Exodus (The Fall of Haven, #2)

Exodus (The Fall of Haven, #2) The Uprising Ends In Success For The Denizens Of Old Haven, But Their Victory Comes Hollow And Short Lived A Last Ditch Effort Of The Citizen Leader Casts The City Into Darkness, The Protective Field Blocking Out The Sun, Sky, Stars, And The Hope Of A Better LifeChaos And Death Follows The Citizens And Old Havenites Fight For Survival And Revenge, And Months Pass In Brutal Conflict Thousands Die With No End To The War In Sight, And The Constant Darkness And Weary Conditions Create A Rising Despair Among The Ragged Combatants Many Lose Hope, And Other Plans Are Born, Desperate Attempts To Circumvent The Deadly Sterilization Field And Escape The Doomed CityHowever, A Terrible, Powerful Shadow Rises Within The Forgotten Ruins Of Old Haven As The Futile War Rages On Above, This Dark And Sadistic Force Gathers Strength And Waits For The Proper Moment The Moment When All Of Those In The City Fall To Its Might

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Exodus (The Fall of Haven, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Justin Kemppainen author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 332 pages
  • Exodus (The Fall of Haven, #2)
  • Justin Kemppainen
  • English
  • 05 March 2018

10 thoughts on “Exodus (The Fall of Haven, #2)

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    After Uprising called Haven when I downloaded it I couldn t wait to read the conclusion of the story and find out what happened to Kaylee, Rick and especially Malcolm but I never thought they would end up in such a situation I won t give anythign away but enough to say that I was quickly caught up once again in the fast paced story More Haven Please

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    This was an interesting book We start out with mainly conflicts between the old Haven citizens and the rebels who are now firmly entrenched in what used to be Haven However, then a third party starts to get involved A new threat And it s not at all what you expect It goes from a societal conflict and need to escape to a war on a completely different front And really, I wasn t expecting that front It still strikes me as an odd direction to go, but it was a good one view spoiler It goes from being a book about a dystopian future to being a zombie book hide spoiler

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    Exodus book two in a series, is a very well written dystopian YA fiction Have s and Have not s compete for the right to live free, throw into the mix some alien lifeforms and you get a great story Good writing, fast paced, the characters are quirky and flawed The series so far is a little gritty and includes some mild swearing and violence, no sexual content This one in particular had a few places that were hard for me to read a little dark for my taste To me the ending left me hanging a bit, what happens after I can recommend for ages 16 and up I give it three stars I liked it.

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    Justin definitely needs and editor Grammar and misspelled or incorrectly used words is an issue for him Titled his her head instead of Tilted his her head , which remarkably was used a lot in this book and about half way through was correctly used, go figure Aside from that it was a good story and, a good ending to the series, if it had to end, that is I gave it 3 stars, but it probably could have been 4 with some editing and perhaps a slight change in direction plot wise I am not an author, so who am I to judge, overall it was a good story and not a waste of time.

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    just what I was looking for a classic sci fi adventure story It follows on from the first book in the series, and I would suggest that it would be a better book if bot bits were joined together as I don t think that the second book would stand up on it s own.The character development continued, people learn things as life s events change them and there is a reasonable ending.The plot had enough twists to sop me from working out what was going to happen, but the ending was a bit telegraphed.I ll definitely get from Kemppainen.

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    Very exciting follow up to Haven The presence of Malcolm the alien human hybrid has an unexpected effect on the rest of the population There is a lot of combat and struggle in this book but I really enjoyed the characters and I m sorry to say goodbye to them, especially Malcolm

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    Good self published story with some minor grammatical and punctuation errors The story is well paced The story kept me interested and I cared about it s characters It is a sequel to his earlier book Uprising the fall of haven which was also good.

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    Amazing conclusion Totally took a twist I wasn t expecting Would love to see on Rick and Kaylee in the outside world My 2 favorite characters by far Sad it s over.

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    Strange turn of events from the first book but still kept me interested til the end.

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    Good sequel Kept me interested to the end A good ending too.

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