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El libro de arenaThis is one of Borges last books, and many of the pieces here are less than his best The Congress, however, is a tale of the microcosm as powerful and effective as The Aleph, and The Book of Sand is also one of Borge s finest stories The Sect of Thirty is an excellent short piece, and the theological implications of this account of heresy are both disturbing and illuminating Don t expect too much, and you will enjoy watching an old master at work. Borges in zel kitaplar ndan biri Kum Kitab Eser birbirinden ba ms z yk ler i eriyor ve hepsinde ayr bir lezzet var Metafizik ba lamda ve i d nyam za yap lan g ndermeleri ok etkileyici buldum Ya amdan kesitlere yap lan ince g ndermeler de d nd r c yd Bu y n yle felsefi d n e de katk s olabilecek bir yap t Dil olduk a ak c ve i erik olduk a s r kleyici, bir g nde bitirdim diye de not d m olay m Bir ok sayfada yer imi kulland m zellikle Kongre ve Ba ka eyler Daha Var isimli yk lerden ok etkilendim yk lerin ba nda verilen minik al nt lar da ok keyifliydi Kitab n i inden se ti im al nt lara buradan ula abilrsiniz. There s something really sensory and textured about JLB s fiction writing Reading his work always invokes the distinct smell of dusty leather bound books, the creaking sounds of flawed wood floors lightly tread upon by anonymous figures in the corridors of giant, empty houses, the odors of burnt coffee and blackened toast, a wind gust through a broken and off kilter porch chime A little stuffy at times, but in that charming, quirky professor sort of way, the one who always wore mod colored tweed, smelled like shoe polish and mothballs, and would incessantly, delicately blow his nose with an actual silk handkerchief This is what I find most immediately appealing about Borges I can not only read and enjoy his stories, but see them, detect their various scents, feel the ambient temperature of the room, hear the distant, inconsequential noises inside them He manages to use a light hand to paint great detail.Unlike the compilation Labyrinths with its pockets of occasionally dense hinting at impenetrable storylines, The Book of Sand finds Borges wholly in his later years, the retired Gentleman, spinning fantastical tales of dreamlike scenarios involving a dozen different manifestations of the aging author, looking back on love, nightmares, hallucinations, goals both met and shamefully forgotten, and literary and spiritual worlds invoked at various points throughout his conscious awareness Of my favorite stories in the collection, the majority were arguably a little bit Lynchian in their not quite placeable eeriness In fact, both There Are More Things with its surreal and terrifyingly barren setting and A Weary Man s Utopia with its spooky ooky wise man frozen in time are downright Black Lodge y in the best of ways.Another gems is The Other which deals with a young Borges coming face to face with the older version of himself, or vice versa, or both, or who is really the conscious one here and is now actually now or some other time , etc You know, Borges stuff Others deal with sacred manuscripts and elusive texts, secret or alien societies, rare artifacts with magical powers, mythologies re embraced and mutated, High Literature, dead languagesyou know, other Borges stuff Ulrikke is a gorgeous ode to both the fleeting nature of passion and the echoing impact people can have on you through even brief entanglements or maybe it s just Borges trying to romanticize one night stands and was probably the most emotionally potent for little old me, personally, as someone who has lost a lot of people over the years in a number of ways I think there is something here for everyone, though, assuming they have even the tiniest bit of imagination and human emotions Book not for robot.A short, visceral, and subconscious strumming collection Even if you don t like the stories, you ll definitely at least be able to smell them, and they may continue to sneak into your head at night for some time afterward. It s not the reading that matters, but the rereading So true of all JLB s worksI have the Collected Fictions, but am splitting my review of that into its components, listed in publication order Collected Fictions all reviews The Book of Sand is the eighth, published in 1975 After the generally quite straightforward stories of Brodie s Report, this is a welcome return tomystical, metaphysical tales This review does NOT include the four stories published as Shakespeare s Memory.The Other 6 The encounter was real, but the other man spoke to me in a dream How often have you wondered what you would tell your younger self, if you had the chance Would your younger self take any notice What else would you talk about More importantly, would you give them a glimpse of my past, which is now the future that awaits you , and if you did, would you be constraining that future by doing so So many of JLB s stories have semi fictionalised aspects of himself, or a person meeting another version of themselves this has both See also August 25, 1983 , below, and Borges and I in Dreamtigers But although it is described in pleasant terms, JLB says it was almost horrific while it lasted and mentions elemental fear and the sleepless nights that followed view spoiler They talk about literature, of course and family Young JLB has recently read Dostoyevsky s The Double, which is apt It s awkward, though We were too different, yet too alike We could not deceive each other and that made conversation hard Each of us was almost a caricature of the other JLB realises There was no point in giving advice,,, because the young man s fate was to be the man that I am now He concludes that the meeting was real for him, but merely a dream for his younger self hide spoiler .84 90 Ya le cinco libros de Borges y sigue imbatible Este tal vez no sea el mejor de sus libros de cuentos un 3.5 ser a m s sincero , pero re ne el suficiente m rito como para no quedar rezagado Mientras lo le a me pregunt si hay algo que no est relacionado con la Literatura en la obra cuent stica de Borges y la conclusi n nada brillante es que no, que todo tiene relaci n con eso, sum ndole tambi n el mbito acad mico Plantea un desaf o, porque una entiende ciertas referencias pero cuando nombra textos que suenan extra os se ve en la obligaci n de consultar, al menos para saber si son inventos Y suelen serloEl libro de arenaes peculiar porque hay cuentos que tienen como protagonista al mismo Borges recreado, ficcionalizado, repensado y hay otros que tratan de esconder que el personaje est basado en s mismo Algo as como Dante Alighieri en La Divina Comedia Como prueba contundente de ese juego, est la l pida de Borges en Ginebra, cuyo epitafio remite a Ulrica , incluido en este libro Estos cuentos se me hicieron mucho m s cerrados tanto en argumento como en significado Algunos son terrenales como El soborno y otros son de corte fant stico, como El otro este cuento me gust mucho, al igual que El espejo y la m scara o El libro de arena No dir que se leen r pido porque ser a una mentira si no se les dedica tiempo y atenci n, el libro se termina con la sensaci n de que no se ley nada o no se entendi ni la mitad de lo que dec a De m s est recordar que las relecturas de los mismos nunca sobran Algo m s para comentar hay di logos o pensamientos de los narradores y o personajes que se quedan atragantados Son directos, no tienen mucho filtro y para el lector que desconoce las posiciones ideol gicas y pol ticas de Borges, pueden llegar a ser un estorbo siempre y cuando no las tome muy en serio.RecomiendoEl libro de arenapero no es el indicado para alguien que quiera empezar a leer a Borges, ya que correr a el riesgo de frustrarse O, en todo caso, eso es lo que me hubiera pasado a m. . Querido Ser Fiel, N Estos Ejercicios De Ciego Dijo En Una Ocasi N Jorge Luis Borges Refiri Ndose A Los Relatos Incluidos En El Libro De Arena , Al Ejemplo De Wells La Conjunci N Del Estilo Llano, A Veces Casi Oral, De Un Argumento Imposible El Propio Autor Reconoce La Singularidad De Uno De Estos Relatos Si De Todos Mis Textos Tuviera Que Rescatar Uno Solo, Rescatar A, Creo, El Congreso , Que Es A La Vez El M S Autobiogr Fico El Que Prodiga M S Los Recuerdos El M S Fant Stico Una foglia nel bosco L incontro fu reale, ma l altro parl con me in un sogno e per questo mi ha potuto dimenticare io parlai con lui durante la veglia e il ricordo mi tormenta ancora L altro mi sogn , ma non mi sogn rigorosamente.Nel solco di Stevenson e Dostoevskij, e insieme del bibliotecario Papini, viaggiando a fianco del compagno segreto conradiano, Borges enumera una serie di racconti fantastici, sogni, visioni, incontri con ospiti, spettri e apparizioni, in materia di doppio e sogno, memoria e oblio, ragione e follia, invenzione e premonizione, conflitto tra passato e futuro Lo stile semplice e essenziale, la prosa musicale e incantata, la temporalit aperta e molteplice, il racconto pervaso dalla soggettivit invisibile dell autore con il suo sguardo soprannaturale Nell utopia letteraria e onirica borgesiana, fatta di pluralit e archetipi, ogni uomo il suo Shakespeare Se imparare ricordare, ignorare avere dimenticato, allora la persona che scrive inventa quel primo personaggio che l autore dell opera come ricorda il saggio I livelli della realt in letteratura di Calvino e la narrazione procede per illusioni, profezie e paradossi, metafore e enigmi, giochi, riscritture e misteri Tra gli specchi dell intertestualit , non importano i libri che leggiamo, ma quelli che rileggiamo disordinate combinazioni, rovesciamenti e possibilit di memoria, volont e intelletto luoghi dove comprendere la natura infera dell identit , a dimostrare che tutti i simboli sono fallimenti Libri, biblioteche, tigri azzurre, lupi, spade, pampa e deserto e case infestate, duelli, rose e re, mostri e eroi e poesie ogni elemento in Borges, diabolico o angelico, concorre a formare un infinita trama arcana, inesplicabile e indecifrabile, una parallela realt omerica, congetturale, dalla quale ha origine un istintiva meraviglia, un interrogarsi perplesso dell intelligenza, una metafisica ebbrezza dell essere Ricordai di avere letto che il modo migliore di nascondere una foglia un bosco. .

Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo, usually referred to as Jorge Luis Borges Spanish pronunciation xo xe lwis bo xes , was an Argentine writer and poet born in Buenos Aires In 1914, his family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain On his return to Argentina in 1921, Borges began publishing his poems and essays in Surrealist literary journals He also wo

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