Every Which Way But Dead

Every Which Way But DeadDNF at 61% Go me and stuff. Why the murderous crustaceans are DNFing this PoC thing and won t bother continuing with this series All relationship romance dating BS crap and NO plot story whatsoever Rachel, Ivy, Nick, Kisten, Skimmer view spoiler the murderous crustaceans shall very graciously refrain from commenting on this slightly pathetic name hide spoiler Best Book, Every Which Way But Dead Author Kim Harrison This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Every Which Way But Dead, Essay By Kim Harrison Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Welcome to our What Kind of Heroine are you Quiz Please select the option that best describes what you would do in the following situations You have recently started a business with a friend Should youA Work as a team and solve mysteries and crimetogether playing off each other s strengths.B Go off on your own rarely telling yourpartner what you are working on and where youare going, with no indication on when you willreturn.C Hedge your bets and have a few other people beings you are working with on the side for thesame goal as your partnerClearly the answer is B I can dothis all on my own I don t need and help I meanwhat could possibly go wrong and if I do get in abind I guess I could still call someone to comerescue me later.Your boyfriend significant other leaves town to get a handle on things after something extremely traumatic happens The first thing you do is A Accept a date with a guy you kissed recentlywhile you still had said boyfriend significant other.B Accept responsibility for part of the situationthat the two of you are in He did have a seizureand almost die because of you and give him thetime and space he needs to work it out.C Go kick some bad guy ass and trust that thingswill work out You don t need a man to be validatedand you are perfectly capable of entertaining yourselfin the meantimeWell B sounds good but if Nick really lovedme like he said he did he wouldn t have left town andKistin is pretty hot I m sure Ivy won t mind if Igo out with her Ex at all I mean it isn t like they aretogether any right So I think A While out on a Plutonic Date bullshit no such thing bullshit and meeting a handsome stranger in your date s absence.your gut instinct would tell you that.A Some stranger has just come to talk to you while you have been singled out Warnings aboutwhat that person might want and who he really isjump through your head.B Wow he is so nice and he has a Demon scar too I m so glad I m not the only one I should flirt withhim and see if he wants to get me number and Call me maybe.C I wonder if he knows anything about this place I should covertly pump him for information find outwho all the main players in the room areHuh he is cute and look we have so much incommon all ready B because my mom would probably love it if I brought a witch home for dinner You have just defeated your nemesis in a battle during which he told a loved one you are as good as dead and can never be pulled back from where he is taking you The first thing you do is.A Drink some coffee and hope your head feelsbetter soon because you have a big job that night andneed to get a little rest before then.B Call said person to let them know you are okay andthat you have escaped a fate worse than death, theydon t need to find a way to save you.C Hang out with some people and wait for your lovedone to find you since as soon as he knew you were in trouble nothing could keep him from tracking you downThis is easy.A coffee of course Ican t do anything until I get rid of this headache.Besides my semi loved one left town so I bet a demontelling him I m dead isn t going to matter much and Ido have a big job to do tonight.You know that using a certain power or magic will be dangerous and could alert your enemies to your location and compromise you When in trouble do you.A Do everything in your power to never use that magic power so that you can t be found by your enemies,unless it can be masked by other power around you.B Jump the gun and use that power to intimidate yourenemies and convince them you aren t worth the trouble.C Forget in the heat of the moment at every possible instance and use that power accidentallyB Damn it.it only happened twice, whotold you I was trying not to use it but really myroomie can get a little handsy sometimes it reallywasn t my fault Anyone could have made the same mistake The man you are thinking of starting an intimate relationship with confesses to you that he has killed multiple people and will try not to do it again but really won t make any promises Your reasoning for why you can still be together is A Is he Jericho Barrons Because reallyif he is Jericho Fucking Barrons I m totally okaywith that He is the best Anti Hero EVER.B I m sure that every time he has killed anyone it isfor the good of his family He would never do anythinglike that without a reason and for protection of everyonehe loves including me.C Well it s not like he wants to kill people and heisn t a scion right now so the chances of him killingme on purpose aren t that bigKistin is really hot and he is here Nick sureisn t here right now Sure he wants to be a scion againto the guy that wants me dead but he is soooo hot and hemakes my scar tingle That totally makes it okay I think.Definitely CWould you say that your relationship with your father was A Really Good, my dad is the best.B A Bit Complicated, My dad pushes me to be the best.C Somewhat neglected He missed a lot since he wasn taroundWell I m sure that my dad would have beenthere for me if he could have been It s not like hewanted to die or anything and really he was a good Dad Sure the answer is C but that is only because our time was cut short since he was involved with something big.I m gonna find out what really happened to my father.Based on your responses we have accessed you to be Rachel Marianna Morgan You often fly off on your own without thinking about the others around you who care for you You rarely take personal responsibility for things that are your fault, but often take responsibility for things that really had nothing to do with you You make horrible decisions, even knowing at the time they are really the worst possible decisions you could make In relationships you either choose the wrong guy or completely forget to communicate with your partner in any way letting them know what is going on in your life You are very prone to hasty and rash decisions that usually leave you off worse than where you started.The other possible solutions to the quiz were Kate Daniels or Makala Lane both likable and savvy than you in this writer s opinion Our suggestion is that you slow down, quit fawning over every cute guy you run across Stop making deals with demonsseriously though we thought this one was obvious Maybe sever one relationship before starting another Quit keeping secrets from your business partners and lovers Decide what kind of witch you really are and then learn something so you quit making stupid mistakes because you didn t have any information.That said the world in this is what I m sticking with the series for right now I have been told it gets better by book 5 and I m counting on that The world building and secondary characters are the main draw for me at this time The final battle was interesting and almost made me like Rachel again until she did that stupid thing so she is now in trouble than she was before Ceri was actually my favorite character in this book and I hope to see her again in future books Holding on until book 5 to make final judgements. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsYou know how they say the things you hate in others are the things you like least about yourself When I was 21, after an extreme bout of poor decision making, I decided to take a sabbatical from dating In quick succession, I had dated a slightly younger than me guy, a guy who was my age, and a than slightly older than me guy, and they were ALL great, big lamewads 19 y.o Mark, the 6 7 college basketball player and DRAMA QUEEN liked to wake up, drink milk, and then try to kiss me I tried really hard to come up with a collection of letters that could accurately describe how completely disgusting that was, but failed utterly Then there was 22 y.o Ryan, who onlywantedonething Then there was 29 y.o Luke, who hated his job and was under appreciated in his work Even though he wasted many a morning shooting emails back and forth with me instead of, oh, I don t know, working.I made it nearly a year, and it was fabulous I would have made it longer, but I started working at the front desk of a local gym, and well I m only human wink Then right before I met my husband who is, of course, perfect snorts , there was Ivan the hipster musician, who played his own music in his car on our one and only date.Oh yes He did Come on, guys, I can t make stuff like this up.All of them had great, big WARNING signs flashing over their heads, and I chose to ignore every, single one of them Then when things didn t work out, I being the ridiculous female I was wailed and lamented, What s wrong with me How did I manage to scare him off this time Oh, what a world rolls eyes At the time, it didn t matter that these guys were all HEP big losers I liked them, damnit And all of that is why I in equal parts am completely exasperated with, love, and relate to Rachel Morgan.Let s talk about Rachel s love interests thus far.Fair warning this is of a commentary on Rachel s love life so far than a review But come on it s book 3 Either you ve read it and know what I m talking about, or, if this was a normal review, you d be afraid I d spoil you, so this is a new thing I m trying No spoilers this way, AND a chance to vent.First up, we have Nick Nick, whom she met in the ring of an illegal rat fight, b c he had been turned into well, a rat in retribution for his sticky fingers And not just any old case of sticky fingers either, nope, Nick got sticky fingered with the belongings of a MASTER friggin VAMPIRE.So Nick has a loose moral code, AND is either too stupid to realize how stupid and dangerous it is to steal from a master vampire, or is so cocky he thought he could get away with it Or both Could definitely be both But he did save Rachel s life, and he s awfully geek sexy, and well, humans apparently have a bit going on down there than male witches He took a demon mark for her Come on doesn t he deserve a chance NO No, he does not.Then there s Kisten ye gods So many road blocks that should never have been ignored.All you lovers of Kisten, CALM DOWN I love him too As a character But as a potential boyfriend for Rachel well, let s look at this rationally 1 He s a VAMPIRE Rachel refuses to ever be food for a vampire IT S A PROBLEM Even if you want to argue that Kisten is a living vampire, and therefore technically doesn t need blood yet YET Kisten WILL die, and when that happens, Kisten will lose his SOUL, and he will NEED blood Even if Rachel really does like Kisten the living vampire, she will want absolutely nothing to do with Kisten the true undead, and Rachel s not interested in casual that I can tell.This relationship was DOOMED before it even got started.2 Their very first date was a SHAM That Kist would blindside her that way does NOT bode well And then she gets all goo goo eyed b c he saved her grinds teeth if he hadn t asked her out under false pretenses, her life never would have been endangered in the first place ALL of that would be in caps if I wasn t worried about annoying the hell out of you But know that I am screaming in my head.And Lee Lee is of a flirtation than a real romantic interest, but he is also a perfect example of Rachel s stupidity with men Almost immediately after she lays eyes on him for the first time, she sees that he has a DEMON MARK, but still, after he teaches her how to gamble, she s disappointed that he leaves without asking her for her number.I know I m not the only one driven crazy by this kind of behavior, but I also know that I m not the only one who feels this way due to flashbacks of I am become that which I hate But relationship choices aside, EVERY WHICH WAY BUT DEAD continued the steady improvement of the THE HOLLOWS More action, new characters to love, to love about old characters and all of that is in addition to yet another definitive and unique plot with side plots weaving through all the while, paving the way for new adventures Seriously people come and watch Rachel grow and learn from her mistakes with me This is not a series to be missed.My other reviews for this series Dead Witch Walking The Hollows 1 The Good, the Bad, and the Undead The Hollows 2 A Fistful of Charms The Hollows 4 For a Few Demons More The Hollows 5 The Outlaw Demon Wails The Hollows 6 White Witch, Black Curse The Hollows 7 Black Magic Sanction The Hollows 8 Pale Demon The Hollows 9 The Undead Pool The Hollows 12 Into the Woods Tales from the Hollows and Beyond It s been a while since I last read a Hollows book, but it was good to be back I like this world that Kim Harrison created I like the mix of different species, and how complex their relationships are I really like Rachel She s down to earth, and flawed enough to be relatable I like that she s self conscious about her appearance, freckles and frizzy hair, and boyish figure She seems like she d be a nice person to know in real life Although Rachel slips up in her inter personal relationships with the people in her life, she is a good person who really does care about others, and that always shines through I feel bad for her having been hurt by people she should be able to trust It makes her gun shy about committing to the new people who come into her life Completely relatable This aspect adds a realism to this urban fantasy novel that resonates with me.I did have a big complaint too much vampire storyline The whole vamp pheromones and allure aspect gives me indigestion In a way, it s pretty interesting I really hate how these vamps try to control humans and others with their allure It gets my goat After all, there are plenty of willing victims, but they seem to prey on those who aren t interested, namely Rachel I wish Ivy would get over her fixation with Rachel and being able to bite her and take her blood She s way too predatory about Rachel It gives me the creeps It s not even mainly sexual It s like it s killing her that Rachel won t share her blood It s really too much for me I m not sure how I feel about Ivy Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don t She s not a comfortable character at all But, I do give Ms Harrison props for creating such a complex female character Let me just say thisI do not want Rachel and Ivy being a couple That would not work for me There are some heavy sexual tension vibes between them, all tied up with the vampire bloodlust, and a deeper affection It s just messy I think they d be a lousy couple I m keeping my fingers crossed that the story doesn t go in that direction A friend on here who s a big fan of this series told me the vamp storyline stops dominating I hope so This world is so intriguing with the mixes of fae and other species with witches, that I feel a lot interesting plotlines could come to pass beyond the vamp thing But that s just me.I didn t like the resolution with Nick It seems like it sort of just faded away I would prefer that they had it out and it was clear that it was over Part of me thinks that this was done on purpose Sometimes relationships ends like that I guess I m in the minority, but I liked Nick, although I don t like how he dumped Rachel I wanted to see what happened with his dabbling in black magic That was a huge worry of mine I ve stayed mostly spoiler free, so I don t know if he will come back or not If he does, I hope he doesn t end up turning bad I d rather he just be a jerky ex boyfriend.The whole Kisten storyline ended up winning me over I didn t like him He seemed sort of like a wannabe and a pretender He still kind of has that aspect, but I see him deeper after this book I started thawing at the scene in the dance club I definitely started seeing his appeal, and he dances I think that he was there for Rachel when she needed him, and they have good chemistry, so I think I m okay with them being together Kisten is okay a nice beta with appeal that I ended up appreciating I love Ceri I was so glad that Rachel was able to save her She s very interesting, and I m a sucker for fae elvish storylines I hope to see of her For some reason, when she was crying and Jenks pixy daughters were trying to comfort her and were braiding her hair, I got all teary Aww It must be the faery fanatic in me I perk up whenever that is a big part of a scene Which leads me into another thing that makes this series stand out over a lot of other urban fantasy I love Jenks and his family The pixies are such a rich aspect of this story I want pixy roommates I d happily allow them to plait my hair, and spread pixie dust all over the house But, I guess I like my cold environment a little too much for them I hope that Jenks gets over his anger at Rachel I missed him and his family when he moved out.The demon storylinevery twisted Poor Rachel can t seem to stay out of trouble with those demons Things got better, but possibly worse, since she owes two demons now The images of the ever after reminded me of the movie Constantine, when John would cross over to Hell, and it looked like Los Angeles, but much worse Vivid, disturbing imagery there Whenever the demons come around in this story, it gives me the shivers But the Christian in me really feels uneasy with Rachel making deals with demons It feels very wrong to me However, it is fiction, so I leave it at that.The bad guy and the story resolution Ms Harrison threw me for a loop here I started getting this idea toward the end about who would end up being the Big Bad, and there you go I liked how Rachel turned things around on him Good for her Rachel is interesting in her arrogance about her rep as a tracker, yet seems to doubt her confidence as a witch I think she will come to realize how truly powerful she is as this series progresses.Trent I get this vibe that he has a thing for Rachel That should be interesting Rachel mostly hates him, but some part of her doesn t As she said herself, she tends to go for the guys who tend to be bad So who knows He has an intriguing anti hero vibe that appeals to me What can I say Maybe I m like Rachel when it comes to characters To sum up my rambling I liked this story, a lot The progression toward the climax seemed to go kind of slowly, and I felt like it would take forever to get there But it ended picking up Some things I love about this book, some things, no so much But, I m in this series for the duration It s too good to stop reading Overall rating 4.25 5.0 The vamp aspects are like eating a really rich, spicy meal and getting a stomach ache, so it detracted from my enjoyment, and it was a bit slow in parts Otherwise, solid entertainment. I m glad this hasn t reached a low point And I sure as hell hope it won t because so far I m loving every second of reading this series It s fast paced, the action is abundant and there are so many characters I just can t help but love.As you must have assumed, Rachel finds herself in an impossible situation once again As the shit hit the fan and everything goes to hell Rachel must find a way to get herself out of the deal with Algaliarept without getting herself or her friends killed in the process.In each book, it s apparent how much she grows to love her friends, Jenks Ivy and that s admirable In this book we don t see much of Jenks, which was the result of Rachel keeping things from him I love Ivy, she s so badass and at the same time so sensitive and so emotional and she has a heart of gold, even if she s a vampire She wants Rachel s blood and that s her nature and I understand it wholeheartedly and I love how she respects Rachel s decision and doesn t act upon her instincts Rachel Nick grow apart Instead, there s a new love interest for Rachel, I m sure you all know who that is I m talking of course about view spoiler Kisten hide spoiler This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.I liked this audiobook but it was bit of a disappointment after absolutely loving the first two books in the series This was a re read for me but I actually didn t remember anything about it from my initial read years ago I am actually pretty sure that this is the book that I stopped on when I started the series the first time It was a good book but it wasn t anywhere near as entertaining as the first two in the series were for me.This book started out really strong with Rachel having to deal with Big Al Things looked pretty bad for her and I had no idea how she was going to outsmart him She ends up getting a bit of help from his familiar and a werewolf insurance agent It was a close call for Rachel and while she is trying to recover a secret slips out and Jenks ends up madand leaves I missed Jenks constant presence in this book.This book really seemed a bit focused on the character relationships I can t say that I really liked all of the developments in this installment Nick can t handle being near Rachel so he leaves town Rachel starts dating Kisten and while they have chemistry it seemed to happen way too fast Ivy is having her own struggles with Piscary and staying in control Jenks needs some time away to cool down This felt like of a transitional book that may be laying the framework for future books.I did enjoy the narration in this audiobook Marguerite Gavin is really the perfect narrator for this series She is Rachel in my mind but she also performs all of the different voices very well I never have any trouble understanding who is speaking and her delivery really keeps my focus on the story.I would recommend this book to others This is the third book in the series and I really do think that this series needs to be read in order since everything builds from the earlier books Readers who try to read this as a stand alone will most likely be quite lost I am looking forward to starting the next audiobook in this series very soon Initial ThoughtsI liked this one but not as much as I did the previous one in the series It felt like of a transitional book in some ways. Even though there s a lot going on in this story, there seemed to be quite a few lulls Fortunately, the many revelations kept it moving One of the things I like about Rachel is her ability to think her way through situations, especially when she s figuring out how to balance her magic skills with what she knows about the rules of her world She s pressed to her limits in this story and learns so much about herself and her gifts I ve not liked or trusted Nick Sparagmos and he doesn t do anything to change my opinion Rachel s relationships expand and or change significantly with some familiar names and some new ones The jury s still out on some of them but they re infusing life in the series and are intriguing There s a moment with Trent that provides insight about the past as it relates to Rachel s father With each story we seem to be learning about Rachel s past and the implications on the present, which I find fascinating Marguerite Gavin continues her superb narration and it makes all the difference for me in staying in the story Her characters are distinctive and her pacing is off the charts I ll never go back to the eBook format.I enjoyed the story and the action, though at times I thought they were unnecessarily drawn out My most favorite scenes are where Rachel and Algaliarept Al match wits You can t ever predict who ll end up on top I m very much enjoying the series. I have to deduct stars from this for several reasons All three books so far have suffered from a shit poor editing job and my inner editor constantly screams while reading them.Then there s the fact that Rachel Morgan is just unbelievably stupid Painfully stupid So stupid that she shouldn t be allowed to live So stupid that I don t understand why she IS alive I WILL read the next book because there re a number of things that intrigue me However, if the next book isn t markedly better then I doubt my curiosity will be able to maintain another sojourn into Harrison s literature. This one was excellent A series that started well, got better in the second and has hit its stride in the third I really enjoy the large cast It reminds me of the Dresden files in that way, where each builds on the one before and the side characters develop along with the main protagonist and broaden the whole picture of the world created.Recommended series Book 4 here I come


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