Excalibur Rising

Excalibur Rising Years Ago, As Britain Descended Into The Dark Ages, A Legend Was Born Camelot, The Sword In The Stone, And Arthur, The High King Who Did Not Die But Where Is The Truth Of This Legend Where Are The Ruins Of Fabled Camelot Where Is The Record Of Arthur In The Unbroken Lineage Of England S Kings In A Villa In Florida, A Woman With Violet Eyes Dreams Of An Ancient Document In A Hotel Room In Las Vegas, A Renowned Historian Claims To Have Found The Sword Excalibur, And Dies A Violent Death At The Hands Of A One Eyed Man In London, A Treasure Hunter Sets Out To Find The Sword That Cannot Be, And The Resting Place Of The King Who Could Not Exist Powerful Forces Are At Work, Breathing Life Into The Legend At Long Last, Excalibur Is Rising

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts is a much traveled writer Brought up in England and Wales, she has also lived and worked in South Africa and Uganda Eileen and her husband, Graham, now make their home in Baden, PA Eileen s life experiences allow her to use exotic backgrounds for her novels and to understand how an adventure can begin with just one small incident For ten years she directed a humanitari

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Excalibur Rising
  • Eileen Enwright Hodgetts
  • English
  • 05 April 2018

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    I must say that the myth of King Arthur and his Knights has always fascinated me, so I was immediately absorbed in the plot of this book and I couldn t put it down Such a page turner, I loved the tale of on the King Arthur in this modern fantasy retelling, well written I can t wait to read by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts I highly recommend this book to any fantasy lover, as I am sure they will love it

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    4,25 stars Free Kindle ebookProfessor Marcus Ryan was a tv Hero finding lost tresures and city s After national Geografic shows took over he is the personal tresur hunter for mombster Mandretti After a friend told him he found Excalibur and his boss wants it they go to the Keys to meet Violet who has connection with the unseen Ryan is sceptic he thinks she is a con woman When she holds on to an artafect she sees Britain, King John They sent by Mandretti to find the sword There is a gate, where people come and go but I do not want to tell about this story than I allready have Just go on an Adventure with Marcus and Violet The writter takes you on a journey you will not forget soon atleast I will not What I realy love about this story is the story within the story and the different earas without that it disturbes the story The timeline and charaters fitt together And also Mystery, history and Adventure mixed , Great My kind of book And than the cliff hanger this book ends with want to read book two of this series.Some lines out of the book the one eyed man stepped out of the mist under the light of a warning moon The gold strange Peacock said It is not actualiteit gold It s a kind of crystal a very classic way of doing business a gate it has come through a gate It speaks of something outside of this world, outside of time The Kings bagage train 1199

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    Indian Jones meets The Da Vinci Code Arthurian StyleBook one of Excalibur Rising is a bit like an Indian Jones adventure mixed with The Da Vinci Code , if Indian Jones had been a washed up, present day treasure hunter thrust into a quest to find Excalibur Filled with drama and adventure, this book is not another retelling of the Arthurian Legend, instead, it begins nine hundred years after Arthur has fallen at Camlann The king is still asleep and his people are awaiting his return, but that cannot happen without his sword.Most of book one takes place in modern day, beginning in Los Vegas with Marcus our once upon a time famous treasure hunter and his new employer a mafia boss obsessed with treasure , moving to Florida where they obtain the help of Violet a psychic with an uncanny ability to find things and ending up in England Marcus must work with Violet to not only uncover the whereabouts of Excalibur a mythical sword he doesn t believe exists but also solve a murder This quest will lead them from England to Albion, an alternate world that never left the dark ages.This is not only a treasure hunt, it s also a race against time to wake the king in order to save a people who have been left waiting for far too long.

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    Las Vegas hotel owner Mandretti collects artefacts, and ex TV personality and Dr Marcus Ryan finds them for him When Ryan s old university professor tells him he knows where the holy grail of history is Excalibur Ryan and Mandretti head to Florida Keys to seek the advice of mystic Violet With her ability to read the past of any object, soon Violet and Ryan are sent off to England to hunt down the famous sword.This book was great at exploring the unexpected Reimagining the legend of King Arthur s prophesied return to fit with missing historical documents to confirm the existence of Camelot and his knights, Hodgetts weaves an entertaining tale involving mobsters, academics, artefacts, murder and magic All characters were well defined, each an individual from the next the side characters held their own ground just as much as the main characters The twist Hodgetts gives to the Arthurian legends is an entertaining one, and seems entirely logical through her prose despite the inclusion of magical portals and parallel worlds.The only let down in this book was the need for a keen eyed proof reader there were several missing commas, full stops and incorrectly positioned speech marks throughout, and at times the indentation was incorrectly formatted on my Kindle As it was, the tale was so engaging that these errors didn t detract from my enjoyment, but they should ve been rectified to continue the quality of the prose There were a few clunky sentences with morsels of information missing, leaving me to fill in the gaps, but this faster narration kept the pace going I d have liked the book to perhaps end a few chapters later than it did, but I guess I ll have to read the next one if I want to find out what happens next This was a great story and was a book that was worth picking up I stormed through it from beginning to end.

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    I loved this twist on the King Arthur tale in this modern fantasy retelling Great characters and an absorbing plot Couldn t put it down.My Rating 5 stars

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    This book took me by surprise because the author took a completely different slant to the story of King Arthur and I must admit that at the start of the book situated in America and of all places in Las Vegas, with a newscaster and a mafia sort of millionaire being interested in getting their hands on of all things Excalibur I was sure I was going to hate this book However, once they went to meet Violet the seer and Todd and they took a plane to England to follow up on some clues the tale turned than interesting to say the least And when dead bodies started to turn up everywhere the tension rose and I could not read the book fast enough The myth and lore surrounding the Arthurian legends are all given a mention as are the knights of the round table, the women of Avalon, Mordred and of course the one and only Merlin and I was completely captivated and am dying to read the next book in the series.

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    All the elements that make a fine story I really liked this book Time travel, Arthur and Camelot, dragons and griffins, all woven together with modern characters too Thus begins a treasure hunt for King Arthur s mysterious sword Excaliber to delight medieval era fans This is book1 of the Excalibur Rising series and my voluntary review of a free copy.

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    First I want to say I did not buy a copy of Excalibur Rising Book One Ms Hodgetts gave me a copy to read with no obligation for or preconception expectation of a positive GoodReads or Review Excalibur Rising was an interesting book in many ways It was, for the most part, well written, though some areas when moving back and forth between characters seemed out of place The characters were often simplistic and even stereotypical at times, though this did not detract from the story being told The best part of the book was the dialogue, which was realistic I m not sure if this book had a dedicated editor or if it was just proofed well There were only a few spelling or grammatical mistakes, yet it did not have the feel of a fully edited book It isn t that I didn t enjoy the novel, because I did Unfortunately, like so many self published books today, it just did not have that feel of a professionally edited tome or of an experienced, polished author.The main reason I chose to read this book is that I am an amateur scholar and lover of the Arthurian legend I have held screen names involving Merlin and attend Renaissance Faires in full wizard regalia The book had one of the most interesting slants on the origins of the King Arthur legend which I had not read before and actually makes sense when you suspend disbelief required when you read any sci fi fantasy book I look forward to reading Excalibur Rising Book Two to follow the Adventures of Marcus, Violet and the Sisters of Avilion as Mordred s forces fight the final battle against King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table for the Future or is it the past of the mythical Realm of Albion.

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    A great page turner worthy of your timeEveryone is searching for Excalibur, King Arthur of Camalot A one eyed man, a treasure Hunter and woman who has visions when she touches things This tale will drag you from Florida to England and realms beyond Hey ready for murders, kidnapping and magic This would make an entertaining movie

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    I m sure that most of us have heard the legend of Kind Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Let me assure you that you have never heard the story told quite like the one that is contained within the pages of Excalibur Rising Book One In this book, Professor Marcus Ryan, a former tv star and present day historian and treasure hunter is working for Michael Mandretti, a wealthy businessman who seeks to cash in on Marcus Ryan s ability to find ancient treasures Violet Chambray is a psychic who has unusual visions She lives and works with her adoptive brother, Todd, and sister, Maria When Marcus Ryan s former professor and mentor is murdered inside his hotel room, they are all thrust into the middle of an epic quest to find a mythical sword The story that unfolds will leave you enthralled and turning pages, eager to see where the journey will take you Once you start this book, it is impossible to put down This is the first book that I have read by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts, but it certainly will not be the last I can t wait to get my hands on the second installment

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