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Gender Outlaws In TheYears Since The Release Of Gender Outlaw, Kate Bornstein S Groundbreaking Challenge To Gender Ideology, Transgender Narratives Have Made Their Way From The Margins To The Mainstream And Back Again Today S Transgenders And Other Sex Gender Radicals Are Writing A Drastically New World Into Being In Gender Outlaws, Bornstein, Together With Writer, Raconteur, And Theater Artist S Bear Bergman, Collects And Contextualizes The Work Of This Generation S Trans And Genderqueer Forward Thinkers New Voices From The Stage, On The Streets, In The Workplace, In The Bedroom, And On The Pages And Websites Of The World S Most Respected Mainstream News Sources Gender Outlaws Includes Essays, Commentary, Comic Art, And Conversations From A Diverse Group Of Trans Spectrum People Who Live And Believe In Barrier Breaking Lives

Kate Bornstein is a Jewish American author, playwright, performance artist, and gender theorist.

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    Earlier this year, I had read The Fate of Gender Nature, Nurture, and the Human Future, which was an investigation of changing norms and perceptions on gender Although the book was generally informed and sympathetic, it lacked from of an insider perspective from how these lives are lived instead of interviews This book, on the other hand, encompasses a much broader range of perspectives from trans and gender nonconforming individuals about their experiences Given the extreme diversity of their experiences, it is very difficult to summarize this anthology in a few definite terms, so it would be better if I listed some examples a transman s experience with pregnancy, being Muslim and trans, and the gap of experiences and prejudices between gays and lesbians and trans persons There is very little in common, except for the fact they are consistently outlaws , living outside the binary norms of gender and thriving there I am only a man who loves other men, and I am so often ignorant of what trans people experience What to me is so often an abstract topic of discussion, well outside my perceptions, is for them sharper, immediate, often intimate Other books wrote about it in distant, almost anthropological terms, but this is a direct retelling, a confrontation with the many and shifting emotions of their experience and being treated as further outsiders, and their stories carry with them a certain authority which just cannot be found elsewhere To me, it is learning to other trans persons, it is the comfort of knowing that there is someone else out there with similar experiences, that applying a certain label or term to yourself brings with it a sense of community or belonging.The dedication is for future generations This is for them.

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    Thoughts that are not really a review This book was written in 2010, which was before I was out as trans When it comes to trans things, seven years simultaneously seems very recent and a long time ago I find that when I look at trans history, lots of things seems the same discrimination, struggles with documentation, violence, bathrooms, in community fighting over terminology but other things change rapidly namely, terminology The 2010 terminology is mostly the same, but there are a few relics that pop up that are not used nowadays TG, transgendered, transwoman and transman as one word Cis actors playing trans get a thanks, which I choose to find hilarious or else I ll cry.Considering the fact that this book was written a scant seven years ago, it blows my mind how many people I don t know I recognize Bornstein and Serano, of course, but few others I have a couple of Ryka Aoki s books I follow Sassafras Lowry on twitter and they re in my TBR Since 2010, Scott Turner Schofield has become one of the few trans men actors on TV Most of my favorite trans voices, however, had yet to come out and or had yet to reach a platform Can you imagine going back to 2010 and being like JEN RICHARDS AND JANET MOCK AND LAVERNE COX AND YOON HA LEE AND CHARLIE JANE ANDERS AND ALOK VAID MENON AND JANANI BALASUBRAMANIAN AND ANGELICA ROSS AND LAURA JANE GRACE AND TYLER FORD AND IMOGENE BINNIE AND PEPPERMINT AND FALLON FOX AND KYE ALLUMS AND KAT BLAQUE AND JAZZ JENNINGS AND JACOB TOBIA AND ISIS KING AND LAITH ASHLEY AND MORGAN M PAGE AND BAILEY JAY AND JIZ LEE AND ZACKARY DRUCKER AND RHYS ERNST AND OUR LADY J AND and and Not saying that people from my list weren t out had a platform in 2010, I don t have their Wikipedia pages memorized, lol, but none of them were mentioned in the book that I recall I guess my point is that a trans community has a wealth of history 300 people submitted to this anthology 300 and simultaneously a huge amount of growth Can you imagine how my rambling all caps list is going to look seven years from now The trans community is going to grow and and I m going to find new favorite voices This book has simultaneously made me ready to learn about our past and excited to see our future.

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    This is a fierce collection Some of these authors take back slurs, such as sh m le and tr ny They are all fearless They rip apart the gender binary in order to live authentic lives Their words are shocking, introspective, profoundly honest, and touching If you want to truly listen to voices from the trans community across the spectrum this is a must read.

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    This book is a kind of sequel to Kate Bornstein s Gender Outlaw On Men, Women and the Rest of Us, published in 1994 Gender Outlaw, which has become a staple in Queer Studies classrooms, questions the fundamental necessity of dividing the human race into only two genders assumed to be natural and mutually exclusive Gender oppression, in Bornstein s view, is not only a form of inequality imposed on the value neutral categories of male and female, but is intrinsic to them As a charismatic speaker and performance artist, Kate Bornstein exemplifies her own argument She has done a lot to spread the message that every person in every human culture performs a gender role.S Bear Bergman, the other editor of the current anthology, complements Bornstein s voice While the latter was born in the late 1940s, Bergman belongs to Generation X and identifies as a transman Bergman s book on gender, Butch Is a Noun 2006 defines a self respecting masculine identity as chivalrous and fun rather than exploitative Bergman, like Bornstein, dramatizes his own concepts as a performance artist Gender Outlaws resembles a fringe festival, or a series of one person plays organized into five sections Most of the pieces are first person essays on some aspect of transgenderism or gender fluidity In lieu of a conventional introduction, there is a flirtatious dialogue between the two editors Bornstein compliments Bergman s genderation for its sophistication People today are starting from further than I got to when I d finished writing Gender Outlaw That s exactly what I hoped to live to see Although most of these pieces describe the disadvantages of being outside the gender binary, the opening article describes the corporate advantages of being fluent in two communication styles In Trans Corporation A benefit analysis of a transgender man in a corporate setting, CT Whitley says Thanks to my time in the queer spaces and liberal enclaves I ve been a part of, I was able to view with fresh eyes the heteronormative world I worked in and its heavily gendered corporate interactions In a corporate world where the infinite possibilities of sex, gender and sexuality went unnamed and unnoticed, gendered stereotypes about communication quickly proved useful Whitley, who identifies as a female born masculine identified person, makes a good case for transgendered employees as mediators in a corporate setting.Much of this anthology, however, has a comical and experimental feel There are several comic strips and poems here, as well as the transcript of a performance piece, Trans as Fuck, by A.P Andre and Luis Gutierrez Mock photographs included I am Transreal a reflection on of Becoming Dragon is a parallel piece on a mixed reality performance by Micha Cardenas The difficulty of finding an appropriate restroom when you re transgendered is hilariously illustrated in a love letter by StormMiguel Florez, Dear Austin Special Needs Bathroom In another comic monologue, the secret life of my weiner, Cory Schmanke Parrish asks rhetorically What does my weiner do on the days i don t wear it There is understated tragedy in this book as well In A Slacker and Delinquent in Basketball Shoes, Raquel Lucas Platero Mendez addresses a letter to Maria Helena N.G., a 21 year old who was imprisoned as a slacker and delinquent in Spain in 1968 for going to a bar dressed as a man In Marsha P Johnson Ten Suns the Transformer, Tamiko Beyer commemorates a transwoman who took part in the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969 and whose body was found later in the Hudson River In Shot, Stabbed, Choked, Strangled, Broken A Ritual for November 20th, Roz Kaveney explains the need for a Transgender Day of Remembrance The ones who died The ones we know about Thirty a year that s than two a month Time will tell whether this book becomes as influential as Bornstein s earlier work In the meanwhile, it is guaranteed to entertain while it deconstructs deeply held assumptions, including those held by some who describe themselves as transgendered.

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    A collection of a variety of personal stories and experiences about gender They vary in subject, genre and quality Some of the texts left me with nothing, but others, especially Kyle Lukoff s Taking up Space , touched me and made me think about me own experiences I wasn t too keen on the editing the sections written by the editors were in text chat from, which I think is both annoying and old fashioned, and the texts were not, in my opinion, arranged very carefully or with ingenuity All in all an OK read, it would have gotten two stars if Lukoff s piece hadn t touched me so deeply.

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    Gender Outlaws is a series of poems, essays, comic strips, etc which offers insight into a variety of trans issues o many different perspectives are presented in this text however, intersectionality drove many essays in the book Focusing on the vast space between in the gender binary, these essays are quite unique despite the commonality Gwendolyn Ann Smith s essay, We re All Somebody s Freak , resonated with me as encapsulating the primary theme throughout the text She writes We live in a world of incredible variations, where there are some 200,000 species of moths and butterflies to be found in this planet, where biodiversity is the very thing that keeps the whole complex system in tune The notion of classifying things and then claiming that only this or that is a proper version of some being is a distinctly human construct, full of arrogance and hubris The insistence of the dominant ideology on prescribing specific and set gender roles does violate a basic law of nature variation is highly beneficial, too much of the same is bad.My favorite essay, as of this moment, comes from CT Whitley Trans Corporation A benefit analysis of a transgender man in a corporate setting tells the story of Whitley s time as a financial officer in New York You may expect the rest of the essay to talk about the difficulty of working in what is widely considered as a conservative, relatively homogeneous environment Not so This article is much interesting and unique Whitley has a female past and a male present providing him with invaluable insight into gendered communication His ability to manipulate his own style of communication to address particular audiences not only gave him opportunities for promotion, it also put him in a unique position to act as a sort of translator between the biomales and biofemales in his office I love this.I want him to come to my classes and give a presentation Seriously, if anyone reading this knows him or knows someone who knows him or even has a third cousin twice removed who once dated his mother s old tennis instructor, tell him I need him Typically my philosophizing on gendered communication takes place with Deborah Tannen, who is absolutely fantastic Reading this essay gave me a whole new perspective on the issue, however, and now I want .Okay so back to the book as a whole I found this to be a wonderfully informative collection although I will admit that by the end I was reading pretty dang fast, a wee bit ready for the end And a few of the entries were a bit too figurative for me but I completely recognize that that is my own issue Poetry is not my thing and overly figurative poetry is really really not my thing As with any collection of works by disparate authors, my enjoyment depended on the piece I absolutely adored about half the entries, was ambivalent about a few, and didn t enjoy a few Overall though, I would highly recommend it for those I did love.

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    Title Gender Outlaws The Next GenerationEditors Kate Bornstein and S Bear Bergman, both of whose work I respect greatlyGenre Collections, LGBT.Finished In I think I read about half of this book when it first came out I finished it this week So I m going with years Pages 302Copyright Date 2010Cover Some nice pop art by Kimberly Glyder showing a variety of presumably gender variant people.First line S Bear Bergman Good morning, cutepants Favorite quote Most people strive to find comfort in the stability of their identities I am most comfortable wading amongst the instabilities and inconsistencies of my gender When I leave my house for an evening out out of face I often pack a change of clothing, full well knowing that I may not be comfortable presenting as one linear or traditional gender over the entire course of the night from Glitter, Glitter, on the Wall, Who s the Queerest of Them All by Esme Rodriguez aka t Kupin Escobar p 167.Favorite pieces Today s New Name May Be Tomorrow s Old, by Sassafras Lowrey, Transfag Robot Manifesto by Sam Orchard, The Manly Art of Pregnancy by j wallace, and Cisgender Privilege On the Privileges of Performing Normative Gender by Evin Taylor Themes and Triggers Violence, oppression, gender bending, gender changing, sex, relationships, intersectionality.Best part I really enjoyed the diversity of pieces, both in terms of the perspectives of the authors, and the mix of poetry, prose, and comics, manifestos, essays Worst part I m not sure why, since it was several years ago, but the first time I tried to read this book I had a really hard time getting through it I guess I m in a different place now Imaginary Theme Song I m going with Supermodel by RuPaul because I think that was the first exposure a lot of mainstream folks had to gender variance.Grade A This is a groundbreaking collection for the new century.Recommended for If you re curious about gender and frankly, who isn t You should read this book.Related Reads My Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein I ve also been hearing great things about The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You by S Bear Bergman And what we might call the original edition is Gender Outlaw by Kate Bornstein published in 1995.

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    When Kate Bornstein wrote Gender Outlaws On Men, Women and the Rest of Us, back in 1994, trans issues were still a thing not many people talked about, unless they were, or knew, people who were trans Bornstein s writing and advocacy was part of the reason this has changed Now she has co edited, with S Bear Bergman, Gender Outlaws The Next Generation, a collection of essays and personal narratives by people in and around the trans community today The editors have made selections representative of the diversity to be found in the global trans community those sharing their thoughts and experiences express a range of gender identities and some decline gender identification all together While many of the voices come from North America, there are contributors from all around the world Spain, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, Kenya among others and from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds The contributions range from the deeply personal to the highly theoretical, from formal essay to autobiographical narrative to poetry to visual art Taken together, these works form a kaleidoscope of proudly oppositional images, of all the ways to genderfuck, to trans scend the rigid boundaries of immutability and binary thinking about sex and gender They remind us of where we have been, what we still face, and where we are going in the journey to deconstruct the old labels used to control sexual identity and expression, and to create a new world where people can truly become who they know themselves to be.

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    Let s stop pretending that we have all the answers, because when it comes to gender, none of us is fucking omniscient Gender Outlaws The Next Generation is a collection of essays, poems, and comics that examine the nature of gender choice, identification, and oppression It works as a quasi sequel to Burnstien s books released back in 1995, Gender Outlaws Even though I haven t read the original book I feel that it is almost a necessity to release this, as the world and how people choose to identify and be heard changes in almost every second In general this was a thought provoking reading Some of the essays spoke to me, and I could feel with every molecule the way the author felt Other s upset me or bored me, and I just skimmed over them a bit and moved on But overall this collection presents an eye opening and marveling take on the next generation of gender identification Anyone even remotely interested in gender studies is likely to find this book entertaining and riveting.

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    Actual rating 4.75 This Was GREAT This was a brilliant and fantastic collection of poems, comics, short stories, and qa s covering the world of trans and queer individuals The rawness of so many of these stories helped me to better empathize with the struggle of the trans genderqueer communities And while these were all well written and thought provoking there were a few that didn t stand out to me so I couldn t give this one a full five stars but I was very close I highly highly recommend this to anyone and everyone looking to read some fantastic non fiction about all kinds of individuals in the queer community.Video review

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