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Fortress FrontierThe Great Reawakening Did Not Come Quietly Across The Country And In Every Nation, People Began To Develop Terrifying Powers Summoning Storms, Raising The Dead, And Setting Everything They Touch Ablaze Overnight The Rules Changed But Not For EveryoneColonel Alan Bookbinder Is An Army Bureaucrat Whose Worst War Wound Is A Paper Cut But After He Develops Magical Powers, He Is Torn From Everything He Knows And Thrown Onto The Front LinesDrafted Into The Supernatural Operations Corps In A New And Dangerous World, Bookbinder Finds Himself In Command Of Forward Operating Base Frontier Cut Off, Surrounded By Monsters, And On The Brink Of Being OverrunNow, He Must Find The Will To Lead The People Of FOB Frontier Out Of Hell, Even If The One Hope Of Salvation Lies In Teaming Up With The Man Whose Own Magical Powers Put The Base In Such Grave Danger In The First Place Oscar Britton, Public Enemy Number One

As a security contractor, government civilian and military officer, Myke Cole s career has run the gamut from Counterterrorism to Cyber Warfare to Federal Law Enforcement He s done three tours in Iraq and was recalled to serve during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill He recently joined the cast of Hunted on CBS as part of an elite team of fugitive hunters.All that conflict can wear a guy out Than

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    Control Point was one of my favourite reads of 2011 year quite possibly my favourite I ll have to caveat that with the fact I don t manage to read a huge number of books these days but it s a great read, fast, imaginative, well written, fun I had my gripes about the main character, Oscar Britton, but I can appreciate the realism behind a hero who isn t consistent, who changes his mind, who doesn t do what I think he should that s real life for you.Fortress Frontier is probably a better book Certainly it opens better and the writing on display shows Cole has strings to his bow, capable of considerable sophistication in bringing to life a new main character, far less gung ho than Britton and with subtle characterization Our new man, Colonel Bookbinder is an army beaurocrat a word I can never spell it looks right ish I refuse to check so I m leaving it He s a family man, unused to action or conflict and Cole does great work making us care about his situation and then through him reintroducing us to the world we first discovered in Control Point.Bookbinder swaps the stage with Britton throughout the tale, their adventures largely separate until a collision toward the finale.We see new and interesting variants on the magic introduced in book 1 We meet new monsters We further explore the world of the Source Things are blown up, set on fire, frozen, sliced, diced and variously demolished The action dial is turned to 11 by the end of the book and a great time is had by all, with a healthy smattering of twists and moral dilemmas I enjoyed Bookbinder s sections than Britton s, and many of Britton s storyline issues are left hanging at the end in a slightly unsatisfying way, but these are minor complaints Fortress Frontier is like the Control Point upgrade If you liked Control Point, you should love Fortress Frontier Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes..

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    The big thing about over the top action flicks or books like this is that we ve got heavily stereotyped hero characters from all walks of life doing heavily stereotyped things in big flashy over the top action scenes.It s kinda the defining characteristic We sometimes love to have a big steaming plate of our favorite foods over and over and over because it tastes good and it s comforting and this is no different.Bookbinder is a paper pushing Officer who awakens with frighteningly powerful magics and gets sent to the front lines in the Other World He s smart, he s flexible, and he s not willing to let obvious problems slide like having all the supplies to the Forward Base cut off.Of course, the only one who can reestablish connections is a certain AWOL soldier from the first book.See how this works Simple tale Lots of flashy magics and Army Hoo Rah, can do attitudes, pathos, and competence versus corruption And did I say that it s flashy It is Popcorn fiction.Magic and the Army Fast paced, nothing really new, but still written in that shiny way that is pure edge of your seat entertainment.I liked this one a lot than the first It has a brand new problem with stereotypes, too, eschewing the whole Indian thing for a Hindu thing sigh But it s hard to take any of it seriously, here, because these cardboard characters are even bigger and shinier than the ones in the first book It s like Wow Look at that Good thing they re all Nagas, right shakes head Still, don t let me get you down It was still a great mindless action flick.

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    One of the things that really gets me into a series is when an author creates a unique world or magic system and not only does a good job staying true to those ideas, but constantly and consistently using them throughout the story Brandon Sanderson and Peter V Brett are two authors that quickly come to mind where they have created such interesting and compelling worlds that I want to live and breath it no matter what happens, even when they re a doorstopper that doesn t further the plot all that much.Myke Cole has created such a world with his Shadow Ops series even though it takes place in the present day Magic is such an integral part of the world that it consumes the reader with its awesome implications In addition, Cole has created a whole new world, the frontier, in a whole new dimension to be explored and similar to Matthew Woodring Stover s Heroes Die, takes technology to a world that has not advanced past the dark ages.Shadow Ops Fortress Frontier actually begins just before the events of the last book, Control Point, and continues the story as well Introducing a new lead character in Colonel Alan Bookbinder while continuing the story of Oscar Britton, who graces the top of the most wanted list of Selfers, or fugitive magic users who have not given themselves up to the military Something that comes off almost immediately is that Bookbinder is a much sympathetic character than Oscar Britton It s not the fact that he s one of the highest ranking officers in the Army, but only through pencil pushing not through field work, but the fact that he is pushed into the world of magic out of nowhere, deprived of his family, and sent to a new world without any real assurances of seeing them again.I know lots of people had problems with Britton in the first book, but I still liked him I didn t always agree with the choices he made, one of which got a lot of people killed, but I thought he was compelling and interesting and like I said above, I almost immediately fell in love with the world Cole created.Bookbinder, having such a high ranking in the military, experiences things a bit different than Britton when he comes into his magic, or rump latency since magic hasn t manifested He s given a command position, but like most everyone who is magically inclined he is sent to the FOB or forward operating base But that comes with its own problems as the present commander for the FOB, who is equal in rank with Bookbinder, doesn t take too kindly to his imposition.That brings me to the point that there are lots of acronyms and many are actual ones used in the military as Cole himself is a military man I ve been extremely impressed at how seamlessly he has integrated the magical and hence non existent in the real world acronyms, but I m sure my lack of knowledge helps in that regard as well.Fortress Frontier introduces us to the world of the Source, much than did Control Point Where CP focused on the actual base and Britton s training, FF takes us through the world, which shown to be much dangerous and even cooler than we were first shown in CP.Because of Britton s actions at the end of Control Point, the FOB is cut off from the normal plane of existence and the goblin hordes that have been fighting them to a standstill while the FOB was fully armed and stocked with food and ammo is getting even brave Thus, it s time for Bookbinder to show his mettle as a leader taking a small band of the best the FOB has, including a terromancer uses earth magic and a seven headed snake creature who is a prince in his culture.The interesting organization of this novel, what with starting just around the same time as the events of the first novel in the series and then continuing on both plots toward the end was a bold play that really worked with me It s interesting to see another s take on the whole magic thing along with the instant reassignment in the military and Bookbinder is such a great character, I was happy to spend time with his POV not a military acronym, well, it probably is Then, Bookbinder s POV is able to show us much of the world of the Source, which turns out to be a vast and dangerous place, which is always good for action in a fiction novel.So what would happen if people suddenly started manifesting powerful magic You d get drafted I don t think Myke Cole s that far off to be honest I ve expressed my opinions on urban fantasy before and while i don t hate it, I don t love it either However, the Shadow Ops series is something I can get behind, this is my kind of urban fantasy Highly entertaining, unending action, and great characters that make you think What can you ask for 4.5 out of 5 Stars Very Highly Recommended

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    I am very fortunate to be one if Myke Cole s beta readers, and had the privilege of reading Fortress Frontier long before its Feb 2013 release I can say with all honesty that fans of Control Point will not be disappointed In addition to continuing the adventures of Oscar Britton and the other characters who survived the heated climax if Control Point, in Fortress Frontier Cole introduces a new protagonist, Alan Bookbinder, an unlikely hero who nonetheless delivers a powerfully compelling story You will find yourself staying up late turning pages as Cole s already great writing continues to grow in power.

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    Full review over at Fantasy Book CriticANALYSIS Myke Cole s Control Point was 5 on my top ten debut list for last year and amid the slew of fantastic debut releases, it is credit to the author s vision and skills that the book gained that position The potential shown in Control Point marked him out as an author to watch for and so it was with high anticipation that I awaited to read the sequel Also I must disclose at this point that I have a soft spot for this book as Myke graciously allowed me to be a part of its creation by allowing me to provide some help in regards to a few facets of the Hindu mythology and Indian elements integrated within the story and Shadow Ops world.The book begins during the latter third of the events shown in Control Point as Myke Cole introduces a Nikki Paulo like situation in the story but with significantly better success than the creators of LOST ever imagined This book has a new POV character and it explores latency through a different set of eyes This time around we get to experience the latency turn through colonel Alan Bookbinder who is a paper pusher and not a true soldier in his own worlds Thus begins the first contrasting point between Oscar Britton and Alan Bookbinder and this is just the first of many that the readers will come across as they read through the story Alan is a simple man who faces rather extraordinary circumstances and is forced to adept to them.The emergence of his powers means that he goes to the same Forward Operating Base wherein Oscar and the rest of the latent community are sent He however gets an exalted status because of his previous military position and his own initiative in reporting and turning himself in His coming out is as explosive as was that of Oscar however his life takes a different route and we get to see a different side to the characters previously introduced such as Fitzsimmons, Crucible, Taylor, Talon etc.In this book,Bookbinder is the major POV character however we also get to know what happened to Britton and the runaways as well This book is dedicated to J.R.R Tolkien and Gary Gygax as the author pays homage to the heroic journey trope Both the POV characters learn to evolve beyond what they are individually capable of But the crucial aspect is the journey and what a journey it is This is what I really loved about the book, namely its exploration of a different magic system and nation, the Sahir Corps of India and the Nagas Myke Cole absolutely lets fly his imagination and we get to see a trek across the magical landscape that connects the American FOB to the Indian FOB and this plot thread is the heart of the story The author, I have to say does good by Tolkien and Gygax with his version of the heroic odyssey Check out the map that accompanies this book to get an idea about the start and end destinations of Bookbinder s journey.The action is nonstop and the cast of characters is significantly expanded We get of Bookbinder and a relatively smaller dose of Oscar Britton, Not to say that Oscar s fight is any less important but compared to Bookbinder, it pales slightly in scope of the task and enormous pressure Myke Cole has to be lauded for his approach to his debut series as he brings in a new POV character and yet manages to make the transition seem seamless His prose skills have definitely bettered this time around as the readers are exposed to a wider character cast and yet all the plot threads are comfortably ensconced within the compact book plot There s also the use of vignettes before the start of every chapter, which like the first book help in making the readers aware of the world and the various different aspects about it The world which Myke hints at is incredibly complex and I feel it will remain fresh for a long time as the author can possibly explore all its nooks and crannies and keep readers entertained for a long time to come.There s an overall story arc, which Myke is attempting to build up and it continues wonderfully in this second book as the problems between the US government and the Selfers are coming to a violent conclusion I believe Breach Zone will be the book where it all comes down and Myke has promised a terrific climax in New York City Breach Zone will feature another new POV character besides Britton and Bookbinder and I believe he gives a strong hint about who that might be in this book The next book will also feature Scylla as a major player as has been hinted at in Control Point and Fortress Frontier She s a character that I love to know about and so I can t wait to read about her and the mega confrontation Myke has planned in Breach Zone Plus with Myke s new revelation that the Shadow Ops series will be continued for a further three books however books four five will be prequels focusing on the great reawakening While book six will be featuring an ancillary character featured in Fortress Frontier, I feel that I might know whom this character might be however I ll wait till Myke announces it to confirm my presumption This means that Breach Zone will at least bring an end to the story arc begun in Control Point and so I await it with high anticipation.Talking about drawbacks, for me Fortress Frontier had next to none, some readers might still complain about the writing style and perhaps about the characters themselves but I feel Myke has outdone himself with this book and proves that he is indeed a wordsmith with a bright future ahead The only complaint I can think of is that we will have to wait for a year to find out what happens next and I think that s due credit to the author for making his readers feel such anticipation.CONCLUSION Fortress Frontier is a sequel and a better book than its predecessor, it is a book that will have something for fantasy readers of every kind and pays homage brilliantly to Tolkien s legacy Give it a read to know why Myke Cole is an absolute gift to urban fantasy and military fantasy sub genres Shadow Ops Fortress Frontier is a fantastic book and IMHO is simply a must buy for all fantasy lovers when it releases tomorrow.

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    Executive Summary I thought this was much better than Control Point, possibly because Colonel Bookbinder was FAR likeable to me than Oscar Britton.Audiobook Korey Jackson once again does a good job He s well spoken and easy to hear and understand This isn t a must listen, but it s definitely a book that works well in audio Full Review Control Point was a pretty good debut, but it had its issues You could tell it was Mr Cole s first novel It felt clunky in places I also didn t like Oscar Britton very much That last point might have been intentional by the author though.I was glad to discover that while this book continues the story of the first, it s largely told from a new viewpoint Colonel Alan Bookbinder He s VASTLY likeable to me That made a huge difference It s hard for me to root for a character I don t like and it s hard for me to root against the protagonist.In addition both the writing and the plot seemed polished Many of the events of the first book were in shades of grey I never knew what I was rooting for half the time I like that sort of story in general, but the execution frustrated me at times.This one felt a lot black and white There was plenty of conflict Bookbinder had to deal with without him needing to be an asshole about everything I think if Oscar Britton was sympathetic to me, it might have worked better In addition, Bookbinder is a character I can identify with better While he is a military officer, he s an office worker and an administrator instead of coming from a combat background.The pace of this book was good The world building is fairly light though You get character development and personal history than you do of an explanation for magic, the source or how the world reached the point it was at.For a middle book, I found this very enjoyable Since I m writing this review after having finished the next one, I can say that it s my favorite of the trilogy That s pretty rare for me In fact I can t recall another time where I enjoyed the middle book the most It does suffer a bit from middle book syndrome though It feels a bit transitional at times.That said, I really enjoyed Bookbinder and his journey from normal office worker to major player in the world of militarized magic I enjoyed this one so much, I jumped immediately into the final one.

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    Awesome book, really enjoyed it and can t wait for the third book Great research, world building, pace characters An early contender for Book of the Year 2013 FULL TFF Review with link An awesome second novel proves that Myke Cole is than just a one hit wonder Expect Fortress Frontier to be one of the best novels of 2013 The Founding FieldsI loved reading Fortress Frontier The first book in the series, Control Point, was good it made it onto my Best of 2012 list after all But Fortress Frontier is better, and I can stress that if you re not reading Myke Cole at the moment then I highly suggest that you drop whatever you re reading right now and go out and buy a copy of Control Point if you haven t read it already and read that And then come back and read this review Trust me, you won t regret it If the words X Men meets Black Hawk Down hook you at all then you shouldn t need further convincing But if you re reading this review and liked the first book, then you ve probably not only brought the second book already but have probably already read it But there was no way I was going to pass the chance to review this book up particularly because at this rate, it may turn out to be one of my favourite novels of 2013, even if we are only in February The Great Reawakening did not come quietly Across the country and in every nation, people began to develop terrifying powers summoning storms, raising the dead, and setting everything they touch ablaze Overnight the rules changed but not for everyone.Colonel Alan Bookbinder is an army bureaucrat whose worst war wound is a paper cut But after he develops magical powers, he is torn from everything he knows and thrown onto the front lines.Drafted into the Supernatural Operations Corps in a new and dangerous world,Bookbinder finds himself in command of Forward Operating Base Frontier cut off, surrounded by monsters, and on the brink of being overrun.Now, he must find the will to lead the people of FOB Frontier out of hell, even if the one hope of salvation lies in teaming up with the man whose own magical powers put the base in such grave danger in the first place Oscar Britton, public enemy number one Fortress Frontier introduces us to a new character as Cole decides to split the narrative between Alan Bookbinder and Oscar Britton I liked this approach as it not only gave us a chance to read about magic from a different perspective, but also explore of this wonderfully built world I couldn t help but notice how much different Bookbinder is to Britton, and it was really interesting reading this book and comparing the characters as they go on Whilst this book doesn t exactly start immediately after the events of Control Point, it takes us back to the latter section of the events in the first book it examines them in a new light, and really gives a different perspective to characters who we were limited to seeing from Britton s perspective in Control Point This is one of the fastest paced stories that I ve read recently and Fortress Frontier really is one of those Just One More Chapter books Cole has captured the ability of James Patterson, Suzanne Collins and company when it comes to writing page turners, but the good thing here is that not only is the Shadow Ops series better than any of the previous authors works so far, it also has a great premise of things to come When you re reading a book you can often tell how much effort has gone into the creation and development of the world and this series in particular is no exception For readers who wanted to see how countries other than America reacted to the Great Awakening then you will get the chance to do so here for the level of world building supplied in Fortress Frontier is outstanding Cultures are explored here in such a way that the pace never seems to slow down to a crawl.I d like to talk about the characters for a moment Although Oscar Britton does have an important role to play in this book, Alan Bookbinder is a key character here too and the novel itself spends as much time developing him as he discovers his latent abilities as it explores the adventures of Oscar An interesting comparison to make here is that Bookbinder doesn t have the training as Oscar he s an army bureaucrat whose worst war wound is a paper cut, as the blurb explains This thus shows us another interesting difference between the two characters and it s really nice to see their different approaches to certain elements Like Control Point, Cole has used his military knowledge to great effect, writing some great action scenes and giving a great insight into how the military tick following the Great Awakening It almost makes me wonder what would have happened to this series if Cole didn t have a military background how different would these series be Would we even have a Shadow Ops series The middle book in a trilogy is often very difficult to write and many a trilogy has been let down by its second act but Fortress Frontier is among the second books that raise the game even further, much like Mark Lawrence s King of Thorns did last year, and really gives the reader something to look forward to in terms of the final book in the trilogy Breach Zone is a book I m going to be doing my best to read as soon as possible I ve just got to remember to request it from NetGalley this time Because this is one of the books that I ll be eagerly looking forward to read in 2014, and I just wish that I didn t have to wait that long for the third act.This book is awesome Seriously, if you haven t brought it already, I suggest that you make Fortress Frontier your next book purchase This is one heck of a whirlwind ride and right now, Myke Cole s Shadow Ops series is quickly becoming the best that military fantasy has to offer Top notch stuff.VERDICT 5 5A great book by an author at the top of his game Fortress Frontier is a second installment that ups the ante and allows for a great read And if you get the UK version, it has a great cover art too.http 2013 02.

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    Fortress Frontier es el segundo cap tulo de la primera trilog a de Shadow Ops, una peculiar serie de novelas que combinan elementos de fantas a cl sica con aspectos modernos como el ej rcito y las fuerzas especiales Esto se debe a que su autor, Myke Cole, no solo es un gran fan tico de Dungeons Dragons, sino que adem s tiene experiencia en t cticas de combate y estrategia debido a su carrera en el ej rcito El resultado es una serie de libros que son muy fieles en cuanto a los elementos t cnicos y forma de proceder de las fuerzas especiales que los protagonizan, pero que adem s tienen ingredientes m gicos tradicionales como goblins, gigantes, monstruos y magia basada en los diferentes elementos La historia de este segundo libro comienza un poco antes del final del primero y se da un cambio de protagonista En este caso, en vez de seguir los pasos de un soldado rebelde como Oscar Britton, nos encontramos con Alan Bookbinder, un oficial que se dedica a la parte administrativa y que jam s dispar un arma sin ser durante su entrenamiento b sico Todo cambia cuando se convierte en un latent es decir, manifiesta uno de los poderes m gicos y es alejado de su esposa y sus hijas para unirse forzosamente a la SOC, una unidad militar secreta creada por el gobierno para aprovechar los poderes m gicos de los soldados Este cambio de protagonista me molest un poco al principio porque quer a saber c mo segu a la historia de Oscar despu s del final del primer libro, pero Bookbinder no tard mucho en ganarse mi aprecio y adem s sent que es mucho m s f cil simpatizar con l El cambio de protagonista no implica que se abandone por completo la trama del primer libro ya que hay varios cap tulos narrados desde la perspectiva de Oscar Britton lo que tiene de bueno esta forma de contar la historia es que a trav s del nuevo protagonista Myke Cole aprovecha para introducir muchos m s elementos y expandir el mundo presentado en Control Point El defecto que destaco de estos libros es que por momentos caen en ciertos clich s como el del soldado rebelde, el soldado bueno y el soldado HDP adem s hay pocas protagonistas mujeres que tienen alg n rol importante Tampoco considero que sean demasiado complejos y son bastante lineales en cuanto a la trama, pero les juega a favor el hecho de que son muy entretenidos y est n repletos de momentos cargados de acci n leer que un gigante arranca el ca n de un tanque fue muy divertido El concepto de soldados con poderes m gicos me pareci algo muy original y el gran conocimiento que tiene Cole respecto a la forma en que act an hace que todo se sienta bastante real.En resumen, si est s buscando una lectura gil, entretenida y llena de acci n, entonces esta trilog a puede ser recomendable Ser a un libro 3 estrellas porque no es muy complejo y por momentos es un poco trillado, pero al menos a m me gusta leer historias sobre soldados que le patean el culo a los goblins con sus poderes m gicos y eso basta para que gane puntos Es la clase de lectura que precisaba en este momento y es ideal para los fan ticos de la acci n simplemente no esperen una narrativa demasiado compleja y giros argumentales que te vuelen la cabeza.

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    3.5 This was good overall We get a new main character that I could personally relate to well since he was a family man, and to see the circumstances that led him to the frontier would be than frustrating I have to say his character evolution was actually very well handled I thought there would be a great deal action Aside from the finale I didn t find any of the action sequences overly gripping or engrossing Myke Cole does a great job expanding on the frontier world, and I found the Naga race to be pretty cool, and would like to see of them in book 3 On the home front things will definitely be ramping up after the shit storm that was created by this finale I m going to have to see how this baby wraps up eventually Fortunately for me my library has all the shadow ops series on RB so this is definitely a series I can find myself enjoying.Full RTC

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    4.5When it comes to nasty surprises, magic doesn t discriminate As a paper pusher par excellence, Colonel Alan Bookbinder may not get the respect his position demands as he admits, the military didn t give Purple Hearts for paper cuts but since he gets to go home at night to his loving wife and darling kids, he figures that it s than a fair trade Unfortunately for Bookbinder, his comfortable life has just ended suddenly, he is able to feel the magical currents around him Like so many others, Bookbinder has come up Latent, which means his life is now effectively owned by the US military s SOC Supernatural Operations Corps Hustled away from his family and transported to an alien world, Bookbinder has to figure out his magical talent, put his military training to work, and figure out how to handle his rather difficult colleagues, all while the whole world is falling apart Fortress Frontier is an interesting continuation of the Shadow Ops series the timing overlaps with certain sections of the first book, but about half of the story is told from Bookbinder s point of view Whilst Britton spends much of his time in the first book struggling against the SOC, Bookbinder is very much a willing part of the system I felt that the last book was fueled by pure rage this one, not so much At the same time, Bookbinder is a far likable character This added an interesting dimension to the story because I think Britton is a complete ass yet generally agree with his politics, whilst I really like Bookbinder and still am morally opposed to the imperialistic regime that he supports As one might expect, Britton is still a major POV character in Fortress, and I found my previous dissatisfaction with the character congealing into pure dislike Britton continues to claim that he can protect people, but when they get hurt or killed, he demands forgiveness, dodges blame, then reasserts control over whatever situation he has landed them in The responsibility for having destroyed peoples lives doesn t give him the right to whatever pieces might still remain Honestly, I find his delusions rather terrifying He repeatedly states that he s not going to let that happen, as if he really believes that he can control the outcome Basically, he s an arrogant, self justifying asshole.Bookbinder, on the other hand, is the quintessential nerd he believes that he has all the leadership capability of a wet sock, but when circumstances force him to take action, he shoulders the responsibility while still listening to those around him I also enjoyed his self deprecating humour One of my favorite scenes occurs after Bookbinder wakes up late in camp Bookbinder stood Why the hell didn t anyone wake me You looked peaceful, sir, Anan volunteered.Bookbinder looked askance at Won, but the major only shrugged You did Bookbinder nodded and shouldered his pack, sucking at his own water feed now Surely you must eat, sir, Dhatri said, his voice concerned I can eat while we walk, Bookbinder replied We ve lost enough time to my cherubic sleepy time appearance In terms of secondary characters, I think Fortress is far stronger than Control Point Whilst some of the frustrating characters still pop up for example, I can never remember Downer s given name, since Debbie seems to fit her personality so well there are a host of new and entertaining personalities, and the new perspective brings humanity to some of the previously inhuman characters I think my favorites are probably Woon, a sarcastic and down to earth terramancer, and return character Crucible, who shows a whole new side of his personality to Bookbinder The book also introduces some new dynamics in the magical world, including India s Sahir Corps Bandhav relationship with the naga, and the nagas own tensions with the Agni danav I liked the complexity this added to the worldbuilding, although I had certain issues with the logic of some of the characters actions.The anger and drive of the last book are subdued here, but the issues of freedom versus security continue to emerge As one Latent notes, What do you expect us to do Lie still and let you kill us, imprison us, strip us of our humanity You ve outlawed our existence You provide no options Many of the issues I found compelling in the last book the problems of jingoism and imperialism, for one thing are not really discussed here Dehumanization and exoticism of certain groups within the narrative continues for example, take a conversation in which some of the characters are trying to decide who to go to for help The Apache have already committed so many atrocities on camera that people will never get behind them The masks, the Mountain Gods They re too alien People follow you know, other people People like them What, so the Apache are no longer people At the same time, I loved getting a glimpse of other countries attitudes towards magic perhaps unsurprisingly, the U.S was one of the most aggressive in militarization of magical forces Overall, while I think the fury so tangible in Control is muted in Fortress, I think the stronger cast of characters than made up for the difference As for me, I ve made the next book in the series my first summer purchase I can t wait to find out what happens next Excerpted from my review on BookLikes, which contains additional quotes, spoilers, and commentary that I was too lazy to copy over.

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