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Forever Odd I See Dead People But Then, By God, I Do Something About ItOdd Thomas Never Asked For His Special Ability He S Just An Ordinary Guy Trying To Live A Quiet Life In The Small Desert Town Of Pico Mundo Yet He Feels An Obligation To Do Right By His Otherworldly Confidants, And That S Why He S Won Hearts On Both Sides Of The Divide Between Life And Death But When A Childhood Friend Disappears, Odd Discovers Something Worse Than A Dead Body And Embarks On A Heart Stopping Battle Of Will And Wits With An Enemy Of Exceptional Cunning In The Hours To Come There Can Be No Innocent Bystanders, And Every Sacrifice Can Tip The Balance Between Despair And Hope You Re Invited On An Unforgettable Journey Through A World Of Terror And Transcendence To Wonders Beyond Imagining And You Can Have No Better Guide Than Odd Thomas

Leigh Nichols,

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  • Paperback
  • 364 pages
  • Forever Odd
  • Dean Koontz
  • English
  • 28 March 2019
  • 9780553588262

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    I have seen a lot of negative reviews for this book, and after reading it, I can see where people might feel that way However, I thought it was very enjoyable Sure it was weird and outlandish with bizarre characters and haphazard dialogue, but I found it very entertaining.The plot is basic good vs evil The baddies are very spooky and cartoony The leader is very focused and unreasonable in her goals a one track mind of questionable motivation that doesn t make a whole lot of sense Odd manages to maintain a sense of humor even when facing adversity and his one liners are often priceless It may not be the finest of literature, but I liked the next chapter in the world of Odd Thomas and I look forward to .

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    Suppose you re a wealthy dominatrix Just pretend for a second, okay You ve got this incredible body, and innate ability to get men to do whatever you want You ve also got a collection of voodoo items and knick knacks, and you re very passionate about the spirit world Naturally, instead of traversing the globe, gathering items of magical power, you scour the internet, developing online relationships with crippled people, right Of course, because chances are good that one of those crippled people has a friend who can see the dead.Hey, there you go You found one who has a friend who can see the dead You want to learn from this individual maybe steal his life essence for your own so you can have his power for yourself, right How would you go about doing that What Kidnap the guy and cut his heart out No, no Obviously, the right thing to do would be to kill the crippled guy s dad, kidnap the cripple, and drag him through a series of sewer tunnels out to an old abandoned casino in the desert That way, you can test the friend to find out if he really can see the dead, right Of course you could just kidnap him and cut his heart out and then if he s gifted, you ve got the gift, and you ve only killed one person instead of three But hey, don t let logic get in your way Forever Odd is a continuation of Koontz s Odd Thomas stories This time, Odd s crippled friend gets kidnapped by a dominatrix you can stop pretending, it s not you , and dragged out to an abandoned casino to await Odd s inevitable rescue Odd comes through with flying colors and a lot of insane deus ex machian on Koontz s part once again Koontz is clearly the master of writing himself into a corner, and then coming up with retarded ideas for getting his characters out of the wacky situations he s written them into How can one restaurant cook with a gift for seeing ghosts outwit a clever dominatrix and her two powerful bodyguards Well, he can have an angry ghost cause a distraction, then a wildcat shows up to take out one badguy while another just magically goes blind and stumbles into the wrong room Yay While you re at it, Dean, why not just have the Hand of God come down from the sky and spank that naughty minx That ll teach her not to kidnap cripples ever again.This book is the equivalent of Dean Koontz coming to your house and dumping your children in a woodchipper aimed at your freshly washed sheets Why does Dean Koontz hate humanity so much The world may never know.

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    As we discovered in Odd Thomas, Odd is able to see and speak to the ghosts of newly dead people and those who don t move on Although they can t speak back they can guide and show him things This makes life for Odd very difficult as the dead including the ghost of Elvis are all around him and he chooses to live in the small town of Pico Mundo in Southern California where life is quiet and few people know about his unusual gift Odd recently lost the love of his life Stormy Bromwen Llewellyn and is still grieving her loss Now his best friend Danny, a sufferer of brittle bone disease, has been kidnapped by a woman who is crazier than a syphilitic bomber with mad cow disease.Odd embarks on a chase through storm drains and underwater systems to burnt out casino to confront the woman and her other wordly companions in an attempt to get Danny back There is plenty of action as well as a lot of humour and I enjoyed going along for the ride, however this felt like an interlude in Odd s story rather than adding any depth to it At the end of the novel Odd announced that wants to move to an unusual place so that may lead to further development of his character 3.5

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    The title kind of suits this book because well, the main character s name is Odd, the story is also odd and even the genre is odd You couldn t tell if it s horror or comedy So, in short, Forever Odd is one odd book Is it odd that I enjoyed reading this

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    While this Odd Thomas book was a good and entertaining read, I say so resignedly.Everything is here to make this as solid a book as the first interesting plot, great supporting characters, etc Additionally Odd s wit in Forever Odd seemed a bit refined than the first book, and I enjoyed it a bit because of it.What I found unfortunate was that Forever Odd seemed stitched on to the first book in what I felt was a forced way I couldn t escape the feeling that Odd Thomas was intended to stand alone, and these sequels were only drafted in response to the character s appeal True enough, that s no reason to hate the book, and I don t I just wish there were a few things that tied the plot to the first book I wanted this story to really address Odd s interactions with the other people in Pico Mundo, and develop Odd s character even after the events of book one Instead, I think of book two as a side adventure in the overall story It s certainly an entertaining and engaging one, but not to the extent that I m wowed Hopefully the third book ties things together in a satisfactory way.

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    This is my least favorite of this series and because of that I was remembering this as a much weaker book than it actually is The way that I remember it the woman serving as the bad guy, the woman a character describes as crazier than a syphilitic suicide bomber with mad cow disease, is really too evil to be believable My memory says that she is the focal point of the whole book This is why I should never rate by memory She is indeed the main bad guy but her actual on camera pages are relatively few She s still a little too evil, though.Odd wakes up one day to find the ghost of Dr Jessup standing over his bed He quickly heads over to Jessup s house to find out how he died and what became of his son, Danny Danny is a close friend of Odd s since the days that they were swapping Venusian methane slime beast cards for Martian brain eating centipede cards, which I m hoping was a long time before this takes place Danny has been abducted and Odd sets out to find him I said, Sir, you know what s wrong with humanity Plenty, he said The greatest gift we were given is our free will, and we keep misusing it My heart breaks a little every time I read that line.Another fun memory thing I remember this one as considerable shorter than the other books but it s only 30 pages shorter than the my memory insists much longer next book in the series Memory Luckily I now have goodreads to serve as my memory bank and I ll get to remember that I actually do like this book the next time around.

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    Second in the Odd Thomas lightweight horror series revolving around a man who sees ghosts Based in a tiny desert town in California Pico Mundo.My TakeI think Koontz uses this series to relax He uses Odd s character to write the stories in this series and he uses the opportunity to relay his own philosophies about life It certainly does allow Koontz to wander down some pretty odd paths and relate unrelated trivia I did like the word association game Odd plays with Danny Whew Seems a bit much though to allow such a decision to hang on its conclusions.Sad and yet hopeful Odd comes to feel why Elvis likes to hang out with him And Koontz provides a valid reason for his staying on this side of the veil.You d like Danny He s got a great sense of humor and amazing insight I particularly liked his comment about John Merrick, the Elephant Man about whom the film was created One thing about Odd is how peaceful he is to be around Even when he s disarming a terrified friend or confronting armed thugs.IckDatura s spouting gives Koontz even opportunities for little one offs Sick, he is just sick I wonder if they re threads of story ideas The StoryIt s Dr Jessup s sudden appearance that worries Odd about his friend Danny and sends him rushing off to the Jessup house Odd s just lucky that Chief Porter trusts him and his judgment as Odd speeds off to track his friend down, leaving the chief with the mess.It s a terrifying chase with the kidnapper taunting Odd And it just gets worse when he catches up to her What she wants isunimaginable.The CharactersOdd Thomas is a metaphysical orphan Yes, his parents still live, but even you would prefer to be an orphan to acknowledging them Instead he fills his life with the friends who are his family P Oswald Little Ozzie Boone is his hugely fat friend and mentor who wallows in good food as he writes several series of books about detectives His latest It definitely draws on his experiences with Odd and Terrible Chester.Terri Stambaugh lives in her own world since her husband died of cancer some years back She runs her cafe, the Pico Mundo Grille, and obsesses over everything Elvis She also knows about Odd s abilities and employs him as a short order cook Bill Burton runs the Blue Moon Cafe.Chief Wyatt Porter keeps Odd s secrets and together they solve crimes He and his wife, Karla, both love Odd as a son.Dr Wilbur Jessup is a radiologist whose wife Carol recently died Now there is only him and the son he adopted, Danny One of Odd s friends from childhood, Danny suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, a.k.a., brittle bones, like the Elephant Man He s a brilliant young man with a biting, dry wit Simon Makepeace is Carol s first husband Jailed for sixteen years for manslaughter and a nutcase furious in his own mind with his wife for betraying him.Father Llewellyn was Stormy s uncle Odd consults him about the next step he anticipates in his life.Datura is a psychopathic nutcase with money to burn She s obsessed with being able to see ghosts and not to simply experience them Cheval Robert and Cheval Andre are two of her goons who help her with whatever she wants.The CoverThe cover perfectly portrays Odd s world A soft blue on one side and black on the other It s Odd s hand reaching out from between the two sides, the two worlds that he inhabits An oddly peaceful representation.I don t know where the title comes from Odd will be Forever Odd whether he chooses to hide as Odd Smith or stay Odd Thomas.

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    Odd Thomas has never had things easy Still reeling from the loss of the love of his life, Stormy, he will soon find himself thrust into something truly sinister When one of Odd s best friends from his childhood goes missing there is universal concern Danny suffers from a condition that makes his bones brittle and with the thought that his psychopath biological father has abducted him, it is vital that he is found soon When Odd, with his unique powers for finding individuals, sets out he will find himself up against a twisted evil far greater than he could have imagined This is a being that wants to call upon the dead and sees Odd as a means to an end With Danny as her bait, Datura with her henchmen lay in wait Odd will need to rely on everything he has learned over the years encountering all manner of evil With his friend s life literally on the line, he will have to be extra careful and smart to get himself and Danny out of this mess.For me, Forever Odd was an odd beast I for one can t remember the first book having so much humour This combined with the horror and supernatural elements made for a bizarre storyline that walks the line between b movie camp and comedy On top of that, we did not get any development with Odd as to why he is the way he is with seeing the dead Sure it was great to have dead Elvis back again, but why can Odd see him Lastly the evil just did not seem as scary as the menacing Bodachs I am hoping that a change of scenery for Odd will help develop him as a character and provide a proper move on, instead of what here seems a stop gap chapter.

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    When Odd Thomas s friend is kidnapped by a crazy psycho woman, Odd must find and rescue him before he is killed Will he succeed in his mission Read on and find out for yourself.This book is pretty good and sets the tone for the rest of this series Definitely check this book out with the rest of the series at your local library and wherever books are sold.

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    I ll just save you sometime and point out the big flaws I found in this book I ll preface this by saying I love the first book and brother odd, the third, in my opinion is even better then the first I m not trying to say don t get into the series because of one blunder, but do my part in adding my opinion It is an awesome series that has a blemish because unfortunately Koontz rushes into Forever Odd.ProblemsOdds best friend appears out of nowhere odd specifically states everyone who knows about his gift in the first book Then out of no where we get a best lifelong friend who has been like a bother to Odd for almost his whole life Danny knows about his gift yet has never been mentioned before this book There was nothing really supernatural added to book This was of a survival tale then anything While there were ghosts who play a role in Odds story such as jessup and the casino ghosts, it s all things we ve seen before Only dr jessup really contributes to solving the kidnapping of Danny Otherwise most of the book is Odd waiting for a good time to escape the hotel Odd basically spends the first book walking around hoping to be pulled toward Danny The second half he is waiting for a good moment to leave You never get that eerie feeling or wonder who committed the crime because there are basically no suspects until odd gets the phone callThe villains are poorly thought out and ridiculous Detura, an evil genius phone sex operator Her Minions are zombiefied bouncers with guns Snake man, who really has no significance.Characters are killed in ridiculous ways the main villain datura is killed by a mountain lion Seriously A mountain lion saves the day Odd shotguns another minion when he magically goes Into a blind trance Their demise is comical at bestOverall I think Koontz just put out what ever he could As fast as he could If y review seems jumbled and poorly written, it is I really didn t feel the need to write out a well versed, grammatically correct and witty review for this book I think my review reflects the overall feeling one will get from reading forever odd.I do not mean to, as I said, turn you away from the series I have read odd Thomas and forever odd both in the past 48 hours I m already half way into brother odd and so far it is my favorite book of the series by far Keep reading and you will look past this blemish for the sake of the other books

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