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Finding Angel Angel Doesn T Remember Her Magical Heritagebut It Remembers Her Magic And Science Collide When She Embarks On A Journey To Her True Home, And To Herself Angel Lives With A Loving Foster Family, But Dreams Of A Land That Exists Only In The Pages Of A Fantasy Novel Until She Meets Gregor, Whose Magic Talent Saves Her Life And Revives Lost Memories She Follows Gregor To Her Homelanda World Unlike Any She Has Imagined, Where She Travels A Path Of Self Discovery That Leads Directly To Her Role In An Ancient Prophecyand To The Madman Who Set Her Fate In Motion

Kat Heckenbach grew up in the small town of Riverview, Florida, where she spent most of her time either drawing or sitting in her reading tree with her nose buried in a fantasy novel except for the hours pretending her back yard was an enchanted forest that could only be reached through the secret passage in her closet She never could give up on the idea that maybe she really was magic, mistake

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    Looking for a Christian fantasy novel that isn t in your face Christian I have the pleasure of recommending this delightful novel The feel of this novel is like all of the fantasy books I enjoyed reading when I was younger It transported me back to a time when I longed to have a secret destiny and be called into my own adventure.Theology Unseen Creator GodThe author actually warned me before I read this book that there weren t any overt Christian references What I did find, were several biblical references that were obvious if you are familiar with the Bible Only One stood stronger than she at that moment, and she felt immense joy at being part of His divine creation A character making reference to Psalm 19.A cryptic inscription Bound on Earth as bound in Heaven Loosen on Earth as loosed in Heaven But the Elders realized that it was impossible to cleanse your own soul The contrast between funerals for people have true magic and those that do not.An illusion to the Syrophenician woman the woman at the well when the gospel was extended to the Gentiles instead of just the Jews.A divine plan beyond the comprehension of people A character who lives out his faith Maturity GThis book is appropriate for all ages there is no profanity or sex The plot is sufficiently complex that it will hold the interest of anyone who loves a good fantasy story Because its not overtly Christian, it should not be offensive to non Christians.Social Issues Primarily, this is a good vs evil book The protagonist struggles with finding her meaning and place in life It is the first in a series and is set up well for God vs culture.I m looking forward to reading the second in the series

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    My copy of Finding Angel was given to me by the Author through Goodreads First Reads giveaway I was not obligated to write a positive review This is my full and honest opinion.Cover Blurb Yes or No Yes, I do like it It s simple yet intriguing and I love lockets While it s not exactly indicative of a fantasy novel I actually thought it was some inspirational tween story when I first saw it , there still is something attention grabbing about it, and once one reads the story, one can definitely see the fantasy in the cover art.Characters Despite her name, I really liked Angel as a protagonist She was curious and not overly emotional She wasn t constantly flying off the handle at Gregor for not immediately telling her everything, and when she did get angry, for the most part she kept it to herself Perhaps Angel was a little too quick to accept everything that was happening to her, but given that all her life she had had a sort of premonition a feeling that things weren t all that they seemed, it was relatively easy to believe that she would come to terms with her new life faster than most people The only real thing that bothered me was how readily she left her foster family behind, knowing that she may never see them again I understood her eagerness to find her real parents and to learn about her forgotten past, but she was close to her foster family maybe she could have shown just a bit turmoil over her choice My opinion on Gregor was on and off throughout the book Overall, I liked him, especially since he s too old to become a romantic interest for Angel, and their relationship settles into brother sister affection Gregor was kind and patient and very helpful But as the story progressed, his temper grew short, and he started getting angry at Angel for no reason Oh, I understood perfectly well why he was always so upset I wouldn t expect him to be otherwise, given the circumstances But he shouldn t have taken it out on Angel, nor should he have dismissed Angel s theory on the Prophecy so swiftly Still, what s a good character without their flaws, right In general, Gregor was awesome and I never disliked him, even when he was being a pill Now for the villains While Dawric wasn t a pure awesome quality villain few are villains have to work hard to make it into that category , he worked for Finding Angel Power hungry, manipulative, and maybe just a bit like Voldemort in the fact that everyone is convinced he can never return to Toch, when in fact that s exactly what s happened , he has enough cold ambition to be a guy I wouldn t want to meet.The Romance Gregor is in love with an Elfin girl, and I admit that I became rather invested in their emotional turmoil Gregor and Siophra love each other dearly and want to get married, but Siophra s father won t allow it This is probably my favorite kind of love against impossible odds scenario, right next to our countries are at war And the Author pulls it off very well.Plot Angel can t remember her life from before she was taken in by the Masons, when she was six All she has is a beautiful silver locket on a charm bracelet, along with five silver letters, which is where she got her name All her life, though, Angel has been fascinated with fantasy worlds art and literature and mythology And though she loves her foster family dearly, she dreams of being in one of those novels herself When Angel s brother Zack finds a curious beetle and she goes to the library to look it up, she meets the mysterious Gregor, and before Angel knows it, her entire life is turned upside down Gregor takes Angel to Toch Island a magical British Isle closed off from the rest of the world because technology interferes with magic There, Angel remembers her past and realizes her special powers and discovers that she might be part of an ancient Prophecy And with Angel s return to Toch Island, an old enemy who once tried to kill her and was responsible for her escape into the real world may have returned to finish the job At first Finding Angel takes a little while to get into the Prophecy and the return of Dawric For a while, Angel is busy learning how to use magic and her own special Talent a specific magical ability that everyone is born with Gregor s is opening portals through trees, and Angel s is an ability to find things no matter where or how far away they are Hers is a rare Talent, and one that Dawric is desperate to have for himself But the book doesn t feel slow, because the Author presents the Reader with a fascinating and engaging world Somewhat reminiscent of J K Rowling s universe, Toch Island is a charming and exciting place, with strange creatures, adorable dragons I really want a pet dragon now , exotic plants, and bizarre animals The magic rules even make a bit of sense At least, as much as magic rules can The Author tries to inject a bit of scientific law, and it somehow works Once the Prophecy comes into play, events pick up, though not really until the climax But it never gets boring that is a word I would not apply to this book Maybe some Readers will get tired of the pace, but I was all right with it The world and characters kept me engaged.Believability Not applicable.Writing Style Third person, past tense The style was very pleasant, with pretty descriptions, but not an excess of unnecessary detail I found it to be very relaxing, and relaxing reads are always nice.Content None.Conclusion As events pass, Angel becomes and certain that the ancient Elfin Prophecy is indeed coming true, and they are running out of time before Dawric can be stopped I ll admit, the Author pulled some fast ones on me There were a few major twists that I was not wholly expecting The conclusion of Siophra and Gregor s romance was surprising, as well as who the real villains were, and the very climax itself The arrival of Angel s parents was rather sudden, but didn t detract from the overall ending Finding Angel is one of those fantasy reads that is great for the weekend, but also shows a lot of promise as the series progresses The Author has set up a world that I am eager to learn about, and a world which she can expand as much as she wants I found it very easy to care about her characters, and I look forward to reading of their adventures.Recommended Audience Girl and guy read, thirteen and up, great for Harry Potter and fantasy fans.

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    The bad news Finding Angel felt at times as if influenced way too much by Harry Potter A child raised in secret, returned to the world of his her birth by the very person who carried him her to safety A prophecy about the return of the villain, thought to have been destroyed trying to capture destroy the child in the first place, and a certain magical item inheritance a la Deathly Hallows Not to mention the wonder of discovering a new world of magic Sure there were a lot of unique spins and new ideas But for following some of the same paths already blazed by JK Rowling, 45 points will be taken from Heckenbach house.Finding Angel may feel slow in the middle After what seemed like a solid start, once everyone reached Toch Island the pace fell to a crawl with plot advancement almost on a drip feed until about 75% through the book I m not saying this time isn t interesting, but it s about well finding out who Angel is than it is about resolving the fiery opening and the cryptic shadowed intermittent scenes about the bad guy Is this a good vs evil story Or is this a self discovery story For trying to juggle two story dynamics such that the pace is affected, 40 points will be taken from Heckenbach house.Finding Angel may feel like the climax is rushed in comparison Because so much time is spent in the mid section devoted to finding Angel, and because there is so much ticking time bomb material scattered throughout, when we finally do get to the climax it feels almost rushed and a little lack luster With such a build up and so much waiting to get there, I wanted from the climax For cheating me the satisfaction I was looking for, 30 points will be taken from Heckenbach house.The good news Finding Angel is fun The lilting prose of Kat s YA style is quick and easy to read, giving you a low impact, low challenge, fun read That being said, there s enough meaty science, in the vein of Michael Crichton, in here to give one pause for thought if you re so inclined to analyze such things But the brilliance of this book is that it is not necessary If you re going to read Crichton, you d better put your thinking cap on or you ll never get through it If you re going to read Heckenbach, your thinking cap is optional And that s great, considering it s YA Young adults tend to go both directions full tilt ADD fun or sit down and think For a perfect blend of science and noncommittal fun, I award Heckenbach house 50 points.Finding Angel is difficult to figure out I value plot lines that are not completely transparent, those that keep readers guessing up to the very end And though I had a bead on the ending probably earlier than most readers, I know I am not average Yet, those crucial details that solidified what was going on seemed simultaneously just within reach and completely unattainable until the moment Kat wanted the reader to know for sure And even then, there was enough ambiguity to think maybe she was about to pull a double switch For dragging the reader along by the nose, I award Heckenbach house 50 points.Finding Angel is exceptionally written Perfect word choice, perfect sentence structure, perfect timing, and perfect picture forming Everything flowed effortlessly and seamlessly, giving the reader an experience of witnessing events rather than reading type copy For filming a movie with the written word, I award Heckenbach house 60 points.Assuming my calculations are correct 60 50 2 30 40 45 10X, where X represents the number of stars I should award I award, Finding Angel 4.5 stars And since I believe in rounding up, instead of rounding down when reporting these things to entities like and Goodreads 5 StarsWell done, Kat.

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    The title of Kat Hechenbach s first novel, Finding Angel, is intriguing and becomes so after you ve read the book One might even argue it s a bit of a misnomer You expect the story to be about someone looking for Angel and discovering her, a kind of missing person story But no one is looking for Angel in the story Angel is the protagonist and point of view character She knows where she is but not necessarily who she is Gregor is looking for a girl named Anna but finds Angel, who used to be a little girl named Anna So why isn t this book entitled Finding Anna or something else entirely Finding Angel is Angel s story She was found wandering a rural road and adopted by the Masons, who also have several other adopted children Angel s only link with her past is a silver charm bracelet that she was wearing at the time of her discovery One charm is a heart inscribed with a strange looking beetle The other charms are letters A N G E L, which the Masons assume spell her name We learn later in the story that the E and L charms are out of order Gregor takes Angel back to her childhood home on a magical island that is invisible to the rest of the world She learns that she has magical abilities and that she is a Finder, someone whose most developed magical talent is finding things But Angel is no longer Anna, not after living with the Mason s for several years Angel Anna must discover how she fits into the past and future of her homeland as she forges an identity and finds out who Angel is Oh, I almost forgot There is also a homicidal maniac named Dawric who will stop at nothing to find and kill her so he can steal her talent.Part mystery and part fantasy, puzzles occupy center stage in Finding Angel The first mystery is Angel s past She learns that Dawric nearly captured her when she was a young girl but that Gregor used his talent for Gating creating passages through space to other parts of the world to send her away from Dawric Unfortunately, Gregor was not able to follow her through the gate and did not know where he had sent her which is why it took him years to track her down When Angel returns with Gregor, her parents are gone, looking for her in some other part of the world The next puzzle is the significance of the charm bracelet, which Gregor tells Angel is a family heirloom that is passed from one generation to the next through the first born But what is the bracelet s significance What does it do Angel finds a vague prophecy in an old book that she believes relates to her as it mentions something about a Finder Gregor, who is going through a type of Romeo and Juliet personal crisis about which he is exceedingly reticent, dismisses her obsession Casting a shadow over the other mysteries is Dawric, whom Gregor insists is gone, but Angel suspects is closer than Gregor thinks since the prophecy appears to relate to him as well And finally, there is the jigsaw puzzle that Angel helps Sir Benjamin a retired professor assemble in his bookstore.Magic is commonplace on the island There are magical items, such as an interpreter lens that renders text in any language Angel learns to use magic to take care of mundane chores, such as washing the dishes or cleaning up after her puppy Magic is also put to dramatic uses, such as Gregor s Gating and Angel s Finding A professor at the university on the island can make himself invisible while another can tame animals and people Fantastical creatures abound, including unicorns and various types of dragons which many residents keep as pets Elves the Tolkien variety also inhabit the island.One of the unique features of Finding Angel is the relationship Heckenbach depicts between magic and science In most fantasies, magic occurs and is taken for granted We re not given much explanation of the nuts and bolts of it other then where the power to perform it comes from Heckenbach delves into the science behind the magic Gregor alters the appearance of Angel s hair color by magically adjusting the surface s absorption and reflection of wavelengths p 83 Invisibility comes from bending light rays When Angel asks Gregor why the left over food on the dishes cannot just disappear, Gregor explains Things don t just disappear They have to go someplace First law of conservation of matter Matter cannot be created or destroyed it can only change form p 49.As Heckenbach describes it, magic, like everything else, is answerable to the laws of the physical universe Magic acts within those laws and uses them, rather than contradicting or stepping outside of them However, just as Gregor and Angel can magically work within the laws of the universe, those laws can also impinge on their magic Gregor says that technology interferes with their magic, which is why daily life on the island is so low tech It s all the waves and particles released by electronic devices They suppress our magic p 47.Heckenbach has created a strong cast of characters to complement Angel s story They have their own concerns and their lives have trajectories independent of Angel Gregor, for instance, is involved with a young Elven girl named Siophra, whose father has forbidden their marriage Kalek, Siophra s brother, is caught between his father and Gregor Angel is an observer than a participant in Gregor s subplot until Siophra is drawn into the machinations of Dawric and his partner We even get a sense of Dawric s hopes and dreams although his desires have consumed any sense of morality he may once have possessed and transformed him into a cunning maniac However, Finding Angel s narrative structure and single point of view character limits our exposure to and understanding of some characters While Angel meets Kalek numerous times, her meeting with Siophra is fleeting Like Angel, we have to rely on second hand reports to form an opinion of her Siophra s father undergoes a transformation from a cruel and unbending patriarch to a damaged and repentant father in the novel s final chapters, but Angel only has contact with him after the transformation.The story breaks from Angel s point of view in a few mini chapters that report conversations between an unnamed scientist and an unnamed man whom I assume to be Dawric I suspect Heckenbach wants to foreshadow the dangers that are encroaching on Angel, but in a fantasy novel, the reader expects danger to be lurking without being told I would rather see those chapters expanded so that the reader has a lot information than Angel or cut Finding Angel is a good read with a complex story line and enough twists and turns to keep the reader off balance The final chapter hints at a continuation of Angel s story in a sequel I m looking forward to it.

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    I really enjoyed this well written and original YA fantasy novel about a young teenaged girl, Angel, whose sense of being destined for another life turns out to be literally true, sending her on a magical journey of self discovery filled with adventure and danger.In a very general way, the story reminded me of the Harry Potter books in the sense that it also features a young adolescent character who, though living with a normal family, discovers that her real heritage is one of magical talent and that she plays a key role in stopping those who wish to use magic for sinister purposes In addition, the heroine s journey introduces her to a host of fantastic talents and creatures and a new world of magical friends where she must learn to employ the power she never knew she had But these thematic similarities aside similarities I imagine are pretty key to many YA magical fantasy novels the author offers a really unique world and a magic that is often akin to the kind of inherent psychic abilities or gifts found in supernatural novels or TV shows like Merlin, instead of the incantational spell casting type of magic found in many other fantasy books For me, this made the story that much enjoyable, as I find these types of psychic abilities, whether genetic or bestowed as a gift or power, believable and able to be rationally explained something the author does quite creatively and with an appreciative and respectful view of nature s beauty and power that doesn t extend into nature worship Some other aspects that set this story apart for me were the wonderful character development, the rich description and a complex plot that offers a number of unexpected surprises I also really liked that, though there was some romance, this didn t follow the common tendency in YA to have the female MC involved in a love triangle or other trauma filled romantic relationship Angel s relationship with Gregor is one of great friendship, realistically portrayed, and all of the other relationships in the book were developed with equal realism and depth.I can t say there were any true cons to the pros in this story for me Sometimes I was little frustrated that Gregor, an otherwise mature, responsible and extremely likeable character, blew off Angel s concerns and insights too rapidly on than one occasion, but then each time I remembered that he was an older teen male to Angel s young adolescent female and realized that expecting him to do anything else probably was unrealistic on my part Also, though there were a few fairly descriptive scenes of animal cruelty that had this animal lover cringing and which I thought could be disturbing to younger YA readers, it may be that others wouldn t be as sensitive to it as I was.Overall, I found Finding Angel an extremely enjoyable, original and well written novel one that I highly recommend to fantasy fans, both YA and adult A novel I had on my to read list too long, I m now eagerly looking forward to reading its sequel as well as other books by this talented author.

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    Finding Angel tells the story of a teen who is living with a foster family after being found wandering along the road with no memory when she was younger Her foster family calls her Angel because when she is found she is wearing a charm bracelet and the charms spell out Angel Her foster family is loving but they don t understand her fascination with fantasy books and creatures One day she meets Gregor, and when he saves her life, he also brings back some memories Angel is suddenly whisked away to her homeland and introduced to the concept of Talents Gregor helps Angel learn about her talents and tells her about the madman who almost killed her when she was a child.I loved this story and the unique way that Ms Heckenbach intermingled magic and science in the Talents Talents allow the user to change things but not just make things disappear or appear And Talents aren t an easy fix to everything For example when Angel s dog pees on the floor she uses her talents to evaporate the liquid and blow the dirt out the window.Angel was a great character She was relatable and came across as a normal teen who loves fantasy And when she discovers that she is magical, she is appropriately awestruck Gregor is a wonderful friend to Angel, even though he can be moody and brooding at time The rest of the characters that Ms Heckenbach developed were interesting and each character, even if they only played a small part, fit their part perfectly.The concept of an island hidden from the rest of the world and protected by magic to keep strangers and science out was interesting and gave Ms Heckenbach a blank slate to work with in terms of setting Through descriptive scenes and Angel s awe, the reader is able to clearly imagine the wondrous things that are on the island.The plot flowed smoothly and was a little complex The readers journeyed with Angel as she discovered her past and met new friends There is a definite good vs evil storyline but there are other side storylines like the complicated relationship Gregor has with his elven relatives The book had a lot of fantasy, but it also had mystery and intrigue.I think that YA fantasy lovers will really enjoy this story But I do want to put a warning I would not recommend this book for children under 13 because there are some evil things that happen, including death and animals being hurt killed and experimented on, that might be very scary to younger children.

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    Having written stories for several anthologies, Heckenbach launched her debut novel Finding Angel on Sep 1, 2011 As a homeschooling mother, fantasy lover, and science geek, Heckenbach put her skills into creating the Toch Island Chronicles There are currently two books released in the series, with Seeking Unseen Book 2 published a year after the first Finding Angle is available as a Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook.Story overview Angel knows that her family isn t related to her by blood, but she loves them just the same Particularly her younger foster brother Having been adopted at a young age, and lost her childhood memories, she often wonders what her birth parents are like.Fascinated by the world of fantasy, whether books or pictures, Angel feels a close connection to otherworldly elements Not only is she smart for her age, but her recent curiosity over a beetle that her brother found sets her to task Her mission to find out what type of beetle it is.Before exhausting the library s resources on the subject, Angel meets an oddly dressed boy by the name of Gregor Little did she know that the beetle was magical, and the boy had been searching for her for years But most of all, Angel was soon to discover that her love for magical worlds wasn t based on fantasy at all.My thoughts Cleanly written in the third person limited narration, I quite enjoyed this story Some elements of it made me think of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke , with Gregor s personality a bit like Farid s Only, instead of obsessing over Dustfinger, his eyes were fixated on someone else Some reviewers likened this book to Harry Potter while others to The Lord Of The Rings But, magical and elven elements aside, I thought it followed its own path fairly well standing on its own two feet If you like a good young adult fantasy, don t hesitate to give this one a look.Things to consider There is no foul language or sexual situations considering two teens of the opposite sex live alone together for some time No excessive violence to speak of, but there are a few scenes regarding death and a few that contain some gory elements Overall, nothing objectionable that I could detect I d recommend this for preteens and older, with a slight emphasis toward girls as the protagonist is female, but boys should also come away feeling significantly satisfied.

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    It s good for a YA novel, and avoids a lot of cliches while getting a teen girl s voice right The world is interesting too I think though the plot is a bit too complex, and the book could have ignored some of the complications to focus on the lot of good things it has.Angel is a pretty average teen She likes fantasy animals, likes to draw, loves her little brother Zach, and lives a pretty decent teen life One day she meets Gregor, and through him is drawn into a hidden magical world Angel is a denizen of that world, and she now begins both the slow rediscovery of who she once was, and her role in a prophecy centering around her unique Finding talent.It s interesting, both pre magical world and after There s a refreshing lack of cliches in the book no sassy sidekicks, no love triangles, and a world which shows some real promise I like the rustic, rural, animal filled life in the book, and wished it could have been amplified Angel also is well done She feels like a smart, yet young teen The normal world sequence that starts the book is just as good at the rest, and she makes for a fetching heroine Gregor too is different he s a YA male character who is competent, and when he gets angry or fails, does so in a realistic way The rest of the characters aren t bad either, and each has enough twists and originality to be memorable.The only issue I had with this book is that the plot is too complex Mostly because of a prophecy put into the book The actual idea of the book and the conflict between heroine and villain stands very well on it own, and the prophecy doesn t add anything to it It takes away from the book some, as a lot of events need to happen to fulfill it, and it reduces time spent on the characters and world The conflict between science and magic especially cries out for expansion I d also love of the small town, island life of the magical world the idea that view spoiler technology weakens magic and forces Talented people into semi reclusive hidden islands hide spoiler

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    This is the book for every science geek who s read Harry Potter and pulled their hair out yelling, Conservation of Energy Harry Or maybe that s just me.Though author Kat Heckenbach doesn t go into deep scientific detail she covers enough laws of physics and uses than enough explanation to give her magic system a believable scientific edge More then enough to justify the tag line, Where magic and science collide On Toch Island somewhere off the coast of Ireland lives a community of Empowered humans Each member of the community has at least one Talent, a unique power that they excel at That s the magic, because these talents are often just taken at face value In addition to their talents these humans also have the ability to manipulate matter on the sub atomic level That s where the science comes in I thought the characters were engaging and the pacing was just right to keep the pages turning I loved the mystery angle, the small pieces of the prophecy falling into place and seeing it all come to pass It was great fun.

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    Enjoyed this story of a girl discovering her true heritage Very typical of the coming of age YA storyline, but unique enough to be interesting The way magic works in Angel s world makes so much sense that I am miffed that it s not real It could totally work like that I like that the story isn t focused on a romantic relationship although there are definitely a couple of cute guys to drool over if you re into that sort of thing , and one of the strongest examples of love is the relationship between Angel and her younger adopted sibling.The story flows well and as it unfolds, there is a very enjoyable mystery thriller portion that adds an element of danger Even though I thought I was pretty clever at figuring stories out, the answer to the whodunit totally surprised me Gotta give the author credit for pulling the wool over my eyes on that one Looking forward to the next book

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