Exile A Starship Captain Flees A Lost War And Lands On Earth In S Feudal Japan Imagine The PossiblitiesIn Earth S Far Distant Past An Epic Battle Took Place In Space Thousands Of Light Years Away Facing Only Annihilation Captain Kendrick Turned His Interstellar Fighter Craft To The Farthest Reaches Of The Galaxy Until He Reached A Blue Marble Of A Planet And Landed On A Large Island In Its Northern Hemisphere Earth S Feudal Japan A Warrior From An Advanced Culture In A Land Populated By War Like People Imagine The Possibilities He Befriends The Local Shukido, A Bushido Warrior Protector, Brings Innovation To The Local Ship Builder Honashi, Master Of The Village, Falls For His Beautiful Independent Daughter Doiyoko, Saves And Is Adopted By A Tiger He Helps Them To Thwart An Attack By A Neighboring Warlord They In Turn Help Him To Defend Against His Enemies When A Patrolling Spacecraft Discovers His Presence, Sometimes By Using Kinetic Energy Weapons Rocks When Challenged By Honashi To A Race Using His Sleek New Sailing Sloop Vs Honashi S Own Through The Dangerous Doro Bai, The Treacherous Shoreline Passage Wrecks The Ship He And Doiyoko Are Forced To Overcome Their Injuries, Climb A Steep Cliff, And Strike Out Overland Where They Encounter And Battle Bandits In The Process They Save An Endearing Young Woman Who Charms The Elder Honashi When He Finally Finds And Rescues Them But She S Not What She Seems Kendrick A Starship Captain And Well Trained Warrior Loyal To His People And His Cause, But The War Is Lost He Is Forced To Flee Across The Galaxy Gogenko A Pedantic Shukido Area Protector Trained In The Tradition Of Bushido, The Way Of The Warrrior Kenshi Gogenko S Cousin, Fellow Martial Arts Student, And Shukido To Honashi Village Doiyoko The Beautiful If Untraditional Oldest Daughter Of The Honashi Village LeaderA SciFi Tale Of Strength, Honor, Respect, And Kicking Butt Don T Miss It Read And Get Discount Coupons Here I have to say,right off, that I am not a SciFi fan If you are try this book. Good reviews An out of the ordinary story. It s received some nice reviews Available in both

R.L Kiser has authored several books available as eBooks and Paperbacks He started writing science fiction at age 14 but didn t publish until decades later His works include four fantasy novels, two western detective novels, and a SciFi Adventure, which garnered a 5 star review and made the first cut of the Breakthrough Novel Award in 2013.Born in Idaho, raised in Arizona, grew up in Los

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  • Paperback
  • 297 pages
  • Exile
  • R.L. Kiser
  • English
  • 17 May 2019
  • 9781480227262

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