Emily Brontë: Heretic

Emily Brontë: HereticMay be interesting, people seem to have radically oppositional views about it. I didn t get the impression that Mr Davies did much research for this book, or took proper time to edit it for his audience Much of the information was rehashed from sources I had already read or cited for papers of my own in college The volume is put together like a self published vanity book that his university refused to recognize as valid literary or research work and his theories don t hold much weight when you consider Emily s stringent religious upbringing, etc This isn t the place to pick apart his theories, but to suggest the work is neither credible nor well presented I can t recommend the book to other readers. Best Ebook, Emily Bront Heretic By Stevie Davies This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Emily Bront Heretic, Essay By Stevie Davies Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Davies does have SOME good insights here, in places She brings a few nuggets of biography I didn t know before, and her translation, from French into English, of the two short essays Emily Bronte wrote for Monsieur Heger were useful for those of us unable to access the originals However, in many ways this is a far too rambling rendition of Davies s subjective interpretations of Emily to suit herself a danger of course in all literary criticism and history and biography writing Davies does this in places without subtlety or nuance, to the point she portrays Bronte as some sort of Neo Darwinian Eugenicist, and ends up contradicting herself in places too especially around Emily Bronte s relationship with religion , without reconciling the problems of historically contextual complexity, including incomplete history biography details, that might cause such contradictions in her writing One major problem is, like most others, Davies fails to understand the key significance of Isabella n e Linton Heathcliff s narration in the novel Here again I cannot recommend too highly Judith Pike s 2009 essay in the journal Nineteenth Century Literature as a key counterpoint to much of the Wuthering Heights and Emily Bronte analysis out there. Davies exploration of the life of Emily Bronte as well as her writings made for a fascinating read Using Bronte s Brussels essays, poetry, and Wuthering Heights , Davies pieces together theories about the motivations and influences that drove Bronte to create her powerful and enigmatic novel Her arguments are insightful and expository, but respectful of the life of a writer on whom we can speculate but never truly know. As this is Emily Bronte s bicentenary, this book ought to be a must read The book offers a penetrating reading of EB from a feminist and human perspective The left hand psychological aspect is fascinating This book is superlative literary criticism written by an author who is empathetic with EB and the natural world Stevie Davies reads Wuthering Heights almost as a sustained poem, listening to the internal rhymes, alliteration and patterns that appear in EB s prose This is an illuminating study that repays close and considered reading. Brilliant reading of Wuthering Heights. Brilliant, original reading of Emily Bronte s work captured her unique genius with courage imagination Stevie Davies Emily Bronte Heretic is an incredibly insightful and fascinatingly written analysis of Emily Jane s work and to a smaller extent life That Davies is a novelist lends to this critical work a highly accessible and interesting style She attempts to dispel some of the myths about Bronte namely those of her as hermited virgin, suicidal misanthropist, and amateur The chapters on double readings in Wuthering Heights and Bronte s fascination with animals v human nature are probably the most intriguing I m in the process of writing a final paper on WH, and Davies text really helped to illuminate a lot of things in the novel that I hadn t thought of before in my many many readings of it Her look to the one soul of Cathy and Heathcliff, in particular, was provocative and incredibly detailed evolved The last chapter on Bronte s final days really challenged the conceptions of her as outside of reality Davies attempts to raise awareness of Bronte s works particularly her Gondal poems as engaging with the world strife around her Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys Wuthering Heights, biographies, the Brontes, or simply a fascinating and feminist leaning critical essay. I don t have enough words to describe how great this book is, but the author definitely does This book may very well be the most monumental every written on Emily It feels as if the author knows her and I can practically feel Emily hovering over my shoulder as I read this, nodding her head with approval Emily was a complex woman and far from simplifying her, this novel embraces the enigma that she is while seeking to bring us closer to her It made me, already an ardent Emily fan, fall even in love with her than ever After just having read a book on the Shelley s I can t help but think they would have absolutely loved her, she might well have been another muse for Percy If there was a way to go back in time and arrange it so that they met who knows what fascinating things might have transpired But alas Emily was born too late to have been a character in the drama that was their lives This book marks for me the start of a goal to read as many of the very best bios on Emily currently in publication, in an attempt, not only to find the best ones, but to understand even better this remarkable human being ETA For the convience of others who may be interested I have devised a ranking system that will follow each review on every bio I read so it may be easier to determine which might be the most appealing to their individual needs I will be evaluating its merits in four separate categories Literary Efforts Poetry Wuthering Heights Mysticism psychoanalysis sexuality The Early Years Juvenilia and Gondal years Abroad in Brussels Home Life Domesticity 21 25 points

Welsh born Stevie Davies is a novelist, literary critic, biographer and historian She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, a Fellow of the Academi Gymreig and is Director of Creative Writing at the University of Wales, Swansea.

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