Fate (The Legacy, #1)

Fate (The Legacy, #1) LX Or Alex For Us Earthlings Is A Navigator On A Routine Exploration Mission That Shouldn T Have Taken Than A Few Months, An Incident Propels His Spaceship Light Years Away From His Destination, Leaving Him Stranded On The Third Planet From A Star Called SolThe Laws Of Survival Are Strict He Must Not Fraternize With The Natives However, An Encounter With Mellie Changes Everything She Has Speed And Strength Unknown To Earthlings Yet Strangely Similar To His Own Species This New Discovery Compels Him To Learn About Her And Those Who Call Themselves Vampires For Her, He Will Break Rules, His People S Rules, Until There Is No Turning BackMeanwhile, Mysterious Storms Are Devastating Cities When They Learn Of Their Origin And The Humans Fail To See The Threat, He, And His New Friends, Might Be Their Only Chance, But To Save Them And The One He Loves, He May Have To Break His Primary Oath The Vow Never To Take A LifeParental Advisory Some Language And Sexual Content The File Has Been Updated As Of September

After she encountered strange lights in the sky, GG Atcheson became obsessed with extra terrestrial life She often daydreams about possible life in the universe When she s not stargazing, she reads, or plays MMORPG on the computer GG is a fighter and a cancer survivor.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 335 pages
  • Fate (The Legacy, #1)
  • G.G. Atcheson
  • English
  • 03 February 2018

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    I don t usually get aliens, but LX is so well realised that he gets right into your psyche.And who thought they could get away with mixing vampires and aliens It shouldn t work, but it does It so works.This is the work of a remarkable imagination Recommended.

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    OKAY I ve been thinking I need to branch into scifi since my flight of fancy tend to be fantastical horrific ones I m intrigued by a non human POV, so I m ready to get my Twilight Zone on and head for The Outer Limits.Per usual, I m not interested in spoiling anything for readers coming in LOTS is happening in this, though I wouldn t have thought paranormal and extraterrestrials would blend well as a genre but it manages and does so in a way that keeps things fun and make it all really feel extra fish out of water.Also, I do like the cover Very pretty and professional D

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    I really enjoyed this book So much so, in fact, that this review is delayed because I went right on to reading the next one I loved the concept in this book An alien, LX known to we humans as Alex crash lands on Earth and immediately encounters what he thinks is a new species of human a vampire And she happens to be a gorgeous female who is immediately attracted to him and vice versa Naturally, their relationship develops throughout the book.Now, of course, when humans discover that an alien has crash landed, they do what, unfortunately, I think humans would do, and they lock him up and torture him for information, etc Little do the humans know what Alex can do and the crisis the humans will later face The real question is Will Alex help them after their treatment of him I picked up this book because the concept sounded interesting humans and vampires and an alien with a love story I will admit now that I was a little worried that the book would not live up to the blurb It did It was wonderfully done.The plot had plenty to keep me turning pages and the characters were very well developed I especially of course love LX What a guy, er alien.I recommend this book to anyone interested in fun, up beat even with what Alex had to go through science fiction.

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    A mysterious object causes LX to crash land on Earth He can survive for while living on water, until he can repair the damage to his ship He is not supposed to interact or hurt humans While checking his surroundings he runs into another creature living on the fringes of society and finds her to be a species he s never studied He learns she is a vampire and that s where the adventure begins Atcheson writes the entire book through Alex s eyes and we see both the vampires and humans based on how they treat him Kind, curious, and loath to make trouble, Alex is confronted by new challenges coupled with his growing love for Mellie The author s descriptions of Alex s abilities are spot on Atcheson creates both a likable and credible alien whose crash landing impacts both Earth and himself in ways than he could possibly realize.

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    This is a massively overdue read review, and I d like to take a chance to extend my sincere apologies to GG Atcheson for the delay.World BuildingReading through the story, there were many times I felt as if I were walking through the tale, rather than just picking up the words from a page In between those times, I was lost in admiration for the rich tapestry GG wove with the blend of natural and medical facility Part of the world she builds up one delightful layer at a time is the physical world, another part is the political world, and yet another part is the internal world Each layer added is a delightful addition to the ones that come before, and add a vibrant texture for the story to exist within.Character DevelopmentFrom the first words, the characters begin to develop into their own people There are a few places where things become a touch too stilted for the main character, but that is from a well developed lack of knowledge how English is spoken in the modern world than a fault in the writing GG does a wonderful job presenting Alex trouble with modern English without making the story hard to follow.The growth of the characters has a natural ebb and flow, with some of the support cast providing their own humor relief Even with the other side there s a nice organic growth, though the motivations aren t quite as clearly defined and considering the little you DO learn about them, I m not sure I d WANT to have those motivations defined There s also a few unexpected twists and quirks to the development as well Won t say too much , or I d likely wind up adding in spoilers can t have that, now, can we PacingThe pace of the story is spot on Even with the touch of fantasy included it can also be explained as ESP if you just can t stand the thought of fantasy in a sci fi book the organic feel to the story keeps the pages turning and the interest high Personally, I m looking forward to reading of Ms Atcheson s work, but I m going to have to remember to start earlier in the evening these aren t long for me , but if I don t get an early start, I wind up being up much too late because I can t put them down.

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    I know this was not the author s intent, but I found this book, or at least the genre fluidity I may have just coined a term to be quite humorous I think her intent was simply to write a story that is exciting and engaging, and in that she succeeded But let s count the potential genres alien sci fi fantasy wizard fantasy the alien is also a wizard of some kind vampire fantasy romance between the alien wizard and the perpetually hot vampire chick military thriller and a few that I am probably missing It seems that some authors get just the slightest bit precious about their genres, but GG Atcheson is having none of it she wrote the story she wanted, and for that I name her Genre Buster Extraordinaire Looking forward to the next installment

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    What a ride Following LX from the moment his ship crash landed in the forest through everything he experienced after was a thrill I loved so many things about this character I loved his connection with nature, the abilities he had, and his temperament I loved that he was a non violent alien who tried very hard not to disturb those whose lives he touched while he was sent to explore our planet This alone would have been an intriguing and exciting premise for a book, but Atcheson took it further Much further Vampires Check Romance Check Government conspiracy Check Apocalyptic threat Check.The book meanders through the plot in a very realistic fashion, allowing the reader to discover things as Alex does This gives the reader a sense of peace and security, which is often followed by an abrupt punch of action and suspense This results in a page turning roller coaster of emotions.I could go on and on about what I loved about this book, but I don t want to take away your reading time If you re on the fence about reading Fate, get off it yes, Alex, that s a figure of speech , and go read it now You won t be disappointed.

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    Who would have thought a story about an extra terrestrial being and a group of vampires would work Not only does it work, but it elicits so many emotions It is told by LX better known as Alex , who is from another planet This way you get to see what he thinks is different about us earthlings, which I found interesting and humorous Mellie, the vampire who instantly falls for him, is a loving, loyal, and protective character Their romance is very sweet and genuine, filled with happiness, angst, and sadness It s like any romance between two humans A lot happens in this story, both good and bad One of my favorite characters is Bernie She is not a main character, but I found her to be kind and comforting I m routing for Alex and Mellie to be together Fate ends with a cliffhanger, so I will have to read Destiny to see what happens next.

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    I was unable to complete this book I have chosen to delete my rating because it s my own fault these things would have been obvious to me if I had looked at the sample, and I see no reason to harm the author with my own mistake However, my comments may prove helpful to others.The subject matter seemed interesting and I was curious to see where the story went, but, unfortunately, several stylistic concerns kept me from getting past the first few pages I will try to illustrate those concerns below, so you can determine for yourself whether or not my concerns will affect your enjoyment of the story.Here we go.1 There is misuse of punctuation It s not terrible, mostly, but there are places where commas are misplaced, spaced a word before or after I would expect them to be used As someone who prides himself on proper use of punctuation and grammar, this was highly distracting.2 There was a lot of tell A lot, lot, LOT of telling The protagonist spends the first several pages describing reasons and situationsby the time I turned away from the book, the story had not yet begun, about ten pages in This was too long for me to read an info dump.3 The protagonist breaks the fourth wall This is what really drove me crazy, and I wouldn t have known that it would until I tried itbut the MC was, in several places, actually talking to me , the reader This destroyed any nascent verisimilitude that was developing, even despite the first two issues I couldn t put myself in the story because it felt like the story was talking to me.In summary, this style of writing doesn t suit my reading style I encourage other potential readers to check out the sample first, so that he she can determine if these issues are a problem for him her.

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    The Legacy Fate is a most enjoyable read The author made the choice to have the main character, LX Alex , an alien, tell the story from his point of view This was nothing short of genius From Alex s eyes, one can easily see the differences between humans and aliens and also can relate to the similarities that both species share Alex is an extraordinary being, but he s not perfect nor is he immune to the same issues that normal humans encounter, such as love A chance meeting of Mellie, a different sort of extraordinary being, changes Alex s original plan, and he soon finds himself tangled in love, mixed up with the government, and still trying to be the hero that he naturally is.Following Alex on his journey is easy because he is so likeable, yet he always manages to surprise you G.G Atcheson has a knack for showing the complexities in every character We see this with Alex when he struggles with obtaining what he wants as he fulfills the duties expected of his kind Mellie, too, is lost in a struggle between good and bad and what is considered natural behavior of her own species This internal dichotomy shows itself many times, even with the minor characters, whose inner battles leave the reader guessing how their choices will affect Alex For anyone who loves to read heroic stories, this book is for them It is original and witty with the addition of a sweet love story.

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