Flirting with Ruin (Castonbury Park 0.5)

Flirting with Ruin (Castonbury Park 0.5) Embarrassing RuinRosalind and Fraser have an intense forest meeting Stifled by an overbearing and and then husband, Rosalind finds her life dull and boring She visits a friends in morning only to discover her future Fraser is finishing his last Order of business for the military He unknowingly meets his life dream in a back town in England A short funny poetic story you will enjoy. This is a very non traditional type romance that I m not sure I liked, but I enjoyed reading The heroine, Rosalind, is a widow who has been seeking scandal The story seems to imply that she s looking for passion and adventure after her staid and boring marriage, though background in this character is very scarce Major Lennox Fraser is just out of the army and trying to figure out what to do with his life These two meet and have an instant attraction and kind of do the one night stand thing This is non traditional in that, the characters don t fall in love in this story, they don t get married nor do they seem to want to settle down The characters fall in lust and discover some amazing chemistry and sex and then decide that they should travel together And that is their HEA It s refreshing in a way to see a story end so differently, but I might have liked an epilogue to show that they had in fact fallen in love and not realized part way on their journey to Australia that they can t abide each other. Lady Rosalind Rhees Has Dedicated Her Life To Being As Scandalous As Possible It S The Only Way She Can Escape Society S Expectations Unfortunately, Flirting With Ruin Hasn T Been As Exciting As She D Hoped Until She Meets Major Fraser Lennox At A Country Party And Gets A Taste Of Just How Delicious Forbidden Desire Can Feel But Is She Daring Enough To Follow Her Heart On The Strength Of One Sizzling Night Flirting with Ruin is the first in the Castonbury Park series by Marguerite Kaye It s a great introduction to the series full of romance and passion Lady Rosalind is a widow who is looking for a little excitement in her life Her husband was puritanical and felt the marriage bed should be endured rather than enjoyed She meets Major Fraser Lennox at a country party and finds out that passion does exist and she sthan capable of it This was a great short story and introduction to the Castonbury Park series We met many characters in this story and I can t wait to read all of their stories in the following books Lady Rosalind is a wonderful character full of life and trying to find her excitement while staying within the confines of proper society Major Lennox is war hero, who is trying to find his way now that the war is over.Both are very well developed characters for such a short story I read it in about an hour The story flows well and keeps the reader engaged I can t wait to read the rest of the series.For the month of July this book is available for free from . A nice little Regency novella which opens the Castonbury Park continuity series.An enjoyable and short tale, I really liked and engaged with the hero and heroine but it did not seem to me really that Rosalind really flirted with ruin that much until she meets Fraser, despite her saying so There are sensual scenes from the very start.As it is an opening to the Castonbury Park novels, there were quite a bewildering array of characters introduced and mentioned, but I understood why this had to be It does certainly set up the reader to read those other stories Spoilers I particularly liked the non traditional ending, where Rosalind and Fraser go off together without mention of marriage As the story was so short, it seemedbelievable that they would get to know each other first Hopefully we will find out what happens to them in the other novels in the series. This was a free ebook I pick up I think this could have been a great story it just seemed kind of rushed While visiting family friends, Rosalind goes to the harvest festival While dancing, she keeps noticing this stranger across the room who is staring at her Eventually he comes over to dance Just Fraser and Just Rosalind dance and then go out side for some fresh air They get caught up in the magic of the harvest moon but part company The next morning Major Lennox comes to Castonbury to present the family with the medal awarded to their dead son Fraser and Rosalind recognize each other immediately of course, but Major Lennox gets the dreaded task completed Lady Rosalind walks him to the door and some how they end up going for a drive The next thing you know they are making plans to travel the world together. Great short story Early 19th century A war Major and a 26 year old widow have a chance encounter and think they will never see each other again They, of course, do meet again and their passionate affair starts Since they are both seeking adventures, they decide to travel the world together Cute, since it doesn t push the usual we are madly in love after knowing each other for only 3 days butwe are modern people and choose to embark on an adventure together because we have amazing chemistry Not as a novel, but as a short story, it could have easily gotten 5 had there not been grammatical and other mistakes Even on the last page it says that Fraser is giving Kate champagne glasses in the carriage instead of Rosalind and we know it s actually Rosalind in the carriage with him I think this is the first Harlequin Historical Undone I ve read, and I read this because it was free and because Kaye s an author I ve heard good things about The writing was good and the introduction to upcoming series characters stories etc was handled fargracefully than I usually see it, but I guess I didn t see the point of the book other than promo for the upcoming series no emotional journeys or emotional growth, no plot, just well written character interaction It was, though, nice to enjoy, and the promotional aspect worked on me because now I m interested in reading the rest of the series XD As in any short story it s hard to get truly engaged in the characters but still sparks fly and I can t help but delight in the story. I can t turn down a book offered for free on the Kindle set in Historical Romance Times Past by an author I mostly enjoy Its a short book really a novella , but there s a bit packed into it and felt like the set up that it probably was We learn just enough about Rosalind s friend Kate and her family to know that when next we meet this family one of the daughters or the feckless son shall be ensnared in love s crosshairs.Rosalind and Fraser are a fun match Rosalind often felt theexperienced and mature of the two, while Fraser feltuncertain of himself They re chemistry is quick and burns bright, but Kaye does make them cautious at least temporarily and pragmatic The end I think is what made me enjoy the book then I think I initially thought I would Kaye doesn t make make this a We ve known two days we should be in forever love let s get married story She has both Fraser and Rosalind realize that together they can have quite a bit of adventure and fun, so why not just go traveling together since neither cares about society anyhow No mentions of love, forever or matrimony though I d lay odds in one of the companion books we find out they do get married, but that s fine since at least they would KNOW each other by then just straight up You re fun, why let it end.

Marguerite Kaye is a prolific historical romance author hailing from Argyll s West Coast She is a voracious consumer of books, Scotland s world class larder, and the occasional cocktail.Find out on her website at

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