps their daughter in Dylan s truck and runs So Dylan does the only thing he can think to do go home He and his older brother Logan have made progress lately, and now he needs Logan s help to make sure he can keep his daughter.One look at the girl he lost, though, and Dylan realizes he wants sweet, sexy librarian Kristy Madison back as well Kristy tries to resist at first, but the love she still feels for Dylan, and his adorable daughter draws her to them To make things complicated, an old crime involving Kristy s father has come to light, and now somebody seems to have it out for Kristy And Dylan will do whatever it takes to protect her.I m really enjoying this new series by Linda Lael Miller It s got a little bit of everything family, feuding, love, a smidge of suspense and mystery And great characters.In the last book, I thought the romance was a little understated, but in this one, the romance is much prominent There s a lot of time spent with Dylan and Kristy and I enjoyed reading about them I thought Dylan s internal emotions could have been a little better conveyed, but overall, the romance of the book was very solid.The sub stories of the book the revelation of a crime committed by Kristy s father, a body found, and some random acts of violence give the story some variety And like the first book, I found this one to be very readable with its smooth pacing and flow If I had to knitpick, there are two things one being that in neither of the first two books have the ages of the characters been mentioned You get a general idea, but no actual number That, along with some other details, makes me feel at times like the timeline from past to present is a little off And the second thing my 2 year old niece is very advanced, or Dylan s 2 year old daughter in the book is a bit behind The way little Bonnie was written made her seem like a year old than two.But those are knitpicky things Otherwise, I really enjoyed this book It s interesting to read about 3 brothers who are so at odds with each other but are now working things out Both books 1 2 so far have just been very engaging and I look forward to reading the 3 books.

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    3.5 Stars

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    Can I just say that Dylan is hot I really liked this one I enjoy the kind of book that you can relate to and have a hero that is strong, yet sensitive and responsable Dylan is an ExRodeo champion that had a daughter with a woman that he only spent a week with Now the woman doesn t want the responsability any longer and dumps this helpless little girl off on Dylan After leaving a poker game at a seedy casino he goes to his truck and finds his two year old daughter in the truck alone He immediately takes responsability and heads for his home in Montana His Ranch, his brother and his true love are there He just needs to get everything on his side and things will be just fine Kristy is the town librarian that Dylan left years ago she is lonely and in need of a life that includes a husband and family When dylan shows up in town with his baby girl she is stunned, but is also drawn not only to Dylan but to htis small child Kristy s life gets really complicated when the local sherrif decides to dig up her horse and see if there is someone else buried there too With all of this happening, Dylan and Kristy try to find each other and their love too.

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    I am somewhat disappointed in these Creed brothers stories They could be made so much interesting, but these books are too much of a light read for me I like the promise of their stories, but not how they come out on paper I have read so much better stuff by L.L Miller.

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    Such a sweet little story I enjoyed getting to know Dylan Creed and so thankful that Kristy is his forever Bonnie was such a doll and even though her mom was a low life, I m hoping she s no longer gonna be in the picture Single Dad becomes a full time dad when the mother other of the child leaves her in the cab of his truck Apparently she stayed close enough to keep tabs until he got to her, but then was off like a bullet afterwards I still have a stack of Creek related books at home to go through as part of my own person goal to read all the books in my home before going to an outside source to get books Rating R language and sexual content Language use of deity and totally NOT necessary Recommend Yes

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    Avis tir de mon blog Une petite romance bien sympa, un peu moins prenante que le pr c dent mais une lecture agr able Dylan Creed ne s attendait absolument pas a Son ex lui confie la charge de sa fille, il a trouv la petite endormie dans sa voiture alors qu il sors en pleine nuit de sa partie de carte au casino Et il n a pas l intention de se laisser faire une autre fois, elle aurait d j du la lui confier la naissance mais se sert de l enfant pour lui soutirer de l argent tout le temps.Alors Dylan d cide de rentrer la maison, de se poser, d avoir une vie stable Tout ce qui pourrait convaincre un juge de lui confier la garde total de sa fille, loin de la drogue et de la vie vagabonde de sa m re.Mais Stillwater Springs il n y a pas seulement ses fr res, avec qui il ne s entend pas merveilles, il y a aussi Krysty, son amour de jeunesse, qui a bien chang depuis qu ils se sont s par s apr s une violente dispute il y a de nombreuses ann es La nouvelle Krysty est bien d termin e l viter, mais comment r sister une si jolie enfant J ai bien aim le fait qu il y a une vrai intrigue en dehors de la romance pure Certes la romance est importante, tr s douce et bon enfant, faite de famille, et de personnages un peu cass s qui se retrouvent enfin Mais le reste tait aussi important.Il y a toute une intrigue autours du pass des parents de Krysty et de ce qui c est vraiment pass dans le ranch de ses parents Ainsi qu une autre plus petite sur des animaux maltrait s et j ai trouv que le tout rendait vraiment bien et formait un livre vraiment tr s sympa et agr able car on ne s ennuie pas une seule seconde en le lisant Apr s il ne faut pas s attendre un livre m morable, mais comme lecture chouchou, tranquille et qui r chauffe le c ur, c est id al J ai pass un tr s bon moment.16 20

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    Dylan is still on the rodeo circuit and also working as a stunt man when he receives calls from his older brother Logan talking nonsense about rebuilding on the old homestead and putting up fences on his property But it s when a one night stand can t take being a mother any longer and leaves his two year old daughter Bonnie in his truck one night that he even seriously thinks about going home Once he gets there and sees what Logan has in mind and finds out that his lost love is still unmarried, he realizes that home is exactly where he belongs.Being the town librarian isn t the fanciest job in town, but Kristy Madison is happy with her life Or is she She s suffered so many losses in the last few years, including the family ranch, but what else is she to do When Dylan shows up on her doorstep, wanting to reacquaint himself with her in every way, she can t resist him or his daughter They have a lot to get straight between them before a relationship will really work, but when it s so good between them in bed, the talking isn t far behind.Dylan makes a terrific father and the scenes with his daughter are lovely I liked the slow way Ms Miller lets the brothers work out their differences and become a family again Though they all have their separate problems when they come together, they learn quickly those problems can be solved when working together And Dylan and Kristy s situation is no different There s a hurtful past between them and it takes time and work to get through it all But everything is worth it with a family waiting for them on the other side.See my complete review at

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    He s called rodeo s bad boy and he s a man who likes life in the fast lane But when the daughter he hardly knows is abandoned by her mother, Dylan heads home to the family ranch Town librarian Kristy Madison is shocked when he turns up for story hour with a toddler in tow The man who d left a trail of broken hearts including hers is back, and this time Kristy s determined to tame his wild ways I just loved this story Lael Miller brings the west, small towns, and strong knit communities together perfectly Right from the start, i had strong feelings about one character, and i kept thinking, Let her be the bad guy I am only giving this book a 5 star, simply because i can t give it a 6 star.

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    Whew Another great one by Miller Rodeo s bad Boy Dylan Creed gets the shock of his life when he leaves a Vegas gambling establishment His daughter Bonnie, has been left in his truck by her mother Okay Dylan needs to fess up and become a father so he heads home to Montana to the Creed ranch.Left behind was Kristy Madison, who Dylan left in Stilwater Springs She has continued to love Dylan no matter how many years have passed.Another great one by Miller How Kristy and Dylan reunite after so many years and for the god of Bonnie and their never ending love was a sweet story.Next is Tyler s story and I am chomping at the bit to get it when it comes out in April

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    I m sure this was a fine book I skimmed it because I just don t like books where the hero and heroine are old lovers who broke up and then meet again years later Sometimes I can read them if I m in the right mood or if they are just phenomenal This one he didn t really seem to love her so I just couldn t get into it It also bothered me that she didn t have kids but wanted them and he had one with a floozie I guess I felt too sorry for her.

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