Even Vampires Get the Blues

Even Vampires Get the BluesI m glad I was persistent with this series It s getting better and better The characters and plot were interesting I don t know why MacAlister insists on giving the main female character a clueless best friend, but this one was one of the least annoying I liked how MacAlister is connecting her books with some of the same characters reappearing It makes sense that there would be some overlap in characters since all of the characters are connected to the Otherworld and they are in Europe mostly the UK and France I m actually surprised that Aishling Grey hasn t appeared in any of the Dark Ones books, but Noelle seems to be the token Guardian for this series Demon and demon lords seem to be a common enemy for everyone regardless of the type of being they are, so the need for Guardians is high.Warning, spoiler alert following I liked this story because it was different Paen, which is a really cool name by the way, wasn t looking for a Beloved and didn t want one He didn t even accept Sam once they joined and she became his Beloved Sam in response gave up the mortality she gained from being a Beloved in trade for something useful to her at the time Paen and Sam eventually work it out, but this story had a different formula with the same result and that s what intrigued me It didn t seem like a story I had read before It was exciting and new A refreshing read after some not so great ones.This book was definitely action packed with twists and turns I also enjoyed the fact that there were multiple villains and a well dressed spider monkey to spice things up On top of all that, Sam was a fully functional person a little clumsy but not limping , which had me oh so thankful I m glad that MacAlister finally took the time to explain how it feels to be without a soul I would have never guessed it was like that and it makes it even interesting that Paen rejected Sam in the beginning.Something that did not make sense to me was the disappearance of Daniel and Avery, Paen s other brothers They went to Lachmanol Abbey looking for references of the Jilin God statue and were never heard from again As close of a family as they are, I m surprised they weren t involved in the storyline.I wouldn t have minded a picture or two of the brothers or the castle, but overall this book was a good read Looking forward to the next.If you enjoy reading my book reviews check out my blog at thatcedalife.wix.com home Kinda think it was too easy to figure out exactly the connection between the artifacts as soon as they were presented So I knew maybe 1 4 through the book and the main characters only figure it out 3 4 through the book.Nevertheless, an alright read Some funny dialogue Just maybe that level of predictability so early on becomes a little annoying the longer the characters remain ignorant of it. I haven t really liked most of the books in this series but this one is very good Vampire Paen is your typical tortured hero though not so much because he was tortured perse He was born without a soul and as a Dark One he has no hope unless he finds his Beloved He, of course, doesn t believe this is possible and feels hopeless When searching for a missing artifact for Paen, Samantha falls head over heels for Paen The ensuing battle two actually the first is Samantha trying to get through to Paen and the second is with the demon harrassing Paen for the statue All in all lots of tension both sexual and physical I loved the dialogue between Paen and Samantha It was both humorous and touching Ain t love grand Im vierten Band hat Samantha, Sam, die Hauptrolle Sie gr ndet eine Detektei, wo sie gleich von dem Vampir Paen aufgesucht wird und f r den sie einen Gegenstand suchen soll.Sam ist eine Halbelfe mit Sonnenaffinit t Sie ist schr g drauf und ihre Kommentare bringen einen dauernd zum lachen Paen ist das genaue Gegenteil von Sam Er ist ein Dunkler, ziemlich d ster drauf und wie all die anderen Typen, megascharf.Die Suche nach Paens Gegenstand verl uft abenteuerlich und spannend Besonders da ein weitere Klient auf der gleichen Suche ist.Ich war sehr berrascht, dass ca die ersten 140 Seiten sehr witzig und spannend waren Meine Freude, dass die Geschichte endlich besser wird, war sehr gro Aber danach wurde die Entt uschung umso gr er Die schnulzigen und schmuddeligen Liebesszenen haben nur noch G nsehaut und Z hneknirschen verursacht Ich wei auch gar nicht mehr, wie oft Sam von Liebe machen gesprochen hat 100x waren es sicherlich Die Art wie Sam und Paen miteinander gesprochen und rumgemacht haben, haben bei mir beinahe den W rgereiz ausgel st Die vorherigen beiden B cher waren ja schon mies, aber dieses Buch hat es getoppt.Das war f r mich das letzte Buch von der Autorin Sie benutzt die gleichen Elemente in jedem ihrer B cher und gibt den Charakteren einfach nur neue Namen Sie lutscht ihre eigenen Geschichten extrem aus und die Reihe geht anscheinend immer noch weit einfach nur schrecklich What can I say The main character is a bit crazy and the love interest is a pompous jerk It s so bad, it s actually good The plot itself is interesting and the dynamics with the main character s Elf cousin are interesting. Although I enjoy this wonderful and fantastic series, this was not my favorite book in the series Great story line and adventure Mild funny moments I liked all the characters but the heroine bugged me just a little with her aggressive nature How do you force yourself on someone and then get mad at them because they don t reciprocate The series is still awesome however so I m continuing onward. Paen Scott Is A Dark One A Vampire Without A Soul And His Mother Is About To Lose Hers Too If Paen Can T Repay A Debt To A Demon By Finding A Relic Known As The Jilin God In Five DaysHalf Elf Samantha Cosse May Have Gotten Kicked Out Of The Order Of Diviners, But She S Still Good At Finding Things, Which Is Why She Just Opened Her Own Private Investigation AgencyPaen Is One Of Sam S First Clients And The Only One To Set Her Elf Senses Tingling, Which Makes It Pretty Much Impossible To Keep Their Relationship On A Professional Level Sam Is Convinced That She Is Paen S Beloved The Woman Who Can Give Him Back His Soulwhether He Wants It Or Not Another good addition to the series Entertaining, not life changing I liked the characters well enough, it had a good plot with a few differences than the previous installments A nice distraction. I m getting used to Katie s style of writing However, I would like her female leads to stop making stupid rash decisions all the time. Well this was dumb the romance was stupid and the humour I was promised was lacking So why did I continue reading it, I am OCD I can t leave a series unfinished.

For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels, she didn t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialo

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  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Even Vampires Get the Blues
  • Katie MacAlister
  • English
  • 28 July 2017
  • 9780451218230

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