Fractal Despondency

Fractal Despondency This story upset me and as a result I give it five stars, because it accomplished the mission I m unsure if pissing off little old me was actually Trent s prime objective however the piece waslike a very personal account I m unsure if I d wish to know just how much of this was literally autobiographical.I ve sat in that same ditch homeless, holding a substance representing the last few dollars and cents I had access to whether the drug was alcohol, or heroin, or crack is no matter I won t specify which was my bane of choice Such addictive, self destructive behavior is confusing to onlookers, but just as confusing to we addicts ourselves.You ask us Why are you doing this and when we shrug, we re not blowing you off we re as clueless as y all Is it to feel something different FeelFeel less We can t tell you, and Trent captured that ambivalence perfectly, along with the sense that the addiction and the unspoken motivations behind it are an indigestible lump that will choke us if we try to swallow it, but that s too heavy for us to set down.The writing was top notch, and kept me reading what I increasingly considered an unpleasant tale kudos for that seductiveness Mr Zelazny The characters were surprisingly sympathetic and well rounded At it s best, the writing was redolent of James M Cain or Jim Thompson without being at all derivative.This story is worth your reading and I recommend it, despite me not liking it but then, I ve slammed books to the ground when they ve pissed me off too much, so take my ambivalence about this piece as a RECOMMENDATION, rather than a snipe on my part Trent evoked real emotions in me with this story, it wasn t a walk through for either of us. Blake has returned to his hometown after surviving profound heartache and loss, only to meet the beautiful and carefree Denise He soon realizes he s in over his head, following a virtual angel from Hell who will leave him once again forever changed.FRACTAL DESPONDENCY is hands down the best work I ve read this year With brilliant prose that weaves a painful past with an uncertain future, the story is a bittersweet account of a young man trying to find his place in an unforgiving world It is an absolute must read for literary fiction fans. Was She An Angel From Above, Or A Walking Time Bomb Of Doom His Life Having Crumbled, Blake Gladstone Returns To His Hometown Of Santa Fe, And Tries To Settle Back Into The Unsatisfying Life He D Had Before He Left For Florida When He Meets Denise, A Pretty Young Blonde With A Bag Full Of Tricks, His Sad Routine Breaks, And The They Get To Know Each Other, The Blake Can T Figure Out If He S On A Road To Salvation, Or A Road Back To Hell Trent Zelazny Is Off And Running I Have Someone New To Admire Joe R Lansdale Trent Zelazny Has Already Begun To Carve Out His Own Genre Niche He S Got The Right Stuff To Make Fiction Both Engrossing And Literate Tom Piccirilli A Gift For Storytelling Is In Trent Zelazny S Genes Charles Ardai Trent Zelazny Will Surprise You, Entertain You, And Take You Places You Ve Never Been Before Warren Lapine Obtain Trent Zelazny S Fractal Despondency It S Your Only Hope Of Escape Break Out Read The Book John Shirley, Author Of Black Glass Passion Power Fear Zelazny Is A Force Of Wonder And Darkness Joseph S Pulver, Sr As posted onI ve been through some personal tragedy This novella, short as it was, spoke to me on a level of loss and despair It is not a happy book It s a book about rage and frustration and grief and apathy, madness and self destruction And in some respects, it s about the resilience of the human experience It struck me as less fiction andcreative non fiction, an honest commentary on the crap life can heap on a person, how many kicks a man can take, the kind of tragedy and personal horror a person can live through.Do not buy this book simply because it s good Buy this book because it reveals an important facet of life, a facet that you ve perhaps seen before but not quite from this angle Buy this book because it says something about relationships and personal connections, speaks the truth in that there aren t always happy endings Sometimes, there aren t any endings at all Sometimes, there s only life, left open and raw Continuing on as it does with all its pain and misery and the dim, impossible spark of hope, always at risk of going out forever but not quite there yet. Trent s honest tell me what the character is really thinking first person style give you the full critical depression experience There should be a screenplay for this. Fractal DespondencyBy Trent ZelaznyDespair Fractal Despondency is a study in the despair of the human spirit.Zelazny moves you through Blake s apathy in his life as he begins to feel He traverses the depths of this despair as Blake begins to question and well with anger.Blake is a flawed and brilliant character and I look forward to .Zelazny is revving up his Dark Engine.Come along for the ride. Suspenseful and mystifying If you want a gritty page turner, don t pass up the opportunity to seize this book and allow it to pull you in Zelazny s Fractal Despondency is a must read This is a rough little novella The aftermath of a tragedy punctuated with further tragedy, which left me, as a reader, feeling a bit worked over It s also an interesting piece, because there are a lot of things about it that really, technically speaking, shouldn t work The prose is flat, even at times a little clumsy Of the two main characters, we spend the entire story in the head of one, while the other remains a mystery There are flashbacks, and I have a personal and probably not entirely justifiable issue with flashbacks they tend to kill the flow of the narrative And there is no real feeling of resolution at the end of it all, just a tentative beginning of something further.But, but, but All these seemingly malformed pieces, when combined with the brutal thrust of the story, come together quite nicely The flattened prose perfectly mirrors the mental state of the single knowable character And there is one single line, at the culmination of the flashbacks, that is beautiful and terrible and not at all flat If there was one place in the story for a perfect line, that was it And said character is so very crushed by the aftermath of tragedy and so very much in his own head that the story simply has to stay there with him The flashbacks add a needed tension and flow to the storyline And of course there s no resolution, in the wake of one tragedy compounded by another, the tentative step Blake takes at story s end is about the only direction things can go while remaining honest.This is a hard piece to read It is raw and painful and it won t leave you in a happy mood And, as a resident of Santa Fe who would very much like to leave, seeing the city through the lens of this piece makes me want to leave all theBut it is honest and the narrative has a driving force And it gets under your skin Two days after reading it, it still sits in the back of my head, gnawing at the old brain stem Recommended for anyone who doesn t demand a happy ending. Review from Underwords www.underwordsblog.comFractal Despondency by Trent Zelazny is dark and gritty novella, filled with an honesty of experience that will leave you feeling as if you just walked a mile in Blake Gladstone s shoes From Blake s first appearance on the page, the grimness of his situation is made painfully clear Newly returned home to Sante Fe from Florida, he bears the physical and emotional wounds that have bled away every ounce of joy and love that had once lived inside of him However, when Denise comes into his life, a beautiful blond radiating excitement and trouble, Blake finally feels something Only he doesn t know if that s a good or bad thing.Zelazny has deftly captured the desperation of emotion that a person feels when confronted with and forced to deal with the loss of a loved one Secrets, lies, mistakes all these things bubble to the surface as Blake s past and present collide in the now that he is experiencing as a result of his encounter with Denise.From the writing to the characters to the plot of the story, Zelazny s prose will reel you in and make you wish that you could do something, anything to help Blake overcome the affects of the trauma he has suffered You can t help but to want to assist him, all the while knowing there is nothing you can do except to go along for the ride to see if Blake will be okay in the end It is clear that he must go through this experience if he is ever going to reclaim anything of his former self, and even then he may not succeed.Fractal Despondency is a must read novella for anyone with a taste for dark, noir literature Trent Zelazny is someone you ll want to follow when his next book comes out. Trent Zelazny has had a rough go at things, not the least of which because of the father he has had to measure up to, sci fi fantasy legend Roger Zelazny, who wrote the epic Cities of Amber series There are other things in Trent s backstory which I can see channeled into this distant meditation on loss, and how some people just fall through the cracks Some people are just born lost Blake Gladstone is one of these people His on again off again fiancee, Sarah, took her own life, and when Blake fails in his attempt to join her, he meets a girl of bohemian appetites, an adventurous little minx named Denise Loreaux who traipses through the city, leading him on adventures which leave him little the wiser Amidst this revelry with Denise, Blake recedes into alcoholism and drug abuse, quits his job and may even be an accomplice to murder.If you re looking for something epic, you won t find it in this haunting, minimalist work Trent seems right at home turning inward, surveying the scope of a damaged human being s animus, id, ego, the desires that drive him and the vices that plague him Somewhere in this novel, there is a message of quiet desperation, of giving up, but remaining open to salvation That s the best any of us can hope for, really, and I leave you with this quote from this very underrated scribe Sometimes things are set against you They re set against you and the sooner you give up, the better If you re strong enough to stare into such an abyss, then you will find much enjoyment in Fractal Despondency.

Trent Zelazny is the award winning author of To Sleep Gently, Fractal Despondency, Butterfly Potion, Too Late To Call Texas, People Person, and Voiceless, as well as several other books and roughly 50 short stories He is also an international playwright, and editor.Son of late science fiction author Roger Zelazny, he was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico He has lived in California, Oregon, and Florid

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