Fury of Ice (Dragonfury, #2)

Fury of Ice (Dragonfury, #2)Coming From A Race Of Dragons Able To Assume Human Form, Rikar, The Last Of The Frost Dragons, Never Imagined He Could Be Conquered Until A Sizzling Encounter With Street Tough Homicide Detective Angela Keene He S Consumed By His Need For Her, And Willing To Do Anything To Be With Her AgainThen The Unthinkable Happens Angela Falls Into The Clutches Of A Clan Of Dragonkind Who Feed Off The Life Energy Of Women If Rikar Can T Rescue Angela, The Only Person Who Has Ever Been Strong Enough To Command His Love Will Be Destroyed Refusing To Accept This Fate, He Vows To Track Down Angela And Make Her Abductors Pay Even If It Costs His Life

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  • Fury of Ice (Dragonfury, #2)
  • Coreene Callahan
  • English
  • 01 July 2019
  • 9781455885947

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    4 Stars Nice second installment in the series, but not without some issues First off let me say that I loved Angela and Rikar s pairing, a great match between two strong characters Angela was kick ass awesome and Rikar was so in tune with her, wanted her so badly, but treated her with kid gloves and let her take the lead in their relationship It seems to be the trend in this series, as it was Myst who initiated intamacy with Bastian in their book The woman are the agressors when it comes to first contact and I rather enjoy that for a change I also relished the strong presense of all the characters from Fury of Fire in this book Mac, Angela s partner, was front and center here and had a huge hand in the storyline Not much I want to reveal about him, you ll have to read and find out, but I m sure you ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was Forge, father of Gregor Mayhem, is a character I m looking forward to reading about as the series continues He is strong, fierce, but has a soft side, a yummy Scottish dragon with a brogue Dragolicious Venom, Wick and Sloan rounded out the characters nicely with the ever faithful Daimler keeping the order at Black Diamond.Great dialouge, but not enough Too many pages of description and people pondering over stuff AND what was up with the reference to product names, like Wonder Bread, Macbook, Blackberry and even BIC, you know as in a pen I didn t quite get what was going on with this and I thought it was just plain weird in a book about dragons There was plenty of action, with an exciting ending, wrapped up enough to feel satisfied, but I wanted a little Rikar and Angela time Then again, it is a continuing series and I m sure we ll see of them in the future It s going to be a long wait till Fury of Seduction is released in November grrrr which is about a character that I m in LOVE with Can t tell you who though Hehe Even with some minor compliants, it s still a great series and different enough that it will hold your interest and have you chomping at the bit for the next book

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    3 1 2 starsDid i say i was hoping that the inner dialogue was going to be toned down some in this one Yeaaaahhhh, it didn t happen We re STILL in peoples heads Gah, it s soooo frustrating because the characters and the storyline really are good I m not sure what Coreen Callahan or her editors are thinking by not picking up on something like thisi don t know, is it just me and it s not really that big of a deal maybe it s just her way of storytelling I m actually the last person who will ever nitpick about the editing in a bookwhether it s punctuation, misspelled words, run on sentencesas long as a story is well told and sucks me in, i ll usually over look those sorts of things, but for some reason this whole lack of speaking in books is something that REALLY bothers me I m very torn as to whether or not i want to keep reading these books where people don t speak well they DO speak..just very little Now that i ve met all these characters it s so hard to let go when i want to know what happens to them and who they re future mates are going to be Once again, things were set up for the H and h in the 3rd book, so i think my plan is going to be to take a little break and return to these at some point.

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    Oh things are getting hot with Coreene Callahan s Dragonkind The battle between the Dragonfuries and the Razorbacks is escalating. tempers are fraying and the frostiest dragon has met his match.I loved Ryker in Fury of Fire, he was a solid second in command and an even better friend His loyalty to Bastian was remarkable and he made the hard choices even when it broke his heart His loyalty to the Nightfury brings him into Angela Keen s sphere and he falls hard. Not sure what is going on he wipes her memory and moves on with life. but when Angela is captured with Myst , in Fury of Fire, and only Myst is saved. Ryker almost looses it His pain was palatable.Detective Angela Keen, the only cop who can put up with Mac She is tough when she needs to be and even when captured she put the needs of the other captive first Helping Myst escape but getting caught herself In Fury of Ice, we find Angela in captivity and looking for a way out It was brilliant, this is no swooning miss This chick is tough A trained cop and a good one No one needs to take care of her she can care for herself. Which doesn t mean she is a man hater. nope she is just secure in who she is.This story was absolutely brilliant There is so much going on, an intricate dance of stories And yet it never gets confusing or losses your interest What is cool about this book is it s about the seconds Ryker is Bastian s second and Lothaire or as Angela likes to call him that rat bastard. is Ivar s And they carry the battle story The importance of a good second and the power they yield in the name of the team Another really excellent point, you kinda feel for Lothaire. He really just wants to belong. oh sure he chose the wrong side and is a rat bastard BUT he is extremely loyal to Ivar and when he talks about finally finding a home, it made me feel for him.We do get a hint about the Archguard and that maybe my theory about them sitting on the fence to see who wins might be accurate than I thought Or rather there may be corruption on the Archguard. hmmmmm..Another little plot twist, we really get to spend time with Forge. what a delightfully wicked dragon he is. His entire agenda it appears is to get his son back and yet Then of course there is Mac. oh yeah. Mac has some serious secrets of his own Like I said, lots going on.I have to laugh because there are two members of the pack off to Europe at the Archguard games. Can you imagine their faces when they get back Two bonded pairs. a pregnant female, an infant and of course two new pack members. see that s what you get for going on vacation.This series is just getting better and better. can t wait to read Fury of Seduction ShauniFor reviews by Shauni check out Tea and Book andBodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy

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    It was an okay read and I m going to start on the next book, but there are so many plot and detail inconsistencies that its truly frustrating Also, it is a straight up knock off of Black Dagger The characters even use some of the same dumbass phrases that, while cute in BDB, were plain irritating in this series Enough with the shitkickers already What s so terrible about using the word boot or some other synonym for warrior footwear

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    Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewJ avais bien aim le premier tome et j avoue que j tais curieuse de d couvrir ce deuxi me volume Cependant, je pense que pass e la nouveaut de la s rie, j ai un peu moins accroch cette histoire, mais j y reviendrai un peu plus tard.Nous suivons cette fois ci Rikar, l ami de Bastian, ainsi qu Angela, l agent de police que nous avions d couverte plus t t Mais il faut dire que tous les personnages que nous connaissions du premier tome sont l eux aussi C est ainsi que l on retrouve Forge pour qui j ai un petit faible je l avoue tout au long de l histoire mais aussi Bastian ou encore Myst sa compagne C tait tr s agr able de voir comment ils continuaient voluer ensemble Mais l histoire comme je le disais se concentre sur notre nouveau couple, ce qu Angela doit supporter pour chapper aux dragons ennemis, la difficult qu Rikar rester l sans pouvoir l aider et bien sur leur relation naissante Mais nous avons aussi l apparition d un nouveau dragon tr s diff rent de ce que nous avions vu jusque l et j avoue que j ai bien aim voir de quoi il tait capable Ainsi, on aura une fois de plus une vision de la guerre qui existe entre les deux clans et les cons quences sur les humains D ailleurs nous avons une petite histoire sous jacente sur Tania, l amie de Myst et qui je pense aura un plus gros impact par la suite.C tait un roman assez agr able d couvrir et lire mais c est vrai qu il ne r volutionne pas vraiment avec ce nouveau volume, ce qui a t un peu dommage pour moi je dois avouer M me si j ai bien aim d couvrir les personnages et leur histoire, la romance ne m a pas particuli rement touch e, j tais plus curieuse de voir ce qui allait se d rouler avec les autres protagonistes de l histoire Je pense que j ai eu un manque de renouveau cette fois ci mais c tait quand m me une lecture agr able Rikar et Angela sont un petit peu plus effac s mais ils ont travers de nombreux obstacles pour tre enfin ensemble Il faut dire qu Angela qui tait une femme forte au d part de l histoire, va se briser petit petit avec tout ce qu elle doit traverser.Pour conclure c tait un tome sympa mais j en attendais plus Je vais regarder ce que donnent les avis du 3 avant de savoir si je vais continuer ou pas Mais m me si je semble n gative, comme je le dis, c tait tout de m me un roman sympa lire.

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    Apr s un d but difficile, j avais en commen ant ma lecture de ce 2 me opus plus aucune illusion Heureusement que j ai d cid de laisser une chance la s rie.Le d cor et les personnages tant d j en place, on peut se plonger direct dans l histoire M me si cela reste hyper convenu et classique j ai pass un tr s bon moment Avec la multiplication des points de vue et le croisement des personnages le rythme est bien plus intense et rapide que dans le 1er tome Les h ros sont attachants et ont un caract re bien tremp Myst tait un petit tre fragile prot ger, l je dirai que c est plut t Rikar qu il faudrait prot ger On aurait presque piti de lui, il a fort faire face sa badass de moiti Plus que le couple Rikar Angela, c est l interaction Mac Angela que j ai le plus aim Ainsi que celui de Myst Forge 4 histoires en 1, des pistes multiples qui nous donnent envie une fois le livre fini de continuer au plus vite.

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    The Author is a terrible writer There s no connection with the characters or the story line It s a lot of pointless speak of a characters thoughts that are repeated through the whole book The entire first 2 books are a BDB ripoff It wasn t just close to BDB it was her taking BDB story lines phrases and putting it in a dragon version I mean why would Dragons not be allowed in the sun She should of just wrote a vampire book Unfortunately I would not recommend this series to anyone unless you want to laugh at how ridiculously dramatic the characters are They are worse than any other paranormal found my mate series.

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    1 1 2Kindle Daily Deal, the reason I bought it I think after a while I read 1 page every 10, I was bored out of my mind A decent heroine couldn t disguise the processed meat this book was made of.The writing style was atrocious, channelling Ms Ward to the commas isn t my idea of fun There were paragraphs eerily similar I couldn t connect with it Plus, if you hint to rape, you d better hint at consequences too Magic peens aren t one.

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    The first book in this series had serious similarities to Ward s BDB the language, the two factions of warriors battling each other but with dragons instead of vampires, etc Even though I wasn t crazy about reading a BDB clone, something about the characters pulled me and I decided to give Fury of Ice a chance, specially because I had read in previous reviews that the author became herself But I didn t find any such thing The book still has the million POVs and lots of internal rambling about unnecessary things Who cares if the villains are eating sandwiches or that one of them like trucker lingo I want time spent on the actual relationship after all, this is a romance But that was glossed over, specially the heroine s recovery after her kidnapping and abuse Am I suppose to believe that a woman in her situation would be hooking up with a guy so soon Give me a break Bejamin Darcie s narration was spot on even if his Scottish accent wasn t very attractive sorry to say, he s no Robert Petkoff but I definitely listen to another series narrated by him.I liked most characters in the book I applauded when the heroine realized that she was being very selfish by endagering the hero with her pursuit of revenge but I just wished we would have spent time on the main characters I m curious to see what s the deal with Wyck so maybe I ll continue listening Can t say for sure right now.

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    2014 Reread listenLoved listening to this book this time around This series is a MUST READ for all PNR fans Love Forge s accent The narrator did fantastic with ALL the different accents and voices.Where the heck did Tania go I can t wait to start her and Mac s book 2017 Reread listen

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