Forged in Smoke (Red-Hot SEALs, #3)

Forged in Smoke (Red-Hot SEALs, #3) Faith Ansell Could Never Be Mistaken For An Action Hero The Scientist Is Content In Her Lab, Working With Her Team On Life Changing Discoveries But When A Mysterious Organization Captures Her Colleagues, She S Forced To Flee For Her Life With SEAL Team Lieutenant Seth Rawls Rawlings, ST S Corpsman, Hasn T Been Himself Since A Near Death Experience In The Sierra Nevadas He S Tense And Distracted, And The Team Caught Him Arguing With Himself Loudly Despite His Erratic Behavior, Rawls Is The Only One Faith Feels Comfortable Confiding Her Life Threatening Secret InBut Rawls Has A Secret Of His Own His Wasn T The Only Spirit To Return To The Physical Plane When He Was Resuscitated At First, Rawls Assumed The Ghost He Saw And Heard Meant He Was Having A Complete Mental Breakdown But The Apparition Soon Becomes Convincingly Real, And What S , He May Be The Key To The Conspiracy Looming Over Them Rawls Had Better Act Quickly Because ST S Race To Save Their Reputations And Faith S Life Is On

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forged in Smoke (Red-Hot SEALs, #3) book, this is one of the most wanted Trish McCallan author readers around the world.

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  • Forged in Smoke (Red-Hot SEALs, #3)
  • Trish McCallan
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  • 25 September 2017

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    Title Forged in SmokeSeries Red Hot SEALs 3Author Trish McCallanRelease date July 19, 2016Cliffhanger YesHEA view spoiler HFN hide spoiler

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    4.5 StarsFaith Ansell is a brilliant scientist, and her work made her the target of a ruthless group intent on taking her research When her colleagues are kidnapped, SEAL Team 7 swoops in and rescues Faith, and now they re in hiding, planning their next move In the midst of all this, Faith has a medical issue and needs help from one of the team s members, Seth Rawls He s sexy, and intimidating and Faith s overcome with a wild attraction every time he s near Trouble is he seems to be having a crisis of his own Seth was at death s door until Kait and Cosky stepped in But Seth didn t come back alone, and now he s being haunted by a malevolent ghost who grows powerful with every day that passes Seth needs to figure out how to get rid of this spirit before he can harm his other teammates or the civilians they now have staying with their group His attraction to the sweet, sexy scientist is not a complication Seth wants right now, but he can t seem to stay away from her I LOVE this series The combination of mystery, action, suspense and romance is well done and the stories have been pretty fast paced and exciting While the series is connected with an ongoing story arc mystery, each book centers on one of a team mate s romance There s a paranormal element in each of the books, Zane, Cosky, Beth, and Kait all have a particular gift that has come in handy for their mission, and I think is to come They re up against a powerful group, so they ll need all the advantages they can get I m eagerly looking forward to Abby and Mackenzie s story I m very worried for Abby s sons Abby s been through so much, but still remains strong and very capable I love a kick ass woman, and Mackenzie needs someone who can go toe to toe with him I received and e copy for review, but I couldn t resist buying the audio version since Luke Daniels was narrating He is one of my all time favorite male narrators, and as usual his performance only enhanced my enjoyment I went back and forth between audio and e copy A copy was kindly provided by Montlake Romance via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

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    3 StarsReview to come ARC provided by Montlake Romance via NetgalleyMaybe September 2013 October 28th, 2014 July 19, 2016From Trish McCallan s Forged in Ash Releases Blog Post on 2 1 14You can read the entire post here.2 Forged in Ember Mac Amy will conclude this particular storyline and YES all the threads will be tied up, and everything will be explained This particular four book set was conceived as an ongoing story arc, there is just too much happening to conclude the storyline in one or two books Release date Jan 28, 2015 3 The next set of Red Hot SEALs books will revolve around Zane s brothers They will be romantic thrillers as well, but they will be standalone books rather than a continuing storyline.4 Yes, Mac and Amy will have their own HEA and yes, Amy brings Mac to his knees J5 Yes, Wolf and Jillian will have their own HEA, although it will not take place in the Red Hot SEALs series While they will both show up in Smoke and then again in Ember, they will spin off a new series featuring Wolf s mysterious and deadly Arapaho special ops team and their HEA will take place during this new series This series as yet untitled will launch April of 2015.

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    I have lost interest in this series The long wait between books is ridiculous.

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    A good edition to the series Not fabulous Probably because the dead guy had way too big of a role and he was annoying Much screen time than the MCs together I just did not really feel the chemistry between Rawls and Faith But it was another action packed suspense story that I enjoyed I was also able to get the audible free through KU, which was awesome

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    3.75 stars Another good read in this series Intense, action packed, sizzlin chemistry sex Rawls and Faith are a great match, and I enjoyed watching them overcome obstacles to come together As the overall story arc continues, battles escalate, compounds are bombed, and betrayals become evident Not everyone escapes untouched as Kait s talents are called upon than once The addition of a ghost to the support cast actually adds a bit of humor though Rawls probably wouldn t agree My only bone of contention is that this one left me feeling a little letdown in the end Yes, the guy gets the girl, but there is no win just set up for the next book While I understand and enjoy many series with an overall story arc, I still like for each book to leave me with a sense of satisfaction a resolution to at least a little piece of the main issue You know win a battle, if not the war While I missed that in this one, it s still a good Must Read

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    The adventures of SEAL Team 7 continue, and the story begins with Seth Rawls Rawlings experiencing an out of body experience after getting shot He is brought back from death by Kait s healing gift, but the ghost of one of their recently deceased enemies has managed to tag along too and is hellbent on torturing him.He keeps his little problem a secret from everyone, including the very pragmatic lab doctor Faith Ansell Faith ended up with the team when they saved her life from their enemies who kidnapped her colleagues, and has been trying to decide whether to trust them with the secrets of what they were really working on or not.The two of them are immediately attracted to one another by try to fight it, until view spoiler the team s compound is under attack and they end up fleeing together During their escape through the compound s tunnels, Faith s weak transplanted heart gives out and she dies shortly, but thankfully Kait arrives just in time to bring her back too.The ghost story that seemed so outlandish to her before is all too real now, and allows her to finally understand Rawls s strange behaviour a little better hide spoiler

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    I enjoy this series the people, the action, the over the top story lines But this book and its predecessors share some flaws over the top story lines also a strength , cliches and stereotypes that pass for characterization, and plot holes Forged in Smoke is the third book in the series, with apparently two to come, yet there are still lots of loose ends and questions the overall series story line is moving forward slowly, oh so slowly You should really read the previous books as this doesn t work well as a stand alone We get some answers and if you love conspiracies, you ll love this story line With each book, there are answers and world building but it s doled out in dribs and drabs Some of apparent plot holes do get resolved, at least somewhat, while others still gape Allies who were introduced in book two, a sort of special forces Native American team, reappear in this one and play a key role in the story I have so many questions about them it s not even funny This is also where McCallan relies heavily on cliches and stereotypes instead of characterization or world building She mentioned on Facebook that these characters will be getting a spin off series and I hope she uses that opportunity to fully develop the characters and their world.The SEAL team members play well off of each other and you can feel their frustration with Seth s behavior after his near death experience I was frustrated at times with Rawl s behavior I felt like he should have trusted his teammates Still, McCallan did a good job showing his fear and frustration with his situation while also infusing some humor into it.Faith is pleasant but bland She doesn t do anything, stuff just happens to her she s largely passive and reactive The two things she d wanted most from life had been handed to her with absolutely no effort on her part redacted due to spoiler and a man to share that life with.Mostly, she s defined by her health issues A lot of the action and development in this series actually revolves around or springs from characters injuries or health problems While Faith was sweet and the romance between her and Rawls was sweet, Faith was a weak character and I didn t find her a good match for Rawls She was too soft and meek Forged in Smoke has a happy romantic ending, though the overall story ending is somewhat abrupt, but various mystery related story lines are not tied up It was a somewhat dissatisfying ending I m looking forward to book four, which should be Mac and Amy s story that one s been brewing since book one.

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    After reading the second book I decided I wasn t going to read the rest of the series But from the reviews I saw from my Goodreads friends , I changed my mind and requested this from Netgalley and I m so glad that I did.This was definitely the best in the series so far I enjoyed the paranormal and military part of the book The romance was very good, although it happens in a few days, it was believable than the romance in the previous books.I liked the heroine a lot, she was in bad situation but kept her wits about her Her reactions to finding out about the paranormal stuff was very realistic as she was a scientist who saw everything through science and with logic.The military part was a bit over the top but this is fantasy and I didn t mind it at all.Overall this book brought the series higher a level or two and I m actually looking forward to the next one.

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    Lietenant Seth Rawls has a personal ghost the problem is the corps man doesn t know if it is a real ghost or a hallucination brought on by his near death experience Faith Ansell has been rescued by the SEALs of Team 7 They found her in her shot up lab and brought her with them to their secret base Why I started this book Fun series and I wanted to learn .Why I finished it This book was the weakest of the series Plus the conspiracy is getting out of control And can I just say that for once I would love to read a book about a scientist who is reacting to paranormal activity with curiosity and the willingness to test and measure everything, instead of closed mind that isn t real Especially when they are presented with proof.Also the SEALs rescued her from underneath a particle accelerator and it bothered me the whole book because my mental image of particle accelerators were of the Large Hadron Collider of CERN like image error

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