Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion

Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion Savanna Dreaded Telling Her Family And Friends About Her Failed Marriage So Much That She Hid It While Living In Another State But She Can T Stay Away When Her Best Friend Cassie Loses Her Husband, Who Dies On Duty As A Firefighter Savanna Quickly Returns Home To Help, Longing To Find Herself Again And Make A Home For Her Daughter She Meets Mike S Best Friend, Jason, The Man Who Talked Him Into Staying With The Department Just Before The Fatal Fire He S Also The Man Who Once Saved Savanna S Life Though Hurting Herself, Something Deep Inside Her Won T Let Her Walk Away Jason Needs Her, But She S Off Limits On So Many Levels She S Falling For This Sexy Firefighter, But He Confuses Her To No End Savanna S A Single Mom With Secrets, And She Could Lose Her Best Friend Over Him

Kristen James lives in the Pacific Northwest USA and enjoys many outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, berry picking and canoeing Her writing features the mountains and coastline in her home state of Oregon, along with lots of conflict and emotion She loves creating unique story lines and strong, complicated characters that stay with readers Kristen is the author of over twenty books, a

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 214 pages
  • Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion
  • Kristen James
  • English
  • 10 November 2018

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    Embers of Hope Second Gift series by Kirsten JamesSince the first book I ve read by this author I was impressed with the fact that her romance books is always based on real life situations No heiress or Duke working as a farmhand This is real people in real life and they have real life problems This book the male protagonist has two problems Okay three.One, he has an ex girlfriend who wants him to be the daddy of her baby The fact that he is not the father is not her problem.He also has a friend s wife blaming him for her husband s death.His third problem is that he has always been a man about town Making his credibility less than optimum from the woman with a baby he now falls in love with Our main female protagonist has her own problems.But this is a love story one where the ending is like a cup of coffee, a really good cup of coffee You savour every sip and when at the bottom of the cup, you convince yourself that the cup must be leaking so you go make another cup and buy the next available book in the series.5 Star in a dreamy hero s eye for this bookWaAr

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    This one had the potential to be so much than it turned out to be Not really fully well developed story in my opinion Rushed relationship, rushed ending with too many problems thrown into the storyline with none fully completed The storyline involves a fireman, Jason who saved a young woman s life in an apartment fire Two years later Jason and Savanna come face to face once again He has just lost his best friend in a tragic fire and the widow holds him responsible The widow just happens to be best friends with Savanna She is now divorced with a small child There s a former girlfriend thrown into the mix who first blames an unconfirmed pregnancy on Jason and later on Jason s friend who died in the fire Then Savanna s ex mother in law enters the picture, along with the creepy ex husband who is suing Savanna for custody of the young daughter Nothing flowed evenly There were editing errors as well.

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    This was a compelling, emotional read that took me by surprise I d been in a bit of a reading slump, and didn t know what to start next when I spotted this on my Kindle from when I picked it up free on Savannah is a single mother who kept her friends and family in the dark about her divorce but then she comes home and has to explain the turns her life has taken She finds that her friends and family need her support as much as she needs theirs It s a story of forgiveness, trust, love and courage that touched me with it s rich characters.

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    I am a woman If you cut me, do I not bleed If you offer me chocolate, do I not take it If you offer me romance, do I not read it Of course I do, I am woman Let me introduce you to my newest weakness Romance novels by author Kristen James I met Kristen via an interview I recently did on her Interview and decided to try her book Boy is the woman, and reader, in me happy I did Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion is a well written love story, reminiscent of the movie Backdraft, in the fact that the main character, Jason, is a firefighter and his best friend, Mike, is killed in a fire The central characters of the story are Savanna, her best friend Cassie, Cassie s husband Mike and Mike s best friend Jason The story starts off with Savanna moving herself, and her infant daughter Aubrey, or Bobby Boo as she is affectionately called, to Texas to help her best friend, Cassie, recover from the very recent death of her husband Mike Mike is a firefighter who is killed in the line of duty Mike s best friend, Jason, is held accountable by himself and Cassie, even though he was not involved in the accident Savanna quickly realizes that Jason is the firefighter who saved her life a few years before Being the mother hen that she is, Savanna soon decides that she not only needs to repair Cassie but also Jason, thus throwing herself in the middle of the two since Cassie blames him The reader soon realizes that Savanna needs some saving herself as the last 2 or so years of her life with her ex husband Eric have been horrible After hearing parts of Savanna s story, and an intense internal feeling of need, Jason also feels the need to help Savanna A beautifully woven plot, Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion, will have you crying with Cassie, cheering for Jason, and praying Eric does not return to distinguish the flames that are spreading between Jason and Savanna A romance novel that any woman with a history of being burned by love, and has hopes to rekindle the flame, can enjoy Next up, More Than Memories, in the Kristen James romance novels I hope today you get your daily helping of romance and chocolate Enjoy your day MelissaA room without books is like a body without a soul Cicero

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    There was a good story in there.somewhere.I rate this book a 3, because it did keep me engaged and I did finish it However, there are several problems with it The first is that in some places, the author has the wrong character name and it is obvious like the main character refers to her boyfriend as Mike rather than Jason or the best friend refers to her husband as Eric rather than Mike The story line also didn t seem fully flushed out There was a lot going on and it hit you very fast and didn t always resolve fully The ending was very abrupt However, I was able to kind of glaze over some of that so that it didn t ruin the book for me I think this book would have been so much better if there wasn t quite as much happening and it was focused on a few of the plot lines used.Also, it seemed like some things were thrown in just to make the book a little interesting, but they didn t pertain to any other part of the book view spoiler For example, when Savannah cringes and freezes when Jason goes to caress her face and they drop the bombshell that Eric had hit her It is mentioned once in the book and Savannah never acts like a victim of abuse anywhere else in the book Even if you are trying to hide that kind of abuse it will come out in other parts of your relationship and you wouldn t automatically trust a new guy this quickly It felt like this was used as a way to develop to Jason s personality than it was to further the book It isn t mentioned again Just one paragraph is devoted to this and it seemed very unnecessary hide spoiler

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    SynopsisA year after her divorce from Eric, Savannah returned to her home town, with her daughter Aubrey, to help her best friend, Cassie Cassie s husband, Mike, had been a firefighter and had died in a work related accident Cassie watched her dreams disappear at his loss As Savannah and Aubrey stayed with her to help, it became increasingly difficult to deny that it hurt Cassie to look at Aubrey and realize her dream of having a child with Mike was over She even had a nursery ready in her home.Two and a half years earlier, Savannah had been saved from a fire herself All she could remember from the accident was looking into the eyes of the fireman who saved her As she returned, she saw those same eyes again and met Jason, Mike s best friend.Cassie blamed Jason for Mike s death, feeling as if he talked Mike into continuing to work as a firefighter As time passed, Savannah and Aubrey moved out of Cassie s house to allow her to heal on her own Jason had offered her a townhouse near his for a much reduced rent They started to spend time together, helping each other heal, but hiding their relationship from Cassie to protect her from further pain.Would Cassie be able to grow stronger in herself Would she be able to forgive Jason Would Savannah and Aubrey be able to settle in and have both Cassie and Jason on her side What I thoughtHOT HOT HOT I loved the mix of hurt and passion in this book The characters were very relatable and the pace was perfect There were several conflicts in the story, and each kept the story moving to a brilliant ending.

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    Embers of Hope Second Edition When you re dealing with a divorce, a small child, and a breakup with your best friend, life is tough In Embers of Hope, this describes Savanna, the central character, as she faces life s challenges I liked the author s genuine style in portraying Savanna as real as possible someone with a good heart trapped in bad circumstances.Savanna meets Jason, a firefighter dealing with the death of his best friend In the midst of each of their struggles, a relationship starts to bloom, and again, I appreciate author Kristen James s ability to bring the initial attraction to life with quick, honest dialogue that immediately drew me into the story If you are looking for a fun, romantic read, this will give you even The story skillfully takes the difficult parts of life to show how change is possible, producing strength and hope and, of course, love Likeable characters, a realistic plot, and Kristen James s fresh style all work well together to make you eager to keep the pages turning

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    I liked the premise of the story Firefighter saves girl, a couple years go by the meet again and feel automatic connection The meeting however is under tragic circumstances, but the bond is very much real to them both A few obstacles in their way, themselves included, but they persevere All that sounded good, the execution just wasn t that great I hate to say that because I wanted to like this story so much Without being too negative, there were a quite a few errors I can over some spelling and grammar errors, because let face it, we all do that sometimes What I have a hard time overlooking is the misplacement of the character s names This happened several times in this book She would be talking about one character, but another characters name would be there I also felt at time that the writing was for a younger audience What I loved was that she showcased the fact that firefighters are indeed heroes because they take the risk of losing their lives in the process of trying to save someone s life This book had the positive side of that, but also the negative side and how the family and friends have to deal with the aftermath I also felt that all of the emotions, including the grief was true to life Even though I am only giving this book 2 stars for my own reasons, I still can t say that it was a complete waste of time I actually finished it, so that s saying something.

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    Embers of Hope starts with a rescue from a burning building of Savanna by handsome firefighter, Jason A couple of years later they meet again when Savanna returns to Eugene, Oregon from Texas She has married, divorced and had a daughter.Savanna returns to Eugene to be with her best friend, Cassie because her husband, Mike has been killed in a fire he was fighting This sets the emotional story of loss, love and finding a way to help each other in an excellent story The traumatic loss of the characters and how they deal with it is handled with care showing all the emotions and conflict that develops with both Cassie and Jason The reality of the loss of one of their own on the firefighter community is handled with consideration still keeping it real Great job, Kristen James and I hope to read of your excellent stories.In our busy lives we take men that serve as firefighters for granted but we should remember to honor their service to us I think this book does just that.

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    i got this e book for review from the Author, i really liked and enjoyed the storyline of this book alot, i could hardly put down my nook, i wanted to keep on reading and to see what happens next, if you like romance novels than you will really like this book alot, i really enjoyed this book alot, i liked this book than i thought that i would, this book is very good and very entertaining, i give this book 5 stars, i highly recommend this book to everyone especially if you like romance books.

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