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Finding Her Feet Drama Tragedy Family LifeNDING HER FEET By Jams N RosesThe Tragedy Begins As Amanda Watches Her Sister Fall Through The Broken Ice Heartbreakingly, Samantha Doesn T Reappear Until The Following Day, When Her Lifeless Body Is Pulled From The Water The Devastation Continues As The Family Falls Apart Under The Weight Of Emotional Pain And Unfair BlameWhen Overwhelmed With Guilt, How Does A Child Cope With A Death In The Family Drama Tragedy Adult Content Sex Violence pg JamesRossFictionFrom the author I love the creation of stories, and although I spend days and weeks and months working on a plot, it s the emotions of my characters that I enjoy delving into.My first published novel, Get Clean , really has my heart and soul poured into it Although I feel a bit naked by putting a story out there that contains so much of my life, I m happy with the book, and a little proud of my first writing achievement.Also available is Son of a Serial Killer This story was born in my mind when I was going through a difficult phase in my life I felt let down by the person closest to me, and I was angry and upset What better way to expel those emotions than to throw them into a book The story itself isn t based on my life like my previous novel, but the emotions captured within the pages are feelings I had to battle with for far too long.My third release, Extremely England , is something completely different It s a satirical comedy poking fun at society and the way it is portrayed by the media I enjoyed writing something that wasn t so dark for a change if I m honest I am a big film fan, and would have to admit that I have an eye on the filmability of my stories when writing them One day

❰Reading❯ ➷ Finding Her Feet  Author Jams N. Roses –
  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • Finding Her Feet
  • Jams N. Roses
  • English
  • 03 October 2019
  • 9781491268360

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    Full of emotion A contemporary fiction novel An interesting take on the aftermath of a family disaster this story has many ups and downs and left me exhausted when finished reading it If you like stories that are full of emotion, then this is one for you.

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    Finding her Feet by Jams N Roses is an emotional and intense drama but one that I cannot recommend highly enough.A seven year old girl witnesses the death of her sister as she falls through broken ice a tragedy that would be enough for any grown up person to have serious emotional consequences, but much so for a young girl Amanda feels pain, blame and guilt for what she saw, she even thinks she killed her sister herself The family falls apart after the death and from then on the drama is non stop.I ve read newspaper articles that cover stories like this, but they never seem to touch on the real emotions of the people they report on Jams N Roses taps into these emotions masterfully The language used is harsh at times so this is definitely not for children or those easily offended The language however befits the rawness of emotions and the characters involved and is so not only perfectly justified but also needed to make the drama realistic This is an adult read that touches on some of the darker sides of modern society.

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    The tagline of Finding Her Feet pretty much sums it up rather well, drama, tragedy, family, life It only fails to mention how DARK this story is in places But I like dark The death of a loved one is only the start of this rollercoaster emotional ride a jet setting story that takes us around the U.K as Amanda, the main character struggles to find her way or her feet, to be subtle in what turns out to be a very cruel world.It was a great read and I m curious about the author s other work.

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    Finding her feet is a great story that I think many will relate with.Amanda s family becomes dysfunctional after her twin drowns in a terrible accident The secret she keeps in her life leads her down a path of self destruction with drugs, alcohol and other bad choices.It is easy to empathize with the characters in this book If it hasn t happened in your family chances are you may have known someone in similar circumstances.A very well written and relatable novel, it did leave a lump in my throat and a pain in my heart.Just the same, I would suggest this beautifully written story.

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    This story took me in from the first page Samantha, a 7 year old twin sister falls through the ice and dies Blame is given to the older sister, Michelle, but the surviving twin, Amanda, knows who the blame really lies with This is a sad tale with all the drama that follows such tragedy, and is almost too real in places and things that happen to the lead character Parts of this book aren t the lightest of reading, but it is a touching story that I both enjoyed and experienced at the same time.

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    Although seemingly to be based on a typical family disaster, Finding Her Feet is an emotional rollercoaster for the young character Amanda I found the writer s style a little too story telling and I felt an observer of the story rather than involved but this is still a good well written example of its genre, a YA emotional drama I hope to read from this author.

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    This book is about losing oneself, only to discover that all is not lost if you have faith that you will be healed.Getting deeper and deeper into this book, I kept thinking to myself how sad and lonely this life of guilt must be for Amanda All the loss and betrayal that she went through would wear even the strongest of people down But Amanda s spirit kept her alive and in doing so, she was able to bring back hope to her family Throughout the story I caught myself from being bothered by the actions in which she kept getting herself into the different situations, but realizing that she had to go through them to Find Her Feet In the end, that is what she does And even though there is loss, it was just the right ending to complete Amanda Spencer s life.

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    It has been a while since a book last brought me to tears, but Finding Her Feet did just that A disaster in the family, in the form of one of the daughters dying, leads to a life of heartache for all concerned There are glimmers of hope in this delightfully written story, but it is certainly one to read with a box of tissues at hand.

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    I received a free copy in exchange for a book review I liked this 38 chapter book Samantha a.k.a Sam and Amanda were twins Michelle was their older sister When they were younger, Sam died by drowning in an icy lake Their mom became abusive toward Michelle while their dad avoided everyone due to depression.I ll never forgive what the mom allowed to happen to Michelle as a little girl The mom was definitely my most hated character The author did a great job with characterization you either loved or hated the people in the story, but you were never bored with them In a twist, Michelle had a bad childhood but managed to find success as a young adult Amanda was spoiled as a child When she turned 16, a destructive path followed her like the plague I couldn t even imagine living with guilt of losing a sibling.There was a lot of headhopping, so some of the dramatic or suspenseful moments were overshadowed by already knowing what all the characters were plotting in the same paragraphs It took all the tension away As a reader, I wish there was dialogue and immediate scenes There seemed to be a lot of telling what happened by narrative summary.My favorite lines 1 When Samantha lost her life in that lake, she took the life of her family with her 2 She had the right to be angry, said Michelle, but to let other people hurt me was too much Her rejection was punishment enough I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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    As a former teenage girl, I can say that Mr Roses truly knows how scared and insecure girls are on the inside all the while trying to pretend to be grownup on the outside Another elegant and simply written novel by Jams N Roses The candle had burnt down and the flame had to fight for its life Finding Her Feet Kindle Location 803.

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