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Forking Good A Fun, Lively, And Fully Illustrated Cookbook Of Original And Practical Recipes Inspired By NBC S Hit Sitcom The Good Place, Filled With The Absurd, Pun Driven Food Humor And Accessible Philosophy That Makes The Show So Popular With FansWith Its High Concept, Exceptional Writing, Eye Popping Set Design, Stellar Cast, Meaningful Explorations Of What It Means To Be A Good Person, And Clam Chowder Fountains, The Good Place Has Captured The Hearts And Minds Of Critics And Viewers Alike Known For Its Unique Blend Of Existential Humor And Philosophy, The Fantasy Comedy Follows Eleanor, A Young Woman Who Finds Herself In A Heaven Like Utopia Known As The Good Place After Her Untimely Death, Even Though She Knows She Belongs In The Bad Place With The Help Of Her New Friends Chidi, Tahani, And Jason, Eleanor Designs A Self Improvement Plan To Earn Her Spot In The Good Place, Even As Her Presence Threatens The Stability Of The Afterlife, Sending Jumbo Shrimp Flying Through The Sky And Frozen Yogurt Flowing Through The StreetsFor The First Time Ever, Fans Can Indulge Their Cravings For The Good Place With Delicious, Comforting, Original Recipes Like Macaroni And Socra Cheese, I Think Therefore I Clam Chowder , Arendt You Glad I Didn T Say Banana Split , I Kant Believe It S Not Buttermilk Pancakes, And Each Recipe Title References A Philosopher Or Philosophical Concept From The Show And Uses Food Analogies To Explain Those Concepts To Readers Who, Like Eleanor, Can T Always Follow Chidi S LecturesA Refreshing And Entertaining Twist On Cookbooks, Forking Good Will Inspire You To Brew A Pot Of Moral Uncertain Tea As You Catch Up On The Latest Episode, Plan A Hegel S And Locke S Brunch For Your Next Viewing Party, Or Whip Up A Batch Of Muffin To Lose In Between Seasons And If You Re Not The Type To Slave Over A Hot Stove, You Could Always Throw On Your Teal Powersuit, Make Yourself A Mindy Cocktail Rum And A Lot Of Coke , And Re Binge Your Favorite Show

Valya Dudycz Lupescu is a writer and the founding editor of the literary magazine, Conclave A Journal of Character She is the author of The Silence of Trees Wolfsword Press and Geek Parenting What Joffrey, Jor El, Maleficent, and the McFlys Teach Us about Raising a Family Quirk Books.

❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Forking Good  Author Valya Dudycz Lupescu –
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Forking Good
  • Valya Dudycz Lupescu
  • 09 November 2017

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    PEEPS and MM chili yes

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    This book made me forking hungry Fun illustrations and good recipes

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    Forking Good An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of The Good PlaceThe day before I got this book, my husband offered to go to the store to get what I needed for a roast I asked him to buy a specific type of potato He returned with every potato that the store carried except the sort I wanted What was I going to do with a bunch of potatoes Especially purple potatoes The first recipe in this book is for HUME FRIES hah get the pun It required purple potatoes problem solved The recipes in this book contain a brief summary of the episode from THE GOOD PLACE that inspired it This book is a good basic cookbook that is very entertaining This show is the one thing we agree about television and watch together I am so sad that it is ending but I will have this cookbook to remind me of the episodes always Plus, it saved my husband.

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    Disclaimer I received this ARC courtesy of Quirk Books I am grateful for the opportunity to review an ARC for my readers, but this will not influence my final rating All opinions expressed in this review are my own and based solely on the book This sadly wasn t forking good The moment that I saw The Good Place cookbook, I was convinced I needed this Sha turned me onto The Good Place earlier this year, and I binge read it all in a few short weeks It s such a wonderful show with amazing twists and turns, humor, and heart I love it, and Sha and I totally recommend So a cookbook Based on this epic show SIGN ME THE FORK UP That being said, I wasn t quite impressed with this read Tbh, it felt like a short history on philosophy Like, we got information on the big name philosophers that Chidi talks about throughout the shows I mean, there are by far 3x information on them than talking about The Good Place I just wanted for fun Good Place references, and I really wasn t that enthralled learning about the theories, philosophers, etc I also wasn t really a fan of any of the recipes Nothing really called out to me I was hoping for a few desserts um, especially a good frozen yogurt one but most of the recipes, I really didn t see any that I liked A few of the dessert ones looked intriguing, and I might try them, but they just didn t fit really with my tastes nor appealed to me to try Overall, this had some cute moments, but I didn t really enjoy this I thought it was of a homage to philosophy than The Good Place A few of the desserts might be worth a try rating Cinderellarepresentation n a content warnings n aread this if you if you really love philosophy, enjoy touches of The Good Place references, and aren t a picky eater

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    If you are a fan of The Good Place, this cookbook won t disappoint you There s lots of quirky fun to be found in here, and some interesting recipes too There aren t as many recipes as I expect to see in a cookbook, and many of these are the boozy kind, but this didn t hurt my impression at all There s plenty of variety and, as I d hoped, nothing is ordinary, while still being doable by an average home cook like me I mean, that s ultimately what I look for in a cookbook Oh, and photos of the food Which this book does not have No photos is usually a huge deal breaker between me and a cookbook, but thinking about style here, Forking Good wouldn t have the same whimsical feel with photographs weighing it down Instead we get bright, imaginative illustrations and clever narrative you actually want to read Fair trade Now I m trying to decide between making Dante s Nine Layers of Torture Bars or Chosen Yogurt Chocolate Camousse for the Season 4 Premiere And yes, Janet is my favorite character I won an early copy of Forking Good in a Goodreads giveaway.

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    giveaway goodreads giveaways Many thanks to Quirk books for the ARC This review is voluntary and strictly my own.This book is delicious both inside and out I m not one to read a cookbook cover to cover, generally I thumb through the pages, quickly breezing over the photos and recipes and truthfully, ignoring mostly all of the personal testaments But this book is chalked full of awesomeness and I ve found myself paying very little attention to the actual recipes and so to the rest of the content They ve taken The Good Place fandom to a whole new level Each recipe is accompanied by an adorable cartoon sketch of the food, a quote from one of the characters and a few informational snippets about the show characters or a philosopher I ve already earmarked a few recipes I m looking forward to trying out at my next get together

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    This book was inspired by the philosophy and food humor from the show The Good Place It contains thirty recipes for the adventurous cook to try My favorite is Dante s nine layers of torture bars Be sure to share Lots of colorful illustrations are included in the book and lots of philosophy to be learned and enjoyed I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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    Won the back in a goodreads give away, Thank you Loved the premise behind the book, funny tie in to the show and fun recipes Would definitely reccomend to fans of show In fact getting a copy for my son as a gift.

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    I won this cookbook in a Goodreads Giveway I ve never seen the show, but the stories inside the book are funny to very quirky Many of the recipes I would like to try out When it comes to cookbooks, I m not much on words, so

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    This cookbook was not what I expected I have never seen the show but the amount of research and effort that went into the philosophies and the reasoning behind the recipe choices was refreshing I m looking forward to trying some of these recipes.This book was won as part of a Goodreads Giveaway.

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