Falling for Hadie (With Me, #2)

Falling for Hadie (With Me, #2) Sometimes There Is A Single Moment That Changes Your Life Forever Hadie Swinton Is Giving Up On BoysAfter A Disastrous Relationship, She Is Convinced That All Males Are The Same Arrogant, Self Assured, And Complete JerksLincoln Bracks Is Giving Up On His Old LifeAfter Moving To A New Town To Escape The Problems Plaguing Him, He Is Set Against Ever Getting Close To Anyone AgainWhen Hadie And Lincoln S Worlds Collide, Their Intrigue For One Another Leads Them To Open Up To Each Other Against Their Better Judgment Despite The Attraction That Is Pulling Them Together, Insecurities, Secrets, And Shattered Hopes Stand In The Way Of Them Ever Being TogetherAt A Time When Darkness Consumes Their Lives, Hadie And Lincoln Learn That Hope And Love Can Still Be Found In The Most Unlikely Place Recommended For Mature Readers AgedDue To Language And Sexual Content This Is The Second Book In The With Me Series But Can Be Read As A Stand Alone

Komal Kant is the international bestselling author of BENEATH HIM She writes books about falling in love, books that make you laugh in awkward locales, and that one book where you bawled so hard that you loved and hated her equally.Her days are filled with imaginary characters who speak to her in hushed tones before stealing her lunch money, a husband who accepts all her weird writer quirks, and

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  • Falling for Hadie (With Me, #2)
  • Komal Kant
  • 19 February 2019

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    UPDATE Falling for Hadie will be released on March 7, 2013 I realise there s a few months wait until Falling for Hadie releases, so I thought I d give you some vague teasers regarding the book So, without further ado, I give you 10 Sort of Spoilers about Falling for Hadie 1 The main characters are named Hadie Swinton and Lincoln Bracks I wonder if anyone can guess what Hadie s actual name is Hadie is a nickname.2 Hadie has a dog named Halo because I like dogs and the video game Halo.3 Hadie is a book nerd and likes to make references to her favourite books Disclaimer Any resemblances to any person living ie me are purely coincidental P4 Lincoln claims he read Wuthering Heights in a day I m still trying to figure out if this is possible.5 For someone who was a jock, Lincoln is a sucky runner Maybe that s why he doesn t do sports any 6 Hadie has a bad break up But we kinda already knew Bennett was a douche, right 7 Hadie s parents are hilarious Writing their scenes was so much fun 8 On the other hand, Lincoln s family was upsetting for me to write.9 Lincoln dented Hadie s locker O10 Luca and Ashton make a brief appearance in Falling for Hadie.

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    starting this book up to 79% me at 80% me after the book Hadie has been hurt by her jock ex boyfriend whom she s had feelings for since they were kids Now she is on a no boy fly zone mode Unfortunately for Lincoln who just moved into their small town and new boy at school, he reminds her of her ex a too good looking jock type Sooooo insta hate on Hadie s side.Lincoln is used to girls falling all over themselves over him So when Hadie gives him the cold shoulder, he is than intrigued Besides, figuring out what her deal was is way better than dealing with what he ran away from back in New York City And much fun Although he promised himself not to get close to anyone in his new home, he can t help but be drawn to Hadie.Hadie, try as she might, finds that Lincoln is not what she thought he was.Etc etc etc.The premise is not unique But the writing was good so you can forgive the clich I must admit that Hadie was starting to get on my nerves when she started with the all men are dogs routine Thank goodness the author cut it short but not short enough IMO But even then you can forgive Hadie for being a little bitter about dealing with boys in general up to a point.I m not going to give away the bacon that gives the book its heft but I have to say that it came as a surprise Even though I have read at least two books with the same exact twist, Ms Kant still got me Darn her Let me just say that she handled it with grace and I hated appreciated the direction she took.I have a few complaints though It was her villan s.There were too many of them It seemed no it was the whole entire school was against our heroes Even with the popular kids being the shameless monsters they were portrayed to be I cannot imagine anyone acting that way especially since read the book.But Lincoln s mom and sister..I couldn t exactly understand what the fuck their problem was So in my mind I have written that his mom spontaneously combusted and his sister got gonorrhea.Please don t click on the spoiler until after you read the book because it will totally give it away.I just thought this last gif just summed up the book view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Hadie Swinton hates boys Well, she didn t used to but she definitely does now after catching her douchebag boyfriend, Bennett, making out with a girl that definitely was NOT Hadie at a party over the weekend Lincoln is the new boy in school He is good looking, charming and confident everything that Bennett was, which makes Hadie hate him at first glance And guess who has been assigned to show the new kid around Yep Hadie Lincoln doesn t want to make friends or get close to anyone, especially not a girl like Hadie But he can t figure out why she seems to hate him so much Hadie assumes Lincoln is a typical arrogant jock But when he doesn t do anything that she expects him to do, she finds herself curious about him against her better judgment There is definitely to Lincoln then just a pretty face, BUT Lincoln is hiding something a secret that he doesn t want anybody to discover because when they do, they will never look at him the same again.I L O V E D this book The romance between Hadie and Lincoln was sweet and funny and adorable with just the right amount of steaminess.Oh And speaking of some of the steaminess Hadie s parents really cracked me up Especially her dad OMG This might not make sense to you right now, but trust me, when you read the book which you SHOULD you ll completely understand Hadie is very likeable She is just an all around nice girl who while she may feel like she is boring and frumpy, she s okay with that She doesn t try to make people like her, but you can t help but like her because she has such a good heart Lincoln is wonderful, a little moody in some parts but in the end you definitely understand why I love that we got to see Ashton and Luca and all of his friends again I loved Eddie in IMPOSSIBLE and love him even after reading FALLING FOR HADIE I have already requested that he get his own story Out of all of Hadie s friends, Estella was definitely my favorite and I m excited to read her story next in WRONG SIDE OF TOWN.Though I had an idea of Lincoln s secret about half way through the book Sometimes I think I might be psychic , it was still HORRIBLE when he finally told Hadie and I spent the last 1 4 of the book bawling my eyes out Any book that can bring out such strong emotions in me is definitely 5 stars Komal did an amazing job and I continue to be impressed with the skill in which she can tell a story I highly recommend FALLING FOR HADIE to everyone

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    Jointly reviewed on StarsGitte Wow Jenny, this one is going to be hard to review without spoiling it for readers Can we just say beautiful, emotional and brilliantly written story please go buy it, you won t be disappointed Oh and make sure you pick up a giant sized pack of tissues for those big fat tears and spontaneous nose drips HA Yeah let s just do that What do you say Jenny You have a choice You can stick to what you re used to or you can try something new and different You don t have to love it, but change is inevitable no matter how hard you try to resist it LincolnJenny I ve thought and thought about how to review Falling For Hadie since finishing it because it would be so hard to spoil this one for readers and I think you pretty much summed it up there I cried like a baby snotty crying at one point and yes, I most definitely did experience emotional turmoil throughout with dread in my stomach at times Hadie had become my everything Lincoln Loving him was like taking a leap into the unknown HadieI agree in that I simply just want to say buy this book and leave it at that but I guess we should elaborate further G.Gitte We didn t actually know much going into this story did we Jenny Never mind that it s a series The rest have been added to our kindles because this Author sure can write If you pick it up start from the beginning Even though we were fine, we re anal about reading order, so if you re like us you re going to want to start with book one.This story is about Hadie and Lincoln and wow.it was beautiful, so honest and real with a real important message Both were such amazing characters and I loved them Hadie, because she was straight down the line She was a clued up sweet girl with a sense of humour, she wasn t whiney or annoying At first you didn t tell me because you didn t know me well enough And then you couldn t tell me because you knew me too well HadieHer actions and reactions were understandable and her feelings made sense in the great divide of high school cliques I was a boring book nerd and he was the popular jock I should ve known better HadieAs for Lincoln.GAH This boy sure was special He had me laughing till it hurt Wow no wonder the poor girl was in such a bad mood If my parents had named me Hadassah, I would ve sued them Lincoln crying till I couldn t see anything out of my puffy eyes Sometimes there is a single moment that changes your life forever After that moment, nothing feels the same any You try to get back into your normal routine, but something is different, something s changed Finally, you realize that everything is just the same as it always was The only thing different is you Hadie, you are that moment and you have changed me forever Lincoln and swooning till I was a puddle on the floor You re not pathetic You are beautiful and you are confident and you know what you want in life Everything you do amazes me Everything you say resonates with me Don t ever tell yourself that you re not good enough You are better than good enough you are perfect LincolnYou loved these characters too right Jenny Jenny All we knew about this book is someone said we would cry buckets and well we re kind of gluttons for punishment in the emotional stakes so we thought we d give it a go and what an amazing albeit heart wrenching story it turned out to be It definitely put us through the wringer and I know our text messages which we can t show for fear of spoilers were mostly made up of consoling one another There s nothing wrong with what you re feeling It just shows that you care, and that s a good thing It s better than being cold and unfeeling, or treating others badly because you don t give a damn EddieHadie and Lincoln were both such truly inspirational characters Each possessing a beauty both outside and inside two people who had suffered hurt and rejection who found a healing in each other but this story goes far, far deeper than that She had this way of affecting every part of me, like she understood me without having to explain a thing LincolnI have to say G I had NO IDEA early on what the secret was that Lincoln was hiding I was clueless I know you picked it earlier on but I was left wondering or should that say hoping that it would all turn out for Lincoln and Hadie as I genuinely loved and felt for these two character Hadie had found her way into my heart At a time when I thought the world was cruel and hopeless, she had entered it Now, I didn t want her to leave LincolnI was gutted when we realised we had started on book two but as you say, we didn t miss a lot by not reading the first one it s just our nervous tic about reading in order that suffered I nodded, amazed that this girl, who hadn t been a part of my life up until two months ago, understood me so well LincolnThere was so much to Lincoln and experiencing the story unfold in dual POV s really did have you on the edge of your seat and your heart hitting your toes at times when his story began unravelling Wow, this author certainly gave us an emotional ride Linoln s secret crushed me Hadie and Lincoln s love consumed me and their story is one I won t forget in a hurry It was poignant, touching, beautiful and shredded my heart but I wouldn t have missed the experience for the world You should never regret the things that make you happy LincolnFalling for Hadie is a book I recommend picking up if you re looking for something real, something emotional Beautifully written, beautifully moving.Gitte I loved so much about Falling for Hadie I loved the build up of a special friendship, the humour, tension and silliness as well as the getting to know you stage before it became so much than that, overwhelmingly so Two hurt and vulnerable people who found each other and saw past their strong defensive exterior Where s the pole Lincoln What pole Hadie The one that s stuck up your ass LincolnI loved the POV changes, it made this stunning YA contemporary so complete, an intriguing mystery, and it was almost perfect I say almost because I thought an aspect of a couple of story lines were overwritten and unrealistically taken too far in the face of the crux of the story Namely Lincoln s Mum and sister I just didn t believe that their behaviour would have been that extreme That s all I m going to say about that though because really, this story is a must read for its beauty, its characters and it s poignant messages When you love someone, you would do anything for them, not anything to destroy them.

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    La vida est hecha de olas Somos dos olas que colisionaron y ahora estamos desvaneci ndonos, yendo por nuestros caminos separados Me costo leerla no miento, los personaje fueron interesante no lo niego un poco cliche puede ser No es que la historia fuera aburrida o algo asi por el estilo, creo que si tuviese 15 a os me hubiera encantada, pero ahorita no Sufri con esta historia por la madre que le toco al protagonista, creo que ninguna persona aun por egoista que fuera, seria asi tan hijo de su madre Se porque he vivido lo de tener una familia con cancer, y como lo he vivido se que aunque odies a esa persona nunca le darias la espalda es mas, hiciera todo lo posible para cumplir su unico deseo, el final me desgarro Aunque toda las historia que he leido que lleva cancer incluido me desgarra, jajaja mi abuela tiene la culpa de eso lol Los personajes que mas ame fueron los padres de la chica son tan anormales que fueron lo emocionante de la historia.

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    TISSUE alert O my good god The day after and I m still crying over this book It really touched a nerve and was very close to home To be honest if I had known what would have happened to Lincoln I NEVER would have read this book I just can t cope with the C word So Lincoln comes to this small town to run away from a secret he brings his bitch of a mom and sister too, As well as his hopeless dad Lincoln life is terrible, his mom treats him like a prisoner and is damn right horrible to him, his sister is just a wannabe popular all time bitch, who I hope one day they regret the way they hurt and treated Lincoln But some how I don t think so Lincoln becomes a different boy from being a popular jock in NYC to a loner in staplen That s his plan do not get attached do not make friends But day one he just can t stay away from Hadie, my god he tried he just couldn t, fate was drawing them together but he was always able to control himself and hadie wanted him so much Then they fell HARD and they don t know how, but all Lincoln knew was he had to tell her his big secret They completed each other they made each other better They were beautiful together I m crying just thinking of when I got to 76% and he told her his secret O my I died a little too, and couldn t stop thinking of my friend who also had Lincolns secret It was wrote beautifully at the end and really felt real Hadie was so so brave and became an amazing woman throughout the book due to the amazing man beside her I felt the secret took forever to come and this is the reason I gave it four stars and ofcourse because I m heartbroken and no HEA STILL CRYING

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    DUDE seriously, i was not expecting what comes in the end, and maybe this is a spolier but c mon i can t stop crying u.u and i never cry so OMG you did it this time, i m taking my hat off my dear Komal really, i m so tempted to made a hand copy of the letter, my mom is still teasing me about me crying i know that was the plot of the book but GOD i m so torn i want an alternative ending ajajaj seriously no, but OMG, i m crying again u.u

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    Okay, I m gonna try to review this as best I canbutBE WARNED THERE WILL BE SPOILERS So I was just walking along on , looking for a specific book when I caught sight of this lovely gem I loved the cover, I was instantly drawn to it And the fact that it was only.99 Shallow much Maybe But whatever, I don t mind the shallowness or the fact that I m cheap one bit So I quickly purchased it and well, I peaked at the first chapter and was instantly drawn into Hadie s world.In the beginning, she s cheated on by her asshole jock boyfriend at a party We all know the type, right Yeah, I m sure we do I ve been there You ve been there It sucks So, when she confronts Bennett, he s nasty to her He doesn t like being called out on his shit So him and his friends retaliate by writing hurtful things on her locker But wait, what sense does that make He s the one that cheated on her so why is he being a douche It s simple He s a jock and he knows he s one of the hottest guys in school so he feels it s his right to be a douche canoe.Fuck him.So Hadie swears off guys.Until she literally runs into Lincoln Bracks, the new kid in school, who by the way knocks her coffee all over her blouse and down his back Whoa, talk about bad luck Still, she doesn t give him the time of day.Lincoln Bracks just moved to small town Staltlen to get away from his busy life in New York His family is total bullshit I hate his sister Becky who is his twin and because she s a minute older than him, thinks she can boss him around and treat him like complete shit Oh my God, I fucking HATED her Hate Hate Hate HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Okay you get it.Becky is the popular type looking to fit in with the popular kids in school, while Link s purpose is to isolate himself from everyone He s hiding a deep, dark and life altering secret and doesn t want to make new friends or form relationships deep breaths, deep breaths So when Hadie is assigned his buddy for the week, taking him around the school, making sure he s finds everything okay and that he s getting on with his school work okay, both of their worlds crumble around them They form a bond that neither one had anticipated on At first, Hadie was cold and heartless and assumed Link was just like her cheating ex boyfriend But the time she spent with him, she realized she judged too quickly They got close, even though he pushed her away He tried everything he could to stay away from her But it did Not Work.They were beautiful together They complimented each other They were both so broken, but together, they were at peace and could be themselves I knew early on what Link was hiding Well, I had an idea And motherfucker, how I wish I was wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong I just didn t want to believe it I didn t I wanted to stop reading I couldn t deal with the pain that was to come However, I couldn t put it down These characters consumed me Their pain was my pain Their happiness was my happiness I was so invested in this story, that I was literally struggling to finish but I had to know the outcome I had to finish I had to see how it ended And Jesus I hadn t cried so much, since The Sweet Gum Tree Or Forbidden Two of my absolute favorite storeis of all time The story was so heartbreaking, I couldn t breathe I had to set my kindle down and take a few deep slow breaths Sobs literally racked my body And what made it all the worse was the dual POV Seeing the secret from Lincoln s pov was gut wrenching When I knew what was going on, I didn t want to believe it I felt sick I knew there was no good ending I knew shit was gonna be bad I waited for him to tell Hadie once they actually got together I kept talking to my kindle, telling Link to get it over with That she wasn t gonna judge him, or get scared off But he needed to tell her She deserved to know And when he finally did, Dear God was that heart shattering My whole world crumpled right along with them I cried with them It was just so painful So painful.I hated Lincoln s family They were scum of the earth His mother was a selfish, insensitive piece of shit As a mother myself, I can t imagine treating my child with such hostility and hatred knowing what they re going through For fuck s sake, he s only seventeen and needed his fucking family He needed that love and support and comfort and they did nothing but make his situation worse She fought with him tooth and nail and I wanted to bitch slap her off a fucking cliff And his dad was no better He just stood by and let his wife treat his only son like he s a scumbag When he finally got balls enough to stand up to her, I was a little proud, but it was too late Too much damage was done and I hope he lives with the regrets Now as for his bitch of a sister, she can rot in hell Go back to New York and get fucked, you spoiled little shit I can t talk about her much cause I ll be ranting the whole time about how much I hate her guts So I ll just say, I hated her with every fiber of my being and leave it at that.Hadie had the best parents ever Seriously, the time we spent with them was priceless Especially her dad Omg, such a world of difference between the two families Where Link s family were the devil, Hadie s parents were a breath of fresh air sprinkled with glitter I loved Mr Swinton He was just the type of dad she needed He welcomed Lincoln into their family, albeit their first meeting had me rolling in laughter, but he was nothing if not accepting of his daughter s new boyfriend And her mother was just as awesome Together, they were the perfect family filled with humor, love and support Once they found out the truth about Lincoln, they were even caring and supportive Some moments made me bawl my eyes out, especially towards the end with her dad because I knew what was coming But knowing didn t lessen the blow, no it only worsened it.This book really had me feeling glum The whole story is dark and heartbreaking There were moments of humor, but in all honestly, it was of you better have tissues at the ready kind of read I had no tissues, and no matter how many times I say have tissues ready regarding these stories, I end up in a bloody heap of tears, using my sleeve to dry them up I never actually use tissues Never So I have no idea why I even say that Habit, I guess.Anyway, I can t say much about this book because it ll give it away, even though I warned that there would be spoilers I really don t wanna be spoilery Just know your heart will be shattered by the end They ll be splayed all over the floor for you to find and try to piece together Good luck with that I woke up with red, puffy eyes this morning and I m still feeling numb This book definitely hit close to home as I ve been in this kind of situation before, well to an extent So, I was even affected by the outcome If you re looking for a feel good, happy story with an HEA, stop turn around.and keep looking cause this isn t the book for you I walked in thinking this was a happy feel good story with an amazing ending that d keep me smiling Instead, I found my heart shattered in bloody pieces before I knew what the fuck was going on Do I regret it Not a chance Because I met another amazing book boyfriend Lincoln Bracks is one of those guys that ll make you swoon, laugh, smile and cry all at once He s a total sweetheart and I wish things had gone differently God, how I wish.However, if you re like me and enjoy putting yourself through hell and cry like a baby, then pick this book up It s amazing The writing was stunning The alternate POV s were flawless and easy to follow The characters were mostly awesome and heartwarming It s definitely a book that shouldn t be missed Now I just don t know how to proceed from here.This about sums up my feelings of this book Yeah, I m done I can t do this any I m emotionally exhausted and my eyes hurt so bad I ve literally been a bloody crying mess for the last 30% which has made it increasingly difficult to read the words on my kindle I ve had to stop and breathe because I was at the point of loud sobs I don t even know what to think at this point I m just numb.

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    WARNING SpoilerThis is not some much a review of the books, but of my thought and what I came to appreciate and learn.If you like The Fault Between our Stars you will appreciate this book to.This book started of like most YA novels start of..with hopes of a happy ending or what is our perception of what happy is..as I read I could not shake off the feeling that something terrible wrong was going to happen It was always there pestering to come out..I can t say that I didn t cry because I did..Even if the ending was not your typical happy ending , that is life.it s never perfect, just like life can suddenly give you the best time of tour life, it can also take it just as fast But this book thought me that life shouldn t be mourned for what you lost bust Cherished because you lived it.This read was totally unexpected and truly heart wrenching and broke my heart but all the same I would read it again.

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