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Fancy FreeAfter reading the synopsis of the book I thought it would be steamy with this hot hero with a heroine that would be likable Sadly I found the hero James who was a lothario to be just meh the heroine Alice, well there was so much I didn t like about her it s borderline ridiculous Alice is a conservative girl that inherits her godmothers condom company called Fancy Free Except there s a stipulation, she has to stay with the company for 6 months before she actually receives her inheritance She freaks out a little because she knows nothing about the condom business she s not experienced in the sex department In fact she was so naive almost stupid about sex it was weird embarrassing As Alice likes to say she s an almost virgin She decides to stay with the company because she wants her full inheritance and with that her boyfriend that she s practically engaged that was mentioned a few times in the book to leaves her Which now brings us to James the manager of Fancy Free Condoms James is a notorious playboy with a reputation of getting around and he s somehow attracted to Alice Long story short Alice James have to test the new condoms for the company With Alice James as the guinea pigs for the condoms needless to say it opens up Alice s sexuality There were so many ridiculous things going on in this book it was almost laughable the sex was anything but steamy It was weird, awkward, boring at times peculiar There were times I cringed at the sex between these 2 There was also this whole weird thing about a cult going on that was against the condom company I mean it was just plain weird and creepy This book just wasn t for me I struggled with wanting to finish it At times just to get through it faster I would skim pages, skip some of the narrative just read what was in quotations. Warning Condoms Were Tested And A Few Harmed During The Writing Of This Story It S Not Every Day A Girl Inherits A Condom Company, And To Say Accountant Alice Beasley Is Astonished And Out Of Her Depth Is Putting It Mildly For An Almost Virgin, She Needs A Quick Education In All Things Condom Because Her Inheritance Is In Danger Someone Is Intent On Sabotage And Trying To Destroy Her New Company Alice Is Suddenly Getting Down And Dirty With Charismatic James, The Factory Manager, All In The Name Of Business, Testing New Condom Designs The Sex Is Hot Mind Blowing It S A Dark Thrill And An Erotic Journey Yeah, It S A Hard Job, But A Girl S Got To Do What A Girl S Gotta Do Alice Wants James She Craves His Talented Touch And Sultry Kisses, She Desires Passion And Physical Pleasure On A Permanent Basis But First She Must Convince Bad Boy James To Give Up His Fancy Free Ways I really enjoyed this book.As with a lot of Ellora s cave books, it is unique in its themes, with romance and suspense aspects thrown in as well as being pretty funny in parts Alice inherits a condom factory And there is where the fun begins, she is not what you would call experienced in the bedroom department so feels wholly out of her depth Unfortunately she can t just sell the company on, without staying at the helm for at least 6 months.Her boyfriend is a self obsessed ass, and isconcerned about how Alice s plight will reflect on him, rather than what it means to her, especially after a particularly difficult childhood.As you would expect, we get our alpha male in the form of James, the current manager, and his unconventional condom testing methods A great, fun, enjoyable and sexy read ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review. I thought Shelley Munro s idea about a condom factory was cute and a little quirky Unfortunately I never really could get into Alice and James as a couple or as individuals There was an underlying mystery that moved the plot along but some of the occurances just didn t make sense to me.I received an advance reader copy via Booksprout. she is shocked when she inherits a condom company but worse is to come as someone is trying to ruin it all she get the help of the manager as the4y test them she wants him evencan they save the company see how this will endI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I loved this book It was my treat to me, a guilty pleasure that I thoroughly enjoyed Alice arrives in town to find out what her Godmother has left her in her will, she s shocked to find out it s a condom factory It couldn t have come at a better time for Alice, she doesn t realise it but she s heading towards a huge mistake, almost engaged to a pompous ass of a lawyer called Stephen who s never donethan kiss her, control her and put her down All the poor girl wants is some financial security and to own her own home.As soon as she arrives in town she spots the hunk that is James, she has to work with him for six months in order to inherit her considerable bequest James is experienced, and in her own words Alice is an almost virgin, although you never really do have that explained She s so inexperienced everything shocks her, including her sudden desire to get down and dirty with James.The board of the company are all retired folk who have no qualms about testing out the new prototypes, but decide to play a trick on Alice and suggest she and James do the new product testing to avoid any further sabotage Of course they fall for each other but spend most if the book thinking that the other one doesn t like them.There are some real laugh out loud moments and it s hilarious reading the carrying ons in the board room, and enlightening discovering the lengths they go to in product testing I love the way Alice s character develops through this book, she comes out of her shell and starts to believe in herself and her appearance, and her interactions with the retired board members just seem to get better and better, they re a bunch of randy old matchmakers and I love them to bits.There s a hint of a suspense throughout the book, who is the saboteur and why, and it keeps you guessing in a good way It also brings in a second possible love interest in Luke, James best friend and local policeman who makes it clear he s interested in Alice.Alice constantly compares herself to Alice in Wonderland, feeling she s fallen down the rabbit hole and she s landed in a strange new world, you can see how she d think it with clowns and dogs at every corner and a busybody columnist trying to destroy her reputation to boot.It s a really light, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable read that I d be happy to recommend to my friends. ARC provided by netgalley I m rating it 3,5 Stars This book is a fun read, with an original plot and good characters It s a mix of mystery, romance and comedy You will laugh out loud at moments and be captivated at others You ll also want to discover who s behind all these events going on Alice was shocked to learn her inheritance was Fancy Free, a condom company that her godmother possessed before she died But the thing is, Alice doesn t know anything about condoms or even about sex in general that part was kind of annoying.. She s an accountant, had a relationship with a boring lawyer and has 6 months to improve this business and learn everything that the sexy James knows The oldies of this town were just so fun They re trying to matchmaking the two of them Alice and James by making them test those new condoms together and it worked They re nosy and frank when it concerns sex This is a good read with some sexy moments between the two main characters This isn t the typical storyline we could find all the time, it was entertaining and I liked it. This was another book that I started reading, that I wasn t sure what to expect when I started it But let me say this, I was not prepared for this book AT ALL And that was a really good thing in my opinion Holy crapsauce man, this book had some parts that were just hilarious to me.I am not sure I would have done in Alice s shoes, but I did enjoy watching the journey that she went on during the course of this book Of course there is James as well, who is just off the walls hot, and I mean off the walls I think I would stick around just for him There is drama, suspense, romance, knitting needles and of course sex in this book and it just keeps getting better with each page that turns There are some parts that will leave you laughing, some parts that might freak you out, and parts that will leave you on the edge of your seat running to take a cold shower.All in all, I would recommend this book to friends of mine because it has a great plot line, and there wasn t too much extra information that could only lead to confuse you It was written very well in my opinion and I would read others in this series.Review provided by Crystal s Many Reviews I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The plot has a great deal of potential An almost virgin inherits a condom company I fully expected hilarity to ensue It did not Alice, the heroine, is ready to explore her sexuality and chooses James, the manager, to help her She assumes that a man who works in a condom company and is attractive must get a lot of sex He was annoyed by this yet still engages in the no strings attached sex she accused him of having before They end up partnering to test the new line of condoms Alice and James do not talk much except to further misunderstand each other I applaud Alice for wanting to give the company an honest try and make it successful again, but she is an accountant who suddenly is thrust into the management role for an entire company Another issue I had was excessive time jumping forward in the story for no discernible reason. Now Even though this was one of those HOT books, it was hysterically funny When your staff is a bunch of old people wanting to test out the condoms themselves they talk openly about the styles designs colors of these condoms You have to laugh The author lives in New Zealand, so the Austrailian humor is different Although this book came across, at first as totally nonsensical unrealistic, it still had appeal I laughed out loud a few times at this total prudish girl, Alice, inheriting a condom company that has anti birth control protesters jumping out at her saying how bad condoms are All the while she notices goes after her co manager, James, who has wanderlust itches to move on from this company when his 6 months are up.It s a cute quick read, that isn t to be taken seriously, but is entertaining as well as HOT

USA Today Bestselling author, Shelley lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and a rambunctious puppy Typical New Zealanders, Shelley and her husband left home for their big OE soon after they married translation of New Zealand speak big overseas experience A year long adventure lengthened to six years of roaming the world Enduring memories include being almost sat on by a mountain

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