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Geek Girl Jen S Life Of Partying And Sneaking Out Has Grown Stale So On A Whim, Jen Makes A Bet To Turn Trevor, A Goody Two Shoes Geek, Into A Bad Boy As She Hangs Out With Trevor, However, She Finds It S Actually Kinda Fun Being A Geek But When Trevor Finds Out About The Bet, Jen Must Fight For The Things She S Discovered Matter Most Friendship, Family, And, Above All, Love Jen is your typical bad girl she hangs out with a group of friends known for their reputation for partying hard, drinking, drugs and smoking She has a typical Goth look going on that her foster family don t really approve of tight black clothes, red and black hair and lots of heavy make up She hasn t really had a stable family relationship, her relationship with her parents was difficult and so she s moved around quite a lot from one foster family to another Having got stuck with a foster family who are un cool they have a no piercing on the face rule, insist on spending Fridays together as family time, where they play family games and hang out and her foster mum likes to go on evening walks wearing a ridiculous straw hat Jen s completely bored and so to liven things up a bit decides to bet her friends Beth and Ella that she can turn one of the school geeks Trevor bad This is an interesting challenge for Jen as Trevor isn t your typical geek, yes he s a straight A student and a goody two shoes, but he s sort of a cool geek If Jen wins the bet her friends agree to pay for Jen to get her lip re pierced But Jen ends up gettingthan she bargained for, having initially seeing Trevor as a complete geek with his debates about sci fi films with his other geeky friends, view spoiler Jen soon finds herself falling for Trevor What started off as a bet soon develops into a deep and meaningful relationship Jen never expected hide spoiler Just to get this part over with, I m gonna mention what I didn t like While the writing has some great potential, the flow and pacing to this book is way off It felt fast and rushy in some spots while not enough punch to others There just wasn t enough room provided in between scene which made it harder to follow and it felt predictable and not very original.but this book made me smile A lot While the story has it s flaws, I still very much enjoyed reading Geek Girl.It starts off with a bet Jen bets her friends that she can turn geek boy, Trevor, into being bad by seducing him to the dark side Her reward a lip ring that will hopefully be a token that will turn a disapproving eye from her foster parents and the awe and respect she gets from her friends when she wins, of course.The only problem is, who would have thought that ever so polite well mannered do gooder geek boy, Trevor could actually be capable of turning her world upside down and right side up Jen and Trevor s relationship totally owns this book right from the start They have a very sweet natural chemistry that sparks with every moment there together and even still, when apart.Jen has a very hard devastating past growing up With out knowing how to belong to someone, anyone, let alone knows how to even belong to herself Enter Trevor Trevor is the kind of character that I couldn t help love I m not sure what the true definition of a geek is, but it s not Trevor He s a totally sweetheart Sweet but isn t a push over He s the kind of guy that will sit there and listen and be there for you, but wont push you from your comfort zone and he has all these adorable qualities that makes him out to be such an irresistible character You can actually see Jen s transformation as the story unfolds Out with the tough freak girl and in with the one that actually believes she s worth it I was slightly upset that Trevor didn t blow up in Jen s face when he found out what this was really about, but in true Trevor fashion, didn t make a scene and left quietly That actually made it much worse and I cringed right along with Jen I seriously wanted her to beg for his forgiveness right there and then, after all, he s worth it too.But I like the way it ended, it has a healthy amount of angst and anticipation, and reminds me of what it was like back in high school The jealousy, the tension, the games and then the realization of what first love can actually feel like.Overall, this book isn t perfect, but it s fast and light and fun and funny and plainly sweetly entertaining and just makes me smile at the thought and ease of these two compelling characters Jen and Trevor s story, The Geek and The Freak, are definitely worth a read Geek Girl by Cindy C Bennett was definitely a pleasant surprise that I enjoyed despite its minor flaws The plot has been attempted many times before and the outcome was somewhat predictable, so what I feel made this story stand out were the two main characters Jen and Trevor and their transformation The story starts off with Jen the rebel foster kid punk making a dare with her friends that she can turn good guy geek Trevor onto the dark side Well as the saying goes, it s all fun and games until someone falls in love or is it gets hurt Anywho, I enjoyed watching the slight transformation in both these characters, but surprisingly Jen happened to experience the most change in her wardrobe, attitude and outlook on life I really came to like her in this book and her back story was pretty sad to say the least, so she definitely earned my compassion.I will admit that I had a hard time with the last quarter of the book By the time the bet was revealed and everything started falling apart, I was taken by Trevor So, I was really disappointed to see how long Trevor Ever the Polite was willing to carry a grudge and turn to the one person Jen disliked the most The mouse That was kind of disappointing and it got to the point that I wanted Jen to just move on and forget him What can I say Sometime scenes are just played out too far that it runs the risk of spoiling the magic.I never fell for the whole Trevor the Geek characterization From my understanding, technically a geek is someone that is obsessed with intellectual pursuits, deficient in athletic abilities, socially inept, and extremely interested in technology computers Well aside from the academic strength, Trevor is none of those things He was just an all around good guy that people liked and ultimately voted as Student Body President and later Homecoming King Highly unlikely for a typical geek.Lastly, I have to mention one thing that sort of bothered me Trevor following Jen on her date Eeek I just finished reading Stay and let s just say that little reveal on Trevor s part was not something I found aww worthy Kind of killed the moment if you know what I mean Overall though, I believe this is Cindy C Bennett s debut novel and I have to say she did a pretty good job With time, if her writing style improves slightly and her delivery is sharpened up a bit, I can definitely see myself anticipatingreleases by this author Fun read that overall I enjoyed. Okay, I m giving this book four stars because it made me laugh a lot And smile If it didn t have those sweet, funny moments, it would be three stars for it s unoriginality Now I did like it I liked the story and the characters, I enjoyed reading it It s just nothing praise worthy It isn t a brilliant, beautifully written, extremely well executed, thought provoking novel Rather it s a sweet, funny, ah, clich d story.Bad girl Jen, bets her friends that she could turn a geek bad She sets her sights on Trevor, a nerdy, cute guy who is ever so polite, buttons his shirts to the top button, is extremely organized Then she gets to know him The incredibly nice, sweet, good boy he is And she starts to like him Instead of her turning him bad, he s rubbing off on her The star trek movies, trampoline jumping, bowling, geek stuff, starts to appeal to her And then SHE starts to change She tones down her Goth, dark appearance, doesn t party And they start to fall in love, awhh After a time though, with this nagging guilt of lying to Trevor, he finds out about the bet, and he is beyond angry He doesn t want anything to do with her, and she s crushed Cue the zombie She feels that she won t survive without him, she loses her appetite, becomes pale, depressed looking, and everyone knows and sees it But she does survive Yeah, there s those kind of aggravating moments when she s depressed, pinning, bemoaning her loss nothing new there , but she pulls out of it She realizes that she can survive without him and be happy, even if her heart will always have a crack there, that only he can mend This hurt, angered stage lasts a while, with no reconciliation I wish Trevor hadn t held onto his anger for so long Yeah, she did something hurtful, but that was when she was bad, he knew what she was like before, and he knew the person that she started to become after they started dating He should have been able to look past that, and forgive her, because she was truly sorry, and honestly just because of his kind, polite character Jen s transformation wasn t drastic As the reader, we don t really see a great change, besides her looks changing from Goth to normal, and being told about her previous partying and bad actions We never really got to see her bad side before she started changing She does start to look at life differently, and really does want to change, to become someone else, someone who deserves her foster family, who deserves Trevor I liked seeing how her attitude on life changed, I guess I just wish that we could have seen some of her bad moments, like her at a party drunk or something before she decided to bet after Trevor Then maybe the transformation would have beenmeaningful.Alright, nitpicky points aside, I really did enjoy this book Nearly every page had me laughing out loud, or smiling This book is really a just for fun novel with a sweet romance and a swoon worthy guy up until he refuses to forgive or do anything with Jen that is, that kind of killed my crush for him there, even though I still liked him at the end There are some messages in it that were done nice, but they re not really deep And I will say that the romance wasn t insta love It was brought on slowly, a very nice change from the immediate attraction true love that happens in practically every young adult novel If you read Geek Girl don t expect something incredible, or an amazing story with superb characters Expect a light, cute story, some clich , some sappiness, and maybe some smiles and laughs if you re like me. 5 StarsI anxiously awaited this eBook after reading this authors Heart on a Chain This story was a bit of a slower grab for me, but once it did WOW This is a heart wrenching story about a foster child Jen Jones Jen Jennifer is a 17 year old girl who has been in the foster system for years She has developed coping mechanisms for herself which are very narcissistic and self destructive with a low self esteem She wants her upper lip re pierced and makes a bet to get the money to have it done A gamble that changes her life She tells her friends she can get the geek boy to be like her dark with self destructive tendencies Bring a good boy over to the dark side parties, skipping school, etc What happens is the opposite Trevor Trev is the geek He is a nice boy He has a loving family, a brother with Downs, he volunteers at a senior center, he plays piano and guitar, he is perfect Trevor touches something in Jen through his goodness and ready acceptance of her for all she is He is able to reach down inside of her and show her just how beautiful she is, how worthy she is She, in turn, wants to be this better person for him All rolls along nicely, then he finds out about the bet and is terribly angry and hurt Will they get to the other side of this event that brought them together together This story portrays the life of this girl as she finds herself and becomes part of a lasting family She works hard to come to terms with her past learning to understand she was a victim, but this doesn t have to define who she will be forever The adults take a positive caring role in this story and are integral to who this young lady becomes They care for her and welcome her into their family with open arms.This story touched something deep in me I wanted the very best for Jen because she was working so hard for it and was so fragile I wanted Trevor to come to terms with the hurt pride he had because of the bet Without the bet, they would never have been together A single moment in time, a single choice, impacted these two people and their families forever.A really lovely story In the end you wanted to just jump out of your seat and throw your arms in the air and yell YES.Happy Reading no nook 01 27 2012Nook noticed on 04 26 2012 and only 5 Yeah.. 3.5 stars What a cute little gem this was At first, I thought there wasn t going to be muchto the book than the summary rebel girl takes a bet where she not only has to hook a geek guy, but also has to get him to come to the dark side Before even reading the first page, my mind went to half a dozen movie plots This story couldn t be hard to figure out, after all I knew that the girl would fake liking the guy, until at some point, she saw what a great catch he really was After all, haven t we learned by now that all nerdy people are in fact hot underneath, and all you have to do is change their clothes to figure this out At least, that s what the movies tell us.I also had it figured out no spoiler warnings necessary, as you will have figured this out as well before you even open the book that the girl would, in fact, avoid telling the guy about the bet, and that he would find out through another party Then after finding out, he would be upset and avoid the girl, of course.About halfway into the book, all of my predictions had come true I was also semi amused that our anti heroine did indeed have a troubled and sad past Because of course, all kids who are bad must have a major and shocking reason for being the way they are insert sarcasm here So, you ask, if the book was somewhat predictable, what kept me reading Well, for starters, the author did have a unique voice The book was an easy read and I became invested in the characters, which doesn t happen too often for me I also appreciated that somewhere around midway into the book, things changed for the characters and we got to see what life was like after the revelation of the bet I liked that some of Jen s major life changes started happening about halfway into the book and because of this, she had the strength and support to continue on, whether she got her true happy ending or not I m not telling The first half was a pleasant enough read, but the second half of this book is where the author really hit her stride I was pleased that the things came together in a few unexpected ways, and that there were still at least a few little tidbits left to surprise me when it was all said and done I d be interested in checking outbooks by this author after finding myself pleasantly surprised with Geek Girl. 5 STARS I m a hopeful romantic at heart, and a total sucker for YA romance Enough said But I guess it doesn t hurt to elaborateSo, the story starts off kind of cliche, girl plays the game but the game ends up playing her basic, simple story line Typical, but oh so delightfully fun.At first, Jen is your stereotypical foster girl, bad girl freak goth chick She hangs with the bad kids, partying, dabbling with some minor drug usage, alcohol, oh you know typical goth like behavior Then there s Trevor Trevor is your typical Nerd with a 4.0 GPA, Student Body President, volunteering at the Senior Center, plays the piano, watches a string of sci fi flicks with his friends on the weekends, and so forth You get the picture Pretty typical, cliche, predictable, and. stereotypical thus far, right Well, it gets better Turns out, maybe being a geek isn t so bad maybe geek is just another stupid label that doesn t really define a person The story plays with the notion of stereotypes and the labels And ultimately, the layers are carefully peeled away, exposed and you see Trev and Jen for who they really are REAL TEENAGE KIDS, with real human emotions, real problems, and maybe even real love The facade of geek v goth, game v reality, fear v hope, are exposed, examined, blended and showcased in this relatively short gem of a read Trev really isn t so geeky after all, and Jen isn t so bad either Maybe it doesn t matter which clique you belong to, and labels don t matter after all I loved Jen I loved her side story about her being a foster kid, her finding a real home, her cheerleader sis, and even the subtle, yet deep and symbolic message behind her winning Homecoming Queen It s a pretty light read, but if you look deeper, it s so muchthan that It challenges normative, stereotypical type casting and cliques in HS.It s a simple story of a girl, who, by fate, luck or chance, chooses her next target this seemingly plain, geek boy to make him bad he was supposed to be nothingthan a joke, a mockery yet she ultimately discovers herself in the process And of course, we all know, sometimes the games we play end up playing usThe PLAN backfires on her and she finds herselfvulnerable than she let on Maybe she DOESN T have all the control after all Maybe there was a reason why she chose Trevor Maybe he ISN T just a plain geek boy Maybe he s SO MUCH MORE and she is too.It s a coming of age story, it s a story of survival, it s a cautionary tale of the stupid games we play, while shattering preconceived notions of high school cliques but it s also a story that illuminates bouts of hope, and inspires readers to look beyond the facade, layers and labels Honestly, it s a book for all ages No sexual content included, rather, it s wholesome, heartwarming and endearing A definite feel good YA romance I can t recommend this enough There four stars are all for the goofy smile I had on my face while I read this book It s a light, quick read and not particularly original or ground breaking, but I m ranking this based on my enjoyment as I read I read it in one sitting and couldn t stop thinking about the chemistry between Jen and Trevor for the next two days.I started reading the first 10 chapters for free on the author s website after reading Erica s review, and about 12 pages in, I knew I was going to need to find a copy This work was originally self published The author recently got a publishing deal for the book, making it difficult to find a copy of this since it s going to be republished Goodreads still offers it as an ebook, thankfully Geek Girl does have some thoughtful messages, mostly a discover who you are and then love yourself and don t be afraid to change, but change for yourself and not for someone else message As Jen tries to bring Trevor to the dark side, she begins to change, but she doesn t do it for him she does it because she s discovering who she wants to be and that she s let the terrible circumstances of her life mold her too much With the love and support of Trevor and her foster family, she becomes someone new I loved seeing the transformation, even though it was painful and heart wrenching at times Trevor s perfect for much of the book, but he does reveal his big flaw for the last fourth of the book that boy can hold a grudge I had to fight to keep liking his character for the last few chapters, but he did redeem himself at the end.The author does a make my heart flutter job of letting the love simmer and build, creating realistic timing for the attraction and chemistry between the two main characters They actually spent time together and gasp had conversations before falling love Bennett s pacing kept me coming back forand , until I was so captivated by this book that I couldn t put it down without knowing the conclusion.Yes, Geek Girl s a little cliche and predictable, but if you re looking for a light, make you laugh and smile book, check out the first 10 chapters on the author s website and see if this book is for you. Two insy weeny teeny requests have a swarm of that high school feel good book butterflies eat at my insides And please be 3.99999 stars or better Please and thank you oh yeah this book delivered It took me by surprise and It was refreshing and an easy read 4 giddy girl goofy giggle welcome to geekdom stars

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